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Airgun hunting HW80 ON THE HUNT


FWB 124 Piston Buttoning

This a short video I took about buttoning a Feinwerkbau 124 piston. Hope you enjoy.

Srspower Airgun Armoury Explained

Tom and I sat down and went through our (mainly his) Air Rifle and Pistol collection, there was a lot to go over!


Srspower T-Shirts







Updating Norica air rifles to GRS System

Video instruction for updating Norica air rifles from the conventional system to modern GRS system in a simple way by our gunsmith ZUBI.

The Most Powerful Air Rifle in my collection Part Two

Shooting and Reviewing my Weihrauch HW80, comparing substance to substance.
The HW80 is not my most powerful air rifle by a long shot, it is one of the more powerful.
Keep watching as the story unfolds......
Thanks Guys,

Weihrauch HW 80 5.5 mm and Slavia 630 4.5 mm finally get new bed .. ???? .. 20190427191534

Huntshield All-Weather Double Rifle Case, 52-in:
Huntshield All-Weather Double Rifle Case for transporting your gun and gear with ease
Double scoped rife case features a rugged industrial strength construction
Heavy duty dry-lock gasket for maximum protection against the elements
Dual stage lockable latches and built-in pressure release valve
Length: 52 (132 cm)

Top 5: .22 Cal Hunting Pellets

When you want to make your shot count, you need the right hunting pellets for your airgun.

These .22 Cal hunting pellets are designed to give you the accuracy you need while at the same time delivering maximum power in order to humanely take game. We have hand selected our Top 5 favorites that have proven themselves in the field.

JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo Monster .22 Cal, 25.39 gr:

Crosman Premier Hollowpoint .22 Cal, 14.3 gr:

JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy .22 Cal, 18.13 gr:

H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme .22 Cal, 18.52 gr:

Predator Polymag .22 Cal, 15.89 gr:

Weihrauch HW97k .177 Blue Laminate /50 Metre

Air Arms S410 Xtra FAC - 910 FPS - 62 Atış - Necati


Testing the penetration of clay using five different .22 Airgun / Air rifle pellets:
RWS Superdome
RWS Superpoint
RWS Super-H-Point
Crosman Premier Hollow Point
H&N Field Target Trophy

For this test i used my Weihrauch HW57 which i have installed a vmach kit (11.6 FT/LBS). The scope is the Hawke Airmax SR12, i think its a brilliant scope.

air rifle pellet test.22 caliber wax Air gun medium airifle shooting gun guns Airifle Airgun ammo lead jsb predator polymag crow magnum gamo raptor beeman silver bear kodiak extra heavy rws super point worlds best way 800 feet per second fps physics terminal ballistics advanced macro up close footage film video high
quality Lewis and Clark's secret weapon - a late 18th Century .46 cal. 20 shot repeating air rifle by Girandoni , as used bin the Napoleonic Wars. A Treasure Gun from the NRA National Firearms Museum
target Air rifle gamo big cat 1200 spring piston gun guns ammo ammunition rounds lead shot shooting fire firing pba performance ballistic alloy gold raptor power beeman kodiak match extra heavy semi round nose test testing fast explosion torn open chelada budweiser Air Rifle Pigeon Dove Hunt Edgun Matador PCP.22 ЭДган Матадор Scopecam Hawke Sidewinder Starling Hunting slow motion Hold Over Shooting Casio EX-FC150 Mil Dot Mildot Wind Doping Dope Windage Hold-Over practice dualAA Field AA Hunter Accupell Beeman Bearcub Beeman Crow Magnum Beeman FTS Beeman H+N Match Beeman Kodiak Beeman Laser Beeman Ram Jet Beeman Silver Ace Beeman Silver Arrow Beeman Silver Bear Beeman Silver Jet Beeman Silver Sting Beeman Trophy Benj Sheridan Diablo Bisley Long Range Gold Bisley Magnum Bisley Pest Control Bisley Practice Bisley Superfield BSA Elite BSA Excalibur BSA Lazapell Crosman Accupell Crosman Pointed Crosman Powapell Crosman Premier Crosman Verminpell Daystate FT Dynamic PCP2 Dynamic SN2 Dynamic TAC2 Dynamic TM2 Dynamic XP2 Eley Magnum Exterminator 16 Grain Exterminator 18 Grain Exterminator 20.5 Grain Gamo Match Gamo Pro-Magnum Gamo TS-18 H+N FTT JSB - Pointed JSB Exact JSB Exact Heavy RWS Eun Jin RWS Hobby RWS Meisterkugeln RWS Super H Point RWS Superdome RWS Supermag RWS Superpoint Webley Lazapell Webley Mosquito Express Beeman Crow Magnum Beeman H+N Match Beeman Kodiak Beeman Ram Jet Bisley Pest Control Bisley Superfield BSA Pylarm Dai Sung Gamo Hunter H+N Baracuda H+N FTT H+N Ram Point Logun Penetrator Airifle

