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Automated Vs. Live Webinars: The Results Are In! | Marketer Monday 29


The BEST Evergreen Webinar Software in 2020 (Converts better than EverWebinar)

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“The more you put in between your customer and your message, the less customers you will have.”

That quote really jumped out at me recently when I attended a talk by Dan Henry. As someone who’s sold over 10 million dollars worth of courses, he oughta know! So Dan’s advice, especially as it relates to his evergreen webinar strategy, was something I knew I had to take seriously.

Like me and many other course creators, Dan used EverWebinar to host his evergreen online training for a long time. After all, EverWebinar is probably the most popular webinar software out there. But when he made the switch to a simpler system it made a big difference: boosting sales and conversion rates dramatically.

I have made this switch myself, and I’m super excited to share with you here how this process has worked for me. Because even though EverWebinar helped me sell 7-figures, this change is something I do not regret.

Let’s dive into exactly how I made my evergreen webinar system a lot simpler, and how you can do the same.

Truth is, I’ve been looking for a good alternative to EverWebinar for a while. It’s clunky, it’s not very user-friendly, and it’s caused some unnecessary confusion for my students along the way.

On my quest to find a better software, I’ve tried just about everything I could find: ClickMeeting, Demio, EasyWebinar, StealthSeminar, WebinarNinja… you get the idea. 

Each of those options has some advantages, and they may be a great fit for some people. But in my experience, they simply weren’t as good as EverWebinar. And that’s not saying a whole lot!

What I didn’t realize back then is that I don’t actually need any evergreen webinar software. The perfect software for me doesn’t exist, because I don’t need it. 

How does that even make sense? Let’s think about that quote from Dan Henry again. Potential customers are going to be turned off by whatever separates them from the message we’re trying to convey. He’s basically saying that fewer hoops to jump through equals more customers. 

Before getting into what I do now, let’s look at how traditional evergreen webinars are set up. For the most part, my old webinars looked a lot like this too:

- Opt-in page touting the benefits of attending
- Multiple dates and times available to attend
- Registration confirmation sent to the potential customer’s email inbox
- Multiple email reminders
- A “waiting room” with a countdown until the presentation begins
- Inside the presentation, multiple ways to give the impression of being “live”
- Clunky features that don’t always work

So, what’s a simpler alternative to handling evergreen webinars? If you go to my piano course website right now, here’s what you’d see:

- A simple opt-in page asking only for an email address and first name - no confusing time/date options
- Immediate access to the pre-recorded webinar presentation
- No hassle, no gimmicks - just the presentation content

All the viewer has to do is turn on the sound and watch. A simple signup button appears about one hour into the presentation, and it stays there for the rest of the video. Sounds simple, right?

Before explaining more, I want to tell you why I’ve decided to place my signup button at the 1-hour mark of my presentation.

Some people decide to watch the webinar on double-speed, others pause it repeatedly while they do other things. I’m sure some people also leave it playing in the background while they surf the web.

Having that specific timestamp trigger the enrollment option is my easiest way to make sure the right amount of content has been absorbed by the viewer. Too early, and they may not grasp exactly what I’m teaching or what I’m selling. Too late, and they might have already moved on with their day! So having that button show up at exactly the right moment just makes sense for me. From then on, it's up to the viewer whether they want to take advantage of the opportunity.

With this new system, there are a lot of benefits both for my business and for potential customers. I’m creating a better overall experience for everyone. Why? Because there are:

- Fewer barriers between my message and my potential students
- Fewer features that can malfunction or confuse people
- Fewer support requests

Not only that, but this system means there is no confusion over whether the webinar is live. It’s clear that the content is pre-recorded. There’s no pretense involved, and I think that’s something everyone can appreciate.

Of course, the ultimate question is whether this works. I’m here to tell you that it does work: in fact, it works a lot better than what I've been doing until now!

Webinars: Live or Automated?

Webinars: Live or Automated?

Webinar Skills Podcast

Webinars Survey


In this video Damian explores the advantages of choosing live v automated webinars. After a quick explanation of these two types of webinars Damian identifies two reasons we should consider each type of webinar.


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Damian Noud
Your Confidence Coach for Presenting Online


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Webinars: Live or Automated?

How to Fake a Live Webinar

When it comes to creating content that can answer customer questions, a lot of companies prefer to record a video that can be accessed on-demand, any time… but webinars, with their actual time slot on the calendar, give people a sense of urgency and importance about what you have to say. Unfortunately, the “live” aspect of webinars can be both an intimidating feat and also a technological pain.

