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5 Tips for Shooting More Accurately With A Handgun | Episode #68


The Home Energy Score: The Ultimate Win, Win

Interview with Brent Loya of ID Energy
In this episode of House Talk with Dylan Chalk, we discuss the value of the home energy score program for homeowners, home inspectors, and real estate agents.
If you are unfamiliar with the home energy score, you should be. The program has been expanding and has been finding great success in cities such as Portland, Oregon, and Denver, Colorado. The program trains home inspectors to quickly rate a residential house with an energy score. This is akin to a fuel mileage sticker for your car, but this is for your house.

Homes with energy scores allow home buyers to make accurate comparisons between houses regarding the true cost of ownership and in some cases, homes with excellent energy scores can even qualify for larger loans as the cost of running the home will be lower. Did you know that energy use in a home is often more than your property taxes and your homeowner’s insurance? Homes that use less energy help protect valuable natural resources and save homeowners big bucks.

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Homemade DIY CNC - New Tools and Shame On Who -

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Well, you can't win them all, right? I bought a new tool from Noga (very cool) and I got several items from Grizzly (this is where the shame comes in)

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Step by step how to shot a basket ball and score tutorial

This series of tutorials will show you how to shoot a basketball perfectly in a step by step way for kids and adults.
it is easy, you just have to follow the basics:

Face the basket and place your feet shoulder width apart

Position the ball in your shot pocket

Grip the ball correctly

Push the ball upward with your shooting hand

Straighten your knees and jump and then release the ball.

Develop muscle memory

Learn how to use the backboard

Practice in a game setting

How Animal Crossing New Horizons ANGERS You

MTD LIVE Guild Artisan: Mini Display Diorama feat.Huge Miniatures Flock

SKIP TO 2:54 for the actual start.

Originally broadcast live on

I show you how to build a display diorama for miniatures while using and demoing Huge Miniatures flocking.

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How to EASILY rank up and get THOUSANDS of cash in R2DA!!!


Danny Lange Interview - Reinforcement Learning: The Next Frontier of Gaming

My guest on the show this week is Danny Lange, VP for Machine Learning & AI at video game technology developer Unity Technologies. Danny is well traveled in the world of ML and AI, and has had a hand in developing machine learning platforms at companies like Uber, Amazon and Microsoft. In this conversation we cover a bunch of topics, including How ML & AI are being used in gaming, the importance of reinforcement learning in the future of game development, the intersection between AI and AR/VR and the next steps in natural character interaction.

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#50 - Practice Clubs and Swings

In this episode we speak with PGA Pro Joe Frederick about what clubs are best to use when practicing as well as some tips on driving.

Cross Stitch #111...March 2020...It's getting weird!

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M and M Stitchers:
Running Stitch:
For Love of the Stitches:

My video where I walk through the Bloom of Hope color changes starting at about 18 minutes.

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$12k Bitcoin Still on Track? Two Bitcoin Forks Announced ZCL and XPM ! BIG Money Incoming $$$

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Ask The Coach Show #67 - Ovtcharov's serve

- Ask the Coach Show

Yesterdays #PQOTD  - 2:30
Who is the most inspirational player you have seen?

#PQOTD - 3:37
How many training sessions did you do last week?

Question 1 - 4:02
Hey Pingskills, Your tips for the tall players didn't work on this guy, He's unbeatable :( He just blocks, I smash, loop, chop but it doesn't work. Please have you another tips? Brock

Question 2 - 6:17
Sir, my defense is dominant in bh. So, when the attacker attacks, I automatically switch to backhand. i'm weaker in fh. Any tips please? Earl

Question 3 - 8:22
I am having trouble chopping the ball (forehand) in a match, where it goes too far or too high or I just miss the ball. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can fix this? Thanks! Nikolas

Question 4 - 12:02
My son is just 10 and quite interested in learning TT and his dream is of becoming a world champ. He is prepared to do anything to be a master and hold the trophy. My full support is with him. Should I buy a table for him or 10 years is too young? Young

Question 5 - 15:15
Please explain how Ovtcharov does his serve and why. Dii

Question 6 - 18:15
How can I improve my forehand topspin? When I do it, it always hit the net. Am I missing something?

Links in this Episode
Ovtcharov's Serve - 
Forehand Chop - 
Multiball - 
Forehand Topspin - 

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Below are some other videos we've made. Feel free to check 'em out!
Will See Won't See Olympic Table Tennis, Table Tennis Forehand Counterhit Lesson, How To Execute the Ma Lin Serve, Learn the Backspin Reverse Pendulum Serve, Playing a Faster Forehand Topspin.

Good luck with your table tennis.

Jeff Plumb and Alois Rosario

Personal Branding for Photographers

Melissa McClure talks about how to create a strong personal brand as a photographer. We pick apart the website, the client experience and having the confidence to sell your photography services at a price that keeps you sustainable and profitable.

