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Acapella,Heart Attack,Guys don’t like me


Acapella/Heart attack/Guys don’t like me|Gachalife|mv|video


Acapella,Heart Attack,Guys don’t like me


Acapella/heart attack/guy don't like me glmv gacha life

Je voulais vous remercier pour les 70 abonnés et tous les com !????

Je pourrai potentiellement ne pas sortir de vidéo un sertain temps car je suis entrain de préparé un meme sans colab T~T et je suis en pleine galère T~T ducoup voilà !

aussi vous pouvais me proposer des video à faire en com ???? tchao !


Still lazy af

Acapella | Heart Attack | Guys don't like me | None of My Business | GLMV | Gacha Life Music Video

Inspired by others

Acapella/Heart attack/Guys don’t like me|Gacha life| (tradução)

Heart Attack~, Acapella, Guys Don’t Like Me {By Dark Cookie}

Heart Attack~, Acapella, Guys Don’t Like Me {By Dark Cookie}

Acapella & Heartattack ||GMLV||

Let’s get to 1000 subs!!!

Acapella/ heart attack/ guys don’t like me/ none of my business/ glmv

I hope you enjoyed the video...I hope you have an amazing day!!! Bye guys ????????????

I love the way you lie / Acapella / Heart Attack / guys don't like me || GLMV

*I'm sorry that this video is boring I'm very lazy to do???? thanks for watching

*Credit song????????

*I love the way you lie


*Heart attack

*guys don't like me

*Time taken: 2Days


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Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. 
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#GachaLifeMusicVideo #GLMV
#Ilovethewayyoulie #acapella
#heartattack #guysdontlikeme

Acapella,heart attack,guys don't like me,gacha life song glmv

Hallo guys,don't forget like coment and subscribe And Thank you guys????

Acapella, guys don’t like me, heart attack GLMV

This is not cannon to the actual series I’m making out of these characters but I thought it would be fun to make????

Acapella: //
Guys dont like me:
Heart attack:

Acapella, Heart attack,Gays don't like me/GLMV

Acapella/heart attack/guys do not like me(when it says I like water I mean I like carrots)

Enjoy ????

Heart attack + Guys don't like me (glmv) (part 2 of Acapella) {read desc!!}

Open Mah :3


Sorry for yelling TwT

Part 1 :

Who is your ship? ????

❤️Malak×Liam ❤️
❤️Malak×all of them❤️❤️❤️

Part three will be out so but I will take a break for 10 days or more cause I will be on a trip with my family and I lost my motivation ????
Sorry TwT ❤️

❤️Hope you enjoy❤️

Acapella/heart attack/guys don't like me/none of my business (kiiruma)

Guys don’t like me~|:GLMV:|Read Dis|

This music video is a spoiler of a new series I’m making.
That will be posted tomorrow or today at night.
The MEP will be out today night or Tomorrow too. Not sure.
Hope You enjoy

Song-Du Ddu du Ddu By-Blackpink
Song- Guys don’t like me By- IT Boy
Song-Run free By-Deep Chills

Acapella, heart attack,guys don't like me

Sorry if it is to long

Gacha life|| Acapella and Guys don’t like me||Glmm????

Hi guys!????????????
Hope that you like this video????????
Sorry if it was too fast Idk really ;-;????
Love chu guys!☺️
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//Acapella//Guys don't like me(Gacha Life)



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