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Adjusting YOUR Sight by Diamond Archery


Adjusting YOUR Arrow Rest by Diamond Archery

Bow Tuning Tip on how adjust the arrow rest on the EDGE SB-1. Follow these easy steps to tune your bow yourself. Be sure to see all of our shooter and bow tuning tips here on our YouTube page, as well as on

Adjusting the Rotating Modules by Diamond Archery

Bow Tuning Tip on how to set your draw weight with the rotaing modeules on Diamond Archery's Binary Cam System. It easy to do yourself and you don't need to order any new cams or parts. Follow the simple instructions to set your draw length. Be sure to see all of our shooter and bow tuning tips here on our YouTube page, as well as on

How To Tune a Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

How to tune a diamond infinite edge pro. In this video, I explain how to tune a diamond infinite edge pro compound bow. I mention how to set the arrow rest, D-loop, and cam timing of the diamond infinite edge pro and I also talk about how to adjust cam lean for the diamond infinite edge pro.
To see the video I made on how to set up a compound bow for beginners, use this link
To order a Diamond Infinite edge pro, use this link

How to Adjust a Bow Sight

If your arrows are hitting the same spot but it's not where you're aiming, it's time to move your sight. In this video we show you how it's done.

How To Sight In A Compound Bow | The Sticks Outfitter EP. 23

Learn how to sight in a bow in 5 easy steps! It's pretty simple once you watch this quick and straight forward tutorial! Be sure to follow your shot (arrow) when adjusting pins. And if you are new to shooting a bow, check out our how to shoot a compound bow video before you get started!




How to Adjust a Bow Sight

Learn how to adjust your multi or single pin bow sight.

Setting up a Diamond SB-1 Get yours from The Archeryshack!

We sell the Diamond SB-1 for 399.99 which includes draw length adjustment, poundage set, peep installation, cam timing set, and a paper tune.

The package includes a 3 pin Apex sight, octane brush rest, octane stabilizer, peep, wrist sling, and octane quiver.

Call us if we can help! 864-735-8484

NRTR 13 - How to Adjust a Sight

John Dudley offers maintenance tips for compound bows in a 13 video series from Nock On TV.

Diamond Atomic: Setting Draw Length

Learn how to set the custom draw length for your youth archer on the Diamond Atomic youth bow. As your youth archer grows, adjust their draw length to keep them shooting their best.

For more about the bow, safety tips, and fun games to download, visit

Which Eye To Use When Aiming by Diamond Archery

Do you know which of your eyes is dominant? Not sure what that means? We break it down on how to find your dominant eye and why this is important to selecting a bow and how you shoot. Follow the easy steps to find your dominant eye. Be sure to see all of our shooter and bow tuning tips here on our YouTube page, as well as on

Diamond Edge SB-1 Review and Basic Tuning for Beginners

This video provides a review along with a few basic tuning methods for compound bows. However, the one center shot method I use on most compound bows, and also show in this video, doesn't work for the SB-1. I often tape a thin rope to the limb bolts and use a cut arrow to find center, but there is an offset with the cam on the SB-1 that prevents this method from working on the SB-1. Instead, just use the measure off the riser method depicted, and then do walk back tuning. Also, I don't think the Chronograph speeds were as accurate as they could have been because the lighting wasn't good enough for the sensors. If or when I get some time I will redo this video, adjusting those two things.
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Lastly, there is a playlist on my channel called archery tips and bow tuning that provides a lot of great information for beginners. Click the following link to watch -

Sighting in your new Bow - A Beginners Guide

A beginners guide on how to go about sighting in a Compound Bow with either Multi-Pin or Single-Pin Sights. Demonstrating where to get started, and how quick and easy it can be to get all Pins or Tape marks dialed in!

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Most accurate arrow rest alignment in one simple trick.

How to align an arrow rest without error in one simple step with a piece of thread and some tape. An outside the box approach to aligning a bow rest that will be far more accurate for your initial setup. Hoyt RS3 Carbon arrow rest setup adjustment.

Adjusting an Arrow Rest

T-Bone and Pitts show how it's done.
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Please watch: 203 Colorado Whitetail with HUGE Mass | Vicki Cianciarulo


How to Sight in your bow

This video shows you how to sight in your bow.
The other video that I mentioned in this one can be viewed using this link

Adjusting YOUR Sight by Diamond Archery

Learn how to easily adjust the sight on your EDGE SB-1. We walk you through the simple steps to get you shooting straight as quickly as possible. be sure to check out all of our tuning tips, plus shooter tips, at

Diamond Infinite Edge Draw Length Adjustment

Okay everyone! Here is my draw length adjustment video! I do sincerely apologize for the ridiculous long wait! (For some unknown reason my computer takes 6.5-7 hours to upload a video) I'm sure you can understand my frustration!

This is also considered part one due to my record time being cut off at 10 minutes. I will upload Pt 2 asap! Pt 2 will also cover draw weight adjustment.

Thank you for your questions and patience!

EZ Adjust Pocket System by Diamond Archery

Bow Tuning Tip on how to adjust your draw weight with the revolutionary new EZ Adjust system on the EDGE SB-1. This bow is suited for anyone and any size. Check out these easy to follow instructions to set your draw weight on the EDGE SB-1. Be sure to see all of our shooter and bow tuning tips here on our YouTube page, as well as on

How to adjust draw length on a Diamond Infinite Edge Pro black ops

Today I will be showing you how to adjust your draw length on a Diamond infinite edge pro.

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Two Minute Tip: What to do with a bottomed out sight

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