Maybe you’re uneasy about trying to talk to a computer screen, or you tend to go down rabbit holes with your subject matter and get into the weeds of technicalities, or maybe you just don’t trust your computer to handle the bandwidth.

Any of these instances might be a good opportunity to fake a live webinar… by pre-recording it.

Pre-recording provides you with the opportunity to edit out mistakes or excessive deviations in your presentation – or to keep the delivery within a particular time limit.


There are several options when it comes to pre-recording webinars. The easiest option is to use a screen-capture on your computer. Several pieces of software will let you do that – like Quicktime and even Powerpoint – so you don’t need to go download some new, expensive program to accomplish this.

Of course, since we're sponsored by a video production agency with a customizable multi-camera studio, we're a bit more biased towards a higher quality of video presentations.

Recording with a studio and/or a multi-camera setting (like ours) gives the entire webinar an elevated feel, as opposed to a dim office or an awkwardly-furnished, echoing dining room. Your audience also gains the benefit of seeing you face-to-face, which increases the personal feel of the webinar and boosts your credibility.


Whatever the production method, once the recording is complete, your final product is going to be a video file; and there are some tricks you can use to make the video appear to be live during the webinar broadcast. For example, refer to the day and time as if it’s the day and time of the webinar, not the day of production.

Another one of our favorite techniques is, if we’re recording in the studio, we film the five minutes or so of behind-the-scenes preparation leading up to when the cameras roll. That way when viewers tune in three minutes before the webinar, they see your presenter going through their notes or getting makeup applied by the crew, as if he or she is preparing at that very moment.

The next trick to the pre-recorded webinar – and this is particularly important – is to play a video that is much more than just the webinar.

If you’re giving a thirty-minute presentation at 2PM, don’t wait until 2PM to hit “play” in the meeting where everyone can see you do it.

Create a video file that’s, say, an hour long; and start it at 1:45 before any attendees tune in. The first fifteen minutes and last fifteen minutes could be a countdown clock; a slide about yourself or your company; or even other relevant videos for your audience to enjoy! It’s a great way to provide additional content and “commercials” for your viewers’ benefit.


One last tip: for whatever reason, a lot of webinar programs struggle to screen-share a rolling video. The audio gets out of sync because the program is trying to connect with your microphone and not the video’s sound. That causes the graphics to pixelate and freeze, and it just gets ugly.

Like any other webinar, you’ll absolutely need to run some tests with your chosen program(s) before diving into the broadcast for real.

Sometimes the screen-share or webinar program you choose will need an adaptor from Amazon or some other plug-in so that you can play video directly from a file; or so that the program will take audio directly from your computer and not your microphone (since you won’t actually be speaking during the broadcast).

Whatever programs and tools you use, testing beforehand will always be your best bet.

In short, if you think webinars are likely a valuable asset for your marketing and sales teams, but the live aspect is a non-starter for you, never fear. Now you can record your presentations and give webinars like a pro… by recording them long beforehand.

Shhh. It’ll be our secret.

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Live Webinars Vs Automated How To Sell MORE In 2020

Live Webinars Vs Automated
How To Sell More In 2020 With YouTube (Free Training):
Everwebinar Trial:

Webinars are no way dead as many would have you believe, but the way that people need to be using them has.

In this video, I'll go over the pros & cons of using live webinars & automated webinars. Plus what I think you should now be doing in 2020 if you want to have the best results with your webinar.

If you want to know how we promote webinars using YouTube then be sure to watch our full training here


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Youtube Ads: Live vs. Automated (Evergreen) Webinar

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In this video, Drew goes over a question that was asked in our Youtube Ads group:

How do YouTube Ads for a live webinar hold up against ads for an evergreen, or automated webinar?

Drew explains the differences between these two types of online training and mentions the pros and cons of choosing each one of them.

He describes the elements that characterize each one of them and provides useful advice on how to use them better to increase profit and ROI.

