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ASMR - Playing with a HUGE BANANA ( and some CREAM on top !! ) 🍌❤️



We just made GIANT Cloud Slime!!!!! Which slime is your favorite?!???

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How to Make Dango - Andango & Hanami Recipe

Dango, dango, dango! Learn how to make dango, a chewy Japanese confection on this Emmymade How to on Emmymade in Japan. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Friday!

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How to Make Slime

Emmy Eats Taiwan

Cooking With Dog - Tofu Dango

Runny999 - Hanami Dango


250 g. dango mix
200 cc hot water

red & green food coloring
ready-made red bean paste (anko)

In a large bowl add dango mix. Add hot water and mix to form a shaggy dough. Knead the dough until smooth and supple. Roll into small golf ball-sized balls. Add balls to a pot of boiling water. Boil 3-4 minutes or until they float. Strain the dango and cool in a bowl of cold water. Skewer 3 balls per skewer. Top with anko paste. Make 9-12 sticks, depending on size of the dango.

Inquisitive music courtesy of and royalty-free Sprightly from iMovie. Dare I say, those be some of most delightful have-eaten dancing dangos you've ever seen. Comment Step aside Dancing with the Stars dango has arrived. below. :)

Capuchin Monkey & Mushy Banana

Capuchin Monkey Boo eats an OLD mushy banana! Watch this funny monkey peel and enjoy this GROSS brown banana! He will show you how good it tastes! It's monkey banana time!
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Capuchin Monkey & Mushy Banana


Peanut Butter vs Jelly - Mixing Makeup Eyeshadow Into Slime! Special Series Satisfying Slime Video

Hi guys! In this makeup destruction video, I'm going to be Mixing Makeup Eyeshadow into Clear Slime with peanut butter and jelly colored makeup. I'll be mixing and breaking up makeup and eye shadow into two clear slimes and separating the colors out to make a beautiful swirl slime at the end! I hope you enjoy this satisfying special series slime video. Thank you for watching. Love you! ????

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Purple???? vs ????Orange -

Blue???? vs ????Yellow -

Blue???? vs ❤️Red❤️ vs ????Yellow -

#lenaslime #makeupslime #eyeshadowslime #makeupasmr #makeupdestruction


Slime Special Series Mixing Brown vs Purple Mekeup, Parts, glitter... Into Slime!.

1 Hour of Blippi Educational Videos for Toddlers | Learn Fruit for Kids and More!

Blippi brings you on a Blippi compilation video of fun educational videos for children. Blippi makes educational videos for toddlers where your children will learn things like learn fruit for kids, colors for toddlers, Boats for kids, helicopters for kids and more! Blippi's videos have fun Blippi songs for kids and fun educational cartoons for kids all within them! In this Blippi compilation video you will watch these Blippi videos:
Raspberries for Kids
Learn Senses for Children
LAFD Fire Helicopters
Boats for Kids

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DIY Toothpaste Fluffy Slime!! No Shaving Cream, No Glue, No Borax! Must Watch! Slime Videos #5

DIY Toothpaste Fluffy Slime!! No Shaving Cream, No Glue, No Borax! Must Watch! Slime Videos #5
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Food & drink emojis ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Food & drink emojis
♫ Joe Wise - The Epic of Peanut Butter & Jelly
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DIY: Miniature UNICORN School Supplies ( Backpack, Notebook, Pen, Pencil case) REALLY WORKS

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Miniatyr UNICORN School Supplies (Ryggsekk, Notebook, Pen, Pencil case) VIRKER VIRKSOMHET
Миниатюрные школьные принадлежности UNICORN (рюкзак, тетрадь, ручка, пенал) действительно работают
Miniature Soláthairtí Scoile UNICORN (Backpack, Leabhar nótaí, Peann, cás Pencil) OIBREACHA NÍOS

Very Satisfying Kinetic Sand Cutting and Scooping Video - Sand Tagious

Our video of purple kinetic sand being scooped by a melon baller is blowing up on instagram @Sand.Tagious so i thought i would post a youtube video of it and also add a reverse at the end. Hope you like it. Please subscribe to see more. Thanks.

EASY DIY FLUFFY SLIME! How To Make 3 Types! THE BEST Bubblegum, Marshmallow and Unicorn Slime!


