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6 Reasons Why Airplane Food Tastes Different


6 Reasons Why Airplane Food Tastes Different

So, airplane food. The best part of flying, right? Who doesn't like to hear the phrase Chicken or fish? But it seems that the question really is to eat or not to eat?... Did you know, for example, that your airplane food isn’t exactly super fresh? Typically, your meal gets prepared 10 hours before you take that first bite. Or that all the dishes you eat from during the flight - even plastic ones! - are reusable?

Interesting enough, that fact is that airline companies plan all their meals up to a year in advance! They count every single cherry tomato that you'll later find in your salad. Can you imagine that? You've probably heard that famous story when American Airlines managed to save $40,000 after they removed an itsy-bitsy olive from each salad on their flights! Yep, it's all about the right planning.

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Where the food is prepared 1:13
Why it contains much more spice, salt, and sugar 2:59
What happens to the food when a plane can't leave on time 3:48
Tomato juice? Give me two! 4:55
Reusable dishes ???? 6:10
Is their water safe to drink? 6:42

#onboard #planefood #airtravel

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- Airplane food is prepared on the ground, not far from the airport. Large airline catering companies, such as LSG Sky Chefs, can produce a whopping 15,000 bread rolls in an hour and more than 30,000 sandwiches a day! And mind you, they work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
- You wouldn't be able to eat this food right after it's been cooked on the ground! The trick is that, let's say, chicken usually leaves the kitchen only 60% done, and steak - just 30% ready.
- When you're on the plane, your nose gets dry because of low humidity. This, along with the pressure change during the take-off and even the constant noise from jet engines, makes your taste buds not as perceptive as they are on the ground.
- If there’s a delay which is announced in advance, the food just stays in its fridge-lounge. If the delay is too long, the airlines just dump the load and ask the catering company for a replacement shipment.
- After you finish, there are still some cookies left on the tray. But you're so stuffed, you decide to leave them: after all, they’re unopened, and surely the airline will be able to serve them on another flight.
- On the other hand, it was a great surprise for me to find out that all the dishes I eat from during the flight - even plastic ones! - are reusable. The same catering companies that prepare food for airlines also have huge dishwashing areas where they wash and sanitize plates, cups, and cutlery.
- Airlines state that the water they use to make hot drinks is safe to drink and meets all necessary regulations. But the fact is that the water tanks on planes often become a playground for all kinds of bacteria.

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Why Does Airplane Food Taste So Bad? - Cheddar Explores

Airline food has been the butt of jokes for decades. People just don't seem to like what's on the menu at 35,000 feet. Why is this the case? Producer Patrick Jones (@ Patrick_E_Jones) breaks down the two reasons why airplane food is so bad and what's being done to fix it.

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The Scientific Reason Why Airplane Food Tastes Bad

Here’s why food tastes different on planes, according to science

Why Airplane Food Taste Bad? | 11 Amazing Facts | #Trending

Why Airplane Food Taste Bad?
11 Amazing Facts.

hello everyone,
many time we all travels by the airplane but you know that Why Food In The Airplane Is Not So Tastey?
So watch this video and know Amazing Facts.

Thank you.

Why Airplane Food Taste Bad.
11 Amazing Facts.

This Is Why You Should NEVER Eat Airplane Food

Gross facts about airplane food!
Do you love flying? Probably not. Most people don’t find it to be the most enjoyable experience. From the stress of checking in and security to the rush of finding your gate in the enormous labyrinth that is the airport, it’s always taxing. Even once you’ve placed your carry-on in the overhead bin and settled into your seat, you’ve still got another few hours or so until you reach your destination. You’re tired and probably hungry too, which makes it all the more crushing when you remember what airplane food tastes like.

In this video, we’re going to break it down for you and show you exactly why you should tough it up and avoid eating on the plane. The meals consist of cheap ingredients haphazardly thrown together in an assembly-line-style factory kitchen 10 hours before take off, and it’s not even very nutritious. Remember that you are what you eat. Would you want to treat your body with this food?

