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A Closer Look at Chemical Engineering


A Closer Look at Chemical Engineering

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Take a closer look at Food Engineering

Become an engineer in food and drink manufacturing and you could be working with some of the UK's biggest food and drink manufacturing companies -- find out more at

Chemical and Biological Engineering Summer Field Session

Take a closer look at the field session experience in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Colorado School of Mines.

Students learn how to apply classroom knowledge to real-world problems in a 5-week summer course focused around lab work and experimentation.

Edgar Nanne, Ph.D. candidate - Chemical Engineering

Nanne is a competitive rower who, with the help of understanding professors, has found a balance between his training and competition schedule and his studies. He is a PhD candidate working with Chemical Engineering Professor Edward Leonard, and has been researching fluid dynamics to make kidney dialysis machines more efficient and economical. The PhD program in Chemical Engineering is relatively small, allowing Nanne to get a highly-personalized education. The program also provides opportunities for interdisciplinary research with the Columbia University Medical Center.

Everything About Chemical Engineering

As many peoples have questions about Chemical Engineering, I would like to share this video which include various roles and opportunities for chemical engineer along with that it also include the recent survey about Chemical Engineering.
Syllabus of Chemical Engineering, What are the roles and opportunities of Chemical Engineers.
Skills required as a chemical Engineer is also included.
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Publisher: Rushi Barot, Chemical Engineer

MUST WATCH-College Advice from a 3.96 Chemical Engineering Graduate

I interview my friend and classmate Zach who killed it uni! The top student in our class, Zach has contributed to a number of research projects.

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A Closer Look - Aerospace Engineering

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Chemical Engineering Q&A!!

Hey guys! today I sit down and answer questions from you guys about being a chemical engineering student. If I didn't answer a question you have in this video, please comment your down below and I can make a part two!

Thanks for watching!!!

Advanced Product & Process Research at UNSW Chemical Engineering

The UNSW School of Chemical Engineering has a robust community of researchers in the area of Advanced Processes. Spanning water treatment, food manufacture, energy production and process control systems.

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Chemical Engineer Salary -- How Much Does A Chemical Engineer Earn

Right here, you'll find an overview of what to expect, and if anything, you'll end up pleasantly surprised. The chemical engineer salary.

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Is Chemical Engineering a Good Major?

What are job postings for Chemical Engineers? Does GPA matter for Chemical Engineering jobs?

This is the same video as before. I had to cover copyrighted icons because the icons caused copyright issues

Hope you guys understand!

UNSW Chemical Engineering Industry Interview Series #1

Associate Professor Patrick Spicer speaks with Dr Chris Roberts about innovation in the wider field of chemical engineering and biotechnology. Exploring how the current environment has changed for entrepreneurs and what challenges they face. How the digital movement has impacted on the advancement of technology and how the principles of engineering have shaped Chris' perspective on business and assisted his journey to becoming CEO of Cochlear Limited.

ESC Show and Tell Challenge: Universidad Industrial de Santander

The Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) Student Chapter participated in the ESC “Show-and-Tell Video Challenge for the month of June 2019. UIS starts the video by introducing us to Colombia and its rich history, culture, and geography. Chapter members then guide us through a closer look at the UIS Student Chapter, including its goals and events. Watch the video to hear from them!—Where Chemical Engineers Mix it Up—is a unique online community created for and by young professional chemical engineers. Presented by AIChE, ChEnected is where chemical engineers can read, view, contribute, and engage with everything Chem-E. Learn new skills, solve challenges, find mentors, engage with other chemical engineers, and gain more exposure to hiring companies.

Cambridge University - Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Cambridge University - Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology: Doing Great Science and Contributing to Society.

The mission of the University of Cambridge is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. The Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (CEB) is a fertile ground for scientific innovation built on fundamental world leading research in the fields of materials, sensors, process and reaction engineering and big data.
Research is based on the notion that by understanding scientific principles, innovative solutions can be developed in the fields of health and energy. These scientific advances will have real societal, environmental and economic impact. With a state of the art new building, the Department is an environment which fosters interdisciplinarity in fields from materials to big data, from molecules to whole systems.

Chemical engineering and biotechnology play a vital role in core aspects of society and can provide solutions for some of the most pressing problems in health and energy, to fit all economies and environments. From PhD students to Professors, researchers are encouraged to engage with industry and policy-makers all over the world to take basic science and turn it into useful, practical products.

Chemical engineer Robert Coolman - ScienceLives

As a graduate researcher at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Robert Coolman designs and builds biofuel reactors and studies how the chemicals that make up plants interact with catalysts to form fuel. He uses a combination of experiments and mathematical models to gain a deeper understanding of the chemistry involved.

Master Chef Chemical Engineer | Eric Chong | TEDxYouth@Toronto

As a winner of Master Chef Canada, Eric is destined for a life of preparing fine cuisine, but that wasn't always his path. He takes us through his story, one of a reluctant chemical engineering student, and how his journey is an inspiration for anyone who wants to take a risk and pursue their passion.

A self-proclaimed ninja, Eric already has a lot under his belt; he’s a chemical engineer, a graduate of McMaster University, a cook of 15 years, and now winner of MasterChef Canada. At 6 years old, he began with simple tasks in the kitchen and worked his way up, following in the footsteps of his grandfather who was the head chef at a Chinese restaurant. Determined to prove himself, Eric loves cooking foods with a ‘wow factor.’

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Chemist vs. Chemical Engineer: General Sayings (E02)

General sayings about the engineers and chemists....

This should give you a very broad idea of the difference between them

Hope you enjoy!

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Nabeel, BEng Chemical Engineering, Swansea University

Nabeel, a second year international Chemical Engineering student speaks of his 'great' experience of studying at Swansea University, the societies that he is a part of as well as the influence that Swansea's unique location had on his decision to study here.

For more information on Swansea University's Clubs and Societies, visit

School of Chemical Engineering History Celebration

Please watch: UNSWTV: Entertaining your curiosity


The School of Chemical Engineering at the University of New South Wales recently celebrated its history. This a highlight of that history.

A Day in the Life of a Chemical Engineering Student

Current undergraduate James takes you on a tour of a typical day in the life of a Chemical Engineering student at the University of Birmingham.

Presented by James Cardus (Chemical Engineering with Industrial Study) and produced by Jagjit Chaggar (Chemical Engineering with International and Industrial Study).

For queries about the programmes on offer, tweet us @eps_unibham