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3 Reasons You're Not Building MUSCLE


3 Reasons You're Not Building MUSCLE

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Building muscle is a big goal for many of us bros and broettes. We want to have that bodybuilding physique! Most of us know that it fundamentally comes to to good training and good eating (and of course good sleep). But even with these things, there are potentially crucial muscle building mistakes that might be happening. In this video, we're going to dive into three potential mistakes you should try to fix if you want more of them gainz.

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Picturefit on YouTube! I share some of my health and fitness tips with you. Come check out our content! New fitness topics on a weekly basis. Want to learn about more health and fitness topics? Ask it in the comments! Learn all you need to know and what to do at the gym. Learn about aerobics, strength, hypertrophy, power, and endurance!

Any information in these videos should not be taken as personal healthcare advice. If you have questions about your health, please speak directly to your personal healthcare professional. #fitness #health #gains #science

Why am I not gaining muscle? ✘ Top 3 Muscle Building Mistakes ✘ How to gain muscle

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Fat Loss Calculator:

How much are you eating? 0:45
How intense are your workouts? 1:46
Hit Failure 4:00

First you have to understand that plateaus are normal. You will go weeks and sometimes months without results because you're body has plateaued. Maybe you already put on some muscle and your body is trying to adjust to it's new mass before it puts on anymore muscle. However, if you haven't seen results as far as muscle growth in a long time, you may want to try some of the tips in this video to help you break through that plateau.

#1 How much are you eating. Your body doesn't necessarily want to put muscle on because it's an extra expense calorie wise. In order to put on more muscle you need to be consuming a lot of extra calories above what it takes to upkeep your body. A lot of people will build some muscle at a certain calorie range, and then when they plateau they continue trying to build muscle at that same calorie range. If 2,000 calories per day is not building muscle, you may want to try 2250 calories per day. If that doesn't work in 4 weeks try 2500 calories per day. Just keep in mind that as you grow muscle and plateau your body will be using a lot more of calories that you consume to support that new muscle mass. So that means you need to add even more calories to build even more muscle. Also stop going crazy with supplements. Supplements at your local gnc or vitamin shoppe will not help you grow and build muscle as well as real food.

#2 How intense are your workouts? When I first started working out I would come into my high school gym and in the middle of my workout I would look around at what kind of weights the people with more muscle than me were using. I would look at some guy with huge biceps and be like I wonder what he's curling. Okay he's curling 135 I'm curling 65lbs, if I want to get biceps as big as his I got to get to curling 135lbs. Now even though this is a very beginner mindset, and isn't always true, the intensity of your workouts are hugely related to the size of your muscles. As a natural lifter you're most likely going to need to use some really heavy weights to stimulate muscle growth. If you're using 25lbs for dumbbell presses every single week then chances are you chest is not going to get that much mass. Some people give way too much attention and focus to form and way too little to intensity. Yes your form is important, but you're going to have to get off of the tri cycle eventually and trade it in for a bike. That doesn't mean that you jump from doing 25lb chest presses to 75lb chest press cuz..u'll probably die. But it means that when you're comfortable with pressing the 25's you do everything you can to move up to 30's. So many people complain all the time about coming into the gym, working out, and not seeing any results. When I ask what they have done to take their workouts to the next level they draw a blank. Building muscle is not done by treating working out like a clock in clock out scenario. Someone can come into the gym 2 days a week and get more results than the person coming in 7 days a week just because they are pushing the intensity level of each of their workouts. If you can't move up in dumbbell presses, move up in flies. Try to move up in something every time you are at the gym. This doesn't only apply to building muscle. It can apply to burning fat, increasing your speed, your agility, and your conditioning. Instead of running for a mile every week, try two, then three, then 4. Point is don't keep doing the same things and expecting different results.

