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Allahabad HC steno skill test & Ja typing admit card released - know how to download admit card


Tucker and Avenatti trade blows in explosive interview

For months, Tucker has mocked Stormy Daniels' attorney as a 'Creepy Porn Lawyer' and ridiculed his potential presidential bid. Now, Michael Avenatti sits down for an interview. #Tucker

FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. The number one network in cable, FNC has been the most watched television news channel for more than 16 years and according to a Suffolk University/USA Today poll, is the most trusted television news source in the country. Owned by 21st Century Fox, FNC is available in more than 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre.

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Lion vs Leopard - Most Amazing Moments Of Wild Animal Fights - Wild Discovery Animals 2018

Lion vs Leopard - Most Amazing Moments Of Wild Animal Fights - Wild Discovery Animals 2018

अर्थशास्त्र की परिभाषा / The Defination of Economics

My dear friends
Today I m presenting my first video on Economics, in this video I explained the Defination of Economics with the beautiful diagram which helps you to understand the Defination in a such a better way. Moreover this I gave suitable examples for better understanding for the meaning of Economics.......... I hope that you enjoy
नमस्कार दोस्तो,
आज मैं आपके सामने अर्थशास्त्र पर अपना पहला वीडियो पेश कर रहा हूँ | इस वीडियो में मैने अर्थशास्त्र की परिभाषा को एक सुंदर चित्र के माध्यम से समझाया हैं | इसके अलावा मैंने उपयुक्त उदाहरण की सहायता से अर्थशास्त्र के अर्थ को समझने की कोशिश की है | आशा करता हूँ कि आपको पसंद आएगी |

Please watch: Meaning of Supply


Astrônomos Descobrem o Planeta Natal do Spock - Space Today TV Ep.1469



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Os astrônomos descobriram mais um exoplaneta, e isso já está virando rotina.

Mas antes que você feche o vídeo e comece a me detonar nos comentários, peço um pouco da sua atenção e prometo que esse exoplaneta tem coisas muito especiais.

Existe um projeto que caça exoplanetas que é chamado de Dharma Planet Survey, esse projeto opera um telescópio de 50 polegadas, localizado no topo do Monte Lemmon no Arizona.

E foi usando esse telescópio que os astrônomos resolveram apontar para a estrela HD 26965 e ao fazer a análise de velocidade radial, os astrônomos descobriram um exoplaneta que é uma super-Terra.

A estrela está localizada a 16 anos-luz de distância da Terra, é um pouco mais fria e um pouco menos massiva que o Sol e possui um ciclo de 10.6 anos, bem parecido com o ciclo solar de 11 anos.

Isso faz dessa estrela um local interessante para se ter um planeta com vida ou habitável.

Essa estrela pode ser vista a olho nu no céu.

O planeta, tem cerca de duas vezes o tamanho da Terra e tem uma órbita de 42 dias ao redor da estrela na sua zona habitável.

Essa descoberta é importante pois marca a super-Terra descoberta mais próxima da Terra.

Agora a curiosidade.

Essa estrela tem um outro nome, ela é chamada de 40 Eridani.

Quem aqui for trekker já vai matar a curiosidade.

Para quem não sabe, essa estrela a 40 Eridani é a estrela que abriga o planeta Vulcan, o planeta natal do Sr. Spock da série Jornada nas Estrelas.

Outra coisa interessante, é que a missão da nave Enterprise, onde trabalhava o Spock tinha como missão procurar novos mundos, um objetivo do Dharma Planet Survey.

Agora, qualquer um pode olhar para o céu, observar a estrela 40 Eridani e mandar um alô para o planeta Vulcan quem sabe o Spock não tá por lá.

Lógico que o mais importante nessa descoberta foi mostrar como um telescópio dedicado para essa função de descobrir exoplanetas, pode ajudar a descobrir super-Terras e planetas parecidos com a Terra ao redor de estrelas próximas.

Assim, com um projeto assim em Terra e com projetos espaciais como a TESS, continuamos na nossa missão trekker de descobrir muitos novos mundos.



Vídeo do Marcelo do Hoje no Mundo Militar:


Spacetime Explained in Hindi - SpaceTime क्या है ?

In physics, spacetime is any mathematical model that fuses the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single 4‑dimensional continuum. Spacetime diagrams are useful in visualizing and understanding relativistic effects such as how different observers perceive where and when events occur.

Until the turn of the 20th century, the assumption had been that the three-dimensional geometry of the universe (its description in terms of locations, shapes, distances, and directions) was distinct from time (the measurement of when events occur within the universe). However, Albert Einstein's 1905 special theory of relativity postulated that the speed of light through empty space has one definite value—a constant—that is independent of the motion of the light source. Einstein's equations described important consequences of this fact: The distances and times between pairs of events vary when measured in different inertial frames of reference (separate vantage points that aren’t being subjected to g‑forces but have different velocities).

