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Advanced Tuning Introduction


Introduction to Advanced Tuning

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Advanced Tuning Introduction

In this video we will cover the setup for advanced autosteer tuning for the SteerCommand®.

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Ag Leader Technology, Inc., based in Ames, Iowa, is a world leader in the design and production of hardware and software for precision farming. Ag Leader's product line includes yield monitors, desktop mapping software, GPS receivers, GPS-assisted vehicle steering systems, liquid application control systems, granular control systems and planter/seeder control systems.

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Dirt Rally Tutorial - Introduction to Advanced Tuning

There are a lot of good written tutorials out there but i wanted to make something for people who didn't want to read a ton of information and get lost in it. personally i would rather read up about it but some others might like a quick video on some of the basics.

i did my best to make it understandable for new drivers and also the old drivers. :)

Oracle Database Tuning Introduction - Session 1

This is the first lecture of the Oracle Database Troubleshooting and Tuning Class.

The Full course is available on Udemy at

You can use Coupon Code YOUTUBETT for discount

Our Upcoming Online Course Schedule is available in the url below

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Advanced JVM Tuning

This session covers the latest advances in JVM performance analysis, including new analysis methodologies, JVM tuning, and Java code optimization. It also discusses new performance optimizations and features delivered in the Oracle JDK and Oracle’s HotSpot JVM. Finally it covers some of the more common performance pain points faced by Java deployments today and suggests analysis plans and tuning techniques to help improve performance.

David Keenan
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Advanced Tuning and Operation Guide for Block Storage Using Ceph

For successful OpenStack deployment, It's very important to properly deploy and tune block storage service, because a performance and durability of VM is completely dependent on it. We researched about performance, durability, HA, reliability and scalability of block storage service from many OpenStack deployments. We want to share experience and knowledge gained through variety test and research. Especially, we performed test both on HDD-base and AF (All-Flash) based ceph cluster. Each environm

Introduction to Performance Tuning for Optimization Systems with Gurobi

Speed is key for most users that embed Gurobi into their own application infrastructure. Input data is transformed into high quality planning solutions and results need to be delivered in a timely manner as part of a robust and reliable system architecture. Slow performance of optimization models can in some cases be solved with parameter tuning. However, during the design and the implementation of optimization systems, there are lots of other opportunities for tuning. In this 50-minute long webinar, you will learn how to maximize Gurobi’s performance and discover the most important aspects of performance tuning, including:

- Tuning opportunities within your system architecture
- Best practices for code profiling and model performance benchmarks
- Gurobi parameters and their impact on various model types
- How to use the automated Gurobi parameter tuning tool

Presenting this webinar is Dr. Kostja Siefen, Technical Account Manager at Gurobi Optimization.

Dr. Siefen holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from the University of Paderborn, Germany. He has many years of experience in the development and design of decision support systems using mathematical optimization methods.

Advanced Tuning : How to Fine Tune

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

All my episodes will be here in Advanced Tuning Playlist

How to setup INAV on a 5" quad - NAV settings in Advanced Tuning

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INAV Stickers

Previous episodes

The most popular class of mini-quads are 5-inch quads. Majority of them are driven by Betaflight. And this is fine. Sometimes, pilots would like to try how it feels like to have a full navigation and GPS support. For, I don't know, long range or something. So, here is the first episode of How to setup INAV on a 5 quad series.

In this episode:
- Advanced Tuning Page
- various setting related to PosHold and AltHold modes
- RTH and landing settings
- a brief look at multirotor braking mode

Next episode

Advanced Tuning : Suspension

I do apologize for fumbling some words here and there just got off work. I will also be doing Re-bound,Anti Roll Bars, Brakes again (I learned some more stuff), Differentials, Toe, camber, and caster, tire pressure, and then how to optimize your tune. So stay tuned (the puns are real.)