More than that, the environment probably isn’t one in which you should be consuming food. When do you think your tray table was last cleaned and sanitized? The truth about airline sanitation standards will shock you.

Stick around to learn more about why you should never eat airplane food. We’re going to tell you all about how it’s made, what’s in it, why it’s bad for you, and even give you a few options in case you can’t beat your hunger. Do you eat airplane food? Why or why not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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The Main Reason Why Planes Get Delayed

To be fair, about 80% of all flights are ON time — that is, within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. The other 20% are delayed, and it might seem a huge number, but consider this: a commercial flight is not like hopping into a car and driving away. It’s an extremely serious operation that requires lots of coordinated work from hundreds of people. Just recall how many steps do you, as a passenger, need to take to get on board!

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Security 1:16
Weather conditions 1:58
Technical troubleshooting 2:55
Preparations for the flight 3:37
Waiting for connecting passengers and their baggage 4:08
Waiting for and loading the cargo 5:09
Waiting for the crew 5:50
Weight overload 6:30
Food 7:12
Strikes 7:46
Airport congestion 8:20
Air traffic control 8:56

#planes #airport #brightside

- An airplane must get clearance to depart from its home airport. Then, after arrival to another country, issues have to be solved to get clearance to depart from there once again. All of this requires time.
- Even a direct lightning strike can’t do much harm to a plane, and it happens more often than you think! However, nobody would risk hundreds of lives and an expensive aircraft for no good reason, and weather delays do occur.
- Pilots run final checks right before the flight, and if they see something’s off, they call the ground crew and fix things together.
- Preparing an airplane is a serious business, and any mistake here can cost much more than just money or time.
- Connecting flights are the most difficult to handle for obvious reasons: there are two different airplanes that need to adjust their schedules to each other.
- Delays caused by cargo are usually not too long, so you won’t be asked to return to the gate while waiting and loading is in process. Still, it can take up to an hour, so you’ll have to be patient.
- Often, the crew for your flight arrives from another one that has just landed in your airport. And it sometimes happens that their previous flight is not exactly on schedule for some reason.
- Many airplanes have precise weight restrictions, and if they’re violated, the flight is not allowed.
- If you’re at a busy airport, you just might get delayed because your service hasn’t delivered the food for your airplane on time.
- Airport employees go on strikes almost every year, and it’s among the top reasons for flight delays in Europe.
- It might seem weird, but flight traffic is getting heavier with every passing year, and airlines keep getting in trouble with that.
- The number of flights keeps growing, and it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of all of them, especially since the ATC equipment is not really up-to-date.

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How Airlines Make Meals For Thousands Of People

For many people economy class used to mean soggy pasta, rubbery eggs and dried-out chicken. For a time U.S airlines even stopped serving free meals altogether in economy class. But in 2019 U.S. airlines posted their tenth straight year of profitability and premium and economy cabins are seeing more food options than ever before.

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How Airlines Make Meals For Thousands Of People

11 Things You Should Avoid Doing on the Plane

When you board an airplane, you expect a pleasant flight with as much comfort as you could get. But your comfort — and safety too, for that matter, — heavily depends on your friendly flight attendants.
Of course, they won’t say anything, but there are things they frown upon — and one that they just loathe. But I’m getting ahead of myself. So, if you really want a nice journey, you should keep in mind not to do those things that earn you the wrath of the flight attendants.

