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35th Portier Lecture: White Trash: The 400-Year History of Class in America


Bulaşık makinesi temizliği nasıl olmalı

Halk Sağlığı Uzmanı Doç. Dr. Oğuz Özyaral, bulaşık makinesi temizliğinin püf noktalarını anlattı.

Walmart México - Regresa con todo a clases

Anunciante: Walmart México
Agencia: TeranTBWA

Liver Disorders: Cause and Solution

At and we strive to educate people on natural solutions to health.
is my online video course with 21 videos, 3 manuals and an online forum!
for online consults.

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Shopping & Packing for Plane Trip out of state for CVX Live

I love to Shop. I love to Travel. I love to Film. Put them all together & you have this kind of video! I love to shop for traveling. I love to vlog my shopping for traveling. I love to love vlog my packing & traveling. So yeah, what’s not to like about what I am doing here?!? So come with me to Target then to Houston, & buy her snacks & travel toiletries. Then we will have dinner before Semaphore HQ hosted an ice cream social! It was a great evening.

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Packing for an International Trip

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Q&A, including my most embarrassing moment 
Summer DIY’s
How to have an AMAZING sleepover
9 things to do when bored
Annie’s collaborations


Annie Rose, age 11, began uploading to YouTube age 9 on Jazzy Girl Stuff with her BFF, Hope Marie. 6 months later she began Annie's vlogs and a year later this channel, Annie Rose. Annie is homeschooled and is 4th of 6 kids, she posts lifestyle videos that reflect a positive, happy worldview. 
This channel is monitored by Annie's parents. 

P.O. Box 1476, Pinehurst, Texas 77362 USA 

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Famous Birthdays 



Transitions by PowToon

Giant BASS at the Quarry!!

Giant Illinois Largemouth Caught out of Mchenry County with a GREAT voice over from Gerald Swindle!! my biggest bass to date. Fish was in about 12ft of water, caught on a Net Bait Baby Paca Craw. This fish came the very next cast after setting up the camera! Please if you enjoyed the video subscribe to me and watch my other videos! Any questions feel free to ask!

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Judaea Capta: The First Roman-Jewish War (Tisha B'Av lecture 5779/2019)

Presentation on the First Roman-Jewish war of 66-74, culminating in the siege and destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem by Titus. Delivered on Tisha B'Av 5779 at the Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst.


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Recuerden chicos que este metodo tambien funciona para facebook messenger, google, telegram y entre muchos mas asi que los invito a que lo puedan usar !!!


(Learn Korean Language - Conversation I) 1. Hello, Goodbye, Thanks, I'm sorry 안녕하세요. 안녕히 가세요.

You can download this lecture's video file at the SEEMILE APP and view it continuously. Android App. iPhone App.

Jenny's Korean course (20 videos)
Conversation 1 course (10 videos)
Conversation 2 course (10 videos)

[ Fun Fun Korean Conversation I - list of all lessons - pdf note ]
1. Hello, Goodbye, 안녕하세요. 안녕히 가세요.
2. I'm Christine 나는 크리스틴입니다.
3. Location, Direction, 어디 있어요?, 방향, 앞에, 옆에
4. Do you have~, give me ~, How much ~ 있어요? 주세요. 얼마에요?
5. At the restaurant, order expression. 식당 표현, 음식 주문, 음식 맛 평가.
6. Shopping, My i try ~, 쇼핑 표현, 입어봐도 되요?, 마음에 들어요
7. Appointment, Time, What time? Do you have time? 약속 잡기, 시간 표현
8. Taking a Taxi, Fee. 택시 타기, ~가 주세요, 요금 지불.
9. Taking a subway, exit, transfer 지하철 타기, 출구 묻기, 갈아타기
10. Four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter 계절, 봄, 여름, 가을, 겨울 표현

[ Fun Fun Korean Conversation II - list of all lessons - pdf note

1. Introducing oneself, Name, How long, 자기소개, 내 이름은..
2. Introducing family, Father, Mother...가족 소개, 부모님, 형제 자매
3. Turn left, Turn right - Direction 방향, 옆에, 앞에, 오른쪽, 왼쪽
4. At the movie theater, ticket, seat 극장에서, 티켓 구매, 자리 찾기
5. Ordering fast food, hamburger, coke 패스트 푸드점에서 주문하기
6. Spicy, sweet, salty, delicious At the restaurant 짜다 맵다 달다 맛있다
7. Shopping, How much is it? 물건 구매하기, 얼마에요?
8. Making an appointment 약속잡기
9.Asking phone numbers 전화번호 물어보기
10. Happy Birthday 생일 축하 표현

[Jenny's Korean - Korean alphabet, reading, basic grammar]
[TOPIK Lectures]

Learning Korean is learning Korean culture. If you learn seemile Korean, you will understand Kpop lyrics without translation, and you will be able to watch Korean dramas and movies without subtitles. I understand and feel the songs of the Bulletproof Boys (BTS). Start learning with Korean with seemile Korean.