#3 Hit Failure! Let me ask you a question. If you are trying to grow your chest muscles for example. And every one of those sets you hit 10 reps. Why do you think your muscles will grow. Every time your muscles think I'm good I just completed my set.. no problem. I'll be able to do it next time if I just stay where I'm at. On the other hand if you took 275, only did it for 5 reps, failed completely, and needed someone to help the weight off of you. Your chest is going to say shoot I need to get stronger and add more muscle fibers to handle the stressors in my environment. You need to fail to grow your muscles. If you want to build muscle grab weight in every set that causes you to hit failure before you get 10-12 reps in. You can lighten the load as you get further along your workout because you should be hitting failure faster and faster as you tire out your muscles.

Other then that you just have to make sure you are not over training. Remember to build muscle you need to be in a calorie surplus state. So you can't be working out so much that you're burning up all the calories.

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The #1 Reason You're NOT Building Muscle

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💪 Eat NO Protein To Gain MORE Muscle - by Dr Sam Robbins

20-Year proven formula for increasing testosterone, building more muscle and losing body fat:

Or discover the only 4 ways to build muscle:

💪 Eat NO Protein To Gain MORE Muscle
Today I want to talk about NOT EATING protein so you can build more muscle or preserve muscle, while also losing body fat.

This very important topic obviously affects anyone who is trying build muscle,... whether you’re man or women.

But it also affects older people, 50+ who want to preserve muscle size as they age, which is ironically, a major cause of aging and death - muscle loss!

In fact, this is why they give AIDs patients lots of steroids and testosterone, to help bulk up in muscle, so when or IF they do get sick due to an infection or illness and quickly lose a ton of muscle, there is a “safety net”.

Eat More Protein To Gain More Muscle!?!?

The reason for the increase in protein consumption is because when you increase protein intake, there’s an increase in protein synthesis, leading to higher “nitrogen retention”, which will ultimately lead to MORE muscle and LESS body fat.

At one point, at a body weight of 200 lbs, I was eating 600 GRAMS of protein!

A lot of it was with protein supplements, powders and shakes, since I just couldn’t chew that much real food.

End Result = NO Extra Muscle!

How Much Protein Do You REALLY Need?

Just keep in mind that the time you’re growing the most is when you’re a baby, right?... and mother’s milk is only 5% protein. It’s mainly carbs (sugars) and fat.

In fact, I’d say the most you’d ever really need is about 1 gram per pound of body weight.

Sometimes I eat much less and as you can see in my pictures, I have NOT lost any muscle size or gotten fatter. And I still weigh around 200 lbs and I actually have MORE muscle now, than I did when I was eating more protein and I’ll tell you how and why in a minute.

IF you’re working out really hard 2-3 hours daily, taking LOTS of steroids and are in your 20’s when you CAN absorb more protein correctly, then you can do about 1.5 grams at the MAXIMUM and thus, if 200 lbs, you can eat about 300 grams of protein.

Why You Should Eat NO Protein!
Now, there are lots of problems with eating so much protein, but the one main topic I want to discuss today is that the more protein you eat, the faster is also oxidizes and thus, BREAKS DOWN faster.

So, the “experts” will say “more protein increases protein synthesis” and yes it does, but for about 48-72 hours, before your body ADAPTS and it increases protein oxidation, which means it BREAKS DOWN faster and thus, protein synthesis DECREASES!!!

Hence, the OPPOSITE happens! You start to LOSE muscle.

So what’s the solution?

“Protein Cycling/Fasting”

You need to protein cycle by actually having one day a week with NO protein. You can call it “protein fasting”

And trust me, you are NOT going to “lose” muscle. In fact, you’ll GAIN muscle… IF you do it correctly.

So, how do you protein cycle, not eat any protein for 24 hours and actually INCREASE muscle and burn more fat and most importantly, improve your hormones?

Here’s What You Should Do
Sundays, I eat no protein. You can pick any ONE day out of the week, I just pick Sundays.

Monday, my body is now super sensitive to protein since it’s gone without for 24 hours. So Monday and Tuesday, I have 150 grams of protein.

Thus, your weight (200 lbs for me) x 0.75 = 150 grams.

Then Wednesday and Thursday, I increase it by 25% to 200 grams.