Einstein's theory was framed in terms of kinematics (the study of moving bodies), and showed how quantification of distances and times varied for measurements made in different reference frames. His theory was a breakthrough advance over Lorentz's 1904 theory of electromagnetic phenomena and Poincaré's electrodynamic theory. Although these theories included equations identical to those that Einstein introduced (i.e. the Lorentz transformation), they were essentially ad hoc models proposed to explain the results of various experiments—including the famous Michelson–Morley interferometer experiment—that were extremely difficult to fit into existing paradigms.

In 1908, Hermann Minkowski—once one of the math professors of a young Einstein in Zurich—presented a geometric interpretation of special relativity that fused time and the three spatial dimensions of space into a single four-dimensional continuum now known as Minkowski space. A key feature of this interpretation is the definition of a spacetime interval that combines distance and time. Although measurements of distance and time between events differ for measurements made in different reference frames, the spacetime interval is independent of the inertial frame of reference in which they are recorded.

Minkowski's geometric interpretation of relativity was to prove vital to Einstein's development of his 1915 general theory of relativity, wherein he showed that spacetime becomes curved in the presence of mass or energy.

(1) Voiced by - Samar Singh (

(2) Written and Edited by - Ravi Kumar

(3) Background Music Credit - Kevin Mcloid

(4) Video Footage Credit- Videoblocks, Pixabay, Hubblecast

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The TRUTH about Huawei Smartphone Service

The Huawei Mate 20 is around the corner and Huawei is boosting up their service to be a premium brand like apple. Will they succeed with their strategy close before the mate20 launch? *** Sponsored by Huawei ***
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Top 10 Rarest And Tastiest Fruits In The World

We almost eaten various kinds of fruits like Apple, Banana, mango, Orange etc. but there are some rarest fruits which are easily not available but when you eat them they are sweet, delicious, healthy, tasty and nutritious. These fruits are rarest because they are grown in some specific type of climate and soil. Here is the list of top 10 rarest and tastiest fruits in the world.

Ackee fruit is a rarest and strange looking fruit that grows in the tropical regions of Western Africa. Although native to West Africa, the use of ackee in food is especially prominent in Jamaican cuisine. Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica, and ackee and saltfish is the national dish.

Rambutan is an important fruit tree of humid tropical Southeast Asia, traditionally cultivated especially in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The fruit is a round to oval single-seeded berry, borne in a loose pendant cluster of 10 to 20 together. The leathery skin is reddish and covered with fleshy pliable spines, hence the name, which means 'hairs'. The fruit flesh, which is actually the aril, is translucent, whitish or very pale pink, with a sweet, mildly acidic flavor very reminiscent of grapes.

Dragon fruit is believed to be a native of Mexico. In tropical and subtropical regions in South America and Asia, the dragon fruit flourishes and grows in abundance. Its outer skin is cactus-like, resembling that of the scales of a mythical dragon.

Jabuticaba is a rare purple colored fruit native to South-eastern Brazil. It is a thick skinned berry and typically measures 3 to 4 centi meter in diameter. The fruit resembles that of a slip skin grape. It has a thick, purple, astringent skin that encases a sweet, white or rosy pink gelatinous flesh.

Miracle fruit tree grows in the tropical forests of West Africa where it is known for its sweet berry, which has a low sugar content and a mildly sweet tang. It contains a glycoprotein molecule, with some trailing carbohydrate chains, called miraculin.

Durian fruit is native to Southeast Asia. It is Regarded by many people in southeast Asia as the king of fruits. It is distinctive for its large size, strong odour, and formidable thorn covered husk. The flesh can be consumed at various stages of ripeness, and it is used to flavour a wide variety of savoury and sweet edibles in Southeast Asian cuisines.

African horned cucumber is native to Sub Saharan Africa and it is now grown in California, Mississippi, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand. Ripe fruit has yellow-orange skin and lime green, jelly-like flesh with a tart taste, and texture similar to a cucumber. It can be eaten at any stage of ripening, but when over ripened, will burst forcefully to release seeds.

Mangosteen is a tropical evergreen tree believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas of Indonesia. It grows mainly in Southeast Asia, southwest India and other tropical areas such as Puerto Rico and Florida. The fruit of the mangosteen is sweet and tangy, juicy, somewhat fibrous, with fluid-filled vesicles like the flesh of citrus fruits, with an inedible, deep reddish-purple colored rind when ripe.

