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Airforce Condor SS .25 Caliber Air Rifle


Airforce Condor/Escape .25 Hunting Pest Pigeons pt. 1

Out doing some pesting on my a friends farm using my hybrid Airforce Condor/Escape .25 w/ 33.95gr JSB's @ 910fps avg. = 64 ft. lbs. this is part 1 of two videos of the same hunt... All shots were taken from my SUV . Video is a little rough but it's my first time w/ new equipment. :)

.25 Caliber Pellet Penetration Testing with AirForce Condor SS

This is a video showing penetration testing of different .25 caliber pellets in oriented strand board test coupons.

All targets were 33 yards from the muzzle so this is really a test of how much energy the pellets have down range.

Check out the video about the results of swaging the Hunters Supply Pellets.

AirForce Airguns Condor SS Easy Performance Upgrades

Condor and Condor SS air rifles are easily modified to your liking. You can increase the power without making the rifle unbearably loud while keeping the accuracy and all of this can be done at home.

Used TalonTunes mods but there are many people out there who make them. Tony was one of the few people who would respond to questions.

Condor SS is setup for hunting within 50 yards. I find myself wanting to shoot longer distances but then the holdover becomes complex so I’m leaving at centered at 50 yards.

People ask me why I like air rifles, their insanely accurate, they are quiet, they don’t kick, and it makes me feel like I’m 8 years old again!

At 106 yards or 97 meters, with a 4 mil dot hold over using a 43.2 grain Seneca (Eun Jin) pellet, hit the center of a 3 wide target on the first shot into the wind.

Also tested Nelson Specialty Ammo 38.5 and 43.5 grain hollow point at 50 yards. 43.5 hit at the same point as the Seneca and the 38.5 grain was ½” high. 45 grain Rat Sniper Slugs hit just below the target.

Airforce Condor/ Escape .25

Lost footage of more Starling, Sparrow and Blackbird pesting with the .25 Airforce Air Rifle

Airforce condor ss.25

Ground squirrel control

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Unboxing and Assembling the Airforce CondorSS

Our Friends at Airgun Depot sent us an Airforce CondorSS to review. I unbox and assemble it in this video.
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Nielsen Specialty Ammo 29 gr. Slug AirForce Condor .25

This was at exactly 27 yards.

AirForce Condor .25 cal. JSB 25.39/ 33.95 Velocity/Energy Test

The AirForce Condor has got some real power.

3 shot group at 100ft with my .25 caliber Airforce Condor SS


Indoor shooting .25 caliber Airforce Condor SS at 100ft

.25 caliber Airforce Condor SS. Firing 35.8grain pellets

AirForce Condor 25 Ballistic Gel Test 2

Testing .25 cal pellets and slugs in Ballistic Gel shooting from AirForce Condor.

AirForce Airguns TEXAN

AirForce Airguns TEXAN @ SHOT SHOW
Media day at shot show.

Laser on AirForce Condor .25


Custom Airforce Talon condor SS .457 valve

this is what it looks like folks

and here it is shooting

AirForce Condor Slow Motion Targets 2

AirForce Condor .25 using JSB Exact King and Hunters Supply 48 gr hp .

My Making PCP Airgun Hunting (PCP Homemade Airgun) [[PCP Airforce Condor]]

My Making PCP Airgun Hunting (PCP Homemade Airgun) [[PCP Airforce Condor]]
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Spare Air 2019 HPLP 250 Valve for the Airforce Texan 250 Bar 3625psi

New for 2019 from will be available in 257/308 , 9mm ,457 calibre Spare Air 2019 HPLP 250 valve for the Airforce Texan HPLP stands for High Power Low Pressure 250 BAR or 3625 psi Once one the market this will let folks who want a Spare Air 2019 HPLP Valve and Bottle to carry in there back pack Add more Power and More shots w

Airforce Condor/Escape Kill Snippet 2.

Airforce Escape/Condor .25