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Antoons Fights Back! | R@cist Tracer Returns


Antoons Fights Back! | R@cist Tracer Returns

Antoons seems to be unable to face his history as an animator and comic artist, and has now begun to create drama within the art community. Will he keep running? Or will he change for the better? For the sake of people like Puppychan, let's hope so...

Thank you DaftPina, for lending me the glasses for this very special art rant. And thank you, Fran, for the commission that is the speedpaint for this video.

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Antoons: R@cist Tracer

Antoons' history as an animator an comic artist seems to have lead him down a dark path. Can this tracer get out alive or is he just set in his ways?

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This Predatory Animator has nearly 1 Million Subscribers (RE-UPLOAD)

DISCLAIMER: This is a re-upload of a Antoons Rant by Izzzyzzz, this video is also not monetized as well, if you see ads on this video, notify me and i'll do something about it.


Today we discuss Antoons, the internet's favourite unabashed racist (who also enjoys harassing children) :)

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god i hate antoons

guys,, hat if antoons were orang??????

why arent angled brackets allowed

Antoons Can NOT Handle Criticism

i stole his thumbnail template to show how goofy it is


▶My Previous Video:

Antoons has recently gotten himself involved in drama on Twitter and can not handle criticism whatsoever, he ends up blocking people and sending his fanbase after people who criticise him.

Antoons Drama again..

Antoons Drama again..




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Daft Pina was too nice to Antoons

Daft Pina's Video on Antoons was almost perfect, but it failed because of on major reason.
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backroom labyrinth by Oliver Buckland

Eternal.Temp by Graham Kartna


Ena (happy) by Gabe V.

Moony and Ena (sad) by Lizzie Freeman

Ena (drunk) and Rubik by Sam Meza

Robert by Hanai Chihaya

Merci by Chobi

3D Maze made in Unity by Utu-Nui

Script Revisionist: Abby F
Special thanks to Mizu Wolf

Animated by Joel G

Java, the Daughter of Antoons (read disc.)

In this video we cover a racist and transphobic goat man who isn't even good at the dumb things he does. Also a small update on Antoons

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Disclaimer: I referred to them as he in this video but from what I've heard they are a she.

Zoophobia: Failed Pilot

Wondershare's PDFelement -


With all of the pilots Vivzipop has, is Zoophobia failed or just never got its chance to live? Let's dive on into this zoo.

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Antoons Video: h

#daftpina #zoophobia #hazbinhotel

Franchise's Defbed

Collab. with Billy Cobb. Check his music here:
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#animation #music #brands

This Kid's Website has some Gross Content...

We're all migrating to binweevils guys
Here's the story/drama of Marapets and their gross, problematic content!!

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History of French Animation

Get them frogs' legs ready, as this is the longest history run on my channel so far.

#animation #history #documentary
Music at 5:23-10:36 and 23:30 - 27:40 is by Sofia Garcia
Script and editing by Adam Reno and Anton Servetnik

The Man Child Antoons

This took foreeeever to render. Spent a whole day of it crashing but finallly got it.

Ok I know I'm late to this, this video was suppose to be out last week but life took the best of me. I'm here and I have things to saaay.

Antoons, dude, You acted soooo immature during this whole thing, you took zero effort to end it, you just kept trying to fight it and fight it to make yourself look innocent. Stop. You need to take accountability and just apologize for your mistakes and move on. The more you keep fighting it, the more your own fans will start leaving you cause they could care less about the drama.













#Antoons #Drama #NeedsToGrowUp #ManChild

Nintendo is not going to like this Antoons.

I edited this video so this doesn't go against copyright. Don't test me Antoons. Nintendo can be very strict about their content and work being stolen. Also don't attack him though.
Yes I know the Bee mushroom is traced so this is the original:
My ass is too lazy to get on the computer lmao.


Here are Antoons most lowlife bullshit fucking fans/whiteknights of all time who thinks that he's not a homophobe and a racist and claiming that Antoons is on the right to copyright strike video rants on him so I blocked all of them.

