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Americans are Dumber than the Rest of the World | Is It True?


Only 6% Of Americans Can Answer These Science Questions

Pew Research Center quizzed more than 3,000 Americans with basic science questions. Only 6 % got every question correct. We put some of our best Tech Insider writers to the test.

PTech Insider tells you all you need to know about tech: gadgets, how-to's, gaming, science, digital culture, and more.
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Brits vs Americans: Who's Smarter? Anglophenia Ep 1

Who's smarter, Brits or Americans? In the PREMIERE episode of the Anglophenia YouTube series, Siobhan Thompson tackles one of the most important questions of our times.

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Photos of Paul Allen and Marilyn vos Savant via AP.

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What Do Europeans Really Think About Americans?

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Eduardo Sánchez-Ubanell

How to distinguish Americans

Filmed at APU. This video is stereotypical stereotype video, which is inaccurate af. It's joking, don't get too serious.
This video expresses the stereotypes toward America and don't necessarily reflect the views of the interviewees.

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Average American vs Average European - How Do They Compare? - People Comparison

Who makes more money? Who lives longer? How much vacation does each have? How much in debt does each go for their education? We thought it would be fun to see how equal, in some respects at least, the modern US citizen is now with the modern EU citizen, in this comparison of The Infographics Show, The Average American vs. The Average European. ⭐SUBSCRIBE: ⭐

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Americans Discover The Metric System

I don't know how big a milliliter is!

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Funny and ignorant Americans (S2E17) Are they really getting dumber?

Funny and ignorant Americans (S2E17) Are they really getting dumber?
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1. Are we getting dumber?
2. How many times in his life has your husband make whoopee
and how many of this times were with you?
3. Which is taller: five twelve or six foot?
4. What is H2O?
5. How many stripes are on the US flag?
6. The phrase: “To be or not to be” is from what play?
7. Name a vegetable you marinate.
8. A girl bought 10 goldfish. All but 6 died. How many have left?
9. If Jacob stands on Spencer’s shoulders they are 2 and ½ yards high.
How many feet is that?
10. Give a good reason for men to dig a hole in the road.
11. It’s 23 minutes to 4 o’clock. What time is it?
12. How many degrees in a quarter of a circle?
13. What is the sum of all the angles of a triangle?
14. What classification of animals are Dinosaurs?
15. What does JULY spell?
16. How many sides does a trapezoid have?
17. Which planet is closest to the Sun?
18. What type of word is truthfully?
19. Name a country in Europe that you want to visit.
20. In what state is the Grand Canyon located ?

my world is getting dumber

Why Is America So Rich?

Why is America the world's richest nation? Is it mostly because of the government, or is it thanks to entrepreneurs and businessmen? Historian Burt Folsom of Hillsdale College explains.
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The United States is the world’s most prosperous economy. It’s been that way for so long -- over a hundred years -- that we take it for granted.

But how did it happen?

There are many answers, of course. One is that the United States values the free market over government control of the economy.

But here’s a point that is seldom made:

It didn’t begin that way

Before the country placed its trust in the free market, it trusted the government to make important business decisions. Or to put it another way, only after the government failed repeatedly to promote economic growth and only after private enterprise succeeded where the government failed did the United States start to develop a world beating economy.

Let’s look at three telling examples:

In 1808 John Jacob Astor formed the American Fur Company and marketed American furs around the world. Europeans adored beaver hats for their peerless warmth and durability. Astor gave them what they wanted.

Instead of leaving the fur business to capable entrepreneurs like Astor, the government decided it wanted to be in on the action.
So, it subsidized its own fur company run by a self-promoting government official named Thomas McKenney. McKenney should have won the competition. After all, he had the federal government backing him.

But while Astor employed hundreds of people and still made a tidy profit, McKenney’s company lost money every year. Finally, Congress in 1822, came to its senses and ended the subsidies for McKenney and his associates.

A similar situation developed in the 1840’s around the telegraph.
The telegraph was the first step toward the instant communication we have today. Invented by Samuel Morse, the telegraph transmitted sound – as dots and dashes representing letters of the alphabet.

Morse built his first telegraph wire between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore with the help of a government grant. Morse, more of an idealist than businessman, agreed to let the government own and operate the telegraph “in the national interest.”

But the government steadily lost money each month it operated the telegraph. During 1845, expenditures for the telegraph exceeded revenue by six-to-one and sometimes by ten-to-one. Seeing no value in the invention, Congress turned the money-loser over to private enterprise.

In the hands of entrepreneurs, the business took off. Telegraph promoters showed the press how it could instantly report stories occurring hundreds of miles away. Bankers, stock brokers and insurance companies saw how they could instantly monitor investments near and far. And dozens of other valuable uses were soon discovered.

As the quality of service improved, telegraph lines were strung across the country – from 40 miles of wire in 1846 to 23,000 miles in 1852. By the 1860s, the U.S. had a transcontinental telegraph wire. And by the end of that decade entrepreneurs had strung a telegraph cable across the Atlantic Ocean.

Why didn’t the US government profitably use what Morse had invented? Part of the answer is that the incentives for bureaucrats differ sharply from those of entrepreneurs. When government operated the telegraph, Washington bureaucrats received no profits from the messages they sent, and the cash they lost was the taxpayers’, not their own. So government officials had no incentive to improve service, to find new customers, or to expand to more cities.

