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5 Minute Metadata - What is metadata?


5 Minute Metadata - What is metadata?

In this video we explore the definition of metadata, and how it can be broken into two separation ideas and how they relate. These two ideas are:
* Descriptive metadata - where metadata is used to add additional detail to a unique piece of data
* Structural metadata - where metadata define the structure of how many pieces of related data are stored.

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5 Minute Metadata - What is a data dictionary?

In this video we help unpack the key components of data dictionaries and how they relate to data and metadata. We also help explain how a data dictionary can give additional context to a collection of data to help people understand data better.

Some of the key components of a data dictionary that are covered in this video are:
* The short name of the data element or column
* A longer definition that describes the data
* The type of data that was collected
* And if applicable, a list of possible values

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5 Minute Metadata - What is a standard?

In this video we explore the definition of standards and how standards relate to metadata. From a slice of cake with your morning cup of coffee, all the way to production facilities and data warehouses around the world, standards make us safer, healthier and happier by guaranteeing the outcomes of products and services we rely on in our daily lives.

Happy #WorldStandardsDay #speakstandards!

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5 Minute Metadata - What is a CSV?

In this video we discuss what a CSV (Comma Separated Value) is and how you can create them. You will also learn other common data formats, such as Tab Separated Values and Fixed Width Files.

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5 Minute Metadata - What is metadata?

What is Metadata?

This short video, will explain what Metadata is and why it's important to businesses.

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What is Metadata?

What is metadata, why does it matter, and what can we do with it? Time to develop a new superpower! Please, just use it for good.

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What Is Metadata? (Overview of meta data)

What Is Metadata? Metadata Overview
Category: Programming
Tags: Metadata Overview

4 Main Roles of Metadata

4 MAIN ROLES OF METADATA // If you don’t have a metadata management program or initiative in place, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider investing into it. Here are the 4 main roles of metadata that will provide you with a glimpse into the benefits of managing it. For more detail, please read the accompanying article:

Check out for more useful content on data governance and data management practices. You will find free templates, definitions, best practices, articles and other useful resources to help you with your data governance and data management questions and challenges.


I share my thoughts on the Where, Who, Why, What and How of data, you know, the CONTEXT of data.

The Power Of Metadata

What is metadata?

An important term that has emerged in the debate surrounding online privacy and government tracking is metadata. Metadata is used to refer to information about a particular set of communications that is not the content of those communications. So the subject line of an email, rather than its contents. Or the location that a text message was sent, rather than its contents. While metadata seems like it might be safer to collect, it can still be used to uncover information about individuals that could constitute a violation of privacy.

Credits: Talking: Geoffrey Challen (Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo). Producing: Greg Bunyea (Undergraduate, Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo).

Part of the online internet course. A blue Systems Research Group ( production.

Meta... What? Metadata!

What is Metadata?

What is Metadata Management?

Learn how organizations manage their sources of metadata to define where their data comes from and what its meaning is.

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Metadata about METADATA

Metadata team video

What are metadata?

Your phone calls, text messages, or social media posts can say a lot about you - even when their content isn't visible. And if this creates risks in times of peace, imagine the risks in times of war.

Find out more in our joint report with Privacy International:

Schema, Instance & Metadata | Database Management System

This lecture describes the idea of Schema, Instance, and Metadata. To ask your doubts on this topic and much more, click on this Direct Link:

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What is Metadata?

This video provides a beginner's guide to metadata.

EDINA staff, at the University of Edinburgh, created this video, thanks to Jisc investment into the GoGeo service ( ). Jisc provides digital solutions for UK education and research ( ). GoGeo provides users in UK education and research access to geospatial-related information and services.

The GoGeo portal website also offers a learning module that provides an overview of geospatial metadata. The following link provides direct access to the learning module page on GoGeo:

Please contact EDINA ( if you have any questions about the video, or about geospatial metadata.

Metadata Management Failures Top 10 List #4 to 2

At Datamanagement U, we have learned that when metadata management efforts fail, they do so for the same reasons consistently. In this installment of our two minute video series Data Management Moments, David Marco of EWSolutions covers numbers 4 to 2 of the Top Ten situations to avoid in your metadata management programs.

The data management community has shared with us both failures and successes with metadata management programs. Please let us know your experiences and get ready for the #1 reason!

Working with Metadata

This tutorial shows how to work with metadata in the URC. You'll learn how to extract, edit, and search for metadata.

What is Metadata?

Spend a couple of minutes with two of our metadata experts, Lizzy Baus and Molly Huber, as they demystify descriptive metadata. Have any other burning questions we can try to answer? Send us an email at!