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3,000 years Ethiopia's history explained in less than 10 minutes


3,000 years Ethiopia's history explained in less than 10 minutes

3000 years Ethiopia's history explained in less than 10 minutes
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3,000 years Ethiopia's history explained in less than 10 minutes

3,000 years Ethiopia's history explained in less than 10 minutes

How did Italy Lose to Ethiopia? (1895) | Animated History

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Twenty six variations on La Folia de Spagna, London Mozart Players
Matthias Bamert, conductor

Untold History - King Negus of Ethiopia

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How did Ethiopia survive the Scramble for Africa? (Short Animated Documentary)


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In this episode we'll find out about how Ethiopia/Abyssinia survived the Scramble for Africa.

Aksumite Empire (Abyssinia/Ethiopia)

The Kingdom of Aksum (or the Aksumite Empire) was an ancient kingdom located in what is now Tigray Region in northern Ethiopia, and Eritrea. Axumite Emperors were powerful sovereigns, styling themselves King of kings (Negusa Nagast). Ruled by the Aksumites, it existed from approximately 100 CE to 970 CE. The Empire was centered in the city of Axum and became a major player on the commercial route between the Roman Empire and Ancient India. The Aksumite rulers facilitated trade by minting their own Aksumite currency, with the state establishing its hegemony over the declining Nubian Kingdom of Kush. It also regularly entered the politics of the kingdoms on the Arabian Peninsula and eventually extended its rule over the region with the conquest of the Himyarite Kingdom in Yemen in 530 CE.
After a second golden age in the early 6th century the empire began to decline in the mid 6th century. The Aksumite Empire had a longstanding relationship with Muslims, in 615 CE he sent a small group of persecuted muslim to seek asylum in Aksumite Empire. Negus Sahama, the Aksumite monarch, gave them refuge and protection. He refused the requests of the Quraish clan to send these refugees back to Arabia. These refugees did not return until the sixth Hijri year (628), and even then many remained in Ethiopia, eventually settling at Negash.
The Caliphates took control of the Red Sea and Egypt by 646 CE, Aksumite Empire continued as an extensive and powerful state, though they had lost control of most of the coast and their tributaries. While land was lost in the north, it was gained in the south; and, though Ethiopia was no longer an economic power house, but its strategic location still attracted Arab merchants.
Climate change and trade isolation are probably also large reasons for the decline of the Aksumite Empire relied heavily on agriculture export.
around 960, a Jewish Queen named Gudit who laid waste to Axum and its countryside, destroyed churches and monuments, and attempted to exterminate the members of the ruling dynasty of the Kingdom of Aksum.She took over Aksumite throne and her reign ended some time before 1003 CE.

A Brief History of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is an ancient African nation known for its religion, culture, and independence. This week, we start a new series 'A Brief History' and tell a brief history of Ethiopia.

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Let's Do Some Theory: Why Net Neutrality Is like Ice
Did Columbus Really Discover America?
What is a Paladin?

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The History of Ethiopia By Saheed A. Adejumobi
Layers of Time: A History of Ethiopia Paul B. Henze
A History of Modern Ethiopia, 1855–1991 By Bahru Zewde

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Ethiopian Ancient Architecture and The Ethiopian History - Documentary (A must watch)

This video gives good explanation about the history of Ethiopia and its ancient Architecture. You can see the interrelation between thousands years old construction's design is related to the 600 years old ... And lots more... It is worth watching...

Forbidden Origins of Ancient Ethiopia - ROBERT SEPEHR

Ethiopia is located in the horn of Africa, sharing a border with Somalia, Sudan, and Kenya. Robert Sepehr is an author, producer, and anthropologist specializing in linguistics, archeology, and paleobiology (archeogenetics).


Any one doubts this will find ample evidence in such works as The Voice of Africa, by Dr. Leo Froebenius; Prehistoric Nations, and Ancient America, by John D. Baldwin; Rivers of Life, by Major-General J. G. R. Forlong; A Book of the Beginnings by Gerald Massey; Children of the Sun and The Growth of Civilization, by W. J. Perry; The Negro by Professor W.E.B. DuBois; The Anacalypsis, by Sir Godfrey Higgins; Isis Unveiled by Madam H. P. Blavatsky; The Diffusion of Culture, by Sir Grafton Elliot Smith; The Mediterranean Race, by Professor Sergi; The Ruins of Empires, by Count Volney; The Races of Europe, by Professor William Z. Ripley; and last but not least, the brilliant monographs of Mr. Maynard Shipley: New Light on Prehistoric Cultures and Americans of a Million Years Age.

All Korean kingdoms explained in less than 5 minutes ( Over 2,000 years of Korean history)

All Korean kingdoms explained in less than 5 minutes ( Over 2000 years of Korean history)
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Ethiopian Emperors Family Tree (Solomonic Dynasty)

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6,000 years Great Ethiopian history explained only in 8 minutes.

Its good to know

3000 Old Ethiopian History

Aksum: A Forgotten Empire

The third century Persian prophet Mani described the four greatest powers of his time: Rome, Persia, China, and Aksum. Of the four, Aksum is by far the least remembered today. The History Guy remembers the forgotten empire of Ethiopia.

This is original content based on research by The History Guy. Images in the Public Domain are carefully selected and provide illustration. As images of actual events are sometimes not available, images of similar objects and events are used for illustration.

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A History Of The Amhara People

Afrographics Website:

Abyssinian Empire Infographic Article:


The Queen of Sheba Story:

The history of Romania explained in 10 minutes

The history of Romania explained in 10 minutes

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The history of Romania summarized on a map explained in a nutshell from pre-historic civilizations, Dacia, The Roman Empire, HUngarian and Ottoman influence, The three principalities of Moldavia Wallachia and Transylvania, independence movements, greater Romania, ceausescu and modern times in the European Union.

Ethiopia: Keepers Of The Lost Ark with David Adams (Biblical Documentary) | Timeline

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Adams makes the pilgrimage from Lalibela to Gondar in the northern wilds of Ethiopia, and paddles by papyrus kayak across lake Tana. His quest: to find the Ark of the Covenant.

Content licensed from David Adams Films. Any queries, please contact us at:

Researching ETHIOPIA

No but seriously, all that just to pour a cup of coffee?

Check out the videos reviewed in this video here!

CCTV English -Ethiopia, Djibouti launch Africa's first modern electrified railway

Jabzy - First Italo-Ethiopian war 3 minute history

Habesha G- Random facts about Ethiopia

About Ethiopia- Ethiopia- Some random facts about Ethiopia


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Empires of Ancient Persia explained in 10 minutes ( History of Iran )

Empires of Ancient Persia explained in 10 minutes History of Iran
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