Cherimoya is mainly grown throughout South Asia, America, southern Europe and East Africa. It is the most delicious fruit known to men. The creamy texture of the flesh gives the fruit its secondary name, custard apple. The fruit is oval, often slightly oblate, with a smooth or slightly tuberculated skin.

Cupuacu is a tropical rainforest tree related to cacao. Common throughout the Amazon basin, it is widely cultivated in the jungles of Colombia, Bolivia and Peru and in the north of Brazil, with the largest production in Para.
Cupuaçu fruits are oblong, brown, and fuzzy, 20 centi meter long and covered with a thick hard exocarp. The white pulp of the cupuaçu has an odour described as a mix of chocolate and pineapple and is frequently used in desserts, juices and sweets.

Basics of the #QAnon Phenomenon

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CNN Confronts Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer, Stunned By What She Let Slip On TV

CNN Confronts Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyer, Stunned By What She Let Slip On TV
Debra Katz, the attorney representing Christine Blasey Ford, spoke with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Mon...

#CNN #Confronts #Kavanaugh #Accusers #Lawyer #Stunned #By #What #She #Let #Slip #On #TV

Huawei P20 PRO review -su TRICÁMARA Leica a prueba-

SUSCRÍBETE y conoce todas las novedades en tecnología

▶▶▶ No te pierdas los mejores gadgets seleccionados por clipete

Pues ya tenemos en nuestras manos el que promete ser uno de los móviles más destacados del 2018. EL Huawei P20 pro que estrena un montón de novedades entre las que destaca su triple cámara Leica... pero también nuevo diseño y prestaciones.

nota: el objetivo principal es un 27 mm, no un 28mm como nos hemos empeñado en decir. perdón

Blog clipset

Wonderful Planet Earth: Beautiful Animals & Nature - 3 HOURS Best Relax Music (1080p HD)

Wonderful Planet Earth Amazing Nature Scenery・Beautiful Animals & Nature・3 HOURS Best Relax Music・1080p HD
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Music Credits:
Artist: Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Video Credits:
Licensed by pixabay

Did The Past Really Happen?

Greece is full of wonderful new things and wonderful old things. But when WE become old things, will our ruins also be tourist attractions?
**Sources and extra info below!!**

me on twitter:
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Humorous/interesting videos about how future archeologists might interpret us:

VIDEO: “Beatles 3000”:

VIDEO: “Neil deGrasse Tyson On Manhattanhenge”:


“highway” vs “freeway”:

why are old things so often underground?:

“Motel of Mysteries” (great book I remember from when I was a kid):

Last Thursdayism:

Occam’s Razor:

Newton’s Flaming Laser Sword:

other razors:

Interpreting the past (including us, when we become “the past”):

This American Life on people in the future:

The 15th century wikipedia article:

conservation of energy:

history of perpetual motion:

Why old computers and consoles turn yellow:

the Second Law of Thermodynamics:

Heat Death of the universe:

Good entropy resources:


Map of Computer Science

The field of computer science summarised. Learn more at this video's sponsor

Computer science is the subject that studies what computers can do and investigates the best ways you can solve the problems of the world with them. It is a huge field overlapping pure mathematics, engineering and many other scientific disciplines. In this video I summarise as much of the subject as I can and show how the areas are related to each other.

A couple of notes on this video:
1. Some people have commented that I should have included computer security alongside hacking, and I completely agree, that was an oversight on my part. Apologies to all the computer security professionals, and thanks for all the hard work!
2. I also failed to mention interpreters alongside compilers in the complier section. Again, I’m kicking myself because of course this is an important concept for people to hear about. Also the layers of languages being compiled to other languages is overly convoluted, in practice it is more simple than this. I guess I should have picked one simple example.
3. NP-complete problems are possible to solve, they just become very difficult to solve very quickly as they get bigger. When I said NP-complete and then impossible to solve, I meant that the large NP-complete problems that industry is interested in solving were thought to be practically impossible to solve.

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Imprinting : Animal Behavior | Biology | Class 9 | AP&TS

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भारत की नदियाँ ... ऐसे करे पढाई तो सब याद रहेगा। Rivers of india

Use this link for another video....


Inisha & Ivon Fowler, missing twins.

Ivon & Inisha Fowler missing twins... ur thoughts?


NEET 2019 - New Study Plan and Tips by AA Mam

NEET 2019 - New Study Plan and Tips by AA Mam. Akanksha Mam is known for her unique, focused and simplified NEET teaching to bring to students an easy and analytical methodology towards NEET. For more details go to:

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Tell me about Chemical Engineering

Professor Eva Sorensen talks about Chemical Engineering, it's role in the world and what it's like to study the subject at UCL.

Tsunami - सुनामी Hindi

Tsunami - सुनामी Hindi Documentary

हिन्दी डॉक्यूमेन्टरी



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