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Pilots Reveal 16 Nuances That Make Your Flight Safe

Going to the airplane bathroom while boarding 0:34
Taking too much carry-on 1:23
Bringing sources of strong smells 2:24
Leaving your headphones on 4:03
Asking to switch seats 4:41
Getting up while the “Fasten your seatbelts” sign is on 5:19
Constantly pressing the call button 6:01
Asking about the menu 6:42
Not giving your trash to the flight attendants 7:15
Not listening to the safety presentation 8:17
Touching flight attendants to get their attention 9:00

#flightattendants #planerules #brightside

- When there’s a line of passengers waiting to use the bathroom while everyone else is looking for their seats, delays are guaranteed.
- So when you take too much carry-on with you, two unpleasant things happen at once: one, you make other people wait while you put all your stuff up there, and two, those people who’ve been waiting for you can’t put their own bags into the bins because you’ve hogged them.
- Even pleasant smells can get on your nerves when there’s just too much of them. That perfumed piece of handmade soap you carry on with you has a wonderful aroma, but only for the first few minutes.
- When a flight attendant approaches you to ask a question, it’s polite to take off your headphones and pay them your full attention.
- Flight attendants confess that one of the most frustrating things is when passengers start trying to persuade them to change their seat assignments. The thing is, they simply can’t do that.
- When taking off, taxiing, and landing, as well as during turbulence, you should stay seated and fasten your belt in case anything happens.
- If you insistently press the call button for no good reason, chances are you’ll be asked to stop doing that — or even ignored completely.
- When you ask a flight attendant what they have, you make other passengers wait longer and get edgy — consider this when you take your time ordering your food and drinks.
- One of the downsides of working as a flight attendant is that you only get paid for the hours of actual flight. All the work you do while on land is free.
- Safety presentations are really similar on most airlines, but it’s still worth it to refresh them in your memory before the flight.
- It’s absolutely not fine to poke or grab a flight attendant for any reason, just like any other person. Some attendants say, though, that there are people who find it okay to touch them by the knee or ankle when they pass by.

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Taste & Smell: Crash Course A&P #16

Hank resists the urge to devour a slice of pizza so that he can walk you through the way we experience our major special senses. It all boils down to one thing: sensory cells translating chemical, electromagnetic, and mechanical stimuli into action potentials that our nervous system can make sense of. Today we're focusing on smell (olfaction) and taste (gustation), which are chemical senses that call on chemoreceptors. As usual, we'll begin with a quick look at how these things can go wrong.

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Table of Contents
Anatomy and Physiology of Smell 2:26
The Olfactory Sensory Neurons 3:01
Receptors → Glomerulus → Mitral Cells → Brain 3:47
Taste Receptor Epithelial Cells 7:30
Receptors Trigger Action Potentials to Four Different Cranial Nerves 8:26


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That's Why Airplanes Seem Spacious (But They Are Not)

Psychological tricks to make you feel at home in the cabin? Pilots and flight attendants hiding their own secrets from passengers? Whoopie cushions left on the seats in economy class? Well maybe not that, but what other mysteries are you unaware of each time you step onboard?

Did you know, for example, that flight attendants assess you as you're boarding the plane? They have to figure out if you're going to be a safety concern on the flight. Are you still hungry after your meal? Ask for an extra portion, and if it's available, you'll get it! Ever experienced such a hard landing that you jump in your seat and go white? There are some conditions when a gentle touchdown is outright dangerous...

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What Happens When a Bird Flies Into a Plane Engine
A Plane Disappeared And Landed 37 Years Later

Flight attendants assess you 0:28
The cockpit is off-limits for flight attendants 1:13
Airplanes can safely operate with one engine 1:29
Planes can land when their wheels are broken 1:53
Pilots may nod off in their seats 2:55
Flight attendants are highly trained professionals 3:43
Co-pilots aren't just sidekicks 4:18
The walls have a particular structure 4:57
Nervous flyers should pick seats in the middle of the cabin 5:37
If you want to be a pilot, be prepared for endless tests 6:15
Secret bedrooms 6:36
Pilots are very careful with what they say 6:47
Some airlines skip particular row numbers 7:25
You lose up to 30% of your ability to taste sweet 8:02

