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Alien Fireballs | Full Documentary


Alien Fireballs | Full Documentary

Cameras track a fireball streaking to Earth from space, triggering a frantic race to recover the extraterrestrial rock and discover the secrets of our solar system deep it may hold.


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World War A - When Aliens Attack | Full Documentary

Are there extraterrestrials and what will happen when aliens attack us?


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Is Anybody Out There? (Alien Life Documentary) | Spark

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With technology advancing faster than ever, and more and more discoveries being made every day, is the day we contact extraterrestrial life almost here?

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Aliens Are We Alone: Does Alien Life Exist? | Alien Documentary | Reel Truth Science

Thanks to the Kepler Space Telescope, scientists are getting closer than ever to answering one simple question, does alien life exist in the universe? In this documentary learn how the revolutionary spacecraft is on a mission to find habitable alien planets plus hear from scientists who are now able to speculate on what extra-terrestrial life might be like.

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Area 51's Alien Secret - Full Documentary HD

Area 51's Secret - Full Documentary HD
“Today we know that there are literally thousands, if not millions of other planets, many of which may be very similar to our own earth. So some of us, many of us believe that we're going to find...evidence that there is life elsewhere in the universe.

Major Bolden also admitted that Area 51 existed but said the US government was not hiding alien life there.

“There is an Area 51,” he said. “It’s not what many people think. I’ve been to a place called that but it’s a normal research and development place. I never saw any aliens or alien spacecraft or anything when I was there.

“It think because of the secrecy of the aeronautics research that goes on there it’s ripe for people to talk about aliens being there.”
The existence of Area 51, has been a badly kept secret for decades and it has fuelled the imaginations of conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters around the world

Alien Planet KEPLER 186F - Full Documentary [HD] #Advexon

Alien Planet KEPLER 186F Reuploaded Video in HD [2014]

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The Quest for Alien Planets Documentary - Planets that Exist Outside Earth’s Solar System

The term evolution usually refers to the biological evolution of living things. But the processes by which planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe form and change over time are also types of evolution. In all of these cases there is change over time, although the processes involved are quite different.

In the late 1920s the American astronomer Edwin Hubble made a very interesting and important discovery. Hubble made observations that he interpreted as showing that distant stars and galaxies are receding from Earth in every direction. Moreover, the velocities of recession increase in proportion with distance, a discovery that has been confirmed by numerous and repeated measurements since Hubble's time. The implication of these findings is that the universe is expanding.

Alien Planets Discovery Documentary - Alien Stom - Space Science

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At the centre of some black holes is 'an area where space and time exists' Colonies of aliens living on planets within black holes may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Some black holes have a complex internal structure that allows photons, particles and planets to orbit a central singularity, according to one scientist. A singularity is the region in a black hole when space and time become infinite. However, Professor Vyacheslav Dokuchaev claims that at the centre of certain black holes, and under the right conditions, is an area where the fabric of space and time exists once more. If a charged and rotating black hole is large enough, he said, it can weaken the tidal forces that are beyond the event horizon - the point where nothing, not even light, can escape a black hole's gravity.

The Power of Gold (Obsession Documentary) | Timeline

Incorporating myth, history and contemporary investigation, Bernstein tells the story of how human beings have become intoxicated, obsessed, enriched, impoverished, humbled and proud for the sake of gold. From the past to the future, Bernstein′s portrayal of gold is intimately linked to the character of humankind.

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ANOTHER EARTH: Alien Planet - Space Documentary HD

We Are Not Alone In The Universe
I cannot imagine any single discovery that would have more impact on humanity than the discovery of life outside of our solar system. There is a human-centric, Earth-centric view of life that permeates most cultural and societal thinking. Finding that there are multiple, perhaps millions of origins of life and that life is ubiquitous throughout the universe will profoundly affect every human.

We live on a microbial planet. There are one million microbial cells per cubic centimeter of water in our oceans, lakes and rivers; deep within the Earth's crust and throughout our atmosphere. We have more than 100 trillion microbes on and in each of us. The Earth's diversity of life would have seemed like science fiction to our ancestors. We have microbes that can withstand millions of Rads of ionizing radiation; such strong acid or base that it would dissolve our skin; microbes that grow in ice and microbes that grow and thrive at temperatures exceeding 100 degrees C. We have life that lives on carbon dioxide, on methane, on sulfur, or on sugar. We have sent trillions of bacteria into space over the last few billion years and we have exchanged material with Mars on a constant basis, so it would be very surprising if we do not find evidence of microbial life in our solar system, particularly on Mars.

The recent discoveries by Dimitar Sasselov and colleagues of numerous Earth and super-Earth-like planets outside our solar system, including water worlds, greatly increases the probability of finding life. Sasselov estimates approximately 100,000 Earth and super-Earths within our own galaxy. The universe is young so wherever we find microbial life there will be intelligent life in the future.

Expanding our scientific reach further into the skies will change us forever.

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Alien Planets Discovery Documentary - Are There Other Earths?

Since the launch of NASA’s Kepler space telescope in 2009, scientists have uncovered thousands of distant exoplanets in the deep depths of space.

Scientists in California and Australia are now hoping to expand upon Kepler’s work with 121 planets potentially hosting life-supporting moons.

The key to finding a habitable exoplanet or moon is to find the stellar bodies within the so-called Goldilocks zone.

These are the ideal hotspots within a solar system where a planet’s atmospherics are neither too hot nor too cold for liquid water to exist.

Immortal Egypt: Invasion (Ancient Egypt Documentary) | Timeline

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Check out our new website for more incredible history documentaries: HD and ad-free.