Finally, Friday and Saturday I again increase it by 25% since body has adapted again and this time I take in 250 grams.
Every time my body adapted in about 48 hours, I again increased it to continue the additional protein synthesis.

Then as my body adapts again, Sunday I trick it and do no protein…. A “protein fast”

The Benefits

Your body continually increases protein synthesis every 48 hours, which leads to more muscle.
This prevents your body from adapting and increasing protein oxidation, which can lead to muscle loss.
And MOST importantly, all of this works because it helps optimize your hormones by lowering cortisol and other stress hormones … and by increasing muscle building hormones such as testosterone, IGF, Gh, Insulin, thyroid and so forth.

Of course, this “protein fasting” also has many health benefits such as a reduction in inflammation, which means more muscle, less joint pain and faster fat loss.

#muscle #weightlifting #proteinsandmusclegrowth

Thank you for watching. Please feel free to comment, like or share with your friends.

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3 Important Tips For Building Muscle!

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Building muscle is a primary goal for many people. Everyone wants to get some more of dem gainz, whether to show off during Spring Break or simply to be proud of their achievements. Whatever your muscle-loving reasons might be, there are a handful of fundamental strategies you need to employ if you want to have any chance of getting that six pack of biceps you've been yearning. Here are three I personally believe everyone should understand before anything else.

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Picturefit on YouTube! I share some of my health and fitness tips with you. Come check out our content! New fitness topics on a weekly basis. Want to learn about more health and fitness topics? Ask it in the comments! Learn all you need to know and what to do at the gym. Learn about aerobics, strength, hypertrophy, power, and endurance!

Any information in these videos should not be taken as personal healthcare advice. If you have questions about your health, please speak directly to your personal healthcare professional.

5 Proven Ways to Build Muscle (5x Faster)

Over 20 studies reveal the 5 proven ways to build muscle faster. If you're looking to learn how to gain muscle mass fast then you'll get a lot out of this video. Even if you're a struggling hardgainer or just a skinny guy looking to gain weight & bulk up you'll discover proven solutions that can help. Learn about the best food, exercise methods and strategies for men trying to get bigger faster growth while bulking. You won't find better muscle building advice than these proven methods. Build bigger arms, chest, & legs.

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Fat Loss Calculator:

#1 Increasing training frequency, intensity, volume per session – 0:35
#2 Progressive Overload – 4:01
#3 Blood Flow Restriction Training – 6:22
#4 Eat a Higher Protein Diet – 9:00
#5 Supplementation – 10:40

Building muscle is a slow process. It could take weeks and months just to add on couple pounds of lean muscle mass. And even though there's no way around the hard work and putting in the time there are proven ways that you can speed up your progress. So Today I'll be going over the 5 best ways to build muscle faster as a natural. And these aren't going to be just some random tips based on broscience, every tip is 100% backed by real scientific evidence. By following the recommendations drawn from the Decades of research on building muscle we can be guaranteed to get faster results. The first way to speed up results is by increasing training frequency, training intensity, and your training volume per session. Training frequency refers to the number of days per week that you work the same muscle groups. So if you only work each muscle in your body once a week, you'll have a lower training frequency than someone working each muscle 3 time a week. With training volume I'm referring to a combination of the total amount of sets and reps you perform for each muscle group. And intensity refers to the weight load you're using. You can think of the total amount of work your perform as frequency x sets x reps x weight load. Studies show that if your goal is to build more muscle we want to work on increasing the total amount of work performed over time as we adapt. One study compared the effects of working muscle groups 1 day per week using a split-body routine versus 3 days per week using a total-body routine. The total body routine 3 times a week had a significant advantage over the split training routine targeting each muscle one time per week. Those in the 3 time per week group experienced a 68 percent increase in quad thickness as well as much greater increases in forearm size and

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Influence of Resistance Training Frequency on Muscular Adaptations in Well-Trained Men

Single versus multiple sets of resistance exercise: a meta-regression

Intensity vs volume:

Periodization elicits better results than standard training:

