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Airgun hunting HW80 ON THE HUNT


REVIEW: Weihrauch HW95L Field Pro - 100 Yard - Long Range Tins

REVIEW: Weihrauch HW95L Field Pro - 100 Yard - Long Range Tins
This video contains a review of a pellet / BB rifle. Its powered entirely by spring actioned compressed air and uses no gunpowder and must not be confused with any form of tactical firearm. My Targets are paper and tins.

Always shoot safely and show consideration to others around you, this review is designed entirely as an independent review.

I am a hobby job video maker, and film the latest products that I can get my hands on. NOTHING I SHOW IS FOR SALE FROM ME, these are pure reviews which are all my own work. If you wish to find out more please do a Google search on the item I am reviewing. I am not instructing you to purchase or take part in any thing you see in my video. It is for pure family entertainment purposes only. Should you wish to know more I am happy to suggest Airguns of Arizona and Braces of Bristol they have helped me over the years but a Google search may find you what your looking for.
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Please enjoy the video’s I make.

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DISCLAIMER: This video is meant for educational, documentary and research purposes only. Any work on airguns and airgun accessories should be carried out by a proficient licensed professional. Neither “The Airgun Gear Show” it’s host or anyone connected to the show, You Tube, Google or parent company can will be held liable for any injury or damage resulting from attempting to duplicate anything shown in this video. This video is for pure review purposes only. We do not sell airguns, airgun parts, or airgun equipment. By viewing this video, you are acknowledging the contents of this disclaimer.

I was neither paid or sponsored to make this video, its my own opinion and thoughts.

Airgun Hunt: Diana Stormrider Field Review.... Rabbit Hunting

In this video I take a look at how the Diana Stormrider handles under field conditions and we'll discuss rabbit hunting with this affordable PCP air rifle, the Diana Stormrider is a budget priced hunting air rifle that outperforms its price point.

I use this .22 caliber rifle to take both cottontail and jackrabbits, demonstrating the efficacy to ethically harvest game with an affordable shooting platform. Further I discuss and provide examples of the use of both head shots and body shots when hunting small game.

The Stormrider has a 100 cc air reservoir that fills to 2000 psi, which make it an ideal candidate for filling with a handpump. And even with this low fill pressure and small air reservoir, the rifle generates approximately 30 shots per fill at over 20 fpe.

Check with Air Venturi/Pyramyd Air for More info on this rifle:

Please watch: Seneca Eagle Claw on the Prowl for Abert's Tree Squirrel


Hunting doves with a spring powered airgun

this morning I head out to a local dove hotspot , it was my first time out there so I didn't know what to expect. However as the day progressed it became abundantly clear that this would become my favorite dove hunting spot for a ambush style hunt !

my equipment.

Gun : Walther century in .177 FAC rated.

pellets : H&N Field Target Trophy 4.51 * 8,64 grain, domed .

tripod, no idea ...its old...

camera 1: ipad mini

Camera 2 : my sony phone.

scope : walther ZF 6x42 AO

published on the 7/23/2016

Rights reserved : Francis van niekerk.

March Hunt With the Walther century in 4.5mm

so its march and we take after the pests once more .

today were after the Eurasian collared dove and some sparrows .

my equipment was the standard Walther Century in 4.5mm with a BSA 3-9x32 set parallax scope along with the rifle I used some JSB Exact heavy 10.34 grain pellets with a head size of4.51 which I have found to be superbly accurate out to about 40 meters .

its a beautiful day to be outside and just enjoy nature, and have a blast shooting down some pests !

hope you enjoy the video and remember to like and Subscribe .
happy hunting ..


Air Rifle Squirrel Hunting with the Edgun Matador

This is another Airgun Adventure in the forest of Maine, Hunting squirrels with my EdGun Matador. If you don't like hunting squirrels Please DON'T WATCH! All game harvested in this video is legal and ethical and shot with a precision Air rifle. This video is intended for those air gun enthusiast who don't get a chance to enjoy hunting in the great outdoors and demonstrates proper shot placement. EXZIVER Out!

