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All American Cleaners - Automatic Sorter and Bagger


All American Cleaners - Automatic Sorter and Bagger


1. Crystal scans the barcode
2. She places the item on automatic sorter
3. The item stays on automatic sorter until the order is complete
4. Once order is complete, it kicks off the order
5. The items are then sent to an automatic bagger
6. The bag is labeled with your name and what store you dropped off at

Dry Cleaners Assembly / Sorting Conveyor System

Dry Cleaners Assembly / Sorting Conveyor System

* Save you money $1000~$5000 on your payroll every month.
* Increase productivity.
* Lower the cost of the operation.
* Fast return on your investment.
* 0% mistake on the assembly process.

Unipress Automated Dry Cleaning Bagger

Unipress automated dry cleaning bagging machine with a feed conveyor. Machine may be operated in a manual or automatic mode and with or without a feed conveyor. Reduce labor and plastic waste!

Automatic Garment Bagger | Metalprogetti

The Automatic Bagger is an innovative machine that automatically and speedily packs single garments or small batches. It is ideal for dry-cleaners, laundries, ironing plants and the clothing industry.

New Assembly - Bagger - Batching - Storage

Sorting System for Industrial Laundries | Metalprogetti

The 7200H Sorting System is the ideal solution for industrial laundry services and uniform rental businesses. This device conveys and sorts large quantities of hanging garments in a fast and orderly manner.

One touch autoassembly with Giulietta autobagger

Automated Garment Order Assembly Conveyor | Metalprogetti

The Automated Garment Order Assembly Conveyor was created to solve one of the most complex problems facing laundry businesses: identifying and ordering the customer's garments before returning them.

Metalprogetti Giulietta


ADAC - Automated Dry-Cleaning Assembly Conveyor by HMC Solutions


Planiform's Automatic Garment Sorter

The Automatic Garment Sorter is an automated and sophisticated system used to sort garments on hangers (GOH). It is the most affordable and simplest garment sorter in the market. Unlike other automated sorting systems, Planiform’s Automatic Garment Sorter does not require expert knowledge to maintain, therefore it does not require any maintenance contract. This new technology can be implemented in large, medium and small sized companies operating in markets such as industrial laundries, uniform rental companies, formalwear distributors (tuxedo), warehouses, e-commerce distributors and garment manufacturers. These companies are integrating this new sorter and increasing their productivity level. With multiple installations worldwide, our customers are providing a better and faster service to their clientele.

The sorter will read either the barcodes or the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag sewed or heat sealed to each garment and will direct each garment to its respective line following Planiform’s proprietary mathematical algorithm. Multiple sort passes can be performed and will achieve full sorts. It can also accommodate an unlimited number of sorting criteria.

No matter what database system you are using, our software engineers will adapt our system to comply with any database we may encounter.

Planiform will provide a turn-key project. A professional engineer will study your plant, and then the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning will follow. All this will result in a successful turn-key project and a fully satisfied customer.

Fabricom Software Bagging after assembly

Once the order is sent to bagging it is double checked by scanning all items again to confirm that the order is complete.

Assembly Automation by MetalProgetti

SPOT supports assembly automation with MetalProgetti.

Garment conveyors for dry cleaners | Portabiti Metalprogetti

The Portabiti system is the Metalprogetti's garment conveyors for dry cleaners. It is the ideal solution, offering a myriad of practical, operating and economic advantages, which can be used in various fields: from dry cleaners to industrial laundries, to cloakroom management services and automatic closet systems.

Automatic Bagging Machine PS-290U-V2

Automatic Bagging Machine PS-290U-V2

Metalprogetti - Assembly Conveyor - GreenStreets

GreenStreets uses the most state of the art assembly conveyor made by Metalprogetti (from Italy). This conveyor sorts clothes by bar code. This reduces the handling of clothes thus increasing quality and minimizes chance of error.

Iowa Techniques Assembly Conveyor v2

Get the unique solution The Iowa Techniques Assembly Conveyor. This one-of-a-kind dynamic solution automates your assembly process and is an affordable option for all cleaners, boasting a cost savings of almost 50% in comparison to competitors. It is so efficient you will be able to shift key staff to more productive areas or even eliminate positions altogether. With Iowa Techniques, youll minimize errors by electronically tracking garments and assembling orders, since tagging and check-in only gets done once. Its so detailed in the data provided we should have called it the Assembly Management System.

• Small footprint on either model: 14 x 43 or 18′ x 4′3″
• Expandable as your needs grow
• Assembles 3000 pieces in 8 hours with 1 person
• Works with existing POS system
• Accurate and easy to operate
• Split orders at the conveyor
• No hidden charges
• Complete system delivered, installed and in operation at half the cost of most other units.

Bagging Corn Seed from Buckhorn Probox Container to Bag Filling Machine

- System unloads corn seed from Buckhorn Probox Container and places material into open mouth or valve bags using a bag filling machine. System can also be used to bag agricultural products like rice seed and wheat seed.

The Probox Container is stationed above the bag filling system using a fork lift truck. Manual air-powered seal raises up to seal the outlet of the Probox storage container. Slide gate is opened allowing the stored material (corn seed) from the Probox container to enter the inlet to the bag filling machine. The operator places the empty bag on the bag filling machine and presses the foot petal and the bag filling starts. Bag is filled by weight using a digital load cell with digital controller. When bag is filled to the target weight, filled bag is released from the bag filling machine ready for closure and palletizing.

System is mounted on casters allowing for movement in the warehouse or packaging area. Equipment uses 220/1/60 power and 80 psi compressed air for operation. Any type of material stored in a Probox or storage container, such as corn seed, wheat seed, rice seed, soybean seeds or other ag type material can be packaged using the bag filling machine.

Automatic Dry Cleaning - White Conveyor

Autoassembly with Giulietta Bagger



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