#planes #aviation #brightside

- An extra seat behind the pilot and the co-pilot in the cockpit isn't reserved for special VIP passengers. It's for flight attendants during take-off or landing and for inspectors who monitor the flight.
- The situation when both engines fail at the same time is almost unheard of, but even if something like that did happen, a plane wouldn't drop from the sky like a rock.
- Modern planes have special systems that detect other aircraft, mountains, and unexpected solid objects in their path.
- There are some conditions when a gentle touchdown is outright dangerous. The most common situation when a plane must touch down firmly is when the runway is wet.
- Airlines are going to address the dreaded middle-seat problem pretty soon. A new design has already been developed, and new chairs will be available shortly.
- Co-pilots are totally capable of flying a plane, and they do it regularly!
- Flight attendants have the same problems with jet lag as you do.
- Airplane manufacturers use a special trick to make the cabin look bigger and more spacious. For example, the walls have a particular structure that reflects light.
- Passengers are also happier when their airplane has a wider entrance, and its lighting is brighter.
- When turbulence occurs, it affects the front and rear parts of the cabin the most.
- Deploying an emergency slide when there's no emergency is a very bad idea.
- If you want to be a pilot, be prepared for endless tests and examinations.
- Pilots are very careful with what they say and how they deliver it. You'll never hear them announcing anything dramatic, like fail or malfunction.
- Some airlines skip particular row numbers because they’re considered unlucky in certain cultures.
- If you’re in a window seat, you can notice the way the airplane wings flex.
- The way the cabin is pressurized has a big effect on your taste buds: you lose up to 30% of your ability to taste sweet and salty things.
- The first airline to offer its customers online check-in was Alaska Airlines, and it happened in 1999!

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Why a Low-Cost Airline with Waterbeds and Organic Food Failed

There was a low-cost airline company that offered waterbeds and organic food. According to some passengers, the atmosphere on board was similar to that of some tribal celebration. During the flight, passengers were allowed to wander along the aisles, drink, and listen to rock music.

Passengers could lie down on huge denim pillows. Flight attendants wore ultra-bright violet uniforms. Those who felt sleepy could make use of comfortable waterbeds. During the flight, passengers could enjoy vegetarian meals, homemade soups, organic bread, and cheeses, as well as different drinks, including wine and beer. But why didn't this airline manage to keep afloat?

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10 Things You Should Never Wear on a Plane
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Flight Attendants

Laughably cheap flights 1:17
Am I onboard or at an extravagant party? 2:29
Vote on the flight schedules! 3:26
Why Freelandia had to go out of business 4:04
Some other unusual airline company:
- My fruit box and me 4:48
- Four-course menu? Sign me up! 5:12
- The airline which hasn't flown a single flight 6:20
- Planes for fans of Pokemon 6:58
- ... and for Hello Kitty fans 7:33
- Gear Virtual Reality headset 8:24

#airlines #onboard #planes

Music by Epidemic Sound

- In 1973, self-made millionaire investor Kenneth Moss came up with the idea of a very unusual airline. He, along with his partner Darcy Flynn, spent $1.5 million and one year getting a plane and a license to operate it commercially from the Federal Aviation Administration.
- Moss's idea was to launch not another commercial airline, but to start an inexpensive air travel club.
- After paying a modest membership fee of $25, club members could get access to laughably cheap flights. For example, a trip from Los Angeles to Newark, N.J., cost $87, almost two times less expensive than any other commercial flight.
- One of the most unusual things about the new airline was that the club members could vote on the flight schedules every three months! So if one of the passengers needed to go, let's say, to Paris, they only had to persuade their fellow members to add this route to the flight schedule.
- However, all the frills didn't help the newborn airline to keep afloat. First of all, after Kenneth Moss appeared on TV, the membership cost grew. Then, people started to get frustrated by the airline's performance.
- Hawaiian Airlines allows each passenger to take a pre-packed box of pineapples or papayas on board the plane. The only condition is that the box can’t weigh more than 10 pounds (4.5 kg) and that it's agriculture-inspected first.
- If you love comfort, write down the name La Compagnie. You'll find out that your seat reclines to a 175-degree angle and has built-in massage features. You'll get an anti-allergenic pillow and a travel care kit for free.
- Baltia Air Lines, which is known today as USGlobal Airways, is an airline company which hasn't flown a single flight during its long 29-year old history!
- If you're a fan of Pokemon, you can catch a themed jet which flies from Tokyo to Paris and from Tokyo to Frankfurt.
- One more airline company keen on cartoon characters is Taiwanese international airline EVA AIR. But unlike ANA, its favorite cartoon seems to be Hello Kitty.
- In 2015, Australia’s biggest airline company Qantas Airways offered its First Class passengers Gear Virtual Reality headsets to entertain them on long-haul flights!