Linear Periodization shows a slight advantage:

Dup Periodization Shows a Slight Advantage:

Dup Periodization Shows a Statistically Significant Advantage:

Dietary protein for athletes: from requirements to optimum adaptation (0.6 - 0.8 grams per pound ideal for muscle growth)

Research showing that when you cut you should try to have more protein;

Beyond the zone: protein needs of active individuals:

Very High Protein Diet (4.4grams/kg) versus high protein diet (1.8grams/kg):

Low intensity blood flow restriction training provides similar benefits to High intensity training:

Blood flow restriction while walking vs Low Intensity Walking

Blood flow restriction with low intensity resistance training vs Low Intensity resistance training

100 Study Review on Creatine:

Creatine and Hair Loss:

32 Study Review of Protein Powder:

Whey Protein and animal based protein beats out plant:

Combining whey protein and creatine

Top 10 Muscle Building Tips for BEGINNERS

The Top 10 BEST Muscle Building Tips for Beginners & skinny guys. Learn how to build muscle with these workout and diet tips. Also discover easy ways to gain muscle mass that can help whether you're a fat guy or a hardgainer. Enjoy the video!

🔥 FREE 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge:

Fat Loss Calculator:

#1 Tip: Incorporate Periodization 1:13
#2 Tip: Increase Meal Frequency 3:29
#3 Tip: Increase Carb Consumption 4:59
#4 Tip: Increasing Intensity Overtime 6:39
#5 Tip: Increase Training Frequency 7:28
#6 Tip: Split Training Style 8:14
#7 Tip: Borderline Failure W/Every Set 9:05
#8 Tip: Incorporate Training Styles 9:47
#9 Tip: Stick to Mostly Compound Exercises 10:30
#10 Tip: Supplementation 11:19

It's no secret that it takes time to build muscle but what if you could do it faster by working smarter rather than harder. Well that's exactly what i want to go over today the 5 biggest & best muscle building tips for beginners & naturals. You might be thinking well who the heck are you to be giving me tips on building muscle & that's a very fair question. Afterall i spend most of the time on this channel talking about fat loss but my experience in fitness is firmly rooted in natural bodybuilding. I took myself from being a chubby teenager with hardly any muscle to a 230 pound fitness model & I did it all naturally. So if you want to learn how to build muscle using steroids there are probably way better sources out there but if you want to learn how to do it naturally give this video a chance because I spent over 10 years focusing on finding the fastest ways to build muscle, & in the process of opening 3 gyms I also prepped a lot of men & women for natural bodybuilding & bikini competitons. So today I want to give you all my most guarded muscle building secrets for free. I'm also going to do my best to make all these tips unique so it's not going to be the same old stuff that you've heard over & over again like simply telling you to eat more protein. With that said let's start with the very first tip which is to incorporate periodization. If done correctly this is one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your muscle strength & size consistently. In a nutshell periodization is the systematic breakdown of your training plan over the course of time & it will include micro meso & macro Cycles. Which will esentially break down your training plan in to weeks months & years. But instead of explaining to you every possible way that you could incorporate different cycles of periodization I'd rather give you guys a simple actionable plan to consistently make progress using the exact periodization strategy that helped me the most. Youre gonna start by finding out what maximal weight load you can lift for each of your compound exercises for roughly 9 to 10 reps. This means that if you select a weight that you can do for 11 reps you should up that weight & the same goes vice versa if you select a weight that's too heavy & you can only do it for 7 reps drop the weight. You're going to stick this rep range for 2 to 3 weeks straight & you're going to try to increase the weight that you're using over the course of these two to three weeks again staying within that 9 to 10 rep range. After those two to three weeks are over you're going to switch to a rep range of 5 to 7 reps. Again find the maximum weight you could do for that rep range which should obviously be more weight than what you were doing for 9 to 10 reps. Now you're going to stick to this new rep range for another two to three weeks once again trying to up the weight whenever you can as long as you stay Within that 5 to 7 rep range. Finally after youre done with those weeks you're going to do a rep range of 3 reps for all those compound exercises again for two to 3 weeks before switching back to the original 9 to 10 rep range. When you come back to the 9 to 10 rep range you'll notice that you were significantly stronger & able to lift more weight. And you just continuously work through these Cycles. Every time you come back to an old rep range you want to try to increase your weight load even if it's by 2.5 lbs. This method helped me break through some of my biggest plateaus that I've experienced with building muscle. Literally do exactly that & I promise you won't be disappointed with your results. Let's move on to the second tip increase meal frequency. Now I know this goes against my typical advice that I give for fat loss. For fat loss meal frequency doesn't matter that much but building muscle requires a lot of calories especially if youre struggling with building muscle you're going to need a lot of food. The only way that you're going to be able to eat enough throughout the day is by eating more often.