In this video you’ll see:
-Different characteristics between live webinar and evergreen (automated) webinars.
-Advice about what webinar to choose depending on your necessities and interest.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section or on our Facebook Group, we are happy to help you :)

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Automated vs Live Webinars Showdown: Which One Should You Use? (Pros & Cons)

How do you decide between automated or live webinars? It all comes down to your funnel goals and the results you're looking for. Watch now to discover which one is right for your business.
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The Perfect Webinar Funnel:

Automated vs Live Webinars |Advantages and Disadvantages Playlist:

Create An Automated Webinar Sales Funnel (Complete Webinar Sales Funnel Guide) Playlist:

Sales Funnel Strategy Playlist:
Table of Contents:
0:38 - Webinar Introduction
1:10 - Automated Webinar Pros
3:05 - Live Webinar Pros
4:44 - How To Choose
5:50 - 3 Keys To Live Webinars
7:11- 3 Keys To Automated Webinars
9:38 - My Webinar Recommendation

Automated vs Live Webinars Showdown: Which One Should You Use? (Pros & Cons)

Automated vs Live Webinar | Pros and Cons

Do you want to know which webinar is best for you and for your business?

Webinar was derived from Web – Based Seminar. It is a presentation, video marketing, lecture, presentation, or a seminar. An event is held online where the presenter with discuss topics or ideas and the participants could watch and participate the discussion.

A webinar uses “one to many” form of communication. The information comes from a single point, presenter, and he or she will disseminate information and reach out to a lot of viewers online.

The webinar market is hot right now and is steadily showing strong annual growth. There are various tools for webinars available. Contrary to the trend that in communication it should be short and fast, the viewing time of webinars currently is averagely close to an hour! Webinars could be described as personal, and offers a high degree of interaction which will definitely help the viewers to digest the information very easily.

In starting a webinar, it is very important for to know when to do it live or when to record it and save it for the participants to view later.

Before deciding the selection on choosing the type of webinar that you will make, I made this video for you to know the differences between types of webinars and have a good grasp on webinars. Watch this video; automated vs live webinars

automated and live webinars both have its pros and cons. If you have trouble on choosing what kind of webinar you will make, you should definitely watch this video, automated vs live webinars , I will help you know what is the most suitable type of webinar that you should choose for your presentation!

Everything that happens on a live webinar is happening in real-time. You can make alterations and adlibs on what you present based on your audience. You can engage with your participants with their queries and make changes after the presentation based on your assessment of the presentation.

A Live webinar can create a bridge or a connection between the presenter and the participants which will make the participants relate more to the presenter. The chance of participants to be more active and engage in the presentation increases.

On the other hand, using automated webinars also have its advantages. Automated webinar is a type of webinar that is pre recorded. You can refer your participants to your pre recorded webinars where they can watch it every time they want.

Your viewers could be from all around the world, and of course taking into consideration the time differences, some potential viewers may not be able to watch because it is inconvenient for them to attend.

If you use automated webinar, you can prepare a lot before posting your webinar. You can edit and review your presentation a lot of times allowing you make the perfect webinar before launching it.

Knowing what type of webinar you should use is definitely important in the success of your presentation. Watch this video on automated vs live webinars to know more! Hit that like button and subscribe!
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Entrepreneur - Someone who hustles daily to make their vision a reality and bring ideas to life.

If that definition resonates with you, then you’re in the right place. On this channel I’m documenting the entire process of what it takes to build a digital business from scratch sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of entrepreneurship.

Join a community of hard working entrepreneurs who are committed to building the business they love.

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Automated Vs. Live Webinars: The Results Are In! | Marketer Monday 29

Together We Can 10X Your Business:

Automated Vs. Live Webinars: The Results Are In! | EverWebinar Vs. GoToWebinar
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After 2+ years of hosting live webinars on GoToWebinar we finally decided to give automated webinars on EverWebinar a try… after 1 month and over 1,000 registrants through the webinar, the results are in!

In this episode of Marketer Monday you will see the differences of automated and live webinars including the differences in attendance rate AND conversion rate.

Links from the video:

- Marketer Monday:
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Have you also ran both live and automated webinars? How do your numbers stack up against ours? Let me know in the comments below!

Webinars Are FAKE! How To Bypass The 2 Hour Live Webinar

Stop wasting time on webinars with this quick and easy hack. Scroll through a presentation in less than 20 minutes instead of 2+ hours.

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Auto Webinar Funnel

Sell your products 24 hours a day with Auto Webinar Funnels.

This funnel should be used after you have a proof of concept with your Live Webinar Funnel. From there, upload your historically best converting webinar to an online video host such as YouTube or Vimeo. Next, embed the video on a webinar broadcast page. From there, the webinar can sell your products and services automatically for you 24-hours a day!

The Auto Webinar Funnel works by prompting someone to sign up for the webinar. After they do, they’re redirected to a confirmation page where date and time of the event they can attend is listed. After that, drip emails will be sent to build excitement about the training. Once the webinar time has passed, visitors are emailed a link to a page that will give them one last chance to watch the webinar in order to create urgency and scarcity.

