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ABearNamedTroy - Champagne & French Fries (Official Music Video)


ABearNamedTroy - Champagne & French Fries (Official Music Video)

The official music video for “Champagne & French Fries” by ABearNamedTroy Presented by Sinful Colors

Director: Michael Busalacchi
Director of Photography: Peter Da Silva




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Bear Science - Sleep Over Twice (Official Video)

The official video of Bear Science Sleep Over Twice.


Honey please come over
I know it's late, and the birds have flown
With the stars upon us,
climb in my arms and abandon all your shame
Where no one else can hear, your secrets or your fears
We don't have long my dear
Come through and taxi here
Cause my sheets they're your sheets tonight

In the haze of twilight, I'll stay awake if you promise you will too
In the heat of moments,
there'll be no need for handcuffs nor for lies
The children are asleep
The barmaid's closing up the keep
I'll trace your every inch, your screams are welcome here.
We'll be spoons if you choose to stay
Cause my sheets they're your sheets

Directed by Lula Cucchiara & Siobhan Price

Camera: Tavis Hughes

Editing: Ben Fowler


#BearScience #SleepOverTwice

The Hot Sardines: French Fries & Champagne - WNTI, Melanie Thiel

Watch Melanie Thiel from WNTI: Hackettstown, NJ talk about the new album from The Hot Sardines: French Fries & Champagne!
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SoccerPractise - Te Pō - Posture

Thanks to NZ On Air for the funding support!

JEEZ (Lyric Video) - ABearNamedTroy



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Good Time **Official Music Video Parody** Fry Song

My ode to french fries. Follow latherrinsereplay on Twitter @latherrretweet. Thanks! French fries for all!

BEAR IT ALL: Erika Thom

I sat down with model, Erika Thom, to talk about self-love, what being a model means to her, and her craziest experiences on set!

The Bear It All series will consist of intimate interviews with people from a variety of backgrounds, professions, and areas of expertise. This series will give all different walks of life a platform to share their life experiences and gives me the opportunity to ask the questions we all want answers to.

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We buy french champagne - Vlog² #32 [CC]

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Nikon D5100
Nikkor 18-105mm
Helios 44-2
Rode VideoMicro
Joby Gorillapod
Canon G7X Mark II
Go Pro Hero4
iPhone 7
Genesis Gear ABT

Softobxes CineGEN Vidoo
Mitoya lighting tripods
Hama Tripod

Music forma EpidemicSound:

Champagne and Fries Pairing - Does it Taste Good? - Foodie Friday

Have you heard swanky restaurants are pairing Champagne and french fries together?! Crazy right? We did our own taste test using Burger King french fries and Barefoot Brut know, keeping it classy.

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Fantastic Planet--Superdestroyer

Written and recorded by Superdestroyer
Mixed and mastered by Daniel Zasadny
Filmed and Directed by Father of the Year
Edited by Superdestroyer and Father of the Year
Video released by Lonely Ghost Records 2019

Fantastic Planet is featured on the split Splat released via Chillwavve Records and Lonely Ghost Records on June 24, 2019.
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How to Pair Snacks with Champagne | Potluck Video

Champagne is traditionally paired with luxury items - but what about everyday snacks? We learn that the beverage can go quite well with everything from fries to breadsticks


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Toxic Bears - Call Centre - OFFICIAL VIDEO

The human heart seeks liberation in confined spaces. “Call Centre”, by Australian avant-garage outfit Toxic Bears, is a psychedelic punk song about Mumbai telemarketers embarking on a subversive romance. It bolts out of the gate with majestic bombast and a hardcore romp through the soul-hardening routine of the aspiring phone hawker. It breaks down with a reggae-inspired vamp as gang vocals cry out the telemarketer’s mantra - or is it the dictates of management ? “We won’t let up... won’t let you get away.” In a shift to melodic psychedelia, a new hope springs internal via a connection through the office partition.

Listen to the full album:

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Say, We're calling you today
We get paid that way
Our relentless hustle
Aching heart and muscle

We won't let up, oh no never, won't let you get away
We won't let up, oh no never, won't let you get away
We won't set up, oh no never, won't let you get away
We won't get up, oh no never, won't let you get away

Must have made a million calls
See you through partition walls
Sippin from a coffee cup
Ring my number I'll pick up

Ring, phones all day our thing
You and me will spend
So much time together
Revolution in a call centre

We won't let up, oh no never, won't let you get away
We won't let up, oh no never, won't let you get away
We won't set up, oh no never, won't let you get away
We won't get up, oh no never, won't let you get away

Working till the break of dawn
Laying on the forest floor
Call you up and talk some more
Lakshmi opens the door

So much time together
So much time together
So much time together

Leavings - Cars

(Official Music Video)
Cars, from Assemblage [2018]

“Cars” is the 3rd song off the album, and was one of the first songs we completed as a band very early on in our relationship as friends jamming together. It’s written around a verse-chorus-verse structure and ends with a noisy and fuzzy climax. There’s a warm and almost familial energy around the song.

Directed by -- Daniel Preindl
Special thanks to John Russell, Kai Johnson, Erin Preindl, Reuben the cat.

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*Recorded and mixed by Donovan Miller
Mastered by James Plotkin
Published by Tym Records, April 21st 2018*

5 Surprising Foods that Pair Perfectly with Champagne

Bestselling author of “The Room of Rue Amelie”, Kristen Harmel offers a surprising collection of choices for the best champagne food pairing. She became very familiar with champagne pairings while in France doing the hard (and, definitely, not fun) research for her new book “The Winemaker's Wife”. Like all Kristen Harmel books, “The Winemaker's Wife” weaves a beautiful, poignant tale of love and betrayal, but this time the story is set in 1940 Champagne. So, to honor her newest novel and its setting (or, rather, to toast it), Kristen Harmel sits in our studio and gives us five of the best champagne food pairings, including a few surprises—potato chips!?—and a couple classic champagne pairings that we all know and love.

Mind Kristen Harmel's advice, grab a few special snacks, and crack that bottle of bobbly you've been saving. And don't forget to grab a copy of “The Winemaker's Wife” for some equally important enjoyment:


Simon & Schuster Studio 4:


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