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What makes muscles grow? - Jeffrey Siegel

View full lesson:

We have over 600 muscles in our bodies that help bind us together, hold us up, and help us move. Your muscles also need your constant attention, because the way you treat them on a daily basis determines whether they will wither or grow. Jeffrey Siegel illustrates how a good mix of sleep, nutrition and exercise keep your muscles as big and strong as possible.

Lesson by Jeffrey Siegel, animation by Brett Underhill.

10 Muscle Building Mistakes (KILLING GAINS!)

The 10 Worst ​Muscle Building Mistakes that ​you should avoid. These mistakes are common for beginners that are starting to look into how to build muscle as well as advanced. If you're looking for the best bulking and muscle growth diet/workout you should first make sure you're not making these mistakes

🔥 FREE 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge:


Fat Loss Calculator:

Mistake 1 - Always Sticking to The Same Rep Range: 0:57
Mistake 2 - Undervaluing The Importance of Food: 2:53
Mistake 3 - Having Too Low of a Meal Frequency (Intermittent Fasting): 4:24
Mistake 4 - Overvaluing Supplementation: 5:44
Mistake 5 - Not Trying to Develop Neuromuscular Connection: 6:52
Mistake 6 - Working Out Too Much: 7:39
Mistake 7 - Avoiding Intense Weight Training Sessions: 8:57
Mistake 8 - Not Switching Up Your Training Style (Drop, super, tri sets): 9:58
Mistake 9 - Not Realizing Barbells and Dumbbells Are THE BEST: 10:48
Mistake 10 - Not Allowing Your Gains to Stack Up: 11:27

I've spent years trying to build muscle naturally and let me start by saying it's not easy. There's so much misinformation out there on how to build muscle as a natural and even if you were to find the right information there's so much of it that it's easy to get overwhelmed and not take action. I felt that first hand as ive gone through phases where my goal was to strictly be as bulky as possible and other phases where the goal was to get as lean as possible. Over the years of going through dirty bulks, clean bulks, cutting phases, trying different supplements, as well as constantly modifying my workout plan I went through a lot of trial and error. And I want you to avoid making the same mistakes that I did so you can see results as fast as possible by focusing on the things that truly matter when it comes to building muscle while ignoring the rest. So today I want to go over the 5 biggest muscle building mistakes that you're probably making that are preventing you from seeing the gains you deserve. Let's jump right In and start with the biggest workout related mistake that beginners and advanced people make. Always sticking to the same rep range. There is a rep range that is believed to better for building muscle and even though there's a lot of debate about what the best rep range is most people will agree that it falls somewhere between 6 to 12 reps. The best results that I noticed were always within a narrower rep range of 5 or 6 to 8 reps. However by constantly sticking to this same rep range you're going to have a lot of trouble making progress especially after you're no longer a beginner and results start slowing down. This is why you want to spend time with three different rep ranges low moderate and high. Your moderate rep range could be 6 to 8 reps. Your low rep range wlcould be roughly 3 to 4 reps and your high rep range could be 12 to 15 reps. You would spend two to three weeks working on each rep range and you would do this because each rep range has benefits that will transfer over to the other rep ranges helping you get stronger and build muscle faster. The three to four rep range allows you to lift a much heavier weight which will then make the weight that you were using for your moderate and higher rep ranges a lot easier allowing you to lift heavier weights for those rep ranges as well. With a high rep range of 12 15 or even 20 reps you'll be increasing your endurance and your body will adapt to an increased production of lactic acid. This will help you squeeze out extra reps at the moderate rep range and even the low rep range with the very heavyweight. Breaking up your work out into periods of low moderate and high rep ranges is known as periodization and this will allow you to continuously increase the intensity of your workouts in the shortest amount of time possible ultimately leading to some very impressive results. Your body is very good at adapting and periodization is a great way to constantly keep it guessing which is a big plus when it comes to building muscle. The next mistake is undervaluing the importance of food. If you happen to be a hardgainer you have to eat a lot of food to build muscle. if you're not a hardgainer you still have to eat a lot of food to just not as much. Muscle is metabolically active tissue and due to our biology and the way that we've evolved our bodies try to conserve energy whenever they can to ensure that we don't starve. So from an energy conservation standpoint your body doesn't want to build muscle and you're going to have to force it into growth.

