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8. Object Oriented Programming


8. Object Oriented Programming

MIT 6.0001 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python, Fall 2016
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Instructor: Dr. Ana Bell

In this lecture, Dr. Bell introduces Object Oriented Programming and discusses its representation in Python.

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Object-oriented Programming in 7 minutes | Mosh


4 pillars of object-oriented programming: encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism.

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8.1: What is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)? - Processing Tutorial

This video covers the basic theory behind object-oriented programming in Processing/Java and discusses the difference between a class and an object instance.

Accompanies Chapter 8 from Learning Processing A Beginner's Guide to Programming, Images,Animation, and Interaction

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(Note this video was shot in Fall 2012.)

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Object-Oriented Programming

Part of a larger series teaching programming. See

Python OOP Tutorial 1: Classes and Instances

In this Python Object-Oriented Tutorial, we will begin our series by learning how to create and use classes within Python. Classes allow us to logically group our data and functions in a way that is easy to reuse and also easy to build upon if need be. Let's get started.

Python OOP 1 - Classes and Instances -
Python OOP 2 - Class Variables -
Python OOP 3 - Classmethods and Staticmethods -
Python OOP 4 - Inheritance -
Python OOP 5 - Special (Magic/Dunder) Methods -
Python OOP 6 - Property Decorators -

The code from this video can be found at:

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C# Tutorial 8 OOP Game

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In this part of my C# tutorial series we will make a fun little game. I'm going to show how to create 2 warriors that will fight to the death in a simulated battle. More complex video games follow many of the techniques we cover in this video. It also will show how awesome object oriented programming is in that it gives you the ability to model just about any real world object, or interaction.

For best results take notes on the cheat sheet provided above as you watch and leave any questions you have.

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Object Oriented vs Functional Programming with TypeScript

Learn how object-oriented 🎁 and functional ❄️ programming are awesome in their own ways. Also, get infallible answers answers to questions like composition over inheritance?, GIF over JIF?, Is a hotdog a sandwich? and more!

Special Thanks to Patrick Mullot - you rock!

Functional Cake Recipe

Full Article:

TS Mixins

#8 Object Oriented Programming Concepts in Excel VBA (Macros)

Object-oriented programming or
OOP is a programming model organized around the concept of objects rather than actions and data atributes tied to those ojbects.

Most of the widely used programming lanugeages use OOP including Python, C#, PHP, and VBA

In this video we look at a property and method for both the Sheet and Range Object in Excel VBA (Macros)

Please watch: Excel VBA Request a Video


Object-Oriented Programming is Good*

*or not

Drupal 8 Developer Training - 1. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

Drupal Camp Asheville 2018 - Friday Training Part 1

Code used in this series:

Javascript lesson 8 - object oriented programming principles

In this lesson we talk about the concept behind Javascript programming - objects, properties and methods. Once you understand these concepts you will be able to cope with the following lessons a lot easier.

(Enhanced) 8. Object Oriented Programming - MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT 6.0001 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python, Fall 2016
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Python: Object Oriented Programming OOP | Classes, Inheritance

Tutorial on Object Oriented Programming in Python with code example. Includes classes, inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, modules.

► Recursion
► List Comprehensions
► TQDM Progress Bar
► Date Time & Timestamp
► HTTP Requests/Using Web APIs
► OOP, Classes & Inheritance
► Exception Handling
► Debugger

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Java 8 # 4 Functional Programming and Object oriented programming approach. How they are different

Functional programming and Object oriented programming are different approaches and any developer who is familiar with OOPs need to think in different perspective to have a better understanding on fundamentals.

Object oriented programming languages are good at representing the real world. It is easy to model domains. Functional programming which is inspired from mathematics are good at IO.

In this video i have explained how functional programming is different from Object oriented programming.
The most important differences are explained and where we can apply functional programming has been explained.

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Design Patterns in Java:

8 - Object Oriented Programming in Java

In this video, we discussed the basics of object-oriented programming in Java by presenting a simple example of class usage, declaration of constructor, public and private members, and methods.

Object Oriented Programming Concepts

11:40 - Objects
13:30 - Class
17:00 - Abstraction
21:40 - Encapsulation
27:20 - Interface
29:40 - Inheritance
32:57 - Polymorphism

C programming concepts series (pointers, functions and DMA):

C++ programming concepts series:

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Python 3 | Python Object Oriented Programming Tutorial

In this Python Tutorial for Beginners Video, I am going to give the Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). I will start with the differences between Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming. Then we will discuss why we need Object-Oriented Programming. What is Object-Oriented Programming. What are classes, what is an object, what are member variables and methods .

00:00:01 1 - Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
00:09:57 2 - Classes and Objects in Python (OOP)
00:20:13 3 - Python __init__ and self in class
00:32:04 4 - Is it possible to define multiple constructors in Python?
00:40:06 5 - Python Encapsulation
00:51:32 6 - Private methods in Python
00:57:42 7 - Python Inheritance
01:12:41 8 - How To Create Modules in Python 3
01:25:00 9 - Python Multiple Inheritance
01:30:28 10 - Python super()
01:38:06 11 - Python Operator Overloading
01:54:47 12 - Python Composition
02:00:23 13 - Python Aggregation + Difference in Aggregation and Composition
02:07:26 14 - Python Abstract Classes

Procedural Programming
C, Pascal
unit – function
concentrates on creating functions
data and operations on the data are separated.
methodology requires sending data to procedure/functions.

Object-Oriented Programming
C++, Java, Python
unit – class
centered on creating objects
Object: A single software unit that combines data and methods
Data in an object are known as attributes.
Procedures/functions in an object are known as methods.

In Python, everything is an object i.e. integers, strings, dictionaries, …
Class objects are instantiated from user-defined classes, other objects are from language defined types. Classes In python Can be defined anywhere in the program. In this video I am going to give you two Python Class examples.

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Teaching Object-Oriented Programming with Python

Bruce Fuda


This talk was given at PyCon Australia 2017 which was held from 3-8 August, 2017 in Melbourne, Victoria.

PyCon Australia is the national conference for users of the Python Programming Language. In August 2017, we're returning to Melbourne, bringing together students, enthusiasts, and professionals with a love of Python from around Australia, and from all over the World.

August 3-8 2017, Melbourne, Victoria

Python, PyCon, PyConAU

Object Oriented Programming With C# And .NET Core Part 8 - Example OOP Application

Time to learn about Object Oriented Programming with C# And .NET Core. Learn C# In Depth Absolutely FREE:

In this video we will be building a very small scale application which is going to put all of the OOP concepts together for us.

We will be using inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism and abstraction in order to write the final OOP application.

The following series will teach you about object oriented programming with c# and more specifically object oriented programming with c# - beginner to advanced. If you are tiered from all of the academic explanations which half the time don’t make much sense then understanding object oriented programming c# with down to earth explanations will do the trick for you. Once you are finished with these series you can also check out my object oriented programming c# course which would help you with object oriented programming c# interview questions and includes object oriented programming c# code project, object oriented programming c# sample, object oriented programming c# tutorial, object oriented programming concepts c# and object oriented programming concepts c# in general.

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Java 8 Lambda Basics 4 - Functional vs Object Oriented Programming

Access the full course here:

In this video, I address a common concern about functional programming in Java and if it can work with object oriented programming.



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