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Adventures Afield: Airguning predators with an Airforce Airgun


Pesting #6

new permission to tag unwanted pests

CONDOR AIRFORCE - LH: 0971776469 - Hoàng Hunter

LH: 0971776469

coyote air rifle setup

This is my 22 Condor set for 90 fpe. I sling 45 gr hand made slugs From Johninthecamper on the GTA. Most of my parts are from Talon tunes. Added a wokgard and an Acid Tactical grip.

Coyote hunting with airforce texan .45 airgun part 1


Airforce Condor Vs 3/4 in plywood! SHocking results.

One of the viewers suggested I do a more user friendly power test instead of the FBI grade ballistic gel so I used 3/4 in plywood with 3/4 inch in between each layer. I shot it at 20 yards with a 45 gr solid slug and my condor set up for 95 fpe. I Use the hollow points for hunting and they are very effective. I am up to 8 yotes, 3 in the last month. for ammo and for parts to make you gun a beast.

Coyote hunting with airforce texan .45 airgun part 2

Shooting target at 109 and 130 meters with airforce condor

Coyote kill with Airforce Condor. GRAFIC KILL SHOT

As many of you know I have quite a booming coyote population in my back yard and these turds have been coming up to my back doors. So I dropped a little dog food in front of the game camera to get them in the perfect spot for a clear shot and humane kill. I am using my Condor in 22 cal shooting 45 gr hp slugs. Lots of parts and an Armasite Vampire Core 2 nv scope. This makes #9 yote with this combo.

As you can see they are spooky and heard me sneaking onto the porch. When I clicked on the laser they bolted. It is an IR laser so they did not see the spot just heard the click of the switch. It did not take long for him to return and when he did you can see the laser on his head and down he went. I went back to bed and at 4 am the ding donger went off, I slid out to the porch and he was gone. Went out this morning to track it and there was a trail into the boulders but I lost it in the thicket and rocks. What ever drug it off did not set off a single trail cam in the yard. I have 3, 2 should have caught all the movement. but I have nothing. This the 2nd one to be taken before

Airforce Escape .25 cal Chrony Test

Airforce Escape .25 cal Chrony Test

I had a chance to take the Airforce Airguns Escape in .25 cal out and Chrony test it. In this video I use three different pellets to demonstrate the different velocity with different grains in pellet size. for the review I'm using the JSB Diabolo Exact King in 25.39 gr, The Predator Polymag in 26 gr and the JSB Diabolo Exact King Heavy in 33.95 gr. For the test I'm also using a Chrony F1 to document the velocity of the pellets in flight.

Urban Airgunner Rick Ward:

Alex Wiggs Channel for the camera mount:

Airforce Airgun Escape Sighting In Video:

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Air Force condor.25

Squirrel time

Tuning AirForce condor .25 CAL out 100 yards

Tuning tips for the AirForce condor .25 Cal shooting our pellet guns at long-range out to 100 yards and having fun doing it

Airforce airguns 5 star cusmer service ce

Recommend airforce airguns. Come best in its class

AIrforce Texan 308 4500 psi 232 grain Chrongraph numbers No 1

Airforce Texan 308 powered by 4500 PSI Upgrade from shooting 232 grain bullet

lost mojo (coyote 1, airgunhunter 0)

coyote hunting goof up
using an Airforce Airguns Escape

How animals react to Airforce Condor SS sound.

I went to dial in my scope after pressure adjustments, and found a prime oppertunity to test how wildlife reacts to the sound of my air rifle. No animals were harmed in the making of this video, and I claim no responsibility for the accuracy of my rifle either. it was shooting about 2 higher after the pressure adjustment....enjoy

Air force condor 25 cal

43 grains holowpoints from Mr holowpoints

Airforce Condor/Escape .25 Hunting Pest Pigeons pt. 2

Out doing some pesting on my a friends farm using my hybrid Airforce Condor/Escape .25 w/ 33.95gr JSB's @ 910fps avg. = 64 ft. lbs. this is part 2 of two videos of the same hunt... All shots were taken from my SUV . Video is a little rough but it's my first time w/ new equipment. :)

Airgun Red Squirrel Hunt 5

Hello Fellow air gunners. This squirrel hunt video is a little more graphic than usual However, I wanted to demonstrate the power of the .25 Airforce Condor with Predator polymags. All game taken in this video is legal and under valid hunting licenses. IF YOU DON'T LIKE TO HUNT SQUIRRELS PLEASE DON'T WATCH. Seriously, hunting is not for everyone! Enjoy and feel free to comment and or ask questions. Please enjoy.



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