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20 Trophy Elk Kill Shots with White Peaks Outfitters Idaho


Midday Tactic for Bowhunting Elk on Public Land

Bowhunting for elk on public ground during the midday can be highly effective. But what's the best tactic? Sit water sources? How about hunting wallows? Those can work but we prefer to call and in this video, we are going to talk about our favorite midday tactic along with what elk sounds we prefer t use to get that bull within bow range.

Photo by Revolver Creative Company on Unsplash

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MONSTER 450+ B&C Arizona Bull - MossBack

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See an exclusive preview of the monster 450+ B&C bull elk that was recently harvested in Arizona on public land. This is the largest bull elk ever killed in Arizona on public land. You won't find this footage anywhere else!!


Elk Hunting

Turn volume all the way up. At the very beginning you can hear the big guy bugle in the timber about 200 yards away from where I am. Also at about 1:04 you can hear the big guy bugle again. There is also some cow calling from behind the trees. The cows are about 15-20 yards away from me.

NDOW Big Game Tag Application Seminar

Watch our Big Game Application Seminar for some great information you'll want to know before applying for your tags.

Lecture: The Early Years of Wildlife Conservation in Park County

Brian Beauvais presents Sportsmen, Market-hunters, and Game-hogs: The Early Years of Wildlife Conservation in Park County
March 3, 2020
Draper Natural History Museum Lunchtime Expedition

Marc Smith's seminar @ the Western hunt Expo 2013 in SLC, Utah

Marc Smith's seminar @ the Western hunt Expo 2013 in SLC, Utah. Marc discusses techniques to help make you successful, but also gives great advise and keeps it real.

Brian Beauvais presents Sportsmen, Market-Hunters, & Game-Hogs

Brian Beauvais, Curator of the Park County Archives based in Cody, Wyoming presents Sportsmen, Market-Hunters, & Game-Hogs: The Early Years of Wildlife Conservation in Park County, Wyoming.

Every story has a beginning, an origin. And the conservation of Park County’s wildlife and natural resources is no exception. It took concerted efforts from observant citizens and officials to understand the long-term impacts of unregulated hunting and lay the groundwork for wildlife conservation in Park County.

Following the removal of the buffalo, and heavy market hunting in the late 19th-century, the surviving game populations in northwest Wyoming were at an all-time low. Many early settlers, having witnessed firsthand this precipitous decline, realized the necessity of protecting the diminishing herds before it was too late. What followed was a combination of efforts by local citizens and officials from the fledgling Wyoming Game & Fish Department to save the remaining wildlife from complete annihilation.

Beauvais holds a master’s degree in history and is currently working toward a Master of Library Science degree. Beauvais is also a member of the Park County Historic Preservation Commission, which seeks to identify and nominate sites to the National Register of Historic Places.

Beauvais is a meticulous researcher, whose keen attention to detail and interest in local history often involves sifting through archival records and periodicals, which at times comprise the only known record or documentation of past events.



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