DIY Fluffy Slime! Best Slime Recipe! How to Make Unicorn, Marshmallow, Bubblegum Slime!
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Credit to Maqaroon for the Amazing Marshmallow Slime and to the internet in general for the Fluffy Slime!
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This is a DIY Slime video! I loved the colours! The color reminded me of a rainbow! Try these out for yourself they are so simple! You can also prank your friends and family with these! These simple life hacks can make your life so much easier and are super fun to try! The next video may be a life hack or perhaps a diy or routine or back to school video or pranks video. Not sure yet what do you think? Love, Wengie

Morning Routine (10 DIY Ideas, Makeup, Healthy Recipes)

Morning Routine and DIY ! In this DIY I show my Morning Routine and 10 epic DIY projects to make your mornings happy and unique. Everyday makeup tutorial, Heatless curls hairstyle, DIY makeup, DIY clothes, healthy recipes, nail art and much more. I wanted to film a Morning routine for school or work, but summer is just around the corner, which means no school or work. So here I show my typical free day morning routine or a summer morning routine. Although summer hasn't yet arrived to where I live to be honest. Anyway, this is a morning routine when I don't have to get up and run out the door, but I can actually sleep a bit longer. Well as you can see in the video that's not always the case, hehe.

This morning routine is probably different from all other morning routine videos because I also show you 10 amazing DIY ideas that make every morning the best morning ever! I have been trying to eat very healthy lately, so in this morning routine video I show you several easy healthy recipes. I made an easy and delicious smoothie with strawberries, raspberries, banana and some milk. This smoothie is so delicious and done in a second! Other healthy recipes that I show you throughout my morning routine are granola and seed crackers. Both are so easy to make, so tasty and convenient to have for a breakfast or a snack.

In the morning routine video I also show you some DIY makeup, specifically a DIY tinted lip balm and DIY beach hair spray. A DIY lip balm consists of only two ingredients that I bet you already have at home. Vaseline and a piece of old lipstick. This DIY lip balm makes my lips moist and soft while it also gives them a nice touch of color.

There can't be a morning routine without fixing our hair, right? This time I decided for heatless waves that won't even take a minute of your time. Because who wants to spend a hour on hairstyles ?! Not me hehe. And since this is a morning routine for summer my heatless waves aren't perfect without that summer beachy texture. I show how to quickly make a DIY beach hair spray. Just a few ingredients and you have an awesome spray that gives instant texture and waves to your hairstyles.

In the morning routine I also show my workout routine as well. On rainy day I like to do a strength workout but since this weekend the weather was nice, I decided for a cardio workout and went out for a run.

Even though I don't wear makeup everyday, I show you my makeup routine for when I do decide to put something on my face. So we can call it my everyday makeup, because whenever I wear makeup, this is the makeup look I go for. Just a very basic natural makeup, that enhances my facial features without making me look overly done.

When it comes to clothes, you guys know how I love my DIY projects. So I show how to make awesome DIY shoes and DIY graphic tee. Both so easy, fun to make and gorgeous to look at. For the DIY shoes I stick denim hearts all over my sneakers and they turned out fantastic. DIY graphic tee is made by simply ironing the picture on with the help of a transfer paper.

And of course I had to also include an easy and lovely nail art design to my morning routine. Purple nails with colorful dotted accents are an easy way to make a perfect summer nail art in no time.

As promised here are the measures I used to make my healthy crackers: one and a half cups of sunflower seeds, quarter of a cup of pumpkin seeds and pines, one cup whole flax seeds, half a cup grounded flax seeds, about five spoons of chia seeds, half a cup of sesame seeds, some almond slices, 5 spoons of psyllium husk and a tea spoon of salt. In the end add 5 decilitres of water.

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Songs used in Morning Routine video:
2) My Little World
3) Corporate Christmas
4) Childrens Smile
5) Cheerful World
6) Club Life
7) Children
From Antarctic - music. Check more of his great music at or visit him on twitter

1) Farmers
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Works are provided under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license ( Everything else is either mine, stock footage, YouTube library or public domain.

#MorningRoutine #DIY #SaraBeautyCorner

Disclaimer: This family friendly video is made for teenagers and adults. Tools used in the tutorials include hot glue, crafting knife and other objects, which are not suitable for people under 13 years old.

