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Adding Banner Image or Logo in Dynamic View Blogger Blog Template


Blogger Template Logo Setup

How to add your logo to the Adelle, Jemma, Abigail and Savannah Blogger/Blogspot templates by Georgia Lou Studios

How To Customize Blogger Header Banner, Logo & Fonts - BlogrCart TWO

Super easy customize or create a custom Blog header using Google fonts or upload image as Blog header banner. No coding required. This custom blog theme comes equipped with shopping cart, send order form & Paypal checkout.

Theme Access ▶▶▶ .

No 3rd party apps required.
No coding knowledge needed.
No subscription.
No monthly service fees.
It's just you your store, your blog & the entire internet community.


Live theme preview available at

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Customize Your Blogger Template Header

How To Customize Your Blogger Template Header

IMAGE HEADER - How to Create Blog Header Image instead of title

video explains how to create blog header image of title in tamil
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Pt. 1 DIY Customize Blogger Logo & Fonts for 2016 Blog Templates with Shopping Cart BlogrCart FOUR

Part 1 of 3 tutorial CREATE BEAUTIFUL LOGO or upload image as logo WITHOUT ANY CODING on a Blogspot blog store! Do-It-Yourself build online web stores using Blogger blogs - shopping cart, send email orders, Paypal & PagSeguro (Brazil-BRL) checkout pre-installed.

Theme Access ▶▶▶


This is PART 1 of 3 for the complete series to customize your Blogger template store TO YOUR OWN! This tutorial video shows how to choose font or upload image as store logo & create a responsive image slider without tocuhing a single code. In less than 6 minutes your online store using BlogrCart FOUR Blogger shopping template is up LIVE - search engine optimized made on a Blogspot BLOG!

▶ No subscription fees.
▶ No monthly service fee.
▶ No 3rd party apps required.
▶ Upload install & customize to your liking - SELL straight away!
▶ NO AGE BARRIER - weather you're 14 or even 40 start an online store you in control!

0:20 How to upload image as Blog store Header/navigation logo.
1:04 How to customize logo by selecting more than 100+ fonts.
1:47 How to setup responsive image slider.
2:36 How to upload image to add to slider.
3:25 How to add more images to responsive image slider. development phase
3:40 How to arrange images at Blog store image slider.

Send order form ready makes it easy to receive orders online straight to your email - sent by your Blog at Blogger! With Paypal & PagSeguro checkout, payments can be made online using credit or debit cards - safe & secured directly to your bank accounts!

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Bloger theme tutorial blog posts

How the actualy blog posts will look

How to Add Dynamic Banners to Your Blog?

This video shows you the steps of adding FirstGrabber dynamic ads on your wordpress blog. For other blog templates, it is almost the same: go to the admin, find the widgets, add the dynamic ads code and it's done!

Blogger Dynamic Views: View Blogs In 7 Different Views

For More information:

We know its difficult to view our blog in different themes & angles in just one click. First we have to get the template, then installation, modification, designing & finally we will get our site live with that newly added template. But now its possible to view our blogger site in different views and angles without applying those templates and themes.

Blogger now provides seven new dynamic views for public blogs. These new views use the latest in web technology, including AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3, to deliver a host of benefits.

-Allows you to read more posts without having to reload or click to a second page.
-New layouts provides different views suited to different types of blogs.
-Speed lets you to download images as you view them, not all at once in advance.
-Interactivity shows more ways to experience and engage with blog content.

This extension notifies you if you're on a Blogger blog and it lets you view the blog content quickly in one of the new seven dynamic views. Simply click on the Blogger icon when it appears, select the view, and you'll be redirected appropriately.

Add 'Blogger Dynamic Views' extension to Google Chrome:

Blogger New themes 2017 and How to add your own logo in blogger

Blogger New theme updates 2017 and How to set your own logo on it2017,blogger,blog,wordpress blog,tutorial,blogger template,how to change blogger template hindi,wordpress,how,to,add,logo,in,blogger,change,blogger,logo

Blogger - Header & Logo Setup

How to setup your Blogger header and add a custom logo for Georgia Lou Studios templates

Free Verbify - Responsive Blogger Template

Verbify is a blocky, portfolio-style theme with an emphasis on typography and attention to detail. Write blog posts about your cats with the beautiful, minimal blog. It's also responsive and Retina ready. Obviously.
Scaled To Fit:
Verbify is responsive, all the way down to mobile. Images, videos and text will scale down gracefully to iPad, iPhone and all devices in-between. This theme looks just as great in your pocket as it does on the desktop!
Verbify Features:
Super Clean, Responsive Design Big, Beautiful Typography Friendly Admin Area Compatible With All Browsers.

How to change Blogger Comment Box Background Image 300+ color themes

This video have theme which are used to change the comments look, style and make them blend with blog template and attractive for visitors. So, i have included 300+ background images which you can use as background in blogger comment box, to grab it just first subscribe us, and tell us in comment which picture/s you want with your email address that we can mail it to you with its URL.
for example comment: 01:34 red one,
And if you want ot know how to change the background image in comment box and spice up your blog and career with awesome tips, just visit our site:
It may also work properly on google Blogger dynamic views

Mengganti Logo Header Pada Themes Superfast - Tutorial Blog

Mengganti Logo Header Pada Themes Superfast - Tutorial Blog

Cara Hack Template Dynamic Views Blogger No 1 Menghilangkan Menu Navigasi Template

Video Tutorial atau Panduan Blogspot kali ini menerangkan cara untuk meng-hack template dynamic views blogger. Pada video ini diterangkan cara untuk menghilangkan menu template dynamic views untuk memilih tampilan blog seperti classic, snapshot, magazine, mozaic, dll.

Saya ingin ketika dibuka blog saya langsung menuju template magazine dan tidak ada menu template untuk memilih tampilan lain.

Karena kode CSS tidak dapat ditampilkan di sini silakan ambl dari Google Docs saya di link di bawah ini:

URL Vide0:

Remove Loading Gear from Dynamic Blogger Theme (Simple way)

Follow the steps to remove Loading Gear from dynamic blogger theme. For the codes visit-

Blogger Dynamic Views at HQ Wallpapers

An introduction to blogger dynamic views, an amazing way for your visitors to browse your blog. Visitors should add /view at the address of the blog and experience another level of reading blogs.


How to remove Blogger Attribution from Dynamic Template

This video goes along with a full post on the website:

Blogger Dynamic View with Simple URL Trick.mp4

Learn how you can enable the dynamic view with url tricks

Fixed- Google Blogger dynamic template page load issue

Fixed: Google Blogger Dynamic template issue with page load.
For more tech tips visit

Installing a custom blogger template Blogger Guidelines #2

Let's see how to install a custom blogger template to uor blog....



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