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Antoons Traces Even More

Another video on Antoons? So soon? Oh, he traced more, Elsa gate content, oh boy!
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Treat you better glmv |roceit| |part 2?|

Okay so basic thing is that logan, virgil, and patton like roman but he is already dating Janus and they don't like it. So they try to tell him that he isn't good for him so they could change his mind. However Janus and Roman have been dating for a year and Janus finally decided to ask roman. Janus and remus plan it out and remus tells him that he'll be able to say it. On their date logan followed them to see what was going to happen and then just witnessed Roman get engaged to Janus. Should I make a part 2?

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Why Sword Art Online Is Better Than You Think #2: Kirito is a bland and overpowered protagonist


Yes, you heard right! This is a video essay defending Sword Art Online, popularized by the four-season anime, against the most common critiques. I will be discussing all major critiques in detail:

0. Introduction
1. SAO is a Harem Anime. (“sao is harem”)
2. Kirito is a bland and overpowered protagonist. (“mc is op and boring”)
3. Asuna is a stereotyped character without plot importance. (“asuna is stupid tsundere no one cares”)
4. Suguha (Leafa) being in love with Kirito is disgusting and unnecessary. (“eww elf incest”)
5. The antagonists are bland and uninteresting. (“the bad guys suck”) [link to video]
6. A lot of important stuff doesn’t make sense. (“wtf happened i dont understand”)
7. Conclusion

Now, as I am saying in the video, before you go keyboard-warrior-ing and hate on me for no reason: I will not listen to you, and the people that actually use their brains to argue won’t either. I know that SAO isn’t the perfect anime and even in this video, I will be exposing quite some of its flaws. However, feel free to sensibly share your contra-SAO opinions and arguments and we can have a friendly discussion. I will only be removing comments that incite hate or drama and otherwise violate comment policies.

My source material is always quoted at the time I talk about it. Quotes “SX EY” refer to Season X Episode Y of the Anime, while “VX SY CZ” refer to Volume X Story Y Chapter Z of the light novels (story only included for multi-story volumes). As timestamps are a bit tedious and page numbers in LNs vary on editions and translations, I am not giving these in the video, but my evidence shouldn’t be hard to find.

Thanks goes out to the r/SwordArtOnline Subreddit who helped a lot in collecting evidence and improving my arguments during the writing process. You can find them over at they are really a friendly bunch! You may also discover my older posts with early versions of this script, as I mentioned. Special thanks goes to u/SKStacia and u/GeicoLizardBestGirl for providing comments that I quoted in this video, and to the mods for leading such a vibrant community.
The “Asuna Done Dirty in Alicization” post, also by the amazing u/SKStacia can be found here:

Watch Gamerturk’s video on the Incarnation System: Although his last points are a bit fishy, it is an excellent source for this poorly-understood part of Alicization.

Another thanks to Tim Hickson from Hello Future Me ( for letting me use parts of his video on soft magic systems. Go watch the video here: and also check out the video on hard magic:
Brandon Sanderson’s first law of magic:

The usage of video and audio content from the anime franchise „Sword Art Online“, produced by A1-Pictures and licensed to Aniplex USA and others, is under the terms of Fair Use according to U.S. Copyright Law, as well as the Right to Quote in German Law and Law of the European Union. The material is transformatively used for criticism, discussion and review purposes and its volume is kept to a minimum. The official website of Sword Art Online can be found here:

Of course, my main thanks goes to Kawahara Reki-san (or Mr. Reki Kawahara, if you’re not a weeb) for writing this amazing story. You can support his work by watching the anime (on most legal streaming platforms, including Netflix!) or buying the manga or light novels (official translations available in English and other languages). As mentioned, the light novels are the original canon source, so any of their content has precedence over anime and manga content.

Java Bites Back

Looks like the goat, daughter of antoons, bites back, but doesn't do it quite well either.

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OC Artist

antoons defbed

im going to miss my funny man



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