$60,000 Live and Automated Webinar Case Study

Here we cover each element that sold $60,000 of digital products and courses using live and pre recorded webinars.

Do you want to launch a course or digital product? Chat with us!

[Best Webinar Software] EasyWebinar For Live and Automated Webinars [Demo Video]

For more video tips go to

Webinars are the perfect tool for lead generation and relationship/education based marketing. Learn how to save yourself more time, energy and money with Easy Webinar!

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EverWebinar Review: Don't Buy EverWebinar For Your Automated Webinars | Top 3 Reasons

Before you buy EverWebinar, watch this video. It’s a great software with some serious drawbacks that you need to be aware of before you buy.

????????Generate More Leads and Sales with EverWebinar:

Here are the top 3 reasons you should think twice about EverWebinar.

Welcome to my EverWebinar review and walk through demo by Jason Whaling. EverWebinar is the Ultimate tool for automation plus event marketing.

Is EverWebinar worth $500+ per year? In this video review, we explore if paying $500 a year for EverWebinar is worth the high price tag. Does it really justify the price tag? In this EverWebinar review you’ll discover the top 3 reasons to avoid EverWebinar for your automated webinars.

All that is left for you to do is click the link below and get access to my full EverWebinar review my EverWebinar bonus package and the package of training I put together for you when you get inside WebinarJam studio and EverWebinar:

Here are some other Automated Webinar videos you can check out to dive further into ClickFunnels, EverWebinar, StealthSeminar, and Webinar Jam. Finding the right webinar solution for your business is a big decision, so make sure you weigh all the pros and cons before you choose:

Now, by watching this EverWebinar review you will also gain some insights on how to improve your webinar sales and additional insights on how to overcome some of Every Webinars weaknesses so you can take your automated webinars to the next level. You'll make common webinar mistakes less and learn how to really make your automated webinar stand out.

You can check out my complete EverWebinar review with a step-by-step rundown on how to setup your first EverWebinar campaign here:

I've been watching every video out there and you've come the closest to getting EverWebinar and ClickFunnels to play nice together:

Disclaimer: Please note that all links are affiliate promotions.

Pre-Recorded vs. Live Webinars

When it comes to webinars, most people assume that the medium is, by its nature, a live broadcast.

When you host a webinar versus providing a particular video on-demand, it gives the audience a sense of urgency.

When they hear, “Here’s the date and time; you don’t want to miss it,” the audience feels obligated to tune in because they have no way of knowing for certain if you’re going to record the session for posterity, or if you’re going to give the same presentation at a later date. It’s a great opportunity for you because they don’t want to miss out.

Typical webinars involve some sort of screen capture, with the speaker’s voice recorded through a computer’s built-in microphone. Technical quality aside, the live aspect of the presentation can be very nerve-wracking for some presenters.

However, pre-recorded webinars are also a viable option nowadays. You can, as the name implies, have the presentation recorded ahead of time, and then you can play it back live.

So which is better?


Live webinars are really good if you want to get interactive feedback.

If you want to host a poll or feature interactive questions with the audience while the actual event is going on, then live is probably what you’re looking for.

Live also is a bit less work. You may put together your slide deck and rehearse a bit, but once it’s done, it’s done. If you make a mistake, then you make a mistake, and then you roll with it and move on.


Pre-recorded webinars, on the other hand, give you the opportunity to iron out more kinks beforehand and make sure your message is honed to perfection.

If you’re really worried about going on-camera and screwing up in front of a ton of people, this is a fantastic solution to make sure that you’re polished, everything comes across the way you intend it, and you don’t stray into any rabbit holes along the way.

One of the benefits of having pre-recorded versus live is that you can reduce some of the technical issues.

In other words, let’s say you start on the live webinar and then all of a sudden, your wifi disconnects or slows down, or Powerpoint glitches. Something happens, some technical issue pops up… and you’ve got all these people sitting there, watching you. Pre-recorded webinars are one way to reduce the chance of that happening. They do take a bit of work behind the curtain, aThey do take a bit of work behind the curtain, and we'll address that in a future vodcast about how to fake a live webinar; but they’re very valuable, polished assets once they’re complete.

And while the audience may not see or hear the answer their questions on the screen, some interaction is still possible in the pre-recorded webinars. Your presenter (perhaps under a different name) and the rest of your team can potentially answer questions in the written chat while the recording is played.


Honestly, choosing your particular webinar depends on what’s most important to you.

