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Airforce Airguns Review | Texan VS. Texan SS Comparison


Airforce texan ,308 75 100 yard groups 111 gr.

Just a quick video to recap this

I am still learning this airgun.

1000 yd Accuracy-Texan-Air Rifle

Tried to make a pic in pic video..People ask why not include you shooting rifle..Range is so great it shows nothing, IMO. Why I included 2 shots full view of shooting. Texan .45 Airgun.....I like camera view at target and hearing the impact on steel......For other long range airgun videos CLICK for .45 Texan For up to 1100 yds and a .257 Click

AirForce Texan Big Bore Airgun: Testing 100 Yards with .457 Boat Tail Cast Bullets

The AirForce Texan line of big bore air guns are amazing for power and accuracy. With that said, the need to take the time and tune your gun to each bullet weight and varying fill pressures and hammer strike with the power wheel will be critical to getting your gun dialed in. This test is with a prototype 360 grain boat tail flat nose bore riding bullet. I was getting 2 inch to 2.5 inch groups at 100 yards. Not going to win any competitions with this - but every one of these shots would put meat in the freezer.

Umarex Airguns High Pressure Air Hand Pump for PCP Air Guns

Rossi Morreale uses the Umarex Airguns Hand Pump made for High Pressure PCP Air Guns so you can pressurize your pre-charged pneumatic air rifle like the Umarex Gauntlet without having to have a big carbon fiber tank or expensive compressor. The Umarex pump by Hill Pumps of England is a great accessory for first-time PCP shooters. Easy to use and helps you stay fit as the pressure increases in the gun's tank.

Note: The Umarex Hand Pump does not come with the dryer assembly. The dryer assembly and dryer packs are an accessory.

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Umarex Synergis Air Rifle 12x RapidMag How It Works : UX Airguns

This video explains how the Umarex Synergis 12xRapidMag and Auto-Indexing system works together in the under lever pellet rifle that's making break barrel repeaters obsolete.

Airforce Texan ,Lethal Air 308, Caliber Change Kit from African Air Ordnance

Switching out the Airforce Texan 45 cal Breech Slide and installing the 308 caliber change Breech slide to change caliber from 45 to 308
in partnership with Appalachian Airguns USA

Boat Tail Slug Penetration Test

This is a quick penetration comparison between two boat tail air rifle slugs, Rat Sniper Slugs and Nelson Specialty Ammo. Due to weather could only shoot 2 of each slug and there’s no video or chronograph data.

Both behave well and think both shot low was from me sitting on the ground and using a different hold on the air rifle as my regular range was closed.

These do weigh more than regular pellets but have superior ballistic coefficients. They may start out slower but they lose very little speed in flight so they don’t lose much energy. Both slugs devastated plastic bottles filled with water.

Didn’t tape everything securely together which probably accounts for the penetration differences of the NSA pellets. If everything had been held tighter the results would probably have been more consistent. Need to find a better medium to test with as the friction of phone books tends to deform pellets and slugs. However they do capture pellets and slugs.

Have previously shown RSS in other videos and will be doing more NSA’s in the future. Would recommend either one.

Gunpower sss .22 power of penetration

Tiro da 20m ad una bottiglia da 2l piena d'acqua, con carabina PCP da titolo.

Tri-X-Stand / Air Force condor air rifle.

Hunting red fox daytime with a pellet rifle.

Rat hammered at 87m nightvision

This was a rat in an open field taken with my Airforce Condor .22 @ 87m using Maxdex nightvision.

Démontage talon p

Air gun power-200 m

Ballistic gel test of the AeroMagnum 128.5g .357 Devastator

This test was done with Benjamin Bulldog tuned to shoot the AeroMagnum 128.5 gr bullet at an average of 850fps.
This shot was taken at about 5 feet away into a 4x4x14 block of Knotts Gelatin mix using a 1lbs of gel to 1gal of water ratio.
Penetration was 11 7/8

.25 cal. slugs 48 gr. hp

These are for my new toy that’s on the way.$28.99 for 250 count at Hunters Supply.Got to my house in 2 days.



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