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ADHD (Short Film)


ADHD Short Film Application

A film describing through visual and auditory means the experience of having ADHD, specifically within a classroom setting, and also that not all around you is as it appears at face value.


Production by Chungdahm Learning

Rise in ADHD cases in children: Mayo Clinic Radio

Dr. Michael Zaccariello, a psychologist at Mayo Clinic, helps explain why attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is on the rise. This interview originally aired on Dec. 1, 2018.

ADHD a silent short film

High school silent short film by Reilly Widmayer and Sophia Montano.

Walk In My Shoes: ADHD

Many people can relate to the times when they were unable to fully concentrate, couldn’t regain focus, drifted from task to task, or were unable to sit still in their seat. Most people can relate to these behaviours, but when they’re a constant part of a person’s life, a patient may be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This video looks at the life of a person with a common form of ADHD, and delves into a list symptoms to help raise awareness about this disorder and its effects on individuals due to atypical brain functions. However, it’s no cause for alarm! We’ll end off our discussion with common research-supported strategies to cope with this disorder so as to live a regular functional life. This is the first instalment of our interactive video series Walk In My Shoes, where we’ll be raising awareness and learning from the lives of individuals afflicted with learning disorders.

This video was created by Demystifying Medicine students Shara Chowdhury, Vanessa Miranda, Mishaal Qazi, and Peter Tso.

Copyright McMaster University 2017

Charach, A., Skyba, A., Cook, L., & Antle, B. J. (2006). Using Stimulant Medication for Children with ADHD: What Do Parents Say? A Brief Report.Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 15(2), 75–83.
Coletti, D. J., Pappadopulos, E., Katsiotas, N. J., Berest, A., Jensen, P. S., & Kafantaris, V. (2012). Parent Perspectives on the Decision to Initiate Medication Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, 22(3), 226–237.
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ADHD teen experience


What is Wrong With Me? An ADHD Story

More often than not, adults suspect ADHD, but decide that the child is not having enough trouble to refer them for assessment. They wait until the child displays academic or severe social problems before seeking out a diagnosis, but this is a mistake according to Littman (2012). Girls mature faster neurobiologically, than boys do, so they don’t need to perform as poorly as boys of the same age, in order to be deficient enough to need help (O’Brien et al., 2010).

Showing these girls that someone cares, and pointing out their academic successes, can help protect them from some of the more significant risk factors of ADHD. In fact, “one of the most powerful interventions that parents [and teachers] can offer is a consistent sense of hope” (Littman, 2012). However, early identification and intervention is key to help lessen the impact ADHD has on the lives of those who have the disorder, their families, their peers, and their teachers.

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HYPER /ADHD (2018)

Written, Directed and edited by - NIK -


Our special Thanks to - LECTURER FILM KKTMR

Cinematography by - NIK HAZIQ,






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ADHD The Short Film

A multimedia project for the 2015 BioExpo by Luis Enrique Valerdi and Kito Gilbert-Bass. The film follows a young boy who believes he may have the disorder ADHD

ADHD - A Short Film

This is my Final Major Project which is a short film based on ADHD in Education.

Life with ADHD - A Short Film

Reaching out to others does not make you less of a person.
You can ask for help.
Let's stop the stigma on ADHD.

A Film by Clarize Lei Almonte and Christian Ray Ortega
Produced by: Little C Productions
Distributed by: Focus Pixel

A Performance Task in Personality Development. Atheneum School S.Y 2018-2019.

For best cinematic audio use headphones
Audio Mixed in Dolby Digital 5.1

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What's it like to have ADHD?

Single clip from the full ADHD and Me film. Website:

ADHD and Me brings research interviews with children to (animated) life.

The VOICES study (Voices On Identity, Childhood, Ethics & Stimulants: Children join the debate) investigated children's experiences with ADHD diagnosis and stimulant drug treatments. We interviewed over 150 children in the United States and the United Kingdom, recruited from NHS Trusts, university clinics and community pediatric centers. This film uses our actual interviews with children to present some of the most important discoveries of the VOICES study.

For further information see or get in touch:

ADHD (Short Film)

فيلم من انتاج فرع الاعلام في المدرسة الاهلية ام الفحم (سعادة سعيد،جنات سكران ، شيماء اغبارية)

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) kya hai | Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment in hindi

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) in children Symptoms Diagnosis and treatment in kids or children are explained in this video. ADHD can also occur in adults but its more common in teens.

'ADHD' Short Film(Cameo By Gopal Sagar Duggirala)

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How to Cure ADHD by Psychologist in hindi


My Puppy Has A.D.H.D | Short Film #2

we made a short film about how crazy and lovable our puppy is:) enjoy!

i filmed my ADHD episodes for a week & this is what happened...

i filmed my ADHD episodes for a week (AGAIN) & this is what happened... This video was inspired by Joey Kidney's video i filmed my anxiety attacks for a week (which will be linked below). THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!

My ADHD Playlist:

Watch Joey's Video:





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ADHD In Children : Nip in The Bud

A child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can experience problems with overactivity, impulsivity and risk taking. It can mean a child is disruptive, can make a real difference to their progress in school and impact on their relationships with their peers, friends, family and teachers.

This film explains how to identify and help a child showing the symptoms of ADHD.

Nip in the Bud® was set up to encourage awareness about mental health disorders in young children. FInd out more about the chairty at



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