There are ways of doing hybrid webinars, but neither is necessarily better than the other – it just depends on the use case. If you want interactivity and the ability to answer questions, you want to go live. If you want to make sure your message is clear and concise and on-point, then you might want to look into pre-recorded webinars.

Either way, we definitely believe in using certain production techniques that will make your presentation as high-quality and personable as possible. After all, the quality of your video could in fact make or break your pitch.

Check out the full vodcast article at

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Webinars Vs Automated Webinars - Knowing When & How To Automate Your Webinars

- in this video, I discuss webinars vs. automated webinars and when you should automate your webinars.

Automating your webinars first before you've done it LIVE doesn't make any sense to me, because you need to get some reps under your belt so you can dial in the sales conversation of your webinar.

You see, webinars are great to build relationships, provide value, inspire, teach and be positioned as the thought leader on your topics... but automating them before you've done them LIVE like 10-15 times is NOT a wise move... and many other thought leaders such as Russell Brunson agree with ME on this subject of when to automate your webinar.

If you need help with your webinar or webinar funnel, let us know and we can help. We have built 8 Figure ($10 million plus) businesses using webinars.

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10 Ugly Truths of ClickFunnels Automated Webinars - Building an Online Business Ep. 29

Thinking of using ClickFunnels for your webinars? After weeks of vigorous testing and countless customer support e-mails, I’ve got the good, bad and ugly of Click Funnels automated webinars here.

Better Webinar Solutions To Try:
Stealth Seminar:
EverWebinar (60 Trial):

In this episode of building an online business from scratch, I’m going to break down the top 10 thinks you absolutely need to know about using ClickFunnels automated webinars.

Before we dive into the 10 ugly truths of ClickFunnels automated webinars please remember that ClickFunnels has a TON of great features to offer and it’s not designed to compete with the likes of Stealth Seminar and Everwebinar. I’m including this disclaimer here because I still use and recommend ClickFunnels.

Now for simplicity sake I have broken down the 10 truths into four categories; general, landing page, webinar room, and emails. It’s important to know how each section of your funnel can be affected by the software’s limitations and what possible solutions you can deploy to work around them. Here’s a quick summary of the 10 points covered in the video.

First, as a general warning you want to make sure that everything you name on the back end of CF is something you wouldn’t mind your customers seeing. So even though your just naming your funnel or pages, make sure it’s a name that customers can see because CF pulls from a lot of your names for it’s automation.

Next we have the landing page itself. There are some big limitations when it comes to the webinar dates you can offer for your automated webinar as well as restrictions on how much data your external autoresponder can collect.

When it comes to the webinar room itself we’ll cover 4 big issues in the video. In summary, the webinar room will clearly look like a typical sales page to some customers. The lack of chat, the flashing of video player controls and page refreshing issues all contribute to a poor attendee experience.

Finally, while robust in some respects, the way the emails are handled and automated leave much to be desired. This is one area CF could have really outshined other solution but instead offers the same plan pre-webinar e-mails and limits the number of webinar link e-mails you can send out (even if you have Actionetics).

Disclaimer: Please note that all recommendations & links are affiliate promotions.

$300k in 90 Days! My First Evergreen Webinar funnel Launch (Explained)

My First Evergreen Webinar funnel Launch (Explained) And how I made $300k in 90 days! Automated webinar funnels are the best tools to use for marketing automation if you are selling an online course or info products for your online business.

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Live Webinar Review: Save THOUSANDS every year with this powerful webinar platform

Check it out:

Webinars are an incredibly powerful way to build your list, engage your audience, sell your product, and support your customers. It can truly cover the entire customer journey with a single tool. Live Webinar is a very powerful and established platform that has just released a new lifetime deal on AppSumo that is DEFINITELY worth checking out!

Learn More About the Platform (with common Q&A's) here:

If you'd like to test the platform out, I will be using live webinar for a free private coaching later this week. All you need to do to get access is give me some feedback on my Income Mesh content at this link:

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Automated Pre-recorded Webinar vs. Live Webinar | Desmond Ong's Platinum Mastery Program

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Webinars vs. Livestreaming vs. Online Meetings - What's the Difference?

What's really the difference between a webinar, a livestream and other kinds of online events? Watch to find out!

If you want to know which webinar software is best for your specific needs, check out the quiz I created here:

Check out all of my webinar software reviews here:

Automation Mondays - Just in Time vs Future Scheduled Webinars

In this episode, we tackle a very specific question and reveal how you can skyrocket your webinar attendance rates and increase revenues by making one small scheduling tweak.



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