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Average American vs Average British Person - How Do They Compare? - People Comparison

Do British people make more money than Americans? What is the average vacation time an American gets compared to a Brit? In this episode of The Infographics Show lets compare: The Average American vs. The Average Brit. ⭐SUBSCRIBE: ⭐

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American Things Europeans Find Weird


What are things that people in the US do that Europeans find weird? Let's find out in this episode of The Infographics Show: American Things Europeans Find Weird


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Sources for this episode:

Are Americans Dumber Than The Rest Of The World - REACTION!!!


10 Things Americans Do That Confuse The Rest Of The World!

Top things Americans do that confuse everyone else! These are the confusing and weird customs of americans and things americans do that confuse the rest of the world!

#5. “Hollywood Smile”-- Another place that foreigners think Americans are wasting water is at the Dentist’s office. While dental hygiene in other countries may not be as bad as it is stereotyped to be, like in England, they aren’t quite as obsessed with attaining or maintaining the perfect smile in the way that Americans have. Where Americans have been known to spend thousands of dollars on braces and whitening procedures in order to get a pearly white Hollywood grill many foreigners are content with crooked and discolored teeth as long as they aren’t falling out or making them look like Nosferatu. Most foreigners from first world nations care about their teeth, they just haven’t become indoctrinated with the intense beauty standards American society has made a part of its culture in regards to dental perfection. In many countries, having a brighter than normal smile that is unnaturally straight is viewed as superficial to the point of being unattractive or off-putting.

#4. “Dining Out”-- Tipping your server and taking home leftover food. Two habits that are so ingrained in the American dining experience that they can be hard to kick, but rest assured if you try doing these outside of the US you are sure to draw confused looks and reveal your Stars and Stripes. In most Asian and European countries a service charge is either already included in your bill or it is not customary to leave a tip. In many places if you do try to tip you can offend your waiter, this is because a tip can be seen as a person having pity on their server or offering some sort of charity. In some countries giving good service is expected whereas in the United States the food industry has become a sort of meritocracy. Foreigners see this as absurd, why should a server be rewarded for something they should be doing in the first place? However, In places where tipping is insulting waitstaff aren’t ridiculously underpaid like they are in the U.S. The other habit that can draw the scoffs of onlookers at a restaurant outside the United States is asking for a ‘doggy bag’ or ‘to-go box’. In many countries, especially European ones the idea of saving a hot meal at a restaurant in order to reheat it and eat it at home is a disgusting prospect. Many dining cultures believe that the food is meant to be eaten exactly how it is prepared by the chef or cook at that moment, not to be consumed after the various sauces and meat juices congeal or have their perfect grilling or baking sullied by your microwave. A lot of the reason that Americans have developed this custom of bringing scraps home with them is due to portion sizes being generally much larger in the States than elsewhere. This may be a result of capitalist consumers becoming obsessed with getting their money’s worth causing restaurants to have slowly battled to stuff people’s gullets.

Street smart vs book smart quiz I Funny and ignorant Americans (E36)

Street smart vs book smart quiz I Funny and ignorant Americans (E36)
If you wanna keep laughing:
1. What is 13 minus 50?
2. If you're standing in the capital city of Moscow what country are you in?
3. Do you know any state that is next to New York?
4. Which war was Henry David Thoreau protesting when he spent a night in jail for refusing to pay taxes?
5. Do you know who we fought that in the war of 1812?
6. Jeff jumped joyfully is an example of which of the following:
a) simile
b) palindrome
c) alliteration
7. From the Greek meaning weak's fear what highly viscous mechanically weak region below the lithosphere is where most magma is produced?
8. What was the war called where we got our independence?
9. When served at dinner, deer meat can be rather chewy. What is this gamey meat called?
10. What state was the first to abolish slavery?
a) Vermont
b) New York
c) New Hampshire
d) Hawaii
11. Give the term for the leaf like parts covering the butt of a flower.
12. What state borders North Dakota to the west?
13. The Pocono Mountains are located in the northeastern part of what u.s. state?
14. You know who the United States declared its independence from?
15. Where's your derriere?
16. What Valley on the west bank of the Nile was the main burying place of Royals of the Egyptian New Kingdom, including Tutankhamen?
17. Which word correctly fills in the blank: Angela and Reagan are happy because _________
going to the zoo.
a) there
b) their
c) they're
18. If we're driving 80 miles per hour, how long will it take us to go 80 miles?
19. If you croon for a living what's your craft?
20. If you meet someone from Amsterdam what nationality are they?
21. Who is said to have played the fiddle while Rome burned?
22. What is the plural of the word sheep?
23. You got 15 puppies all but eight died. How many puppies do you have left?
24. What President was called the Great Communicator?
25. A sprain happens when you stretch or tear what tough fibrous tissue that connects
bones to other bones?
26. Finish the saying: a gentleman doesn't kiss and_____
27. What present-day country is the site of the 1815 Battle of Waterloo?

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🇺🇸 American Words that British People HATE! 🇬🇧

Hi everyone! So today's video is the opposite of our last video! We love doing these 'sister sisters' vids so please comment below with your thoughts on American words we really dislike compared to the words we LOVE.. which can be seen here...

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How The Danes View Americans? - Copenhagen

People from around the world understand America doesn't need Donald Trump to be great.

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