Ask The Coach Show #71 - Eye Dominance

- Ask the Coach Show

Yesterdays #PQOTD  - 0:50
Peter Scudner returns to the position of Chairman of USA Table Tennis. How important is the role of the Chairman of a National Association? What qualities should a Chairman have?

#PQOTD  - 3:00
Do you prefer Language or Mathematics?

Discussion - 3:32
Eye Dominance -

Question 1 - 8:43
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Pingskills ! I have been practised with a coach in 2 weeks now and I've been better on my strokes but when I use it on the tall guy he just block, I'm SHOCKED !!!!! Have you any other tip that is maybe advanced ?

Question 2 - 11:07
So next week on monday, I'm playing my first ever table tennis tournament. Do you have any tips on what I should do, or any tips on how I can read my opponent's serves and/or moves? And what techniques do you thing I should use? Lukas

Question 3 - 12:57
I am the defensive player but I want to make some more back spin. Also I want to know about what I need to do to be better defensive player?Jang

Question 4 - 16:55
I sometimes use the backhand with just a wrist action when the ball is half long and also from deep of the table as well. Sometimes I find the wrist shot effective and sometimes difficult to control. Is this technique fine? Grenville

Question 5 - 20:07
I play a player who has a backhand serve from his backhand corner played fast and deep into my backhand corner. The difficulty is that he varies and disguises the spin, and I cannot read which spin is on the ball. How can I learn to read it better? Michael

Links in this Episode
Eye Dominance Article about Darts - 
Forehand Chop - 
Backhand Chop - 
How to Return a Long Sidespin Serve - 
Options Against a Long Backhand Serve - 
Advanced Backhand Topspin - 

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Below are some other videos we've made. Feel free to check 'em out!
Will See Won't See Olympic Table Tennis, Table Tennis Forehand Counterhit Lesson, How To Execute the Ma Lin Serve, Learn the Backspin Reverse Pendulum Serve, Playing a Faster Forehand Topspin.

Good luck with your table tennis.

Jeff Plumb and Alois Rosario


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Knee strength, balance and stability is important as a badminton player. The knee is exposed to a lot of stress and can strain it. A weak knee can cause injuries.
This exercise is simple and will improve your knee in various of aspects.

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Testing with H2Blue! - Ep. 43 - H2Minutes Experiment *revised*

#h2blue #hydrogenwater #hydrogengas

It's our SECOND experiment video and in this video, we explain the correct way and some incorrect ways to test with H2Blue. See below for the sources and links mentioned in the video.
*revised for editing errors

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PES 2013 - MLO #62 - The Markcoos Mafia Activate The Iron Curtain


Hey guys, welcome back to The Markcoos Mafia, and in this episode we activate the defensive tactic known as the Iron Curtain where you defend for your life. Anyway, we also buy a new left sided winger and that's about it :P

Anyway, if you have enjoyed this video, subscribe to my channel for more and........ catch you later :DDDDDDDDD

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Intro made in Cinema 4D - the music is a segment from Tell Them What You Want To Hear by Donnie Willow.

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EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #67 (AMA) 5/25/2016

Thank you for watching! Links to stuff talked about in the show below.

The next live hang out is scheduled for June 8, 2016 at 7pm EST. Check my Google+ page for details:

In this show we talked about long cranking times, Wheeler Dealers, the direction of ETCG in future videos, Fixing it Forward, cooling system problems, using stop leak, tool reviews, do you need a scan tool to bleed brakes, my Acura Vigor, windshield wiper problems, stalling in traffic, fluctuating tach at highway speeds, O2 sensor codes, automatic transmission problems, suspension noises, upper control arms and what they do, fuel pump noise, is my car worth what I put into it, getting more power out of your vehicle, and what my thoughts are on vehicle technology.

If I didn't get to your question I apologize. Questions posted after the event ends will not be answered. Questions posted to the YouTube video will not be answered. Next show is June 1, 2016 7pm EST though, or visit 24/7/365.

The best place for answers to your automotive questions:

Discussion about this video:

Fairmont Updates Here:

Looking for used car parts?:


Thanks for watching!

Videos Mentioned

How To Check Fuel Pressure:

What's Inside a Fuel Pump:

Does Stop Leak Work?:

Solving Performance Problems 1:

Solving Performance Problems 2:

Solving a Spongy Brake Pedal:

The Basic Parts of an Automatic Transmission (Part 1):

The Basic Parts of an Automatic Transmission (Part 2):

How a Torque Converter Works:

Diagnosing a Clutch:

Useful articles.

Engine overheat:

No start problems:

Idle issues:

Performance issues:

Diagnosing Noises:

Diagnosing Vibrations:

Electrical Problems:

Brake Issues:

Transmission issues:

HVAC problems:

Buying a Used Car:



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Modding Camp - Lesson 4: 3D Modeling (BASICS)

After a 2 week hiatus, Modding Camp is back! Today, we're going to take a look at the basics of 3D Modeling. We'll also get introduced to Softimage|XSI ModTool.
Get Softimage|XSI ModTool here:



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