Mixing Lipstick and Nailpolish into Clear Slime

Hello :* I am back with another one. Another slime mixing. This time I am mixing lipsticks, lip gloss and nail polish into clear slime. Hope you like it :*

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George Hotz | Programming | twitchcoq pt 4, metamath says 2+2=4 | pt 5, program search

Date of stream 10 and 11 Nov 2019.
Live-stream chat added as Subtitles/CC - English (Twitch Chat).
Stream title: - twitchcoq : pt 4, metamath says 2+2=4 | - twitchcoq : pt 5, getting computers to work for you aka program search (redemption)

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I ATE 3x MY SISTER'S DIET FOR A DAY Challenge w/ The Norris Nuts


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#foodchallenge #swapdiets #norrisnuts

In this video we find out which Norris Nut can eat 3 x sister (Naz) diet with for 24 hrs. The main competitors in the challenge are Naz, Sabre and Biggy. Sockie hesitates to go in the challenge but the once she sees that Naz has to have bananas from breakfast she decides not to compete. Sabre and Biggy both are confident that they can match Naz by eating three times her food choices for the day. The loser will have to do a dare that Naz decides. The Norris Nuts in the challenge really hope Naz picks yummy food for them to eat. The Norris Nuts house is totally awesome but they are also looking for a new house because Brooke (Mama) has had two more babies since they moved into their current house in Newcastle Australia. This food challenge has many twists and turns. At the end we find out who exactly will be doing the dare and exactly what it is. Will Naz get a guinea pig this time? Thanks mattDoesFitness for the inspiration!

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How to Make Ice Cream Machine at Home

See Full Description step by step in the Blog.....
How to make ice cream.
From this video you can make ice cream vending machine at home.
This cardboard life hack will help to make soft serve ice cream machine at home.
First all of make cardboard ice cream machine and then make soft ice cream.
Summer life hack , cardboard life hack , ice cream recipe , cardboard vending machine

Materials :
6 Volt DC Air Pump
9 Volt Battery
Sugar Cone

Other Videos :

Homework writing machine
JCB Excavator

Music :
1. ZEST - You. & Me? [NCS Release]
Music provided NocopyrightSound

2. Colors [NCS Release]
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*IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE* Try NOT to LAUGH or GRIN While Watching This | Collins Key Becoming GIFs

Try NOT to Laugh Or GRIN While Watching This Challenge HARDEST VERSION!! THUMBS UP if you Think you can WIN!!
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CADBURY Dairy Milk VALENTINE'S MESSAGE HEART POPUP Chocolate | Cadbury Silk Valentine's Special 2020

Celebrate this Valentine’s day with beautifully crafted Cadbury dairy milk silk constrained version AR enabled gift box. This Valentine's Day let your Chocolate Box Come Alive via your smartphones and tablets. Experience a first of its kind augmented fact and relive those treasured moments with your cherished ones.The classic style of Cadbury chocolates offer you the purpose to rejoice this occasion with your loved one. Indulge in the irresistible style of Silk and pop the coronary heart out to have a certainly memorable celebration.

Gift your valentine, a distinct version Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk chocolate
Indulge in the irresistible style of silk
It stands for goodness. A moment of pure magic!

Buy Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk
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Music Credit : Royalty Free Music from Bensound

Versova Koli Seafood Festival 2020 | INDIA'S BIGGEST SeaFood Festival Versova Mumbai

TANDOORI MAGGI MASALA | अनोखा तरीका मैगी बनाने का | KULHAD MAGGI | Indian Street Food

Veg Grilled Mayonnaise Cheese Sandwich | INDIA'S Most Easy & Quick CHEESIEST SANDWICH Recipe

Pav Vada | Nashik Special Pav Vada Recipe | Bread Pattice | Bread Pakoda | Indian Street Food

Jalebi | जलेबी | Old Sweet Memory of Our Childhood | Indian Street Food

INDIA'S BIGGEST Pooran Poli Making | Maharashtrian Khaparachi Puran Poli | पुरणपोळी

उकडीचे मोदक | Ukdiche Modak | Steamed Modak | Indian Dessert

Mumbai Street Food | RECAP

FRANKIE | CREAMY CHEESY Egg CHICKEN Mayonnaise Frankie | Egg Chicken Recipe | Indian Street Food

HOW TO MAKE KARANJI | खुसखुशीत करंजी तयार करण्याची पद्धत | Karanji Recipe | DIWALI SPECIAL

