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8 Insanely Dangerous Foods That People Actually Eat


8 Insanely Dangerous Foods That People Actually Eat

You've got to be squidding me.

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Top 10 Insects And Spiders You Won't Believe Exist

Top 10 Insects And Spiders You Won't Believe Exist

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Top 10 Insects and Spiders You Won't Believe Exist
Insects and arachnids actually out number humans by around a million to one. It’s no wonder why they
come in such a wide array of shapes and forms. Here are probably some that you’ve never seen before,
especially number one which is an insect that doesn’t look like an insect at all. Stay tuned to find out
what that is as we bring you the top 10 insects and spiders you won’t believe actually exist.

Number 10. The Giant Golden Orb Weaver Spider
Most bats feed on insects, or any other animal it could manage top fit into its mouth, including spiders.
But, did you know that there is a species of spider that has turned the tables on these nocturnal flyers?
A common sight when walking in the forests of Japan and India, this is the spectacular, but rather
frightening Giant golden orb-weaver spider, which are also commonly called giant wood spiders, or the
bat-eating spider. Yes, you heard me right, they are called bat-eating spiders.
They are quite large, sporting a leg span of eight inches, but it’s their more impressive webs that are
responsible for catching their night time prey. These guys can spin an orb shaped web more than a
meter across. Add to that the fact that spider silk is pound for pound stronger and tougher than steel,
then you have a perfectly good bat trap.
The thing is, they actually don’t intentionally build webs to catch bats, they actually prefer smaller prey
like flying insects, but small bats accidentally run into these webs and get trapped. When this happens,
these opportunistic hunters won’t turn their noses up to a bat meal.

Number 9. The Giant Weta
Endemic to New Zealand, giant wetas are enormous bugs that are related to crickets. The largest giant
wetas can weigh in excess of 70 grams or about 2.5 ounces, making them among the heaviest insects in
the world. Obviously, being as heavy as a mouse can only mean one thing. These giant creatures have
lost the ability to fly, and although it looks like a cricket that had too much gym time, it can’t jump as
well. They are long too, with bodies measuring as long as about 4 inches not including the legs and
Aside from being absolutely huge, giant wetas also have other characteristics setting apart from other
insects, for one, they breathe through their exoskeleton, and they also happen to have their ears on
their knees.
Because these giants are only found on islands, they are an excellent example of island gigantism. And
since they are only found on islands, they are highly susceptible to extinction. In fact, New Zealand’s
giant weta population is currently in decline, landing these insects into the endangered species list,
primarily due to predation by rats.

Number 8. The Myrmarachne Spider

This spider is an incredible example of Batesian mimicry, when one animal deters potential predators by
“disguising” as an unpalatable or dangerous animal of another species. In this case, it is a spider that
looks like a Weaver Ant, an ant that’s notorious for its painful bite and also because they produce two
different chemicals that increase the pain in the bite wound. They are also highly aggressive so many
birds, reptiles, and amphibians generally avoid them.
On the other hand, the Myrmarachne spider is harmless and shy; however, it pretends to be just as
tough by looking and walking almost exactly as a Weaver Ant; its cephalothroax is modified so that it
looks like the distinct head and thorax of an ant, and it has two black spots that mimic the ant’s eyes. Its
forelegs mimic the ant’s antennae, so the spider looks as if it had only six legs, like an actual ant.
It is only found in India, China and South Eastern Asia, but is not the only ant-mimicking spider; many
other species are found around the world’s tropics and they imitate many different kinds of aggressive

Number 7. The Atlas Moth
Common across the Malay Archipelago, these bird-sized insects are considered the largest moths in the
world. They are so big that their cocoons are occasionally used as purses in Taiwan.
The total area of their wings can measure more than 60 square inches and their wingspans can measure
at least 1 foot in length. They can also be over 1 inch thick!
Despite their size, this is one moth that won’t eat your clothes to shreds. These giants actually have no
mouths and don’t eat once emerging from their cocoons. All their adult life, all two weeks of it, they rely
solely on the fat they stored while they were caterpillars, or as I like to call them, glutton worms.
Some say the moth is named after Atlas, in Greek mythology. He was the Titan condemned by Zeus to
hold the sky upon his shoulders.

