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Amar Jaleel at Mohenjo Daro


Amar Jaleel at Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro a simply means 'The Mound of the Dead' was the first planned city in the world.
This 5000 years old site settlement is a testament to the great Indus Valley Civilization and one of the oldest and best preserved urban ruin on the Indian subcontinent. It is located in Sindh, about 440 km away from Karachi.
This wonderful historical site remains to show that this was a very planned city with a grid-like design, sophisticated sewer system and diversified economy.
You can not find any other ancient planned city in the whole world like the 'Mohenjo-Daro', not even in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, or even China, until the 2000 years later the Greek era.
But now one of the world's earliest civilisations has been slowly crumbling do dust.
Sadly, the erosion is damaging this unesco world heritage site very rapidly.
On this video the living legend of Sindh 'Amar jaleel' is showing us this unique ancient site. Also I am so thankful to all my friends who helped me during my time at Mohenjo Daro earlier this year, and for the background music a big thanks to Sambox.

My Vanishing Karachi by Amar Jaleel (Empress Market)

The Empress Market in Karachi, Sindh was constructed during British time in Sindh on 1884 and it was completed on 1889.

Since after the partition, this historical landmark has been ignored and misused very badly.
We must raise our voices to save our old heritage.

My Vanishing Karachi by Amar Jaleel

The living legend of Sindh Amar Jaleel showing us his childhood city Karachi.

Amar Jaleel 06


Amar Jaleel Praises Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Qazi Abdul Jaleel (Sindhi: قاضي عبدالجليل) (born 1936 in Rohri), popularly known as Amar Jaleel, is a Sindhi fiction writer and a columnist whose columns appears in various Sindhi, Urdu and English-language dailies of Pakistan. He has authored 20 books, and received awards including Pride of Performance (Pakistan), and Akhal Bharat Sindhi Sahat Sabha National Award (India).

Amar Jaleel 05


Amar Jaleel

Amar Jaleel 01

Amar Jalil--Keep It Listening Till You Get It Plz

Here is the great Short Story of renowned Sindhi Writer Amar Jalil, namely WAHHAM which i recorded while my cousin, a great fan of Amar Jalil, was reading and teaching us...this is just a mobile recording; if you friends like it and want us to work more then kindly join us at facebook .

Aik Shaam Amar Jaleel kay Naam | Noor ul Huda Shah (Part-1)

#KLF2019 #Amarjalil
Aik Shaam Amar Jaleel kay Naam | Noor ul Huda Shah (Part-1)

AMAR JALIL Reading His Story

Amar Jalil Reading His Own Written Story at SLF 2017

Ghulab Chandio -- Amar Jaleel


My Vanishing Karachi by Amar Jaleel (Tram service in Karachi)

The Tram service was running in Karachi, Sindh from 1885 till 1975, and it was one of the best public transport system.
This is a another small trailer of my documentary My Vanishing Karachi by Amar Jaleel.
Amar Jaleel is talking about the Trams service in Karachi.

Amar Jaleel Sindhi Literature Festival 2019

Amar Jaleel Interview Sindhi Literature Festival 2019

SUBSCRIBE Amanat Bukhari

Baloch Zargul Criticizing and favoring Amar Jalil on Sindhi Culture

GBES Siraj Ahmed Kathore

My Vanishing Karachi by Amar Jaleel. (Heritage buildings in Karachi).

Apparently in Karachi, Sindh there are about 48 old heritage buildings, and some of them are almost 200 years old buildings. But sadly most of them has been treated very badly by the corrupt and uneducated people from Sindh heritage department.

This is another small trailer of My Vanishing Karachi by Amar Jaleel.
In this trailer Amar Jaleel is pointing out about these buildings.

Amar Jaleel Class room on bangladesh and Sindh 04 06 2015 1

Amar Jaleel is emphasizing to speak in urdu to share your thoughts with other pakistanis.

Great author | Amar Jaleel | talks to youth | public of sindh

Great author | Amar Jaleel | talks to youth | public of sindh

اَمرُ جليلُ Amar Jaleel

رفيق ڪمبوه نوشھروابڙو

KLF-2014: Readings and Conversation with Amar Jaleel (9.2.2014)

Readings and Conversation with Amar Jaleel
Moderator: Shah Muhammad Pirzada



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