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American’s First Indian Train!


American’s First Indian Train!

Taking trains in India? Watch our first time on an Indian Train called to the Duronto Express, where a man filmed me in the bathroom...

Wondering if India is safe for women? Click here to learn more:

This was our first time on an Indian train and we took the Duronto Express from Sealdah Railway Station...what a night...Taking the Duronto Express at Sealdah Railway Station from Kolkata to New Delhi was an experience! the Duronto Express Overnight train was the first train we have ever taken in India and we could not have been more confused! After showing up to Sealdah Railway Station at night and being overwhelmed, we made our way through the insanely busy railway station to what we would call home for the next 13 hours. Little did we know, by taking the Duronto Express from Kolkata to New Delhi, we would have found one of our favorite methods of getting around India.

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A train ride through American history - New Orleans to New York | DW Documentary

From New Orleans to New York, a train ride aboard the Crescent takes you on an extraordinary journey through American history.

This train journey begins in the cradle of jazz - New Orleans. Three famous express trains start and terminate here: the City of New Orleans, the Sunset Limited and the Crescent, named after a New Orleans neighborhood. Every morning at 7 a.m. the Crescent sets off from New Orleans on its 1,377-mile journey from the Deep South to pulsating New York City.

The distance is covered in around 31 hours. The route takes in various famous cities on the journey northeast. Birmingham, Alabama is also known as Bombingham after the attacks launched there by the Ku Klux Klan during the civil rights movement era between 1947 and 1965. The train then heads to Atlanta, the largest city in Georgia. Charlotte in North Carolina was named nearly 250 years ago after Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the German wife of Britain’s King George III. Our next stop is Washington D.C., capital of the United States since 1800. Beforehand that honor had gone to a city further north: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed in 1776. The final stop on this unique train journey is New York City aka the Big Apple.

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अमेरिका का रेलवे स्टेशन और train का सफर (American railway station) | America train journey

अमेरिका के रेलवे स्टेशन India के रेलवे स्टेशन से बहुत अलग हैं। इन स्टेशनों पर कोई staff या टिकट काउंटर नहीं है। सब कुछ autmoatic है। लोग मशीन से अपना टिकट खरीदते हैं और फिर ट्रेन में सवार होते हैं. आइए देखें कि यह कैसे होता है। आज हम Santa Clara से Sacramento तक रेल से यात्रा कर रहे हैं। यह 3 घंटे की यात्रा होगी।

American railway stations are very different from India. Most of these stations do not have any staff or ticket counters. Passengers buy tickets through ticket vending machines and then board the train. Today we are traveling from Santa Clara to Sacramento by Amtrak train which will be 3 hours journey.

Station shown in this video: Santa Clara, California
Train name: Capitol Corridor Express (operated by Amtrak)

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BEST TRAIN IN INDIA | Americans First Indian Train | DELHI TO AGRA

The BEST INDIAN TRAIN review from India train 2AC for 5 hours from Delhi to Agra!! Our experience was like India first class train cabin in an Indian train, but we were in Indian train second class ac. We will be doing more india railway classes india train classes reviews on our channel while in India like India first train ac review india train 2ac review and india trains first class.


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FIRST time AMERICAN reaction to India's MOST luxurious TRAINS |You wont BELIEVE your eyes | #india

#IndianRailway #india #vesserbunch
This was Luxury at it's FINEST???? Wait until you see what INDIA has in store for the WORLD ???? Simply AMAZING indeed !!

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Indian Railways VS American Railways | Railways Comparison 2020

Indian Railways VS American Railways | Railways Comparison 2020


Hello friends, welcome to our channel #apkefacts

In this video we are the comparing as the world largest system means American railways vs world forth largest system mean INDIAN railways, in this video we are the don't comparing as the subways and metro systems,

We are comparing about these things,
1. First train
2. Fastest train
3. Track length
4. Metro train
5. Freight train
6. Double decker
7. Monorail


All source and all credit goes to that's big rail fans,
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Indian Railways-

Train 18 videos,

Metro Trains

Fright train,

Double decker,


American railways-

Fastest train,

Metro trains,

Frieght train,

Double decker,



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Indian Railways Vs American Railways HD Full Comparison

Indian Railways Vs American Railways HD Full Comparison

Heavy Smoking Diesel Trains American Locomotive Indian Railways|Pakistani Reaction|

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Pakistani Reaction,


Catch the exclusive Volcano action of the erupting ALCo notching up , chugging out thick black dense smoke as it gains acceleration !

Americans on Pakistan Train for 26 Hours

This is part 3 of 5 of our Pakistan adventure!

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Indian Railways VS American Railways || Amazing Comparison On Real Facts 2019

American railways and Indian railways are the world’s 3rd and 4th largest rail network respectively. Indian railways started to walk for 34 km from Mumbai to Thane in 1853 after two decades of the U.S.A. It may seem that The U.S.A. has better railway network but both the countries have a few advanced points. American railways is advanced in safety, comfortable journey, clearness, freight transport but when it comes to affordability, passenger transport capacity and green initiatives Indian railways is far ahead of America.
The Gatiman Express and The Acela Express are the speediest train of India and America respectively

People are always eager to know the amazing and interesting facts. Amazing Dunia is dedicated to all of you to entertain with such amazing, mysterious and interesting facts of the world in Bengali.

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American Railways VS Indian Railways 2019 Comparison | USA | India | Trump | Modi

American Railways VS Indian Railways 2019 Comparison | USA | India | Trump | Modi |
Hey guys in this video we have compared the Indian railways with the American railways on the basis of some standards..!!all the information shown in this video what is taken from Google from reliable sources..!!what do you think about this share your views in the comment box..!!
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Amtrak Acela Express - America's Fastest Train

It is America's fastest train - the Acela! Take a look at a few clips of Amtrak's Acela Express train as it zooms along the North East Corridor. This train has a top speed of 150 miles per hour, and we will see Acela zoom through some of the fastest stretches of track on the line. Experience Acela!




©2015 Mike Armstrong Video

Indian Railways Loco Pilot's last run : American style crossing !!

Dharwar - Bangalore Siddhaganga Express led by Decorate KJM WDP4 ( Loco Pilot is getting retired )meets Bangalore Tumkur Passenger led by GTL WDG3A. This section between Bangalore and Yesvantpur hence for a railfan from double line section ( India ), this might appear strange
Location : Malleswaram
Camera : Canon SX30 IS

Extremely smoking American locomotive | Indian railways

#american #locomotives #alco

Extreme smoking by KJM WDG3A with SBC Hindupur passenger: Indian railways.

Pakistani Reacts to American Railways vs Indian Railways Comparison 2018.


India Pakistan Emerging Singers:


American locomotives | Treat | Indian railways

#american #locomotives #trains


1-Mumbai Nagarcoil express with ERODE WDM3D
2- Mumbai Hyderabad express with Kalyan WDG3A

Location Khadki Pune

American Local Train ......2012

American Local Train ......2012

Hardcore Smoking by American Locomotive | Indian Railways

Hardcore Smoking by American Locomotive leading Jaipur - Udaipur city express

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Imported EMD chases American locomotive @ Arsikere : Indian Railways

The Karwar bound morning express starts its journey towards Hassan after getting the clearance first and our 20006 led EMD starts to notch up furiously and chases the ALCo and then splits towards thei



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