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Do These 3 Things EVERY Workout (Builds Muscle Faster)

Gym goers make common mistakes that prevent them from achieving the results that they desire. In this video, I will cover three crucial things you need to do during every workout to build muscle faster and continue to make progress in the gym. The goal will be to give easy to follow training tips and workout tips to build muscle that will help you get the most out of your gym routine, including the best way to lose weight and how to gain muscle most quickly.

For most people, its far too easy to forget details and in the gym, the devil is in the details. This means that forgetting what you did last time you worked out, or the time before can be a major problem when it comes to deciding what to do during your workout. How so? We know that lifting heavier weights and greater volumes is the key to building muscle mass. Well you cannot make incremental progress if you are not sure about what exactly you were able to do the last time you went to the gym. The solution? A workout log where you write down the details of your workout.

Having decided that you will be taking notes of your workout is a good start. Now you should give some thought to the details. For example, taking notes on your phone is good and there are many free apps that can be used to better organize your workouts. Writing down the weight you lifted and the number of reps in each set is the bare minimum. You may want to take note of how difficult the sets were, how much time you took to rest between them, and the order of your exercises which may be different from one session to the next. The notes you take will allow you to look back at the previous weeks and make continuous progress, over time these small increases will add up to make a huge difference in the results that you see.

The second main consideration is your rest periods. Studies have shown that rest periods of 3 mins between sets correspond to significantly greater amounts of muscle growth and strength increase than 1 min of rest. This means that resting for as long as you feel like is not the way to go. Timing your rest period to ensure you give yourself 2 – 3 mins between sets is ideal. 2 – 3 mins will give your muscles the time they need to recover, in order to optimally perform during the next set. What if these rest periods are too long? How about incorporating some mobility work or stretching between your sets to stave off boredom and help with recovery.

Arguably the most important thing you can do to prepare for a good workout is by using a proper warmup before hand. Warmups are essential to boost range of motion and muscle performance during your exercise routine. Your warmup should begin with 5 mins of light intensity cardio and/or dynamic stretching of the muscles you plan to exercise. For example, if you plan to do bench press, shoulder press, or squats, you should warmup the respective muscles. This will increase body temperature and ramp up your metabolism in preparation for the exercise. Before your first set, use light weights to acclimate your muscles and enhance neuromuscular activation. You can perform one set of about 10 reps with 50% of your working weight, followed by 1 set of about 7 reps at 70% of your working weight, and 1 set of 1 – 2 reps at about 90% of your working weight. This is a nice way to ensure your technique is optimized and your muscles are warmed up without tiring yourself out.

You simply aren’t going to see the results that you’re after if you’re not optimizing all aspects of your training. This is exactly why within my built with science programs I cover training with detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to build muscle as quickly as possible. And to get started, you simply take the body type analysis quiz below to determine what muscle-building program is best for you:


FILMED BY: Abdo Megahid
Instagram: @abdohmegahed

Music by Ryan Little - fall so high. -

GRAPHICS: Vector art from

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10 Reasons Why You NEED to LIFT HEAVY to Build Muscle | How much weight should i lift to gain muscle

Find out why you NEED to lift heavy to build muscle as a natural lifter. If you're thinking how much weight should i lift to gain muscle or should i lift heavy or light then watch this video.

