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9 Strange Things Found in Unexpected Places


9 Strange Things Found in Unexpected Places


When we were kids, we all wanted to make a great discovery. We imagined that the cobblestone found in the courtyard is some kind of gem, and we also expected to find ancient treasure in an old sofa. Well, actually, any adult would be happy to find valuable treasure. Of course, the chances of really finding it are slim, but sometimes this happens. Today we will tell you about great discoveries.

10 Scary Discoveries Found In Unexpected Places

Top 10 Scary Discoveries Found In Unexpected Places
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the #Top10 Scary Discoveries Found In Unexpected Places! From natural mysterious and archeological discoveries and finds that scientists can't explain we will look at some scary finds from modern times as well as from ancient civilizations! #Mystery #Discoveries

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10 Strangest Things Found By Deep Sea Divers

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With humans always looking to find and explore every inch of our planet, we have voyaged countless miles of oceanic waters to explore its daunting depths and infinite horizons. Seventy percent of the Earth’s surface is below the ocean, with only less than 5 percent of the world’s oceans currently explored, it has revealed some of the most incredible and stunning discoveries one can imagine. From treasure to hidden cities, there have been many weird, bizarre and indeed valuable things discovered at the bottom of the sea.
Let’s just take a look at 10 of the weirdest things found on the ocean's floors to date
#mysteriouscreatures #hiddentreasure #deepseadiscoveries

28 STRANGE Sights on Google Earth

Every year we come across bizarre and strange sightings that have been picked up by the Google camera, and today we have a look at some of the stranger sights spotted by their satellites.

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13 - Refreshes like nothing on earth…
This giant Coca-Cola sign is visible from the air and was captured by Google earth in Chile. Sometimes referred to as mapvertising, this giant logo was put in place to celebrate their 100th Anniversary. Whether this was the first time mapvertising was used, I’m not sure – but we know of several companies who use giant adverts to advertise their products. The unique fact about this one though, is the sign is made from 70,000 empty Coke bottles.

12 - Free Hand…
It looks like an intriguing piece of artwork, but it’s actually an aerial shot taken by Google Earth cameras. This one is located in the middle of the desert in China. Of course, speculations ran high as to what it could possible be. Some suggested underground testing facilities, while others thought it could be military runways. The truth wasn’t quite as exciting, but not bad anyway… they are roads used for test drills.

11 - Connect the dots…
These are oil fields with connecting roads located in Rio Negro in Argentina. This is a spectacular image which we can thank Google Earth for!

10 - The dark knight rises…
Over in Okinawa in Japan they have a very special sight that can only be viewed from above. It’s the Batman symbol, and you’ll have to fly over the roof top of the Air Force’s 44th Fighter Squadron. It’s not new though, and has been around since the 80’s… it’s only come to light recently thanks to Google Earth.

9 - Look closely…
You’ll have to stretch your imagination for this one. A guy in Sweden truly believes that this obscure image from Google Earth is the real-life Nessie.

8 - Crawl back into your shell…
You’ve probably heard of the massive Japanese Spider Crab, they’re literally enormous but they’re nowhere near the size of this crab that was spotted on Google earth. It’s earned the nickname Crabzilla, and is roughly 50-feet wise. It was spotted in Kent Harbour in the UK. Legit or not, I’ll let you decide.

7 - Stranger Things…
The second season of Stranger Things sees an underground complex network of roots emerge. When I see this image that was captured by Google Earth, I think of that – and it leaves me feeling a little unsettled.

6 - All ears…
We head to Alberta in Canada and meet the Badlands Guardian. This geological marvel looks like a man with a headdress wearing an earphone. It’s obviously not that, but rather a road and an oil well that have been installed on the site. If you go and view this image on Google Earth, and you scroll further to the left, you’ll spot another face which looks like someone is yawning and waking up from a deep sleep.

5 - Shrouded in mystery…
Could this possibly be the remains of a pyramid that has not been excavated yet? Google Earth captured this image somewhere across Egypt, and reports suggest that due to the current economic situation in Egypt, they’ve limited the number of sites being excavated and researched. Others who have spotted this image believe it to just be a natural part of the landscape. I’m leaning towards pyramid, how about you?

