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7 Financial Things To Do When You Turn 18!! (Start Now!)


11 Unique Side Hustles For 2020

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In this video, I will share 11 legitimate side hustle and business ideas for 2020. If you are looking to make more money in 2020, stay tuned!

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10 Things I No Longer Buy In My 30s (MONEY SAVING IDEAS)

I used to waste so much money!!! One of the best things that come with age is that you no longer feel the need to buy stuff to impress people you don't even like. Here's my list of 10 things I no longer buy (now that I'm in my 30s). Would love to know what you think!


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FINANCE ADVICE 101! Budgeting, Saving Strategies, Taxes, Retirement | Post-Grad Perspective Ep. 1

MY FINANCE ADVICE VIDEO IS HERE!!! Today we're talking all things budgeting 101, how to save money, taxes, self-employment, retirement saving, + so much more! It's a LOT so consult the time-stamps below if you're only after a certain topic. Download Cleo:

Video timestamps:
00:00 - 1:18 : Background
1:18 - 4:33 : How to create a budget
4:33 - 6:24 : Organizing your $, bank account strategy, taxes
6:24 - 7:38 : Saving strategies
7:38 - 9:14 : Retirement saving (self-employed)
9:14 - 9:55 : Retirement saving (traditional employment)
9:55 - 11:24 : Calculating what you can afford (rent etc.)
11:24 - 12:04 : Money tips, living w/in your means
12:04 - 13:04 : Credit cards, best times to get one
13:04 - 14:20 : Reframe spending mentality, rethink value attached to $
14:20 - 15:40 : Alternatives to spending

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5 Money Tips on How to NEVER go BROKE Again!!! Thing I wish I'd done in my 20s | Brittany Daniel

5 Money Tips on How to NEVER go BROKE again breaks down five ways to make sure you always have money. Budgeting a savings is very important but how you keep and earn money as you become an adult is even more important. In this video we talk about, savings, retirement plans, life insurance, emergency savings, side hustles, starting a business and so many other important money topics, enjoy!

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9 Lifestyle Changes That Let You Feel Rich At Any Income

In this episode, Chelsea shows us the little things anyone can do to start feeling wealthier — no matter what their income actually is.

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Things I've splurged on in 2020 (Beauty, Home, Tech & Business)

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How to Budget In A Crisis
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20 Frugal Living Habits
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Ecclesiastes 7:1-20 (10/18/2020)

7 Financial Things To Do When You Turn 18!! (Start Now!)

Here are 7 financial things that you need to do when you turn 18. Turning eighteen is a big deal and a lot of changes need to be made with your finances, it is time to get serious about your finances. There are so many financial mistakes that teenagers make. Once you turn 18 it is important that you start doing each of the things that I mention in this video.

Teenage personal finance is certainly something that is not talked about enough and it is so important. If you are wonder what to do with your personal finances as a teenager I recommend checking out this video.

Comment below: What are some other tips you would give new adults that will prepare them for a healthy financial future?

Video Outline:
Tip #1: 0:55
Tip #2: 1:55
Tip #3: 3:20
Tip #4: 4:33
Tip #5: 5:56
Tip #6: 7:23
Tip #7: 8:49
Bonus: 10:32

Comment Below: Comment below: What are some other tips you would give new adults that will prepare them for a healthy financial future?

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Personal Finance 101: Ten things to do when you turn 18

School teaches us a lot, but not about money. You learn about he intricacies of Mesopotamian irrigation and how to draw a turkey with your hand imprint. But you never learn personal finance 101!

In this video I break down some personal finance basics, how to save money, some teenage money management tips, and what to do with money in your 20s.

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**Best Credit Cards for Beginners

**Best Checking Accounts

Personal Finance Tip #1: Make a budget

Making a budget allows you to see where all your money comes in and goes out.

Use Mint or a program similar to Mint to budget your money. Mint allows you to see all your transaction history across all linked accounts. Once you know where your money is going, it will get easier to budget.

Personal Finance Tip #2: Open a checking and savings account (or a hybrid checking/savings account)

You need a place to put your money that is not under your mattress. Having a bank where you can deposit checks, save your cash, and pay your bills is the most basic first step for personal finance success.

