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AirForce Texan, Leland & Big Mama Pig


AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle Review

Eric goes over the AirForce Texan Big Bore Air Rifle features and takes it in the range to test it out.


I needed to rebuild a wall in the house due to mold, but before that I wanted to check how safe my walls are. In this video I am testing two air rifles and a bow. And I check two different spots in the house: a regular house wall and a fireplace wall.
Leave me a comment below if you have ever tested your air rifles inside the house!

#Airforcetexan #Bowtechreign #Fxcrown

Unboxing AirForce Texan SS

in this video i will be doing an unboxing of the new airforce texan ss air rifle. also some new protoype bullets from aero magnum. links below to purchase products in this video. please subscibe for more future videos and thanks for watching...
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air force Texan ss scope combo

Texan ss

fx streamline

aero magnum .457 259gr lone star HP

jsb 25 25.39gr

real avid pistol tool

Airforce Texan 300bar 4500Ppsi (850J)

airforce TEXAN 300 bar 850J

Coyote hunting with airforce texan .45 airgun part 2

Airforce texan hunting p1

Membasmi Hama Babi Yg Merugikan Petani...

Airforce TD257 Air Gun hunts its 1st Coyote

Out with my TalonDor 257 caliber Airgun trying to successfully take a coyote. A nearby rancher pointed me in the right direction to try my luck. I've called in yotes before but was unsuccessful. The TD257 makes 200 FPE shooting 100 gr bullets and over 160 FPE shooting as light as 70.5 gr HP's. In this video, I use a 100 grain HP spritzer to successfully take this yote. The shot was at a lasered 62 yards! It was a clean pass through at this range.

Airforce Texan Gunpower .45

Shooting 350 grainers!

Airforce Texan Gunpower .45

He was surprised 😉 when shooting the Texan for the first time. 350 grainers on the move!

Airforce Texan .357 Hits Golf Ball at 350 Yards! Long Ranger Challenge

Turns out the AirForce Texan is a LONG RANGE SHOOTER! Like our UpNorthAirgunner videos? Use this link to shop AirGun Depot for all of your ammo and airgun equipment to help us keep this channel going:

350 Yards Golf Ball Shot - Long Ranger Contest
Rifle = Airforce Texan .357 - w/ homemade ABS shroud with rubber end cap at the muzzle and Sharpshooter X-Ring Barrel De-resonator replacing the factory decorative cap (helped with bad harmonics).
Scope = SNIPER 6-24X50
Tank Pressure = 2900 PSI (tethered to 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber Tank)
Pellet = 128 gr. AeroMagnum
Velocity = 900-950 FPS

Deer hunt using a custom Airforce Texan upgraded to 4500 psi KIT from AAO shooting 320g Mr hp ammo

Youth pro staffer Caleb Simon harvests a deer using a custom Airforce Texan upgraded to 4,500 psi shooting 320 grain ammo from Mr. Hollowpoint

Super Tex 50 cal ( Airforce Texan ) shooting 633 grain Bullet Untethered 4000 psi

Shooting the Super Tex 50 cal Prototype 633 grain Bullet Untethered @ 4000 psi



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