4 - Blast from the past…
In more ways than one! This is the world’s best-preserved meteorite on earth and it’s located a few minutes from Interstate 40 and Route 66. It's’ said an asteroid hit earth at 26,000 miles per hour 50,000 years ago and those are the remains! The crater is roughly 1 mile across, 2.4 miles in circumference and 550ft deep. You’re welcome to go and visit the site yourself! Its open to tourists!

3 - Hypnotising…
These fields captured by Google Earth are seriously hypnotising, and remind me of a patchwork quilt.

2 - You decide…
Sand banks? Aliens? Wake of water? Deep sea creature? No one seems to have legitimate answers, so if you can shed some light on that bizarre image captured on Google Earth, please share it with us down below!

10 Strangest Things Found In The Middle Of Nowhere

From the real Bosnian Spheres found in the middle of the jungle, prehistoric fossils, stairs leading to nowhere and plenty of other unsolved mysteries you won't unsee. Some of these are even solved and the answer is scarier than you'd think!
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The world is a strange place where a lot of unexplainable events occur. While scientists believe that there's an explanation for everything, some findings still puzzle specialists to this very day. What's most surprising, however, is how travelers have explored foreign and remote locations only to come face to face with some of the world's biggest mysteries. Dr. Semir Osmanagic discovered a large man-made sphere in the forest of Bosnia, which led him to discover proof of an advanced thousand-year-old society. Nature-lovers from Pennsylvania were floored when they happened by a wide and decrepit staircase in the middle of the forest, which led to a very special revelation. And let's not forget about that time a group of divers came across an ancient Greek computer in the middle of the ocean.

There are so many amazing things about this planet we call home. And every day, brand new discoveries are stumbled upon in the most unlikely of places. In this video from TheRichest, we cover some of the strangest things found in the middle of nowhere. From giant Siberian snowballs that appeared on an icy shore overnight to a giant fossilized armadillo that washed up near Buenos Aires, to the world's largest underwater waterfall. Some of these strange phenomena have been explained by scientists, and others still puzzle the population to this very day. But perhaps the most bizarre discovery of all time is the one referred to as the Baltic Sea Anomaly. For more videos like this one, subscribe to TheRichest.

Strange Things Found in Unexpected Places !

Azzyland - Strange Things Found in Unexpected Places ! Sometimes I misplace things and they end up in the strangest places but this is a whole different level. Don't forget to leave a like and let me know which part of the video was your favorite!

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9 Strangest Things Spotted On Mars

Home to gorillas, monster crabs and a 15 metre phallus, Mars isn't the barren wasteland you once thought.

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10 अजीब चीजे जो अजीब जगहों पर मिली 10 weird things found on strange places

10 अजीब चीजे जो अजीब जगहों पर मिली 10 weird things found on strange places


12 Most Unusual Abandoned Places That Really Exist

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Any building or location has the potential to become abandoned, whether it’s an old factory or an old family home. Although you might find a few traces of the past in any abandoned place, most of them aren’t all that interesting. They’re just empty monuments to what came before them. The places you’re about to see in this video are very different - they’re strange, unique abandoned places with fascinating stories behind them. In fact, they’re the most unusual real abandoned places in the world!

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10 People Who Got Stuck In Weird Places!

From a guy who got stuck in his own chimney to a repairman who got trapped inside an ATM machine, here are ten people who got stuck in some seriously strange places.

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10: Stuck in a Chimney
Firefighters were recently called to a scene because a man got stuck inside his own chimney. This happened in Tucson, Arizona – home of the smartest people in the US. And no, the man was not robbing his own house.

9: Stuck to a Toilet
Every young boy hears threats from his mother about falling into the toilet if he doesn't leave the seat down. It's a trick used to get young boys into the habit of leaving the seat down for the ladies in the house.

8: Stuck in a Washing Machine
A teenage girl from Virginia recently had the experience of a lifetime after making an extremely poor decision during a family game of hide and seek. This is not usually a game that ends with the fire department coming in to rescue somebody.

7: Stuck in a Cement Hopper
In 2018, Alameda County firefighters were called in to rescue a man who managed to get himself stuck inside of a cement hopper. If you're not sure what a cement hopper is, it's the giant spinning bucket on the back of a cement truck that's used to mix cement.

6: Stuck in a Traffic Cone
A prankster somehow got himself stuck inside of a traffic cone. Not one of the pointy orange traffic cones, but one of the square ones that you see in pedestrian traffic zones. This happened in the United Kingdom, and the guy got so effectively stuck that the police were called to get the man out.