TD257 AIRGUN takes 2nd Coyote at 50 yards

During this outing, i went to hunt a Coyote and a few Jack Rabbits. I called using a Jack Rabbit Distress call for about 20-25 minutes with no success. I then pack up and head off to another location to Jack Rabbit hunt exclusively. While driving to the locale, I spot a big male Coyote watching me drive by. As fast as I could, I stop my truck, hop out and take aim at the yote. The rest is in the video....................

Quail Hunt (Air Rifle)

Gorgeous day hunting quail on some private property on the last day of the season using my trusty and reliable Air Arms 510 .22

Air Rifle Hunting - Magpies Pest Control video 5 /2014

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Music: Royalty-free; Kevin MacLeod (
I own all rights in content to this video.

Air Rifle Red Squirrel Hunting 7 (EDgun Matador)

Another air rifle outing hunting squirrels with my EDgun Matador. If you don't like hunting squirrels, PLEASE DON'T watch. This is a hunters perspective and all game take in this video is legal, and ethical. This video is intended for those air gun enthusiast who don't get a chance to enjoy hunting in the great outdoors. Exziver Out~
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Spring powered airgun hunting

hunting on a farm with my cousin (aka son of Rambo)..
pigeon and hare hunt, may 2016

KalibrGun Cricket Porcupine Hunt

This is another Airgun adventure hunt for a porcupine that is lurking around one of my stands. If you don't like hunting Please Don't watch. These rodents can easily render a stand unsafe by chewing on the straps and supports. I chose to hunt them with a precision air rifle and demonstrate a surgical humane shot. Remember shot placement is key! Thanks for watching!

Exziver out~

Airgun hunting for the October Groundhog

Here is another one of my Airgun Adventures. This time with my EDgun Matador R3M in search for a groundhog (woodchuck) that is digging holes around gravestones. If you don't like pesting or hunting please don't watch!


Long Note Four Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Airgun Winter Gray Squirrel Hunt

This is an Air gun adventure Hunt with the Edgun Matador R3m in a quest for Gray Squirrels in Sub freezing weather. If you don't like hunting squirrels, Please DON'T WATCH! Otherwise, enjoy fellow hunters. Exziver Out~

Ultimate autumn hunting with a springer

In this video I shoot a variaty of different small game over a few days with my Matt Winser tuned HW97KT, this video was first seen on squirrel hunter chanel and I am just allowing my subscribers to see the content. Thanks for watching and enjoy :)
Tuning Kit - Matt Winser :

In this video I hunt a variety of game and pest species with my air rifle, the reasons for doing this is to provide good meals as the meat tastes great (maybe not the magpie) and to try and keep the local population in check. The pigeons create a lot of issues for the local farms, robbing seed from the grain stores and defecating on them making them next to useless and destroying standing crop by bashing it down with their wings. The squirrels do a huge amount of damage to the woodland from stripping the trees of bark and consequently killing them to robbing songbird eggs. The magpies also rob the eggs. The rabbits on the land that I was shooting on dig holes and this can cause a big problem if the sheep or horses were to put their leg down the hole as they can break and have to be put down. Hope you enjoy this short clip put together over the autumn.
My Kit.
Rifle - HW97K .177 (Matt Wisner performance kit installed) Search for Matt Winser on Facebook
Pellets - Air Arms Diablo Field 4.52
Scope - Nikko Stirling Game King 4-16x50
Mount - Sports Match one piece
Range Finder - Hawke Endurance LRF600
Sling - Padded Super Sling by Outdoor Connection
Music by QOLE -

Air Rifle Hunting Crows - Pest Control #5

Rifle: KalibrGun Cricket .22
Scope: Hawke 6.5-20x42/ Zero is 50m / 54yd
Pillet: Exsact Heavy JSB 1.175gr/5.53mm
Energy: 46 joules, 34ft
Camera: Casio EXILIM EX-ZR200



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