🔥FREE 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge:

Fat Loss Calculator:

1. Get Stronger – 7:15
2. Up your weight load – 7:18
3. Hit failure – 7:20
4. Stick to compound lifts – 7:29
5. Use only dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and cable cross – 7:32
6. Eat more food – 7:36
7. Increase training frequency – 7:38
8. Eat a high protein diet and high slow digesting carb diet – 7:45
9. Recover – 7:49
10. Be consistent – 7:52

1. Get Stronger
2. Up your weight load as often as you can
3. Hit failure ( I know there's a lot of people saying that failure is not the best way to go but to me failure and fatigue are synonymous. And if you hit failure I'm pretty sure you're fatigued).
4. Stick to Compound Lifts
5. Use only Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, and the Cable Cross
6. Eat More Food
7. Increase Training Frequency (so hit each body part twice a week instead of once)
8. Eat a high protein and high slow digesting carb diet
9. Recover (that's when your muscles grow)
10.Which Should really be number 1 Be Consistent

Guy's I'm about to give away some really great stuff. In case you guys don't know me I'm Max and I think I've done pretty good for myself as a natural lifter training in the meathead capital of the world right here in New Jersey. And....You know what.... I'm really tired of not being straight up about what made me gain more muscle mass in the gym then anything else I can possibly attribute those results to. And the reason why I haven't been 100% straight up on this topic is because the studies agree with my theory of what it takes to build muscle as a natural lifter however the studies also say that there's more than one way to effectively build muscle... which....i dont agree with. And I really like to go by the books and you know.... tell you guys about the information I get out of studies. But it's funny because my experience completely doesn't match up with these studies. Let me get to the bottom line I'm going to tell you something right now that you may not believe but I know its a hundred percent true. And that truth a natural youll only EFFECTIVELY build bigger muscles with heavy weight training. Even if it means breaking form and doing some sloppy reps at the end of your set..... and I know right now all the form obsessed people are like whoa you just went too far bud. But you know what I'm tired of pretending that having perfect form is going to be the most effective way to build muscle. Because it's not.... at least not for Naturals. Of course form is super important, but it's not something you should be obsessed over. And I've been surrounded by the perfect form group and the light weight high rep group telling me my whole life that I've been lifting wrong as I slowly got stronger and more muscular than them. Once I started seeing some serious results the same group of people jumped to the conclusion that the only reason why I was able to make better gains than them was because I had Superior genetics. Not the heavy weight lifting, the genetics gifts were of course the cause of the gains. Does this look like a Greek god with Superior genetics........... I didn't think so. But the way that I went from that to where I am now was not by maintaining perfect form with light weights. It was by doing a lot of cheat reps and using weight that made my form sloppy at times and hitting failure a lot. Now the general consensus about building muscle according to many people in the fitness industry is that building muscle is all about volume. And weight load or intensity is believed to be just one of the ways that you can increase volume. Other than intensity there's still reps, sets, total exercises done, and training frequency. Volume is also known as work so the accepted theory right now is that over all the more work your muscles get the more your muscles are going to grow. And even though I agree with that theory, work is definitely required to have your muscles grow, I don't believe that sets reps exercises and training frequency deserve as much credit as intensity or weight load when the goal is to build muscle naturally. Steroid using lifters can gain a lot of muscle from doing plenty of work with lighter weight, and higher reps and it works for them. But it's so stupid that all you natural lifters, you guys that wanna be natty brah...well you guys end up looking for the most jacked guy's YouTube Channel... you know all the guys on YouTube that you know are on steroids and you go there to learn how to get bigger naturally. I have news for you their tactics are for other people on steroids. Building muscle is all about protein synthesis. Steroid users have a

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