5: Stuck in a Claw Machine
This next one is something that you really only ever see in movies and on TV. How it even happened is completely boggling. But it really did happen!! In Florida, a young boy was so eager to win a prize from an arcade claw machine that he somehow climbed inside of it.

4: Stuck Under the Ice
Getting stuck under the ice of a frozen lake must be the most harrowing experience one can go through. And it just goes to show the level of stupidity that Tik-Tok “influencers” will go through just to get a bit of attention. It all happened when a guy named Jason Clark, who at the time had just over 400,000 followers, tried to swim under the ice of a frozen Lake.

3: Stuck in an ATM
There are probably a lot of people out there right now who would love to get stuck inside of an automatic teller machine, also known as an ATM. This is exactly what happened to a repairman back in 2017. The story was reported by CNN, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

2: Stuck in a Swing
There's a reason that children's swings are designed the way they are. I'm talking about the swings for very small children that have the metal bar which slides down the chain to lock them in. It's not meant for adults.

1: Stuck in Prison
It's one thing to be stuck in prison. It's another thing altogether to get stuck in the wall of a prison while you're trying to break out of the prison you were already stuck in. When four inmates tried to escape through a hole they had made in their cell wall using a metal pipe, the second prisoner got stuck, keeping the other two guys trapped inside the prison while the first guy ran away.

#weirdplaces #strangeplaces #gotstuck #worldlist

14 Strange Things Found In Unexpected Places

Nothing is quite as it seems when it comes to life on Planet Earth! Scientists are constantly finding new weird and wonderful things, and even everyday people sometimes stumble across the most random things in the most unlikely of places! Yep, anything could happen at any time! That’s how unpredictable life is! From ancient stone circles at the bottom of a lake to shipwrecks in the middle of the desert, these are 14 Strange Things Found In Unexpected Places

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15 Strangest Things People Found In Unexpected Places

ife is strange! And it’s about to get a whole lot stranger! Have you ever come acrosssomething so unusual that you can’t even believe your eyes? That’s exactly what happened to these average, everyday people. Yep, that’s right - one minute you could be minding your own business while walking your dog, and the next minute you are stumbling upon buried treasure that really doesn’t look like it belongs there. The world really is full of mysteries. From ancient scrolls on Ebay to stolen art hanging in your aunt’s bedroom, these are the 15 Strangest Things People FOund inUnexpected Places!

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10 INCREDIBLE Things Found In UNEXPECTED Places!


Old dinosaur fossils aren’t the only thing that can be dug up from out of the ground! In fact, there are countless stories of people finding the strangest things in some of the most insane locations! So that’s why today we’re gonna cover 10 Incredible Things Foundin Unexpected Places!

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STRANGEST Things Found in Ordinary Objects

Many of the items featured on our list today appear on other lists with a very negative tone attached to them, like you’ve been lied to your whole life, or can you believe it’s actually made from x, y, z… but in reality, many of the items are made from recycled products, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! This isn’t an invitation for you to go home and cut through things to see what they’re made of though, let us do that for you!

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13 - Safety First…
Probably one of the more unexpected interiors has to be the inside of this hair tie! Once the green covering began to unravel, a condom was revealed. These images were actually investigated by Snopes, and they confirmed the story. Certain hair ties made in Dongguan and Guangzhou were made using defective condoms, not used obviously! It’s usually a combination of a rubber band and an eraser type of material, in fact it can actually erase pencil if you have the time to try!

12 - If all else fails…
So, what do you do with all those soda’s featuring Shaq’s face that didn’t sell? You stick Arnold Palmer on them, and hope for the best! No, I’m not sure if that’s the actual reason, but it’s a sound theory. Arnold Palmer was an American golfer, and his face has been used on the Arnold Palmer, which is the name of a beverage made from iced tea and lemonade.

11 - Check Mate…
This knight from a chess set has been weighted down using old dice. This is definitely not the norm though, and could just be this particular company that used old stock to fill the gaps!

10 - Looks can be deceiving…
Similar to our earlier story about the 6-vault batteries, when you open up a 9-vault battery, you find what appears to be 6 AAA batteries. Now, they do look a lot like regular AAA batteries, but they are in fact 3.5mm bigger, but it’s been said you can use AAA batteries to replace them if you needed to
9 - Reveal yourself…
Someone went to a great a deal of effort to slice open a bowling ball. Not the tenpin one mind you, but a lawn bowls one. Much has changed since lawn bowls was first played in the 13th century, and these balls used to be weighed down on one side of the ball. They don’t do that anymore, and the ball is made from melamine, with one weight throughout.