The historian reveals how Egypt's enemies exploited a country weakened by internal strife, travelling south to Sudan to examine the story of the forgotten Nubian kings, who ruled Egypt from their southern homeland for a century, even building their own pyramids to bury their monarchs. She then explores how the next group of invaders the Saites took the tradition of mummification to new extremes by preserving millions of animals, before Alexander the Great came to Egypt's rescue and founded the greatest city on Earth.

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Searching for Alien Life on other Planets Documentary - The Science of Exoplanet Discovery

This documentary investigates one of the most controversial questions of the past hundred years... are we alone in the universe?

This is not one those films that claims to have conclusive proof, but rather a look at the serious science of the search for extraterrestrial life.

The search for extra-terrestrial life has been going for 50 years – but there’s been a recent breakthrough. Astronomers have discovered a new planet called Gliese 581 c.

It is the most Earth-like planet ever found. It orbits a star and may have habitats capable of supporting life. NASA hopes to find 50 more Earth-like planets by the end of the decade, all of which increases the chance that alien life has begun elsewhere.

Warning Dream: Coming Alien Deception-Aliens and Demons (mini documentary)

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The first half of this video contains some background information and my dream.
The second half is a mini documentary, to provide you with some real world evidence to support the warning in my dream.
If you are going to watch this, please watch the video in its entirety.
I tried to cut out anything unnecessary, but all the information in the video works together to give you a more complete understanding of what I am saying.

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Alien Intrusion:Unmasking the Deception
(full movie)
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PLANET JUST LIKE EARTH: Alien Life - National Geographic Documentary HD

When NASA began 60 years ago, we had questions about the universe humans had been asking since we first looked up into the night sky. In the six decades since, NASA, along with its international partners and thousands of researchers, have expanded our knowledge of the Universe by using a full fleet of telescopes and satellites. From the early probes of the 1950s and 1960s to the great telescopes of the 1990s and 21st century, NASA scientists have been exploring the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to the present.

The Great Observatories
NASA astronomers use several kinds of telescopes in space and on the ground. Each observes targets like stars, planets, and galaxies, but captures different wavelengths of light using various techniques to add to our understanding of these cosmic phenomenon.
Dark Matter
NASA telescopes have helped us better understand this mysterious, invisible matter that is five times the mass of regular matter. The first direct detection of dark matter was made in 2007 through observations of the Bullet Cluster of galaxies by the Chandra x-ray telescope.

Black Holes
Although we can’t “see” black holes, scientists have been able to study them by observing how they interact with the environment around them with telescopes like Swift, Chandra, and Hubble. In 2017, NASA's Swift telescope has mapped the death spiral of a star as it is consumed by a black hole. This year, astronomers using Chandra have discovered evidence for thousands of black holes located near the center of our Milky Way galaxy.
A galaxy is a huge collection of gas, dust, and billions of stars and their solar systems, held together by gravity. Some are spiral-shaped like our Milky Way Galaxy; others are smooth and oval shaped. NASA telescopes are helping us learn about how galaxies formed and evolved over time.
Just 30 years ago, scientists didn’t know if there were planets orbiting other stars besides our own Sun. Now, scientists believe every star likely has at least one exoplanet. They come in a wide variety of sizes, from gas giants larger than Jupiter to small, rocky planets about as big as Earth or Mars. They can be hot enough to boil metal or locked in deep freeze. They can orbit their stars so tightly that a “year” lasts only a few days; they can even orbit two stars at once. Some exoplanets don’t orbit around a star, but wander through the galaxy in permanent darkness. NASA’s Kepler spacecraft and newly-launched Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite are helping us find more distant worlds
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Big Bang In Tunguska | Full Documentary

At 7:17 am on 30 June 1908, the largest explosion recorded in human history to date reverberated throughout our planet, known as the Tunguska ctastrophe. This documentary identifies the reasons why Tunguska has evolved into a phenomenon and points out the curious results produced by this mythical event in culture and economy.


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ALIEN WEAPONRY shake Europe: RNZ Documentary Ep 1 | Napalm Records

RNZ meet Alien Weaponry at their home in Waipū, Northland, as they prepare to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

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6 March Brisbane, The Zoo
9 March Sydney, Download Festival
11 March Melbourne, Download Festival
13 March Canberra, The Basement
14 March Adelaide, Enigma Bar
16 March Perth, Badlands
21 March Tauranga, Totara Street
22 March Hamilton, Altitude
23 March Auckland, The Studio
28 March Dunedin, Fifty Gorillas
29 March Christchurch, Empire
30 March Wellington, CubaDupa 2019

In Search Of History - Ancient Aliens (History Channel Documentary)

Narrated by David Ackroyd

Zeitgeist: Addendum (Peter Joseph) | Full Documentary | Reel Truth

Zeitgeist: Addendum was born out of public interest in possible solutions to the cultural issues presented in Zeitgeist: The Movie. Building upon the topics of social distortion and corruption, Addendum moves to also present possible solutions. Featured in the work is former “Economic Hit-man” and New York Times bestselling author, John Perkins, along with The Venus Project, an organisation for social redesign created by Social Engineer and Industrial Designer Jacque Fresco. Part One explains the process of Money Creation and Expansion through the Fractional Reserve System. It explains how Debt and Bankruptcy are not mere byproducts of our current system, but rather are underlying realities of our existence with periodic failures guaranteed. Part Two exposes various levels of international corruption via the financial/corporate system, including the manipulation of public leaders to further the interests of corporate institutions. Part Three changes gears and depicts a possible solution to the growing social problems in the world today by the introduction of a new social concept known as a “Resource-Based Economy”. Finally, Part Four gives a philosophical perspective in the hope to inspire change in the viewer and enable action to affect society for the better.

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The Roswell Incident (UFO Documentary) & Alien Autopsy Video

Documentary about the alleged UFO Crash at Roswell New Mexico on July 4th 1947 plus the full Ray Santilli Alien Autopsy Video.



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