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Why Food Tastes Different On Planes

Food on airplanes has never seemed to taste particularly great — and it's likely because your taste actually changes while you're in the air. Airline caterers actively re-work their recipes to account for the change. Watch the video above to learn what happens to your taste buds on an airplane.


#Food #Airplane #TechInsider

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Why Food Tastes Different On Planes

Why Does Plane Food Taste So Bad?

We’ve all heard the jokes about airline food, but have you ever wondered why most everyone in the world hates it so much?

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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By Joakim Jardenberg (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 ( via Wikimedia Commons

Why Food Tastes Worse On Planes

Have you ever noticed that food tastes a little bit different when you’re on a plane? Why is this?

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Why does food taste differently on planes?

“When your taste buds are way above the clouds, your normal sense of taste goes right out of the aeroplane’s window. Katia Moskvitch investigates why this happens, and how airlines are trying to find ways to get our appetites back on track.”

Your Choice In Utensils Can Change How Food Tastes

“Being ‘born with a silver spoon in your mouth’ has long been known to have advantages. Apparently, eating off a silver spoon also has its perks — it seems to make your food taste better.”

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Food tastes different in flight why?


Why Does Food Taste Bad On Airplanes?

In this video, we tell you the reason why you either can't taste anything on your food on an airplane or it tastes really bad. So, why does food taste bad on airplanes?

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Why do Airline FOOD ???? taste Bad ???? in hindi FACTS!

What's the deal with Airplane Food?

Airplane Food or Airline Food, what's the deal with that?
If you ever had any questions about the meal served to you on your airplane well, you're not the only one because I don't understand them either. Also, airplane peanuts..

This is an animated comedy skit where I talk about airplane food, it's also structured similarly to a Storytime Animation.
Thanks for watching!

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18 Things Flight Attendants Pay Attention to When You're Boarding the Plane

Good morning and welcome aboard – if you’re a frequent flyer, you hear this phrase a lot. The moment they greet you, the crew are also checking out some important details about you: from your physique to your jewelry style.

They’ll also notice if you’re their colleague, your general health condition is important to them, they can tell how many weeks a pregnant woman is, they care if you’re nice to them, and they do remember if you’re unfriendly. Why, though?

21 Things That Happen to 98% of People on a Plane

Does airplane travel affect your body? Actually, yes, and if you travel frequently, the effects of flying on the human body are something you need to factor. How many jokes, for example, have you heard about how bad airplane food is? Here’s the kicker: the food isn’t bad – it’s your sense of taste not working because the cabin air has dried your mouth out of all its saliva, which helps with taste!

So, every time you get on an airplane, it’s like you’re stepping into the Twilight Zone. How can you get so tired while sitting still? And why does it feel like your senses are dulled, yet your emotions are heightened? And that’s just a couple of the weird things that happen to your body during a flight…

No sense of taste 0:20
Weird cravings 0:40
A headache 1:01
Bad breath 1:21
Ear popping 1:44
Breakouts 2:04
Stomach disorders 3:13
Feeling vulnerable 4:05
Flying can make us happier too! 4:56
Dry eyes 5:38
Accelerated hair growth 6:20

#planes #humanbody #brightside

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10 Things You Should Never Wear on a Plane
11 Secrets Flight Attendants Will Never Tell You

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