8 - Shake, Rattle and Roll…
Don’t you love that sound of shaking a tin of spray paint. You can hear the little ball inside, clanging against the tin, making a wonderful sound. It also evokes a bit of excitement, because you’re obviously about to begin a project of some sort. Isn’t it a tad disappointing to learn that it’s just a marble inside?

7 - Two for the price of one…
Perhaps it worked out too costly to make new, longer handled screw drivers from scratch, and this was the cheaper option, I’m really not sure – but it is a bit unusual to find one screwdriver hiding inside another, isn’t it?

6 - High-rollers…
Dice are generally made with plastic inside a little mold, but how this dice ended up being coated with a layer of blue is a bit of a mystery. This dice cracked, revealing a white dice trapped inside. Here’s two interesting facts about dice you may not be aware of… The dots are actually called pips and they’re believed to have been invented in China.

5 - Not the best quality…
When you buy a desk or table, at the very least you expect the product to made from wood. Call me crazy, but you kind of have an expectation that the product will be durable, sturdy and last a little while. Well, that may not always be the case as highlighted by this consumer. His table was made from cardboard. I’d love to know how much he paid for it, wouldn’t you?

4 - Perfect Fit…
Although it makes sense, I guess it’s not something we really give much thought to. Someone has highlighted the fact that inside his SD card, was a micro SD card. What’s nice about having this bit of information, if you ever have a need for a micro SD, you can just use this one!

3 - Half Time…
Since we’ve had a look at some of the unexpected interiors of some of our everyday products, we’ll throw in a few cross-sections of other interesting products, for example, how amazing does a cigar look when it’s sliced in half? At first glance you would assume it’s cork, but it’s actually so tightly stuffed with dried and fermented tobacco leaf, that it just looks like cork.

2 - A thing of beauty…
This is like artwork to the coffee lover. This is what a cup of coffee looks like with the cream swirling around inside it. This photograph was taken by New York photographer Beth Galton, who has many more interesting cross-sections of food and beverages that we enjoy on a daily basis.


15 Strange Things Found In Unexpected Places

Some important discoveries require a certain degree of genius, but also some element for thatgenius to act on a convergence of preparation, opportunity, and desire. But not always.Sometimes the most unbelievable bizarre discoveries are made completely by accident in the mostoutrageous places. You just never know where the next big find might come from. It could be crabsriding a train, boats buried under the sidewalk, sharks on a golf course, or even celebrity footwear inthe middle of nowhere - who can say! Weirder things have happened. Here are 15 Strange Things Found In Unexpected Places

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10 Strange Things Found in Unexpected Places

You might consider digging a hole in your backyard to find something special in it. Unfortunately, you find nothing but sand and even more sand. This video is about 10 Strange Things Found in Unexpected Places. Look and be amazed by what people found and where they found it! From an unlikely find under a toilet bowl, a small colony in someone's ear to a strange thing in a tree trunk at number 1! Watch the video now if you want to know what those strange things are!

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7 Unbelievable Things Found In Weird Places | لوگوں نے والی عجیب و غریب چیزیں | Haider Tv

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People Who Found WEIRD Things in Random Places

People Who Found WEIRD Things in Random Places
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15 Times People Found Surprising Things In Unexpected Places

As Athenian philosopher Plato said, science is nothing but perception, and these accidentalacts of discovery embody that sentiment perfectly. Some discoveries come about afterpainstaking, goal-oriented hard work finally yields the result that a researcher or investigator istrying to find. But many of the most incredible discoveries in the world came about whensomeone found something they weren't looking for. There might be a live moose in yourbasement right now. Or perhaps crustaceans riding the subway with you to work. Or maybe aburied treasure right beneath your feet... You just never know! Here are 15 Times PeopleFound Surprising Things In Unexpected Places

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8 Most Unusual Things Found Underwater | سمندر سے ملنے والی عجیب چیزیں | Haider Tv

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Asalm O Alikum #haidertv Family. In This Video I Will Tell You About Most Unexpected Things Found Underwater Ever Hope You Guys Enjoy The Video Give A Like If You Enjoy The Video And Also Subscribe To My Channel To Get More Informative Videos Like This. Take Care Allah Hafiz.



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