7 Most Insane Swimming Pools You Must TRY Before you DIE

Some pools have the ability to instantly transport viewers to another time or another place. Here are 7 MOST INSANE POOLS you must TRY Before you DIE

7. Market Square Tower Pool
One of the most amazing pools in the world is located on the roof of Market Square Tower in Houston Texas. Its main feature is a transparent bottom which seems to hang over the abyss at an altitude of 152 meters. Apparently, for some people, it’s not enough to just stand on the roof of a skyscraper, so now you can swim there.

6. La Jolla
In every respect, the perfect island of La Jolla in the Fiji archipelago is a private location, and not everyone is welcome to visit.
You will not find a transparent pool like this with a sandy bottom on any of the nearby hotels. Its design is unique. A 25-meter glass pool that is built into a 2,000 square meter Lagoon creating a multi-level spa system.

5. The Devil's Pool
The Victoria Falls located on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia is one of the largest in the world. At its top those are peculiar creeks separated from the edge by a rock, this natural cavity is known as The Devil's pool. However, you can swim in this pool only from September to December during the drought season . in this period the water level in the river becomes so low that tourists can plunge into The Devil's pool without fear of accidentally slipping down because the height of the Victoria Falls reaches a hundred and eight meters.

4. Bendol (villa on the rocks)
Only 8,000 people live in the French commune of Bendol, but it is in fact the busiest yacht pier on the Mediterranean coast. Just take a look at the famous villa on the rocks. Here the boundaries of space are blurred. The water element organically intertwines with home comfort and the wall of this cozy bedroom is the partition of a 28-meter pool with crystal-clear water.

3. The Red Pool ( The Library Hotel)
Although at first glance, this pool may look to be filled with an unsavory substance, you won’t find any vampires lurking here. The library is a luxury hotel located on the sunny shores of the Cheweng Beach in Koh Samui, Thailand. It offers studios, suites and poolside villas for its guests to stay in.

2. San Alfonso Del Mar
It may seem that the most unexpected place for a pool would be the shore of the Pacific Ocean. But nevertheless, the world's largest swimming pool is located right here in the Chilean resort of San Alfonso Del Mar. On the whole area of this pool, one can place more than a dozen mermaids. The pool is a kilometer in length and it holds 250,000 cubic meters of seawater which is maintained at a comfortable temperature of 26 degrees Celsius which is 9 more degrees than the ocean itself.

1. Swiss Alps
It may seem that there can be no swimmers in the Swiss Alps. People go there to set records on the ski slopes and snowboarding, but the hotel Villa Hoeing offers the ability to discover a completely different Switzerland. In order not to freeze during this process of these are Swiss mountains, after all, you could instead immerse yourself in an outdoor panoramic swimming pool, where the temperature is maintained at 34 degrees Celsius in the winter.

INSANE $10 UNLIMITED BBQ in MANILA - Is this our favourite Korean BBQ?

A new Korean BBQ opened up in our neighborhood in Makati. We are always on the search for the best food in Manila. And the crazy thing about this Korean Restaurant is: it's only 499 Pesos ALL YOU CAN EAT BBQ in Manila! That is roughly around $10 for 2 people which is insane! Watch our Manila Food Vlog to find out how it was :)

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Reacting To COMMERCIALS vs. REAL LIFE FOOD! (Insane)

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I Tried extreme kpop diet and got Insane Results | Kpop Idol Jeon SOMI Diet |

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Top 9 most insane facts about Potoo Bird that will blow your mind

** You can check the Nightjars, Potoos, Frogmouths, Oilbird, and Owlet-nightjars of the World, to know more about the nightjars.

Top 9 most insane facts about Potoo Bird that will blow your mind

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Certainly one of the oddest birds you’re ever going to come across, which is a big part of why it’s become one of the real favorite birds to own as a pet, the potoo bird has a distinct appearance that you’re going to find impossible not to notice!

With two very large and very black eyes set on the side of its head and feathers that look more like fur in a camouflage pattern, a lot of people find the potoo bird to be a little bit unsettling at first appearance – at least until they get to know just how friendly, carefree, and quirky their personalities can be.

A predominantly nocturnal bird, the potoo birds that are available to purchase at pet stores – usually exotic pet stores – and from breeders all over the world have personalities that have adjusted to a day time clock, making them interesting pets to keep around the home for sure. Smart, agile, and offering plenty of unique companionship, this South American and Central American bird will definitely make you the talk of the town if you decide to bring it home with you!