Industrial Modeling, PID tuning, and Advanced Process Control Software

PITOPS is primary and advanced process (APC) control software used in chemical plants and universities. It helps in identifying transfer functions models, optimizing PID controller tuning parameters , designing advanced process control (APC) strategies, and much more. If you wish to know more about it, watch the video.

Sigma-5 Advanced Auto-Tuning Quickstart

Yaskawa's Sigma-5 Advanced Auto-Tuning via SigmaWin+ software is demonstrated and explained. Rotary drive application goes from out-of-the-box to tuned with 20 ms position settling time.

Information about the SEN signal and absolute encoder interface to 3rd party controllers via serial transmission is available by searching

This eLM is also available on the Yaskawa America, Inc. - Drives and Motion Division website (

Download at:
Yaskawa Doc ID: eLV.Sigma5.01.TuningQuickStart

Tuning of Parameters, Order of Magnitude Astrophysics, part 1 - David Spergel

Tuning of Parameters, Order of Magnitude Astrophysics, part 1
David Spergel
Princeton University
July 22, 2011

Advanced MySQL Query Tuning Webinar

Tuning MySQL queries and indexes can significantly increase the performance of your application and decrease response times. In this webinar, Percona Principal Consultant Alexander Rubin will discuss advanced techniques for optimizing MySQL queries.

Topics include:

1. GROUP BY and ORDER BY optimization
2. MySQL temporary tables and filesort
3. Using covered indexes to optimize your queries
4. Loose and tight index scans in MySQL

Everything I Ever Learned About JVM Performance Tuning at Twitter (Attila Szegedi, Hungary)

During my time at Twitter, I engaged in lots of JVM performance tuning at scale. The talk summarizes lessons that were learned in the process of doing this in the area of memory, CPU, lock contention, and threading tuning.

Tuning In and Introduction

CDAC Science lesson

Introduction to MySQL Performance Tuning - workshop 1hr - FOSSASIA 2017

Speaker(s): Jesper Wisborg Krogh (Sydney, NSW)

It is easy to get started with MySQL, but you may still need to do some tuning to get the required performance. This talk gives an introduction to MySQL performance tuning by looking at best practices, the most important configuration options, monitoring, etc. There will also be examples of finding the queries most in need of optimization using performance reports in MySQL Workbench or through the sys schema. Attend this talk if you want some primers on tuning your MySQL database.

(Type: Workshop | Track: Database - MySQL Day | Room: Curie & Hershel (Floor 2))

Event Page:

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Advanced Process Control PID Tuning Training

The advanced process control PID tuning training focuses on teaching students how to tune PIDs and build powerful optimizing controllers inside the DCS and PLC. Students are taught practically by using Tuning Simulator and Optimizator, Closed Loop system identification, and PID tuning real-time simulator.

Tuning A Control Loop - The Knowledge Board

Books can be ordered on ABB Business Online, product ID#35-30000 -
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For a free Loop Tuning White Paper, click here:

Tuning a loop by trial and error is no longer a viable long-term solution for loop stability. In this video we show a proven process for tuning a self-regulating process. This technique is used on 1000’s of control loops and is now available to you in this video.


For more videos on Single Loop Control Methods, click below:

For more information on Loop Performance Services, click below:

For more information about ServicePort, click below:

To watch an animated Loop Performance video, click below:

To watch a short video on ServicePort, click below:

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Advanced Server Tuning in unRAID - Get Maximum Performance Pt 1

This video is the first in a series of three about tuning your server
for maximum performance. The videos cover everything from basic server
tuning to Docker container tuning and virtual machine tuning.
You will learn a lot of tips across the 3 videos to really squeeze the best
from the server. Some of the topics covered are
Planning resource distribution on the server
Boosting CPU performance
boosting disk performance
CPU pinning of Docker container
CPU pinning of virtual machines
isolating cores
pinning emulation functions
reducing latency
and many other things

If you like my videos and would like to support the channel your
donations are greatly appreciated

Big thanks to the guys who made the plugins in this video
Squid (Andrew Zawadzki)
and of course, the Limetech Team, for bringing us unRAID

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