KING of CHAAT | BIG Shegaon Kachori Making | शेगाव कचोरी | Indian Street Food

SABUDANA KHICHDI Recipe | साबूदाणा खिचडी | Khatta Meetha AMAZING TASTE | Mumbai Street Food

TANDOORI SOYA CHAAP Recipe | Veg Chaap recipe | Dombivli Street Food

TANDOORI CHAI with Bun Maska Cheese Jam | TEA in HOT Earthen Pot | MUMBAI's First Tandoor Chai

Maggi | Fried Maggi Masala for Rs 180 | Indian Street Food

Chana Chaat for Rs 10 - चना चाट | Delicious Chaat Swaad Recipe | Indian Street Food


Homemade chocolate recipe | How to make homemade milk chocolate

#homemadechocolaterecipe #milkchocolaterecipe #piyaskitchen
Who says no to chocolate especially kids and even some audlts like me ???????????????????????????? With only few ingredients we can make homemade chocolate in no time without any artificial preservatives. So you dont need to worry if your child eats too much of chocolates. Please do try this recipe at home and give me your feedback.


i love reading your messages so please leave me a comment and i will do my best to get back to you. happy cooking.


Happy cooking❤❤❤
Priya kumar


Chocolate mold -

Rabbit Bunny Duck Egg shape mold -

Silicone Brush for Cooking, Multicolour (Set of 2) -

Wooden Bamboo Cutting Board with Antibactetial Surface -

Shot Glass Set -

Wooden Spatula,Set Of 5 -

Borosil Glass Mixing Bowl with Plastic Lid, 1.3 Litres -

Pigeon Stainless Steel Egg Handy Whisker -

Ideale Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 7-Pieces -


homemade chocolate recipe | how to make milk chocolate recipe | Milk Chocolate | Homemade Milk Chocolate | Community Recipes | How do you make milk chocolate at home? | How do you make milk chocolate with cocoa powder? | What are the ingredients of milk chocolate? | Chocolate - Wikipedia | Homemade Milk Chocolate with Coconut | My Weekend Kitchen | Milk Chocolate Recipe | How to Make Chocolate: 15 Steps (with Pictures) | Homemade chocolate recipe, how to make homemade chocolate | milk chocolate recipes easy | milk chocolate recipe from scratch | how to make milk chocolate from dark chocolate | how to make milk chocolate from cocoa powder | homemade chocolate recipe | how to make milk chocolate without cocoa butter | dairy milk chocolate recipes | homemade chocolate recipe indian | Chocolate Recipe | Homemade Chocolate Recipe | piyas kitchen | Healthy Homemade Chocolate Recipe | Homemade Melt-In-Your-Mouth Dark Chocolate | homemade chocolate recipe indian | homemade chocolate recipes by sanjeev kapoor | homemade chocolate with cocoa powder | homemade chocolate online | how to make homemade chocolate in tamil | homemade chocolate recipe in hindi | how to make homemade chocolate in hindi | how to make homemade chocolate bars | homemade chocolate pudding | chocolate pudding dessert recipe | chocolate recipes for kids | easy chocolate recipes no bake | easy to make chocolate desserts without baking | homemade chocolate recipes without oven | simple chocolate recipes at home | how to make chocolate at home easily | how to make milk chocolate at home | how to make milk chocolate from cocoa powder

MAKEUP CHALLENGE #Funny Family Challenge | Pihu vs Mummy Blindfold | Aayu and Pihu Show

Aayu and Pihu Show -
Pihu & mummy did very funny makeup of each other. Aayu enjoyed a lot. Hope you will like this video.

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Aayu and Pihu Show
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Kids will learn, enjoy, play games, sing songs, cook and dance with us.

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Happy family show
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How To Make Slime Without Glue 10 Ways

10 amazing slime recipes you can make without glue or borax!


Hey guys! As you know you need glue to make almost every slime recipe, but today I will be teaching you how to make slime without glue 10 ways from ordinary ingredients you have around your house like toothpaste, shampoo and water! If you want to learn 10 recipes to make perfect no glue slime then this is the video for you! These slimes are also super satisfying to watch, this video also includes some ASMR soap cutting and crunchy slimes and slime poking!





Watch this video and comment “I love slime”!

comment below which slime was the most satisfying????