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Alaskan Peninsula Brown Bear Hunt: The Footsteps of Giants


Mother Mountain Goat Protect Her Baby From Snow Leopard Hunting, Animals Hunt Fail

Mother Mountain Goat Protect Her Baby From Snow Leopard Hunting, Animals Hunt Fail
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Content description: Mother Mountain Goat Protect Her Baby From Snow Leopard Hunting, Animals Hunt Fail
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KUIU Mountain Academy 2018 - Lance Kronberger, Hunting in the Extreme Conditions of Alaska

In this archived live broadcast from KUIU's inaugural Mountain Academy event on June 23rd, 2018, Lance Kronberger gives a seminar on his experience as a business owner and guide in Alaska. He covers the conditions to expect on an Alaskan hunt, gear choices, gun choices, and takes a series of questions from audience members.

The incredible ibex defies gravity and climbs a dam | Forces of Nature with Brian Cox - BBC

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The spectacular sight of mountain goats defying gravity on a vertical dam wall in Italy, and all because they are have a craving for some of Earth's elements essential to life.

Professor Brian Cox combines some of the most spectacular sights on Earth with our deepest understanding of the universe to reveal how the planet's beauty is created by just a handful of forces.

Forces of Nature with Brian Cox | Series 1 Episode 3 | BBC

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KUIU Europe Series: Second Chance - Moose Hunting in the Yukon

Pedro travels with his dad to the Yukon to take a second shot at hunting moose - their previous trip was unsuccessful. Father and son hunt with rifles and bows, and have the experience of a lifetime.

Baby Mountain Goat Learns To Follow In His Mother's Footsteps | North America

In the Rocky Mountains, this baby mountain goat needs to learn to follow in his mother's footsteps if he wants to survive the harsh environment and freezing temperatures of the mountain range that is his home.

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Rock-Climbing Goats

The nubian ibex, a desert-dwelling goat, can scale near vertical cliffs.
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The nubian ibex (Capra nubiana) is a desert-dwelling goat that gives birth to young atop tall windswept mesas. The mesa's steep cliff faces offer protection from predators. When the offspring are a few days old they must scale these cliff faces to reach food in the valleys below.


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Nature is a production of THIRTEEN for PBS. Throughout its history, Nature has brought the natural world to millions of viewers. The PBS series has been consistently among the most-watched primetime series on public television.


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Rock Climbing Bears

Mommas with children or cubs - don't try this at home!

Endangered Mexican Black Bears (momma and cub) climb Santa Elena Canyon wall, March 21, 2014. I spotted them while I was kayaking and want to share with you my nature loving, rock climbing, suspenseful satisfaction.

Stephanie Latimer
Nature Enthusiast

Dinosaurs of Darkness: The latest on Alaska’s dinosaur research

June 13
Discover Alaska lecture by Patrick Druckenmiller, Earth Sciences Curator, University of Alaska Museum and Associate Professor, UAF Department of Geosciences

The Moose hunt - Awesome Hunting Adventure In British Columbia

The second part of the North American hunting Adventure. There is nothing quite like hunting through the mountains of Canada. Successfully hunting this massive moose was a magnificent end to an unbelievable experience.

Mountain goat versus hungry wolf: who wins?

An Israeli game warden filmed a dramatic scene at Ein Gedi reserve, near the Dead Sea, on June 19 as an Arabian wolf chased a young mountain goat along some treacherous cliffs.

Wild goats are famed for their sure-footed navigation of sheer rock faces, but this wolf is equally adept, and appears to get his reward.

Alberta: Land of Dinosaurs and Other Palaeontological Wonders

Royal Tyrrell Museum Speaker Series 2015

François Therrien - Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology Alberta: Land of Dinosaurs and Other Palaeontological Wonders

Originally published March 6, 2015.

Backcountry Hunting Pack List - Backpack Hunting Gear

Jason demonstrates how he packs his complete 49 pound backpack loadout for hunting sheep in the Yukon, including clothes, food, and gear. View the contents of Jason's kit below.

__Layering System that Jason Wears In__
Peloton 130 Briefs
Peloton 130 Zip-off Bottom -
Attack Pant -
Merino 125 LS Crew-T -
Peloton 200 Hoodie -
Yukon Gaiters -
Attack Gloves (Prototype)
ULTRA Merino 145 Beanie -
ULTRA Merino 145 Neck Gaiter -
ULTRA Merino Over-the-Calf Sock -
Scarpa Boots (Prototype)
Bino Harness -

ICON PRO 7200 -
Food & Dehydrated Dinners
KUIU Boned-Out Game Bags -
30 Degree Super Down Sleeping Bag -
Thermarest Air Mattress
Accessory Straps
Knife, Firestarted, Emergency/Backup Gear
Personal Kit
First Aid Kit (zippered bag)
SAT Phone in Roll Top Dry Bag with extra battery
Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus -
Goal Zero Venture 30 -
Hydration Bladder
Super Down Pant -
Kenai Jacket -
Roll Top Dry Bags -
Glassing Pad -
Petzl Tikka RXP
Petzl Nao -
Mountain Star 2P -
Yukon Rain Jacket -
Yukon Rain Pant -
Peloton 130 Briefs
Merino Shirt
ULTRA Merino Over-the-Calf Sock -
Peloton 240 Beanie -
Water Bladder
Book (The Mountain of my Dreams)
Swarovski 65mm Spotting Scope
Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tri Pod
Snow Peak Ti-Single Wall Cup
Titanium Spoon

Jurassic World | Jack Horner | Talks at Google

Jack Horner, renowned paleontologist and consultant on the Jurassic Park series drops by Google to discuss Jurassic World, glow in the dark unicorns, and the chickenosaurus.

