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Airgun KWC Makarov 4.5mm Steel BB


Aneka Modifikasi Valve Jericho KWC maupun RCF 941

Aneka Modifikasi Valce Jericho KWC maupun RCF 941

Adapun modifikasi valve adalah dengan melubangi valve dengan menambah jumlah lubang, terdiri dari :
1. Lubang 2 ( Standard Pabrik )
2. Lubang 4 ( tenaga lumayan )
3. Lubang 6 ( tenaga lebih dari lumayan )
4. Lubang 2 BESAR ( tenaga besar, karena keluaran CO2 besar )

Hati hati dalam membeli valve modifikasi, karena apabila valve yang tidak baik akan merusak hammer ataupun karet seal pada magazine, usahakan membeli yang modifikasi dengan menggunakan valve standard ORI PABRIK.

How to Fix Leaking Co2 Airguns or Airsoft Guns

A video showing you how to fix minor to major leaks for Co2 airguns or airsoft guns. There are many tricks out there, but some of you might not have heard of the tricks I use! Remember, prevention is always better than repairing. Treat your guns nicely and they shall last a very long time!


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My new Makarov Chrono Test and Review

Baikal Makarov Chrono FPS Test

BB Airgun 4,5 mm

paket BB 4,5 baru sampai

Leaking Bakial Makarov CO2 magazine.

Trying to fix a leaking CO2 magazine on my Generation 5 Bakial Makarov

test makarov cal 4,5 mm

testing airgun co2
cuaca panas jadi maaf kalo buka baju ????

Unboxing Baikal Makarov Russia T15 MP-654K cal.4.5mm CO2

Airgun Baikal Makarov

tutorial revolvere 733 sefty use

revolvere 733 airgun just sport use not personal protec
gunakan dengan bijak properti out door games dan lengkapi dokument anda

salam olah raga
boy depp

Tes makarov kwc

Cocok untuk yg hobi olah raga tembak


Só aqui você encontra os melhores preços e melhores formas de pagamento para o seu equipamento de Airsoft e CO²


Pistola CO2 Makarov full Metal.

• Função: Semi Automática
• Propulsão: CO2 12g (Cilindro descartável)
• Munição: Esferas de aço/cobre/chumbo calibre 4,5mm
• Calibre: 4,5mm (.177)
• Ação: Dupla
• Blowback: NÃO - Slide Fixo
• Material: FULL METAL
• Capacidade do carregador: 18 esferas
• Rendimento aproximado: 1 cilindro - 65 disparos
• Velocidade: 500fps - 122m/s - MUITO Forte.
• Peso: 680g sem cilindro e chumbinhos
• Escala: 1:1
• Fabricante: Umarex

Makarov Upgrade Project Update

►► Remember to select 1080p 60FPS HD◄◄
Here's an update to my Ultimate Makarov build project.


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Bedah Kelengkapan Airsoftgun Makarov 4.5mm

Ini dia airsoftgun terfavorit d kalangan penggemar hobi tembak menembak, yuk simak apa aja kelengkapannya,.. bersama rujak cingur joss,..

Kwc Makarov

For Sale: KWC Makarov
bb gotri 4.5mm
Gas Co2 nonblowback
Kapasitas mag 18

Gratis tabung 3
Bb gotri 4.5mm 250an
Silikon (pelumas)
Kunci L
Nego gurih ????

Airsoftgun makarov kwc first test

Airsoftgun/airgun makarov kwc 4,5mm
First shoot test. Target redbull bottol, from 7-8 meters.

2018 Replica Airguns Halloween Contest Giveaway Winners

- 2018 Replica Airguns Halloween Contest Giveaway Winners:

Make sure to watch my YouTube Video to find out who the winners are for this Years 2018 Replica Airguns Halloween Contest Giveaway. We had around 10 video entries so the odds of wining where really great for everyone that got involved this year, especially considering we are giving away three airguns to three separate winners!

Thanks to everyone that uploaded a Halloween Costume Video, I enjoyed watching them all. You can checkout the 2018 Replica Airguns Halloween Contest Giveaway Playlist to view all of this years Halloween Contest entry videos.

I will be in contact with the Winners shortly…

1st Place Winner: Jrtv966 (Crazy Batman Costume - Crosman 357)

2nd Place Winner: themanofdeth61 (Really detailed Cowboy Costume - Colt Single Action Army)

3rd Place Winner: Amptorem Gingerdad (A Christmas Story - Red Ryder BB Gun)

Here are links to the prize Airguns:

Umarex Glock 19 4.5mm CO2 Blowback BB Pistol:

KWC Makarov CO2 Blowback BB Pistol:

Colt SAA BB or Pellet CO2 Revolver:

KWC Model TT-33 CO2 SAO Non Blowback BB Pistol Field Test Review

Visit for Airgun related Articles, Posts and Reviews!