A little background on the potoo bird

While the potoo bird is considered to be a relatively common bird in Central and South America, the truth of the matter is it is currently experiencing a rapid decline in population due to habitat loss which is exactly why so many are encouraging exotic pet owners and bird lovers in particular to begin raising these birds in other locales, if only in an effort to keep them from being threatened by extinction.

Growing to up to 24 inches in length, as we mentioned above this bird looks as though it isn’t covered in feathers but instead covered in for and has an oversized beak, and oversized mouth, and very large and sometimes unsettling eyeballs that are stuck almost directly on the side of its head.

Combine that with its low and drawn out rasping chirp which sounds a lot more like a growl or a bark and you’re talking about a real oddball bird here, but one that can still be so much to own!
top facts about potoo bird:
9- potoo bird Relation to spookiness
8- potoo bird Closed eyes vision
7- potoo bird Lazy hunters
6- potoo bird Not gregarious
5- potoo bird Egg-hatching period
4- potoo bird Very big mouths
3- potoo bird don’t belong to a single species
2- potoo bird Size dimensions
1- potoo bird are ancient

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Insanely Weird Facts About Whales

We know they make noises underwater, we know they’re big, and we know they use blowholes to breathe. Sometimes you see them at aquariums, in the sea, or amusement parks. What else do you know about whales? Keep watching to hear all the interesting tidbits about these aquatic beasts.

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8. Warm-Blooded Animals
A substantial amount of marine animals are cold-blooded, such as fish, reptiles, and amphibians. That means that they derive their body temperature from the surrounding water, which may affect their metabolic rate and process and how much oxygen they need. Whales, n the other hand, are warm-blooded because they are mammals. We already know that whales breathe air, but they also have hair and feed their children via mammary glands. Because they are warm-blooded, they can keep their body temperature high even in icy areas.

7. Tusk To Teeth
Guess what else belongs to the whale family? The narwhal! These animals are found near Canada, Greenland, and Russia and are closely related to the beluga whale. They are also classified as toothed whales. You see that long horn or tusk that protrudes from their face? That’s just a long canine tooth!

6. The Real Story
Moby Dick was real. Sort of. The novel “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville was published in 1851 and since become an American classic. The story is partially based off of the real albino sperm whale that lived during that century that whalers named Mocha Dick. That whale became famous all around the world for its fatal attacks on the whaling ships trying to hunt it down. Eventually, it was killed while off the coast of Chile near Mocha Island.

5. Sleeping This Way
When a group of researchers in Chile were studying whale calls and behavior in 2008, they made an intriguing discovery: sperm whales sleep standing up. They slept vertically in the water, some of them even peaking their noses above the surface. When a small boat bumped into one of them, they all woke up and swam away. Whales sleep with one brain hemisphere all the time. Humans have the luxury of always having oxygen even when they sleep. Whales must keep one brain hemisphere on so that they can come to the surface to breathe.

4. A Whale’s Favorite Music Genre
It seems whales also feel sympathy. In 2013, a deformed dolphin was left alone after its own pod rejected it. Soon, a pod of whales came and accepted the baby dolphin into their family! Last year, a group of belugas adopted a young narwhal into their gang as well! Other animals like dogs and apes show this tendency to “adopt” other animals. Why does this happen? Experts say that the instinct to care for young is powerful in animals, just like it is with humans. Whether it’s a biological or social benefit, it’s difficult to say.

3. Be In My Family!
Just as whales indicate they have a capacity to feel certain emotions, it seems they also feel sympathy. In 2013 when a deformed dolphin was rejected by its own pod, a pod of whales came and accepted the baby dolphin into their family! Last year, a group of belugas adopted a young narwhal into their gang as well! Other animals like dogs and apes show this tendency to “adopt” other animals. Why does this happen? Experts say that the instinct to care for young is strong in animals, just like it is with humans. Whether it’s some sort of biological or social benefit, it’s difficult to say.

2. The Most Dangerous Whale
There’s a reason orcas are referred to as “killer whales.” These are the deadliest whales on the planet and the yare powerful predators. Unlike the much bigger humpback whale, killer whales don’t feed on krill. Instead, they hunt leopard seals and great white sharks! On occasion, there have been fatal encounters between an orca and a human, usually with orca winning. They may seem sweet and intelligent, but they should not be messed with!


Ben Pakulski's INSANE Chest Cell Expansion Protocol Workout

Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski demonstrates the INSANE chest cell expansion protocol in this workout.