SMK XS208 air rifle - Strip and tune

SMK XS208 air rifle - Strip and tune

Tuning your air rifle will result in less recoil and it will be smooth & easy to cock.
Less recoil benefits accuracy.

crow hunting 35 yards with pardus aps

heloo hunting lovers if you love hunting than this video is for you

Ralf Weihrauch The Foxhunt w. Beate Rupietta

Taken from the album Hole in One

RWS 460 T06 .22 Vortek PG2 tune part 2

So this is the Vortek PG2 kit I got for my Diana 460 T06 .22

It's a custom order

It's supposed to be the .130 wire
But as you can see in the video looks like they might've sent me the .128 wire spring

Airguns of California Reviews Pomona Airguns

Airguns of California reviews
(760) 244-8271 Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle

00:02 Jim asks Carl how do you like your Marauder Air Rifle?
Carl responds by saying I like my Marauder.
00:13 Jim asks is that a twenty two ?
Carl responds Its a twenty two and I love it.
00:18 Jim asks does it shoot good ?
Carl responds Excellent I am pleased. Jaw dropping good!
00:26 Jim asks Carl Do you like the service you got at Pomona Airguns?
Carl responds that the service at Pomona-Airguns was absolutely marvelous I was very
The service was good, the prices was even better and that's my new home.
00:48 Jim responds Pomona Airguns is a good place, Steve is a good guy huh?
Carl responds Excellent, Excellent
00:54 Jim says He really is isn't he! This is where I also bought my Marauder 25 cal
beautiful gun it really shoots good its a diffenet, diffenet squirrel getter!
And does a pretty good number on rabbits too, its just great!
And so if you are looking for an airgun,
Give Steve a call over at Pomona-Airguns,
he is very knowledgeable, he is really a great guy
and man I tell you what, airgun hunting, if you haven't gone airgun hunting
you just ain't gone hunting. Its a, talk about a challenge its just an incredible
experience, anybody 50, 60 yards away doesn't even know what's going on.
You can off a rabbit and the other one is sitting there and he just looks at him and
says hay you just fell over. No noise just a lethal pellet, bang dinner is on the table!
So come on over to Pomona-Airguns there over in Phelan, you can go ahead and
check out the directory below, and see their address, their phone number
Give Steve a call over there! He's a great gun and he knows a lot about airguns
Well that's all I've got to say for now
We're going back to hunting and so everybody have a great day and don't
forget go to Pomona-Airguns for all your airgun needs.

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H&N Field Target Trophy (5.53) .22 - Air Rifle Pellet Review #1

Kicking off the .22 Pellets Reviews is the H&N Field Target Trophy.

This is a pellet that is raved about by most shooters and has has a solid following. How have my rifles got on with it and will I be buying another tin?

Strongly recommend you look at their website...

As always feel free to comment, don't troll, stay safe and shoot straight.

Coyote Hunting

We decided to take the FoxPro for a walk at camp. We didn't have any luck, but still had fun. Thanks for watching. Please watch other videos and remember to subscribe.


.22 air rifle shooting a plastic milk carton in slow motion (Weihrauch HW 80 with Theoben gas strut). Filmed at 600 frames a second with my Casio EX F1.

Airgun in a trade & airgun stuff

Quick video on the new rifle I acquired in a trade and some air gun stuff

Weihrauch HW 97k .177 jsb 8,44 grain. 35m

Bueno amigos aquí les dejo un video de lo preciso que es este rifle usando buenos diabolos

Piston for MK2 BSA Airsporter all cleaned up

This was a total strip down on this air rifle.



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