The seemile Team also released app to learn Chinese (Mandarin).
→ seemile Chinese app android
→ seemile Chinese iPhone(iPad) app

Happy Pit Bull Dog Loves It When His Dad Babies Him | The Dodo Pittie Nation

Happy Pit Bull Loves It When His Dad Babies Him | This pittie has the happiest, squishiest, goofiest face ever. Meaty's dad treats him like the giant baby he is and loves to dress him up in pajamas. For more of Meaty and his furry siblings, you can check them out on Instagram:

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Werewolf Transformation

Made using MSPaint and Windows Movie Maker.
Music is Nocturnal Depression - Her Ghost Haunts These Walls

A Beginner's Guide to the Fourth Dimension

Math can be weird sometimes, usually when it goes against some of our most common knowledge, yet still can make sense. This is one of those times.

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Funny Babies Confused by Twin Parents Compilation

Babies Reacting to Twins. Baby confused by twin parents. Babies react to twin parents. Babies confused by parents twin. Funny baby videos, try not to laugh! Baby confused by dad's twin, baby confused by mom's twin.

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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De makers: Old Holland Classic Colours, verfmakers

De geschiedenis van de Old Holland Classic Colours, makers van ambachtelijke kunstenaarsverven in het Utrechtse Driebergen, gaat terug tot de zeventiende eeuw, de tijd van de grote schilders uit de Noordelijke Nederlanden. In deze tijd maakten schilders hun verf op ambachtelijke wijze op basis van pigmenten uit mineralen en planten.

Het is dan ook niet verwonderlijk dat verfmeester Wim van der Zwan van Old Holland, geïnspireerd wordt door het Groot bloemstuk met keizerskroon (1624) van Roelant Saverij. De enorme verscheidenheid aan kleuren op dit 17de eeuwse olieverfpaneel tonen vakmanschap, ambachtelijke ervaring en technologische kennis. De 17de eeuwse kunstschilder had een veel beperktere keuze in kleuren en pigmenten dan de hedendaagse schilder. Dat maakt het rijke kleurpalet van Groot bloemstuk met keizerskroon niet alleen een feest om naar te kijken, maar toont ook nog eens het enorme vakmanschap van de Hollandse meester Roelant Saverij.

Ieder half jaar vraagt het Centraal Museum een groep bewoners uit Utrecht om een bespiegeling op de collectie te geven.
Dit keer is het de beurt aan makers. Het museum vroeg vijf Utrechtse vakmensen om, vanuit het ambacht dat zij beoefenen, een (kunst)werk uit de collectie van het museum te kiezen. De drukkers van Kapitaal, de glasblazer en ontwerper Willem Noyons, de hoedenmaakster Irene van Vugt, de keramisten van het familiebedrijf Mobach en verfmaker Wim van der Zwan van de ambachtelijke verfmakerij Old Holland vertellen in deze video’s over die keuze in relatie tot het ambacht dat zij beoefenen.
De door de makers uitgekozen objecten en de films zijn tot 19 november 2017 te zien in het Centraal Museum.

Gefilmd door Robin Datema en Thomas de Vrij van Bad Birds.

Afspeellijst De makers:

Atualidades: Retrospectiva do Mês de Dezembro

Acompanhe a Retrospectiva do Mês de Novembro, com o Prof. Leandro Signori.
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MEN'S BASKETBALL - NCAA Sweet Sixteen Postgame Presser

Coach Bennett and Virginia's players discuss the win over Oregon in the Sweet Sixteen.

رحلات بوكيت روعه Phuket trip fun untold 1

رحلة تايلند صور جميلة رائعة ومناظر أجمل لجزيرة بوكيت أتمنى أن تنال على إعجابكم وهذا الجزء الأول الصراحه أنا إسلوب طلعت لووول ...Great pictures of the island of Phuket, I hope you like it to be given w

The PI3K / Akt / mTOR Pathway Part 1

In this video we discuss the PI 3-Kinase / Akt / mTOR pathway, as activated by Receptor tyrosine kinases.

Mokslo sriuba: apie Antarktidos tyrimų stotis

Tapk Mokslo sriubos rėmėju Patreone

TV laida „Mokslo sriuba“ - tai ne pelno siekianti jaunų žmonių iniciatyva populiarinti mokslą visuomenėje. Žiūrėkite šeštadieniais 09:30 per LRT Kultūrą. Laida kuriama bendradarbiaujant su Baltijos pažangių technologijų institutu. Daugiau info

2017-12-09 Nr. 116

Find Freedom From Attachment | Russell Brand

This is an excerpt from my 12-day course on recovery. Sign up for FREE here:

12-step recovery was designed around alcoholism and drug addiction where the problem is easily observed (if not easily resolved). However, it’s not so easy when your problem is a vague sense of discontentment, or you're not happy at work, or you keep getting into bad relationships. How do we bring awareness to those more subtle problems?

In this revolutionary online program, I share how you can use the 12-step system to untangle yourself from problematic relationships to work, romance, social media, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, food, pornography, or your family. Recover the person you were intended to be!

Commune is a course platform for personal and societal well- being. We create video courses with the world’s leading teachers across yoga and fitness, mindfulness, food and health, environmental regeneration, and civic engagement. Join us at

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