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A black man goes undercover in the alt-right | Theo E.J. Wilson


Black male privilege in the #metoo era | Theo E.J. Wilson | TEDxMileHigh

Privilege tends to be a hard conversation with men. Add race to that equation, and get ready for battle. It's hard enough to get white men to acknowledge privilege, even with them accounting for 44 of our 45 presidents. So imagine talking privilege with black men! In this courageous & laugh-out-loud talk, Theo E.J. Wilson does just that, examining the ways race, gender, and privilege intersect - and what we can do about it. Theo E.J. Wilson (aka Lucifury) is a founding member of the Denver Slam Nuba team, which won the National Poetry Slam in 2011. He began his speaking career in the N.A.A.C.P. at the age of 15, and has always had a passion for social justice. Wilson is Executive Director of Shop Talk Live, Inc., an organization that uses the barbershop as a staging ground for community dialogue and healing. In 2017, he published his first book, The Law of Action. His TEDxMileHigh talk, “A black man goes undercover in the alt-right,” has over 10 million views online. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

A Solution to a Divided America

In this video I, Ram Prasanna, try to go into how we know America is polarized, three ways why it is polarized and potentially what we can do to move forward.

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Every kid needs a champion | Rita Pierson

Rita Pierson, a teacher for 40 years, once heard a colleague say, They don't pay me to like the kids. Her response: Kids don't learn from people they don't like.' A rousing call to educators to believe in their students and actually connect with them on a real, human, personal level.

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A black man undercover in the alt right Theo E J Wilson TEDxMileHigh


Keynote Speaker: Theo E.J. Wilson • Presented by SpeakInc • Courageous Conversations

Speaker. Poet. Actor. Author. Vocalist. Theo Wilson's communication style has won him acclaim everywhere from the National Poetry Slam, to CNN, NPR, and

His talk entitled, A Black Man Goes Undercover in The Alt-Right, has amassed over 13 million views and counting.

Taking the fear and sting out of cultural sensitivity training is an expertise Theo picked up over decade of perfecting the art of Courageous Conversations. With charisma, wit, street-wise humor, and lifetime of experience, expect a speech from Theo Wilson to open hearts and minds of even the toughest of clients. Cultural competency keynotes never sounded so smooth.

Book Theo E.J. Wilson as a keynote speaker for your next event by contacting: SpeakInc is a professional speakers bureau providing keynote, motivational, professional, and corporate speakers.

Who are the white racists?

A black man undercover in the alt-right | Theo E.J. Wilson | TEDxMileHigh

Full video link :

Ted Edward Boar goes undercover.

Racism isn't's emotional

Prompted by the recent event in Charlottesville and the explosion of news + discussions surrounding it. Not really here to comment on the event itself, but here are some of my musings and experiences as a person of colour + what I think about racism + the conversations about racism.

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Check out this inspiring and highly informative video...A black man undercover in the alt-right | Theo E.J. Wilson | TEDxMileHigh
...this video encapsulates my perspectives on racism, compassion and emotional intelligence. It's everything that I believe in and so much eloquently and humorously delivered!

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Learn how to pronounce InfoWars with the American Pronunciation Guide (APG)!

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A black man goes undercover in the alt-right | Theo E.J. Wilson, TED, available at

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The Fatal Flaw of The Alt Right

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SF Officials Seek To Pull Welcome Mat For Planned Alt-Right Rally At Crissy Field

Following the violence last weekend at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, San Francisco officials sought to revoke a permit for an alt-right rally planned for later this month at Crissy Field. Wilson Walker reports. (*/15/17)

Chika talk about the power of Event vid 19of90)

August 15, 2018



Guys I’m so so so sorry that this video is super long but I just wanted to introduce myself to you!

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Feminsm is Dead/Alt-Right is Dead -Coming 2017

A fresh, bold take on the cancer of Feminism and the Alt-Right. Centrist Blackie will be the voice of reason and truth. Coming Summer 2017.

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the difference between the boy's and the girls !


Why the Alt-right Isn't Right

Jason Shepherd, Cobb County Republican Party Chairman, spoke at the Madison Forum on Saturday, August 26. The topic was 'Why the Alt-right Isn't Right.'

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