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Basic Knife-Fighting Techniques: Into the Fray Episode 168


Ars Live #6: Taking on Patent Trolls | Ars Technica

Ars Technica's Annalee Newitz and Cyrus Farivar met in front of a live audience at Longitude bar in Oakland, CA and spoke with Lee Cheng, Chief Legal Officer of Newegg, Inc. about how to fight patent trolls and the strange and ridiculous world of excessive patent litigation. Read the article:

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Ars Live #6: Taking on Patent Trolls | Ars Technica

Phalanx | Wikipedia audio article

This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article:

00:01:26 1 History
00:03:30 2 Overview
00:05:49 2.1 Pushing
00:08:56 2.2 Shields
00:11:24 2.3 Hoplite armament
00:15:27 2.4 Phalangite armament
00:17:39 3 Deployment and combat
00:17:48 3.1 Phalanx composition and strength
00:19:02 3.2 Phalanx front and depth
00:20:55 3.3 Stages of combat
00:22:23 4 Tactics
00:25:15 5 Weaknesses
00:28:05 6 Classical decline and post-classical use
00:33:43 7 See also

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I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.
- Socrates

The phalanx (Ancient Greek: φάλαγξ; plural phalanxes or phalanges, φάλαγγες, phalanges) was a rectangular mass military formation, usually composed entirely of heavy infantry armed with spears, pikes, sarissas, or similar pole weapons. The term is particularly (and originally) used to describe the use of this formation in Ancient Greek warfare, although the ancient Greek writers used it to also describe any massed infantry formation, regardless of its equipment. Arrian uses the term in his Array against the Alans when he refers to his legions. In Greek texts, the phalanx may be deployed for battle, on the march, or even camped, thus describing the mass of infantry or cavalry that would deploy in line during battle. They marched forward as one entity.
The term itself, as used today, does not refer to a distinctive military unit or division (e.g., the Roman legion or the contemporary Western-type battalion), but to the type of formation of an army's troops. Therefore, this term does not indicate a standard combat strength or composition but includes the total number of infantry, which is deployed in a single formation known as a phalanx.

Many spear-armed troops historically fought in what might be termed phalanx-like formations. This article focuses on the use of the military phalanx formation in Ancient Greece, the Hellenistic world, and other ancient states heavily influenced by Greek civilization.

Freya Ridings - Lost Without You (Official Video)

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Standing on the platform,
Watching you go,
It’s like no other pain,
I’ve ever known,
To love someone so much,
To have no control,
You said I have to see the world,
And I said go

I think I’m lost without you,
I just feel crushed without you,
I’ve been strong, for so long,
That I never thought,
How much I needed you,
I think I’m lost without you

Strangers rushing past,
Just trying to get home,
But you were the only safe haven,
That I’ve known,
Hits me at full speed,
Feel like I can’t breath,
And nobody knows,
This pain inside me,
My world is crumbling,
I should never have,
Let you go

I think I’m lost without you,
I think I’m lost, lost, lost,
I think I’m lost without you, you,
I just feel crushed without you,
‘cause I’ve been strong for so long,
That I never thought,
How much I love you

Standing on the platform,
Watching you go,
You said I wanna see the world,
And I said go

#FreyaRidings #LostWithoutYou #FreyaRidingsLostWithoutYou



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