Do not go with Bank of America, Chase, or Wells Fargo. They charge you $12 every month unless you meet certain criteria.

I recommend going with SoFi Money. It is an online checking/savings hybrid account. SoFi Money is free to use and gives you great interest on all your money.

???? $25 signup bonus link for SoFi Money:

Personal Finance Tip #3: Open a credit card

Developing a credit history is very important. If you have a high credit score, you will pay less in interest on mortgages, auto loans, and almost any other debt you take out.

Having a credit card also allows you to save money on everyday things you buy. For example, using the right credit card can save you 2%-5%+ on gas, groceries, entertainment, and almost everything you can think of.

I recommend getting Discover. It is easier to qualify for. Discover has no annual fee and gives you great cash back on rotating categories. (Click here to get it:

Also, pay your credit card balance in FULL every month. Never, ever carry a balance.

Personal Finance Tip #4: Pay yourself first.

You need to pay yourself before you think about spending your money. Paying yourself first is a great automatic way to get in the habit of saving. You will never get ahead unless you save!

Specifically, I would take 5% or 10% of every dollar you get and automatically transfer it to your savings account.

#5: Invest in your 401(k), IRA, or after tax account

If you never find a way to make money when you sleep, you will work forever. That is why investing is so crucial. If you have a 401(k) at work, understand what your employer matches and match to that amount. This is free money!

If you do not have a 401(k) at work, open an IRA. I recommend Vanguard. Keep your expenses low and invest in a broad based index fund like VOO. Buy and hold forever.

Personal Finance Tip #6: Avoid student loans

Student loans are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. This means that they will follow you around forever no matter what happens, with a few limited exceptions.

Get scholarships, work part time jobs, go to community college, or go to a state school to keep your expenses low. There are even programs like the Arizona State University / Starbucks partnership where working at Starbucks will allow you to get your tuition covered for free! (check it out here

Personal Finance Tip #7: Do not buy a new car

Buying a new car is a waste of money. You will lose tons of money just driving the car off the lot. Buy a used car to save lots of money.

Personal Finance Tip #8: Learn about taxation

You pay taxes on everything. Take some time to understand it. For most people, taking the standard deduction ($12,200 for individuals and $24,400 for married folks in 2019) is the best option.

Personal Finance Tip #9: Never stop learning about personal finance

You spend 40-50+hrs a week in your job or at school, but how many hours do you spend learning about personal finance? Take a few hours a month to learn about investing, taxes, real estate, mortgages, credit cards, and other personal finance basics.

Personal Finance Tip #10: Look at cheap ways to have fun

National parks, hostels, camping, cooking at home. These are all things you can do to save money.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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Turning 18? Five Financial Moves You Can Make

You know I am going to talk about money and turning 18. What changes ? What do you need to be prepared for. How about a checklist of 5 best financial practices for when you turn 18? You’re in luck, because that’s the focus of today’s No Dumb Question.

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How I Manifest In My Life + How You Can Too! ???? | Make Your Dreams Comes True! ???? | MS JOVOU

Hello Beautiful people! ????
How are y’all doing?

This is how I Manifest in my Life.
I hope this video helps! ✌????

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If you want to know how, then you must definitely watch to the end of this video! ❤️

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11 STEPS TO BUILD WEALTH WHEN YOU TURN 18 | Western University 2020

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In this video, I share 11 things to do when you turn 18 to get ahead in your life!

1. Get a credit card - Not your typical birthday present, I know. This is very important when you need to borrow money from the bank for a mortgage on a home/rental property. Banks look at your credit score, and getting your credit card early will cover 50% of what your credit score is calculated by. Good credit shows banks that you can handle borrowed money, so they will be more willing to lend you money at a cheaper rate. Do this NOW, or your plans on getting a home in the future could be severely hindered. Start by getting a credit card with no annual fee, use the credit card and make any small purchase every month and pay it off in full to build your credit history.

1b. If you do not have a bank account under your own name, get one right now. This will get you into the habit of paying your own bills, seeing your own expenses, managing your own money and it’ll really be the first step in shaping you into a financially responsible adult (that smashes the like button!)

