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American explores Canadian grocery store (tries BAGGED milk and Ketchup chips)


American explores Canadian grocery store (tries BAGGED milk and Ketchup chips)

I brought my American friend into a Canadian grocery store. We looked for 3 items to buy and try that were new to him. This is what happened!

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A must see for Americans...CANADIAN BAGGED MILK

A quick tutorial on how to use bagged milk.

Using a Milk Bag for the First Time!

As a west coast Canadian, I HAD to try drinking from a milk bag while in Toronto, because apparently us Canadians only drink milk out of bags. It was a grand ol' milky experience.
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American and Canadian Swap Snacks!

Debbie - The Canadian Crocheter

American Explores Canadian Grocery Store

Breakfast and bagged milk ??

Only in canada EH ?? haha just my normal breakfast or brunch.
Peameal bacon or canadian bacon and bagged milk. what do you guys think haha Take Care

Grocery shopping in Canada is it cheap?

Grocery shopping in Canada is it cheaper than the USA?

#Canada #shopping #groceryshopping

Bagged milk is weird.

Do you buy your milk in bags? In this video I talk about bagged milk and why I think it's weird.

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American tries Canadian Ketchup chips (vs. chips dipped into ketchup)

I brought Ketchup chips into America for my friend Jason to try. He brought me regular chips with REAL ketchup to dip them in. The findings are astonishing!


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How to properly prepare and serve Bagged Milk

Made by Canadians for Canadians

Irish People Try REAL Canadian Chips

Ketchup flavoured chips, you say? Well, we never... MERCH MADNESS:
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As always, we're big fans of any potato chip products here at the try channel. The kind folk of Frito-Lay's Canada took it upon themselves to send us a big box containing a variety of Canadian chips with distinctly Canadian flavours, so of course - we did what we do best! Check out what our Irish People made of these REAL Canadian Chips... ketchup was a surprise, to say the least!

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Why does Canada have Bagged Milk

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British People Trying Canadian Candy - This With Them

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American Tries Canada Snacks for the 1st Time | Brunch Boys

It was my first time in Toronto, Canada in over 20 years, so I had to do a taste test of all the Canada Snacks that I can't find in America. I tried some Ketchup Chips, Maple Creme Cookies, Coffee Crisps, and Aero Chocolates, and decided which ones we def need in America too! Anything I missed?

#ketchupchips #maplecookes #canadasnacks

Americans Trying Canadian Snacks

Americans Trying Canadian Snacks

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Thank you Cargo for sending us these snacks to try!

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American tries Tim Hortons Cereal in Canada

I brought my American friend to Canada to try Tim Hortons' brand new Timbits cereal, which is only available in Canada in grocery stores across the country. Tim Hortons is the biggest coffee chain in Canada and their Timbits (or doughnut holes) are a staple next to their coffee. So they turned it into a breakfast cereal, and we decided to try it out for the first time. Cereal in general is a big topic to cover between USA and Canada, and we plan on doing a thorough comparison video very soon!

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American vs. Canadian CHRISTMAS GIFTS (It got weird)

My friend and I went on a shopping spree to find the best gifts from Canada and the USA that neither of us have in our own countries. We then did a cross-border gift exchange!

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Going to the store to buy MILK™

Boring vlog. Hi welcome to my channel.

New Food Friday: Fun New Foods in Canada: Ketchup Chips?! Tinder surprise eggs?! Timbits?!

Looking for some of the foods we try, check out:

New Food Friday, Canadian Foods. During our time in the great white north for the FTF Canadian Rally, we tried some new foods that are only available in Canada. Check out our video as we try these new foods. We try ketchup chips, kinder surprise eggs, timbits, and some other weird Canadian flavors.

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American's Try Canadian Snacks! | Snack Crate Episode 1

We love getting the Snack Crate boxes and trying new snacks from all over the world!! Looking forward to the next box!!

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American tries CANADIAN CANDY (Smarties, Oh Henry, Aero, Coffee Crisp)

I brought my American friend the best Canadian Chocolate bars I could find. He tried them and gave me his honest reviews!

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