Jack Horner is a professor at Montana State University, the Curator of Paleontology at the Museum of the Rockies, and has made such important contributions to paleontology as providing some of the first clear evidence dinosaurs cared for their young, leading the discovery of the one of the largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons, known as B. Rex, and is currently leading the way to engineer a chickenosaurus.

Talk moderated by Dana Han-Klein

Flying Devils, Sea Monsters, and Terrible Lizards: The Great Books of Paleontology

Emory Williams Lecture Series presentation by Anthony Martin, Professor of Practice, Emory Department of Environmental Sciences, for students of the Emory College Voluntary Core Curriculum.

Public Lecture: Could we ever know how dinosaurs thought or behaved?_May 2018_David Norman

The last non-avian dinosaur trod the Earth about 66 million years ago, therefore the task of researching such ephemeral topics as thought and behaviour in such long-dead creatures presents us with many scientific imponderables: it is, arguably, one of the ultimate forensic-style challenges.

This lecture explores some of the lines of evidence and deductions that have accumulated over many decades of research by palaeobiologists. Of course all this is inference, that is to say based on our knowledge of the biology of living creatures that are distant relatives of dinosaurs. It is inevitable that something as delicate and fragile as a dinosaur brain would be the very first thing to decay after death and that no trace of brain tissue could ever be preserved ... or is it? Strange things can happen during the process of fossilisation!

David Norman, Cambridge University

David is a palaeobiologist, based at the Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge University. He trained at Leeds University and then King's College London-The Natural History Museum, where he worked on the dinosaur named Iguanodon. He worked in Brussels on the extraordinary 'herd' of Iguanodon discovered at Bernissart and later returned to London (Queen Mary College) and then Oxford University before working for HM Government. After his government work he became the 1st Director of the Sedgwick Museum, a post that he held for 20 years. He has been involved in palaeobiological research on all continents (except Antartica), has trained some of the leading vertebrate palaeontologists of the present day and has written several books on dinosaurs and their biology. A Very Short Introduction: Dinosaurs(2nd Ed. 2017. Oxford University Press) summarises his research in an accessible format.

KUIU Hunting Pants Comparison

Todd Harney reviews and compares KUIU's technical pant line, and outlines the conditions in which each pant works best. Shop KUIU Pants at

Temperature Range (unlayered): Best used 75 degrees F and warmer
Hot weather pant
Super breathable fabric
Two-way stretch is still very comfortable (compared to four-way stretch)
Lightweight but durable

Temperature Range (unlayered): 60's to 80 degrees F
One-layer fabric
Stretchiest option, 4 way stretch
Technical pockets, mesh on the inside
Double zippered cargo pockets
Hip vents
Knee pads - very comfortable, conforms to your knee; makes a big difference kneeling down
Good early season pants
Layer for colder temps

Temperature Range (unlayered): high 40's F to 60's F
#1 Best-selling pant
Four-way stretch
Great DWR
Non-zippered hand pockets
Zippered back pocket with flap
Standard zippered-cargo pocket
Hip vents
Classic overall great pant

Temperature Range (unlayered): high 40's F to 60's F, similar to Attack Pant
Double layered fabric
Very breathable
Quite durable
Knee Pads
Double-zippered thigh pockets
Runs a bit cooler than Attack Pant
Good for Caribou hunts
Good for mobile hunts

Temperature Range (unlayered): Freezing temperatures and under
Huge step up in warmth
Double layered, fleece lined
Soft shell pant
Single zippered cargo pocket without flap
Mesh liner inside pockets
Zippered hand pockets
Zippered back pockets with no flap (convenient for getting stuff in and out)
Two layers of soft shell on the back pocket area
Serious late season pant in cold temps where you're not moving a lot

For questions, email at or reach out to customer service at and 855-367-5848

Good luck this season.

Memory Techniques: The Memory Palace System


Learn how to improve your memory. This free class covers memory improvement techniques to help you remember more of the things you tend to forget. You'll learn tips to train your brain to increase its memory capacity.This free online class is from Iris Reading, the largest and leading provider of speed reading and memory improvement classes in the United States. This free online class discusses the memory palace system to help you remember more.

2019 PRO Pack Overview

KUIU Co-CEO Brendan Burns and Director of Product Development Shaun Ayers give an overview of the changes and new features in the new PRO Pack system. With five new bag sizes and a completely redesigned suspension system, the PRO Packs are designed to improve the heavy load-carrying experience.

Direct Action Bug Out Bag Loadout

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Panasonic Lumix G7
Rode VideoMicro
SanDisk 128GB MicroSD
GoPro Hero 7 Black

IMSA Great Minds Program - Jack Horner

IMSA Great Minds Program - Jack Horner, Paleontologist
Dinosaur Science in the 21st Century
January 22, 2003



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