2. Open a TFSA - This is an account where you can deposit your post-tax money to grow TAX FREE! This is amazing because we’re likely not losing a lot of money to taxes now, and also the fact that we have compound interest on our side. If you max out your TFSA and invest $6000 when you're 30 at an 8% return until the age of 65, with dividends reinvested you would end with $88,000. But if you invested that same $6000 at the age of 18, you would end up with $223,000! This amount is also tax free! What are you waiting for?

3. Invest, NOW. - Find a low cost index fund, buy it consistently and hold it. Remember this phrase by Jack Bogle “Buy and Hold”, tattoo it on your forehead if you need to. Whatever you’ve procrastinated on in the past, don’t procrastinate on this! It can mean the difference between retiring with or without savings!

4. Stay out of debt! - I'm not referring to good debt that can earn you more money (like leveraging your money with a low interest mortgage). I’m talking about consumer debt. This can really destroy your life, so NEVER buy things you can't afford. You'd surprised to see how many people abuse credit cards like it's free money, only to get completely slapped with debt that they can't handle. Use your credit card like a debit card, except with bonus cashback and points!

5. Act your wage! - It's not about how you make, but how much you can save. Live below your means and avoid lifestyle inflation! It’s easy to get caught up in upgrading your home, your car and spend more money in general when you get a pay raise. Always set aside a percentage of your money to be saved, so that you can accumulate more savings over time to reach your future goals faster. This is the perfect opportunity to live like you're broke because nobody expects us to have any money at this age, so it’s socially acceptable!

6. Reconsider your college decision - Make sure it’s what you really want to do because you’re going to be spending the next 4+ years there and getting yourself into $30-40k of student debt. Don’t just jump into wasting 4 years of your life with $40,000 of debt just because everyone else is doing it. Keep an open mind, go work and earn some money while thinking of your future career or just get your schooling out of the way by taking the cheaper option in community college.

7. GO GET A JOB - Seriously, go work... It's my biggest regret of my teen years, it'll help develop time management skills, soft skills and get you some extra money!

8. Don't spread yourself too thin - We live in a day and age where multitasking is the sh*t . Don't take on too many responsibilities at the same time as it'll water down the quality of your work. It's crucial that we continually weigh the importance our responsibilities (as we become adults with more responsibilities) to make sure we’re not devoting ourselves to too many things that we become subject to burnout.

9. Don't avoid risk - We often play things a little too safe, even if we can afford it at a young age. When we grow old, we will possibly have a family and children to care for and we can’t afford that risky investment, business startup or a career change. Even if we fail and lose everything, we still have lots of time to recover and much to learn from those experiences as well. So take risks while you can, you’ll get so much out of it.

10. Don't give up - Your defeat is only temporary and you only experience true defeat when you give up. Also, don't procrastinate and start immediately and work with the tools you have now and better ones will be acquired as you progress.

11. Take care of your health - You don't want to get sick and not be able to enjoy your life, make it a habit while you're young to keep yourself healthy for years to come!

Best FINANCIAL ADVICE For 18 Year Olds And Young Adults / Personal Finance For Students & Graduates!

Best FINANCIAL ADVICE For 18 Year Olds And Young Adults / Personal Finance For Students & Graduates!

Hey guys, so this is a highly requested video from my generation z and millennial viewers!

Y'all have asked me to explain in details the best way to grow your wealth in your teens, late teens and early 20s, so i decided to share these juicy tips on what strategies i've used over the past couple of years that have helped improved not only my finances, but my view on how money should be SPENT and ways to grow generational wealth before your 30s!

I hope you like this video! Please leave a comment down below if you have more tips/advice to share!

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Financial Advice for Millennials (ages 18 to 30)

Financial Advice for Millennials (ages 18 to 30)

Financial Advice is something I wish someone had told me sooner when I was younger, to really start to enjoy the benefits of investing, saving money, working towards goals and designing life on my terms. In today's video I will share with you the top strategies and tips I wished someone had told me at ages 18 to 30 years.