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audio only S4E22 What we have learned, Problems in your garden, Guest Karen Chapman -

The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Radio Show from
March – Oct weekly
Heard on Joy 1340 AM & 98.7 FM Milwaukee, WI Saturday mornings 7-8 AM CST
Heard on WCRN 830 AM Westborough/Boston, MA Saturdays 8-9 AM EST
Heard on KYAH 540 AM Delta/Salt Lake City, UT Saturdays 1-2 PM MST Reply Sundays 9-10 PM MST
Heard on KDIZ 1570 AM Minneapolis, MN Saturdays 4-5 PM and replay Sundays 2-3 PM CST
Heard on WAAM 1600 AM & 92.7 FM Ann Arbor, MI Sundays 7-8 AM EST
Heard on WOGO 680 AM & 103.1 FM Chippewa Falls, WI Sundays 9-10 AM CST
Heard on KFEQ 680 AM & 107.9 FM St. Joseph/Kansas City, MO Sundays 10-11 AM CST
Heard on WNAX 570 AM Yankton SD Sundays 10-11 AM CST
Heard on WRMN 1410 AM & 96.7 FM Elgin/Chicago, IL Sundays Noon-1 PM CST
Heard on KMET 1490 AM & 98.1 FM Banning, CA Tuesdays 9 - 10 AM PST
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Segment 1 Joey and Holly talk about what we have learned in our garden this year
Segment 2 Joey and Holly talk about problems in your garden
Segment 3 Joey and Holly talk with their guest Segment 4 Joey and Holly answer garden questions Karen Chapman of Karen Chapman of Le Jardinet is a lifelong gardener. She is also an author, speaker, landscape designer, instructor, and writer.
Segment 4 garden questions answered

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Big elk Garlic farm

Top-10 Most INSANE Waterslides | Most Dangerous Waterslides Ever Created

You might not think of 'danger' when you think of waterslides. In fact, you might assume that waterslides are safe. But the waterslides on this list will have you re-thinking your assumptions. It's a miracle that some of them are still open. Take a look at top 10 craziest waterslides in the world.

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Insane Shallow Water Grouper Fishing

Went out to do some shallow water grouper fishing. We ran into an insane grouper bite. The grouper were up 20 30 feet off the bottom at one point eating big white chocolates (porgies) on a jig head. The biggest fish we got was 32.5 inches and 17 pounds after being bled.
Sorry for the lack of uploads I will be back on my regular schedule of weekly videos. I had a few slow trips that didn't think were worthy of posting. Also, the weather was pretty bad for a solid week.

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Is The Joker Legally Insane?

If any supervillain is criminally insane, it has to be The Joker right? But would any real lawyer want him to plead insanity? Kyle puts the Clown Prince of Crime on trial.

The tremendous benefits of eating raw food.

Why a Raw Food Diet is so healing, and what to look out for!


A How To Guide On Online vs Retail Arbitrage With Peter Valley

Retail arbitrage and online arbitrage can be confusing, hence in this episode of SellerSpeak will be your how to guide of retail arbitrage vs online arbitrage!

If you are thinking about starting an Amazon FBA business, then arbitraging is one of the best business models that you can choose. There are two types - retail arbitrage and online arbitrage. If done correctly, arbitrage can be one of the most successful ways of making a profit online. To make the most out of both, you need to know what is retail arbitrage and online arbitrage, retail arbitrage/online arbitrage sourcing, what are the benefits of online arbitrage and retail arbitrage on Amazon in 2020, etc.

To answer these questions, we have Peter Valley with us today, who is a wizard of retail arbitrage. Peter has made over $130k in his first year of selling on FBA and is the world’s most published author on Amazon selling. He did all that by selling books on amazon which are one of the best products to sell on online arbitrage.
#onlinearbitrage #reatilarbitrage #sellerspeak
Key Takeaways:

1. Intro: 0:00
2. Inventory for books: 1:32
3. Products to sell on online arbitrage: 4:31
4. Why books are the best online arbitrage niche: 5:36
5. Future of bookselling on Amazon: 7:47
6. Biggest mistakes people make switching from retail to online arbitrage: 9:20
7. Differences between Online and retail arbitrage: 12:01
8. How to defeat competition for online arbitrage: 16:06
9. Zen arbitrage and its history: 17:33
10. Is online arbitrage is illegal: 23:44

So, let’s get started, shall we?
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Study on Acts Ch. 27-28 8/9/20

Message by Atlee Yoder

Dry January - Why Stop Drinking Resolutions Don't Work!

in this live talk marcus and terry will talking resolutions to stop drinking, dry January, and why willpower is not enough.