Type: BB Pistol.
Manufacturer: KWC.
Model: TT-33.
Materials: Mostly all Metal with some plastic parts.
Weight: 1.54 pounds (700 grams).
Barrel: Non-rifled.
Propulsion: 12 gram CO2.
Action: Non-Blowback - single action only trigger and hammer.
Ammunition Type: 4.5mm Steel BB's.
Ammunition Capacity: 19 rounds.
FPS: 423

I will start of this Field Test Shooting video by saying that the KWC Model TT-33 CO2 SAO Non-Blowback BB Pistol is not going to be an action shooter since it is a single action only gun much like the old west 6 shooters but in this case it is not a revolver but rather what looks like a semi auto Tokarev. Once you get over that and accept that there will be no action shooting with the KWC Model TT-33 CO2 SAO Non-Blowback BB Pistol, then we can get back to having some good old shooting fun with it.

For my Chronograph Test to find out if the KWC Model TT-33 CO2 SAO Non-Blowback BB Pistol get’s close to KWC’s 423 claimed fps I loaded up the Full Size Drop Out Metal Magazine with around 10 BB’s in hopes of getting at least 5 recorded shots to determine a real world velocity. Initially the KWC Model TT-33 CO2 SAO Non-Blowback BB Pistol was shooting poorly with the velocity going up and down a lot even as low as 200 fps but as I finished off the 10 round magazine things started to improve a bit. So I loaded up another 10 rounds and gave it another go. This second time around the KWC Model TT-33 CO2 SAO Non-Blowback BB Pistol performed much better getting an Average of 370 fps which is a lot closer to the clamped fps by KWC...

Read the rest of my Written Field Test Shooting Review:

Also checkout the my written Table Top Review for the KWC Model TT-33 CO2 SAO Non Blowback BB Pistol:

Buy the KWC Model TT-33 CO2 SAO Non-Blowback BB Pistol in Canada:

Buy the KWC Model TT-33 CO2 SAO Non-Blowback BB Pistol in the US:

KWC M1911 Non Blowback CO2 Pellet Pistol Field Test Review

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KWC M1911 Non Blowback CO2 Pellet Pistol Field Test Review

Type: Pellet air pistol.
Distributer: KWC.
Model: M1911.
Materials: Metal and polymer build.
Weight: 2.2 pounds (990 grams).
Barrel: Rifled steel.
Propulsion: CO2 x1.
Action: Semi auto non-blowback, double action only.
Ammunition Type:.177 caliber pellets.
Ammunition Capacity: 12 rounds.FPS: 345.

I have been looking forward to making this Filed Test Shooting Review for some time now. I have reviewed lots of other KWC CO2 BB 1911’s in the past but this is the first pellet shooting version and it even has a full size drop out metal magazine that holds the CO2 and duel 6 round rotary magazines. Sure there is no blowback operation and the trigger is double action only but it does have a rifled barrel and I was hoping it would get decent accuracy because of this. Let’s find out…

Starting with my Chronograph test to see if I could hit the 345 fps claimed velocity on the outside of the KWC M1911 Non-Blowback CO2 Pellet Pistol Box, as always I used a brand new CO2 cartridge for testing. I then loaded 6 RWS Super-H-Point 6.9 grain lead pellets into the 6 round rotary magazines and fired off 6 shots to get an average. Even using these lead non-hypervelocity pellets I was able to get an average of 341 fps with some of the faster shots hitting 350 fps so yes the KWC M1911 Non-Blowback CO2 Pellet Pistol does get the pellets up to 345 fps as claimed by KWC. The temperature was about average at right around 24 degrees Celsius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit...

Read the rest of my written Field Test Shooting Review:

Also check out the my written Table Top Review for the KWC M1911 Non-Blowback CO2 Pellet Pistol:

Buy the KWC M1911 Non-Blowback CO2 Pellet Pistol in our Canada Store:

Buy the KWC M1911 Non-Blowback CO2 Pellet Pistol in our US Store:

How To: KWC Makarov PM CO2-pistol assembly/disassembly & modding

Finally got time to make video about my KWC Makarov PM CO2-pistol. This is how to do assembly/disassembly and how to mod this pistol to make it better video! Hope this helps you guys!

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AIR GUN MAKAROV RCF cal 4,5mm.non blowback....standart factory.

Don't try this at home....hanya untuk yang profesional dan memiliki izin,serta keanggotaan club dari perbakin....Airgun ini hanya untuk olah raga...bukan untuk membela diri,atau menyakiti orang lain....Terima kasih.

Baikal MP654K Makarov 4.5mm Co2 air pistol upgrades

2016 gen 4 Baikal Makarov MP654K Co2 4.5mm air pistol in nickel finish. Upgraded with better flowing valve, custom valve spring and smoothbore barrel and barrel extension. A very nice heavy gun metal Co2 pistol.



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