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Corona virus का इलाज घर पर कैसे करे? Dr. Manisha || 1mg

क्या आपको Corona virus के symptoms है? घर पर कैसे आप पता कर सकते है की आपको Corona है या नहीं? और अगर Corona हो गया तो फिर इसका इलाज घर पर कैसे करे? Coronavirus का इलाज कैसे हो रहा है ?

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जानिये की घर पर कोरोना का इलाज कैसे होता है और कब आपको hospital जाने की ज़रूरत है। Coronavirus के इलाज के समय किन बातो का आपको ध्यान रखना है?

Coronavirus टेस्ट positive आने पर क्या करना चाहिए? Coronavirus test process (in Hindi).

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In this video, Dr. Manisha Mendiratta, senior respiratory physician answers some of the common questions and addresses the common fears around COVID-19.

Dr. Manisha Mendiratta
MBBS, MD (Pulmonary Medicine)
Senior Respiratory Physician


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Top Things To Do In Cancun, Mexico

Hey Must Do Travels Tribe! Today we are in Cancun, a Mexican city bordering the Caribbean Sea, which is known for its beaches, numerous resorts and nightlife. Let’s go check it out!

Tulum Ruins 1:03

Although Cancun is known for its beach resorts - the Tulum Ruins has a history that dates back over 700 years in the Mayan post-classic period. Visiting the Tulum ruins is a great day trip full of history and beautiful views!

Playa Del Carmen 1:45

Playa del Carmen is a coastal resort town along the Riviera Maya strip. Found in the state of Quintana Roo, it’s known for its beautiful palm-lined beaches and coral reefs.

Cancun Beaches 2:35

From Cancun to Tulum and everywhere in between, each area has its own unique beach vibe filled with sandy shores and coral reefs. You have to see it for yourself!

Beach Clubs 3:18

Cancun’s beach clubs range from casual and bohemian to chic and upscale. Some are only open during the day, while others also feature stylish late-night beach parties under the stars. No matter what your style, there’s a beach club to suit your seaside needs.

Swim in the Cenotes 3:56

At these hidden natural pools, you can swim in crisp mineral-rich waters in magical caves that will make you feel lost in another time.

Xcaret Waterpark 4:42

Xcaret is the nature park in Playa del Carmen where you and your family can swim in underground rivers, explore the Coral Reef Aquarium, and walk around in the Butterfly Pavilion.

Mayan Palace 5:45

Mayan Palace offers a vacation filled with fun and relaxation that embraces everything that Mexico has to offer. This resort hotel is famous for its lively atmosphere, gorgeous pools, and spacious and comfortable accommodation.

Thanks for tuning in to the top things to do in Cancun. Share your Cancun Must Do’s with us down below in the comments and don’t forget to like and subscribe to see more videos like this!


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