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2J&C Construction. Metal building construction in progress!!


2J&C Construction. Metal building construction in progress!!

2 J&C Construction devices the Texas Hill Country and surrounding area, and builds amazing metal buildings! Call 2J&C to have them get started on yours today!! Jessie Cerda 830-683-7501or Cesar Cerda 830-683-7704

2J&C Construction Metal Building Construction in Progress!! Timelapse! Centerpoint, TP

2 J&C Construction services the Texas Hill Country and surrounding area, and builds amazing metal buildings! Call 2J&C to have them get started on yours today!! Jessie Cerda 830-683-7501or Cesar Cerda 830-683-7704

Ouyimishe 2J&C Construction Metal building construction in progress 米舍(广州)集成房屋科技有限公司

We are factory from Guangzhou China, which is adept in precast, modular, prefab house-building systems. Welcome to contact us for more particulars via whatsapp +86 18922741353 or email to Thank you!

Construction Progress of a 78,000 metal building


Sheeting Process in PEB Metal Building

Supertech profiles are accessible in both ribbed and flat panels in a series of finishes for attractive roofing and cladding for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Visit our website:

QEC & Butler Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

QEC and Butler Manufacturing partner together to improve performance. To design, construct and erect pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) that are light in weight, structurally strong, quick to completion and environmentally sustainable. QEC is a leader in PEMB construction serving all of Northern California.

We'll build your dream project into reality. Contact QEC, your authorized Bay Area Butler builder.

Title: Day Dreams (A Designer/Builder Vision)
Time: 1:39

How It’s Made Metal Building Innovations Are Revolutionizing Low Rise Commercial Construction

Modern Metal Building Systems + Manufacturing Technology = Leadership in the Low-rise Commercial Construction Market

How to make steel building construction process

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How to make steel building construction process

How to square a metal building frame.

This video is an instructional video of how we use the cables for a steel building frame (walls and roof) to get it square and level.

Steel Building Insulation Commercial Insulation Systems

Steel Building Insulation supplies commercial insulation systems for both new and retrofit construction. Our eco-friendly sustainable insulations systems are designed to create a complete building envelope. Protecting your building from thermal energy loss and improving energy efficiency in your metal building. High-quality insulation materials also contribute to pest control and will produce a better audio environment through sound absorption. Installing the best insulation system will help to increase the comfort and safety of your building by providing continuous condensation control. The green insulation products we provide may also help your building qualify for tax rebates and other incentives including credits towards LEED building certification.

Steel Building Construction Pt.4 Home Hobby Shop Build -Steel Work Completion //013

Today's video I conclude all the final details installing the steel frame construction for my backyard hobby shop, along with window frame installs, overcoming manufacture setbacks, and installing base trim. This video now completes the four parts of erecting the steel frame and in the next video, we will move to the next step in the process trimming out the eves for the roof instalation.

Erection Sequence Video

Visit our website at or call us today at 1.800.643.5555. We look forward to earning your business.

steel structure construction process step by step in site / skelton frame#civiltechconstructions

steel structure construction process
skelton framed structure
beams and columns are PEB (Pre-Engineered Building)

Below these links are our civil videos learn field work watch and subscribe for more videos

TOP10 impressive structures ever..

Anti Termite Treatment

TESTS on fresh concrete

building drawings analysis

RCC Pipeline arrangement in site || construction in telugu

One way slab details

M15 Grade of Concrete Mixing in Site || (nominal Mix) Volume mix

types of footing construction in telugu || CIVIL CONSTRUCTION

Rectangle Canal construction using retaining walls on soil // creative thought In India

Every CIVIL Engineer must know these things

Bitumen ROAD Construction process || in INDIA

Bar Bending details In slabs || civil tech constructions || watch and learn.

Stadd pro in android best app for civil engineering students #structure analysis#best

Strength of materials #part 1# for civil engineering students # learn things

Mission Bhagiratha@telangana/water treatment plant visit.

Land marking by 345 LAW# watch the video #learn something.

Brick work calculation in telugu #part1# @civil engineering.

Brick work calculation in telugu#part 2# @civil engineering.

9(inch)Brick Wall Construction in INDIA | watch how they laid bricks

Basic Important concepts for civil engineers

RCC SLAB construction || in our local area

Clear cover for the All RCC structures || Every civil Engineer learn this topic

How to provide slope in Brick Wall construction on staircases

How the Load distribution from slabs to beams.

Challenges to civil engineers on site video. || Any abstruction infront of us we will do it


slab formwork meterials

Beams in site

two way slab full detail explanation diagrams with site | watch in HD

Civil constructions usefull vehicles

Brick work details for Residential Buildings || very important for any compitative exams

Post tension slab details

Column marking by using Total station

Nominal Concrete mixing for slabs

PEB Steel Myanmar factory finished its construction in 2016

PEB Steel completed its state-of-the-art facility in Myanmar in 2016. The factory located in Thilawa Special Economic Zone (TSEZ), Yangon - Myanmar.

Starting the journey as the First of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings, who comes to Myanmar, to invest and to contribute the development of Myanmar construction in general.

Let follow us on website @ (for Myanmar market) or (Vietnam, SEA, international markets)

Metal Building System Construction Time lapse

Metal building systems account for nearly 50% of the total low-rise non-residential construction market in the U.S. They are designed and constructed faster than other forms of construction. This speed comes from the efficiencies of highly experienced metal building designers, system efficiencies in delivery and project staging, and the expertise of specialized contractors and steel erectors. This short video presents a compressed time-lapse example of the erection of a metal building system.

After design approval, work begins with site work and laying the building foundation - while the building is being fabricated in the metal building manufacturers quality controlled facility. Once the fabrication of the building’s components is complete, they are loaded onto trucks and staged for delivery to the site. Each piece of the building arrives as planned to facilitate fast and efficient erection, avoiding costly project delays.

Experienced builders prepare the job site by the time the building materials arrive to remove any down time. After the primary and secondary framing are erected, the insulation and sheeting process takes place. This involves installing the metal wall panels which are attached to the secondary framing. Insulation that meets required specifications and energy codes is also installed at this time. The next step is to attach the weather tight metal roof panels to fully enclose the building so that interior trades can proceed with their work.

Metal building systems today are innovative and come in a variety of shapes and sizes; but at their core, they all utilize a custom engineered structural steel frame and a high-performance metal roof. The versatility and flexibility of metal building systems allows for a myriad of colors, shapes, textures and designs. Metal building systems are energy efficient and durable, and maintenance costs are kept low due to the long-life building system and the weather-tight performance of a metal roof.

Metal building systems offer high quality, high value and allow owners to quickly realize their return on investment with faster launch times for occupancy and operations capabilities.

To learn more about metal building systems, please visit

Metal Building Erection

General principles of metal building erection.
For an Erection Inspection Checklist, email me at and I will email you a PDF file checklist.

Steel metal building erection

This structure was made and animated with a custom software based on Blender

© N. Moreaux -
Please contact me if you need a 3D animation video

Metal building complete build time lapse

I purchased this building standing, tore it down and put it back up on my property. Had a lot of help along the way. Sorry for the music still learning all the editing stuff.

30x80x14 Metal Garage Building Time Lapse

Check out this 30 by 80 by 14 metal building timelapse! We are proud of this local install built not too far from our offices. If you watch long enough, you'll catch a quick covering of snow. Thanks to our expert installation teams for their dedication!

If you are interested in obtaining a metal building for yourself,
Call: (980)321-9898
Or visit:

100x100 steel building

100x100 steel building near salt lake city utah



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