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6 Thing You Learn When You First Move Out | COCO Chanou


6 Tips on Maintaining Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships also known as LDR's is when two people are dating from across a distance. This can be continents apart. Someone you meet online, but happens to be living really far from you. In this video, we want to share some tips on how to maintain a long distance relationship. If you are having doubts about long distance relationship, hope these tips can convince you otherwise!

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What I Learned From Moving

I moved recently, and learned some things.

Is She Using Me | 6 Signs She Is!

Is she using me? This video will give you 100% clarity that she may be if you can relate to any of these signs that a girl is using you. These dating tips I share with you about signs a girl is using you are meant for you to explore deeper on the relationship that your in now and put a stop to this once and for all. It's not the best feeling to ask yourself am I being used? I know! So my goal is for you not to have to go through this again. I will show you how to tell if someone is using you and answer your questions. Why am I being used by women. Remember if you detect signs that a girl is using you then move on quickly!

If a woman is not giving you effort then this is the first thing to recognize.

Tip #1 - You have to pay for everything and it has to go her way all the time. If you're continuing to date her she has to show up and somewhat contribute to you in some way.

Tip #2 - She avoids serious talks. She does not want to talk about her family or her friends or her feels about you. She might even give you that casual lingo.

Tip #3- She only wants to do things convenient and pleasing for her.

Tip #4- Challenge her on the why

Tip #5- She does not care to know you and she does not remember important details about you.

Tip #6- Body Language and does not talk about her feelings.





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IT ALL BEGINS!! | Modded Minecraft #1 | COCO Chanou Gaming

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What to do if a girl ghosts you | She ghosted you #askRenee

What to do if a girl ghosts you | She ghosted you #askRenee

Want to know what to do when a girl ghosts you? And how to move on after she ghosted you? In this video I give dating advice to men on what to do when a girl ghosts you and how to let go and move on when she ghosted you.


Let me help you maximise your love life in a practical and achievable way:


Let's talk about when a girl ghosts you:

When somebody disappears and doesn't give you any explanation after you have been dating them or even had a relationship with them , you have been ghosted.

It's an awful feeling to never have a clear answer to why they did it , and even more painful and frustrating than a normal break up.

So what should you do when a girl ghosts you? Because statistically speaking women are more likely to ghost then men!

Here are my tips for what to do when a girl ghosts you :

5) Accept her behaviour of ghosting as your answer - don't go looking for her to try and get the real reason. She's not worth your time if you weren't worth her's to give you an answer .

4) Choose closure - choose to move on even without all the answers , don't wait for closure. You got closure the moment she disappeared on you.

3) Redirect your energy - holding onto something painful is pouring energy into something that is going nowhere . Learn to focus your energy and emotions into building the new and into people who value you.

2) Rebuild your confidence - focus on tasks, challenges and people that help you feel secure and good about yourself.

1) Don't punish other women because of this one woman - Not all women are out there to leave you with a broken heart. Choose to let go and see the good in the new women that you date.

Remember that someone else's rejection or approval of you doesn't determine your value, Ghosting has more to do with their issues than yours ( most of the time ) and whilst it hurts , it is not always measure of who you are or who you can be in a relationship.

Love Renee xx

PS : Check out my other video on The Attractive Man channel about what to do when a girl ghosts you .

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[less than] 15 Things I Learned From Moving!!!

It all went downhill when I skipped number 3....

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When it comes to texting, most guys don't realize that there's only 2 reasons you should ever text a girl...

And anything else is reason enough for her to NOT open your texts and NOT respond to them either!

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