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Intro to Investing ➡️
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3 financial TIPS for when you turn 18

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These are essential things to do AS SOON AS YOU TURN 18. 18 is a new age with many new opportunities and experiences waiting to happen.These are the best things to do on your eighteenth birthday;

!) GET A CREDIT CARD!!!! This is a must when you turn 18 because credit is such a valuable asset in life. Building your score allows you to get better rates for houses, cars, and other financial investments that you're likely to make throughout your last time. The sooner you can build your score, the better, as with most of the other things on this list.The best starter cards are either a Discover secured or Capital one secured card. They both require an initial deposit that will serve as your initial credit line. Making small purchases that you normally would make on this card, typically below 30% or your credit line, will steadily build your credit score and allow you to increase your credit limit and eventually apply for an unsecured credit card. Neither card charges an Annual fee, meaning its a free card. Above all else, PAY YOUR ENTIRE BALANCE BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH. This will avoid you paying ridiculous interest rates and sowing the progress of your score

2) Get a high yield savings account. At this current time, the high yields savings accounts don't pay as high of interest rates as thy used to, but they are still a good habit to start in order to live below your means and progressively save for emergencies, while still getting some interest.The best accounts are Ally bank, which i use, and HSBC. I , at the time the video was filmed, was receiving an interest rate of 1.5% while HSBC offered 1.6%. Ally bank has a $0 minimum and HSBC has $1 account minimum so you don't need much to start.

3)Get a ROTH IRA. You can do this before you're 18 if your parents cosign for you and you can provide a source of income, but once you're 18, those requirements are no longer needed. This is a investment account that allows you to invest post tax money, allowing your money to grow TAX FREE and you can regroup that money at 59.5 TAX FREE. Also, any money you put in, you can withdraw without penalty, its just when you withdraw profits before 59.5 that there is a penalty. Some good brokerages for a ROTH IRA is Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and TD Ameritrade. All of them have $0 minimums and you can just open an account and learn your way through the account. They all have various educational programs on the accounts for free and can help you learn about the brokerage.

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My Plan To Become A Millionaire

Let's discuss perhaps the easiest way to become a millionaire starting at any age. This plan comes straight from the man himself Graham Stephan.

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Today I discuss how to make money at any age, a lot of money. A million dollars in fact. The best way to become a millionaire is through investing in a Roth IRA. A Roth IRA investment account will easily allow you to earn a million dollars if you can consistently invest in it. I would highly recommend a Roth IRA to anyone interested in building their wealth, even if they don't know a lot about investing. This idea was originally inspired by Graham Stephan and his video on how to become a millionaire with just $12 a day.
His original video:

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Hey guys Phil here back from the dead this time to teach you youngsters how to manage your money for an easier path to financial freedom. I think #4 is really important to start asap !


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Here is how Credit Works (So You Can Get a Perfect Score Fast!)

Let's go over the basics of what credit is, how credit scores work, and some of best ways to increase your FICO credit score. A credit report can help lenders determine whether or not an applicant can handle the line of credit. So it's important if you plan to apply for credit cards, home/car loans, or are looking to invest in real estate. A bad credit score can mean crappier loan terms like a high interest rate, which means less money in your pocket. A great score can mean lower interest rates and approvals for larger amounts of credit.

Credit Scores are determined by main categories such as Payment History, Amounts Owed (Credit Utilization), Length of Credit History, Number of Credit Lines, Credit Mix.

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Let’s Talk Personal Finance: You Have The Power to Build Wealth

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HOW I GOT AN 800 CREDIT SCORE IN 2 MONTHS: my credit report, credit repair, tips

In today's video, I talk about how I raised my credit score to an 800 in just two months. I give you a behind the scenes look at what each component of my credit score look like from payment history to new credit. These are all areas that you can work on on your own and you don't need to go to any one for credit repair. I believe that you alone can build your score to where you want it and achieve the level of financial freedom and financial independence that you want.

0:00 Intro
0:22 Payment History
1:19 Credit Utilization
2:26 Length of Credit History
3:02 New Credit
3:30 Credit Mix
4:09 Key Takeaways
4:36 Outro

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