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Bear killed with Blowgun


How to Make Poison

Balan the blowpipe maker shares his wisdom for a second time. In this short film he imparts his rare knowledge of making ‘tajem’ - the unique poison used for hunting by his people, the Penan tribe of Borneo. | To see more of Balan and learn about the Penan and the rainforest they live in visit

This is the third in a series of 10 short films I’m making. You can see the others at

Hunting and Eating Invasive Iguanas | National Geographic

Shoot to kill … and eat. That's become the new method for limiting the out-of-control green iguana population in Puerto Rico. Volunteers in the island territory have begun patrolling for the pesky lizard in an effort to reduce its numbers. Meat from iguanas can become part of the human diet. Even restaurants in the continental United States are starting to import iguana meat, which can be prepared in many different ways.
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SPECIAL THANKS: Para La Naturaleza, Conservation Trust of PR, Javier Vega, Frances Lausell, Alice Cabrera, Iguaneros de Aguada

Hunting and Eating Invasive Iguanas | National Geographic

National Geographic

Ducks and geese shot with blow darts in Julia Davis Park

Fish and Game is trying trap the birds and remove the darts.

Blowgun Purge, time's up!

Giant Invasive Devil frogs have overtaken the suburbs of Florida. Capable of killing dogs and more, Tim blowguns these freaks and uses their poison for hunting darts. See this grotesque creature escreat poison to kill its aggressor. See slow motion blow darts take em out and witness the PURGE, in The Purge part 1. Florida's invasive creature hunting documentary.

Hunter Successfully Harvests Black Bear With a Blow Gun

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Hunter Successfully Harvests Black Bear With a Blow Gun
YouTube: Tim Wells Bow HunterDo you think it's possible to harvest black bears with something as small as a blow gun?In this Canadian adventure, Tim Wells throws a lethal spear at his first black bear. Spear hunting bears isn't farfetched for Tim. However, he takes it a step further and attempts to kill a black bear with a blow gun. It sounds insane and it probably is, but if Tim can harvest black bears with a spear and a blow gun, what's he going to try next?Watch the video below:[embedded content]First of all, if you aren't proficient with a blow...

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YouTube: Tim Wells Bow HunterDo you think it's possible to harvest black bears with something as small as a blow gun?In this Canadian adventure, Tim Wells throws a lethal spear at his first black bear. Spear hunting bears isn't farfetched for Tim. However, he takes it a step further and attempts to kill a black bear with a blow gun. It sounds insane and it probably is, but if Tim can harvest black bears with a spear and a blow gun, what's he going to try next?Watch the video below:[embedded content]First of all, if you aren't proficient with a blow gun, don't try this. Tim's an expert who practices on small game constantly before he attempts wild game animals like a black bear. Thus, he knows exactly where to shoot for a lethal shot. Similarly, his darts are razor-sharp for a quick, humane kill. He sharpens his darts with fine sand paper for the perfect edge. He also loosens the cap on the dart, so when the dart penetrates, it makes a clean pass through the bear's thick hide. Tim's dart travels at a speed of 195 feet per second, which he shoots right under 20 yards. For comparison, a lot of bows shoot around 300 feet per second. Bear populations are large in Canadian provinces and spring bear hunting season sees the influx of many bear hunters from the United States each year. Black bear harvest percentages are typically pretty good, but be sure to find a reputable outfitter before booking just any hunt. Black bear tags aren't necessarily hard to get, but the travel and lodging expenses add up quickly. Like what you see here? Read more hunting articles by Nathan Unger at whitetailguruhunting. com. Nathan is also the host of the Whitetail Guru Hunting Podcast. NEXT: SPEAR HUNTING BLACK BEAR WITH TIM WELLS WATCH oembed rumble video here

Giant Carp, Bowfishing and Blowgun Massacre!!

Follow me on...Instagram @ timwells_slockmaster!....Shooting fish with the new Fish Hawk Blowgun proves its worth on the Illinois river. Gar basking at the surface find themselves slocked. The ultimate test reveals the deadly qualities of this new invention. What you will see is the first prototype of the Fish Hawk Blowgun in action. Used by your average Joe as well as professional blow gun hunters. Check er out!! Blood in the water and multiple kill shots.

Blowgun keren

Mainan yang keren, bisa buat keseruan bareng teman maupun keseruan sendiri...
Apalagi pas bosan bosannya dirumah aja karena corona,, ingat ya tetap safety..
Salam namet

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Blowgun Lizard Assassin

Amazing blowgun head shots on Texas lizards. Long range blowgun shots using Cold Steel Shotgun Dart

Blowgun darts, the good and the better

Tim Wells Cold Steel Blowgun

#blowgun #timwellscoldsteel #philbillymoonshine
I ordered this awesome blow gun and tried it out, if any of you guys like primitive hunting you should get you one of these, make sure you get the Time Wells Cold Steel version because it comes with better darts. Also be sure to check out Tim Wells youtube channel he has a video of him hunting a bear, and a wild hog with this same blow gun.

What Actually Happens When a Tranquilizer Dart Hits You?

Just Say No To Tranquilizer Darts.
Watch more: “How Toxic Is the Inside of a Glow Stick?” ►►

Meet The Team!
Director/Voice - Pat Graziosi:
Executive Producer - Ian Dokie:
Editor-In-Chief: Kaylee Yuhas
Animation by Steven Lawson
Written by Michael Sago


Bush, Mitchell. “Remote Drug Delivery Systems.” Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, vol. 23, no. 2, 1992, pp. 159–180. JSTOR,

Jacks blowgun kill TM

Bear hunting traditional recurve 2016

I sat in my tree stand for an hour and was given a chance to harvest this nice young bear.
peperettes and summer sausage, burger for my fam jam.

Blowgun Alligator Hunt

Noah Aman and his dad go on various outdoor excursions together with the focus being on the father/son relationship and hopefully encouraging others to spend time together.

Bear in the yard (Headshot)

They tried yelling at it, but it ignored them. It kept coming toward them so they opted to throw a few rocks at it to try to scare it away. One connected.

Blow Gun Frog Gigging

We use our Firepower .40 cal Blowguns to get a few frogs in the ditch. LIKE & SUB Thanks -TCairgunning


Today we blowgun hunted rabbits, prepared and cooked it, and spearfished one fish :p We still had a lot of fun making this video and look forward to the future. Please share with your friends if you enjoyed :)

-Hunter and david


Heuse & Zeus x Crona - Pill
NIVIRO - Sapphire

Incredible running shot on a fox with a bow

This is a freaking amazing shot on a running fox. A cool way to trick foxes within bow range as well. A sky view of a foxes approach to the call and point blank shot. Epic clip. 2 kills


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blowgun challange

Hey grizzly fan I will be talking about my channel and all the fun adventure



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