8 Most Dangerous Ocean Creatures In The World

From threats you know and fear, to ones you need to be on the lookout for, join me as I show you 8 of the MOST DANGEROUS OCEAN CREATURES IN THE WORLD!
8. Barracuda

There are many different types of deadly when it comes to the creatures of the oceans. And Barracudas are without a doubt one of the most dangerous things in the ocean today for a whole host of reasons. For example, the creature is a massive 6 feet in length on average, which makes it taller than the average adult human if you were to put them next to one another. Then, when you look at its mouth, you’ll see that the creature has a massive set of set of teeth, which features both large and small teeth for various purposes. It’ll hook you with those massive from front ones, and then, it’ll rip you to bits with the smaller ones that fill the rest of the mouth.

What you might not realize though, is that there are over 22 species of Barracuda out there in the world today, and one of them, the Great Barracuda, is known to attack humans rather regularly. So if you plan on going into certain oceans, you should probably look up and see if Barracudas are in the vicinity.

By and large though, the main reason to fear the Barracuda is because of its speed. It’s been called a “torpedo” before because it’ll launch itself at foes with blinding speed and then slam into them to stun them before going to town with its teeth. In Florida one time, a woman actually found herself fighting a Barracuda within her canoe! The Barracuda jumped OUT OF THE WATER and attacked her, and she did not leave that battle unscathed. To make matters worse, some species of Barracuda are toxic, which just adds to an already bad situation.

And for you Disney/Pixar fans, it was a Barracuda that Marlon's wife and ate most of his children at the beginning of Finding Nemo.

7. Leopard Seal

Many of you likely hear the world seal and think of the ones that exist at water parks or are shown on the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet in a way that makes them cute. But never forget, they are animals, and animals hunt, and in some places, certain seals are the top of the food chain. Such as in the Antarctic, where the Leopard Seal reigns supreme. And they're the ones you definitely need to fear, even if you don't see them on the ground.

Leopard Seals are known for their fierce and aggressive nature. Which is something most wouldn't associate with a seal. They can be as long as 13 feet in length, and then, there’s its weight of 1300+ pounds which makes it very powerful. But don't let those measurements fool you, when they're in the water, they're blazing fast. Which makes them a serious threat to anything on its food list. And these creatures are clever, they know that they can bust through most ice in the Antarctic waters, so they’ll swim below it and wait for something like a penguin to come to where they’re waiting, then they’ll burst through the ice and nab it. Easy dinner. So whether you're in the water or on the icy land, you're not safe from a Leopard Seal.

But do they actually hurt humans?, you might be asking. Well, yes and no. Because of their location in the Antarctic, they don't cross very much. However, that doesn’t mean they haven’t met, and when they have, it almost always goes bad for the humans. Including the of a scientist back in 2003, and many other attacks have been recorded.

It's easy to think of a seal and think of a creature that is kind, but just like all animals in nature, there are kind ones, and there are mean ones. The Leopard Seal is a mean one.

6. Sea Urchin/Flower Urchin

Picture this, you're swimming through the ocean, and you know to be on the lookout for dangers. Where do you look? For most, they look through the nearby waters for things that they know will actively attack them if given the change. But in truth, you should be looking everywhere, including the floor of the ocean you're in. Because there's dangers there too. And as many swimmers and divers have made note of over the years, one thing you absolutely have to look out for is the Sea Urchins.

The Sea Urchin is easily one of the most deceptive things out there in the waters of the world, for sometimes you don't notice it, and then you step in the wrong place, and you feel its spines going through your foot, leg, arm, or wherever it may be relative to your position. The mere fact that these things are all over the ocean is terrifying, but when you hear about the Flower Urchin, your skin will crawl.

Why should you fear the Flower Urchin? It's because it has the ability to leave bits of itself IN YOU when it stings you. And the parts that are left pump poison into your body. That's right, some Sea Urchins are toxic, and the Flower Urchin is the worst of the bunch. It has toxins like Contractin A, which can cause your muscles to spasm, while peditoxin can cause convulsions, allergic reactions, and yes, it can you in some instances.

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00:10 NO BOWL
01:44 FURBO
03:36 GO BONE
04:26 PEBBY
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