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BitMEX online Algorithmic trading


Programming an RSI Trading Bot with Bitmex API

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In this BitMEX tutorial for beginners, I'll show you how to short and long Bitcoin with up to 100x leverage. It's very easy to short Bitcoin with leverage. I'll show you how to assign leverage, put in a Bitcoin short position, how to deposit & withdraw and how to hold two positions open at the same time. Leverage trading comes with risk in the form of a liquidation price, and in this BitMEX tutorial, I will make sure that you'll keep your Bitcoin safe while trading on high leverage. This tutorial works even if you're an American who lives in the US. Use my BitMEX affiliate link at the top of the description to get 10% off the fees for 6 months! Ready to short Bitcoin with leverage? Watch this easy to understand BitMEX tutorial!!
Exchanges I Use:
▶ BitMEX 10% Off:
▶ Binance ex:
▶ Huobi:

Free Download Best Trading Bot For Bybit & Bitmex (New Version 2020)

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To install the software you need to download and run the installer. For peace of mind and confidence that the software does not contain viruses, the file is uploaded to YANDEX DISK, GOOGLE DRIVE without any passwords to the archive. 



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Bitmex API Tool - Setup Guide

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Goat Alerts Trading Bot Setup Guide - Tradingview Bot for Bitmex & Bybit

Goat Trader allows you to quickly trade strategies in Tradingview to your favorite exchanges quick and accurately. If you are newer trader and would rather follow expert traders we have a marketplace that allows you to see your favorite traders results and shadow trade them!

What are you waiting for come try the GOAT of Crypto Trading Bots.

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Bitmex Assistant Bot - Sasha T4NG

Assistant Bot for Bitmex - Is the Bitmex Assistant Tool - bot, that will trade only as you would. So, it will not trade by itself, it will trade only what you told him before. It is really like your personal assistant, it will only trade how you want, and let you go somewhere and to sleep. So you put Limit order (it will be Poste-Only), or orders how you want, put SL (Stol Loss). and you put PT-s (Limit Orders + Post-Only to get paid when its hit, and it's in other direction of course) in there. So, only and only when you order is open it will submit your PT-s. When your first PT is hit, it will move SL, in the place you want (you will have a place to enter a number), and you type in beginning, when the second SL is hit, it will move your stop loss (and reduce it for number of contract same as your PT always) on the place you entered, like some support or resistance, so ... it will be like you pay somebody to trade as you do.
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Use my Bitmex affiliate link will receive a 10% fee discount for 6 months.

This stream is only for self-evaluation and educational purposes only. None of this is financial, trading, or investment advice and I do not suggest following my positions without first doing your own technical analysis and research.

Fantastic Bitmex order book WebSocket API handling in 1 page of Clojure code

I thought I'd post this little video, because I think it is nice how easy and succinct this is. Fantastic? Well, I don't know about that, but still .. :)

BitMex Free Trading Bot Updated Version

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New Bitmex Trade Bot - Earn .5-.8% Daily

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Group trading on Bitmex

You can group keys and trade on group just like you trade on one key. You also can copy trades and leverage (all actions) from one api key to api keys group using our bitmex copy bot. Trade amount is copied as percent from deposit taking current leverage in account.

BitMex Trading Bot - Python

BitMEX Affiliate Link 10% Off Fees:

If you sign up with my affiliate link you'll get a 10% discount on the trading fees for 6 months! BitMEX Affiliate Link:

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For peace of mind and confidence that the BITMEX TRADING BOT 2018 is free of viruses, the file is downloaded to Yandex Disk.
Download - Password - 2018

To install the BITMEX TRADING BOT 2018 you need to download and run the unpack.

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My channels are for entertainment purposes only Iam not a financial advisor nor am I recommending you invest in anything I talk about crypto is risky and has no guaranties. We can win or lose anything we put into crypto and you need to be aware of this. I make an affiliate commission if you do click an of my links and these affiliate commissions are available to anyone who shares a link. I am not a paid promoter and have never accepted payment or any sort of compensation for making my videos. Oracle is not responsible for any financial decisions you make.


100x trading
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Apresentação do BOT OPENSOURCE para a BITMEX.


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Stabitlizer bot Bitmex 16% profit mensual

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Бот для парного трейдинга для биржи Bitmex

Бот для парного трейдинга для биржи Bitmex служит для возможности стратегии парного трединга и баскет трейдинг (торговли корзинами валют).

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Universal trading bot 10 30% per day

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I've built a cryptocurrency trading bot called GradientTrader. It uses a graphical interface that lets you back-test on historical data, simulate paper trading, and implement a custom trading strategy for the real markets. The technique I used was a cutting edge Deep Reinforcement Learning strategy called Multi Agent Actor Critic.
10-30% profit per day


Calling the top - Bybit BTC Brawl | MarketSpy Scalper Games

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This is profitjitsu - a practice trading session that takes advantage of the Bybit Games BTC Brawl discounted fees and turns them into sats. Start #stackingsats with us!

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⚔️ Cryptopocalypse Now Discord:

Disclaimer and Risks:

Crypto Ranger is not a licensed financial advisor. You're solely responsible for your actions when trading, not me.

When engaging with these markets, you should have established clear goals, have your risk-management part of your trading strategy covered, know your risk appetite and consider your level of expertise. You cannot trade money you're not ready to lose - this is of utmost importance.

There's great exposure to risk at any given time using any of the exchanges not only limited to leverage: counter-party risk, extreme volatility (a blessing in disguise) and a general lack of clear regulations may affect the price of an asset quite significantly.

Any market movement will have an equally proportional effect on your trading portfolio as you're trading with leverage. This is a gift and a curse for traders from all walks of life. The possibility exists that you could sustain a total loss of initial margin funds and be required to deposit additional funds to maintain your position on Bybit or other margin-trading exchanges such as Bitmex. You are responsible for having enough margin in your account in order to not be liquidated!

This channel is simply market commentary that overlooks prices, market sentiment, news and other technical or fundamental analyses. Crypto Ranger's views expressed never were and never will be financial advise and should not be taken as such.
Cryptopocalypse Now is a fun and educational place for adults to learn and trade cryptocurrencies and is not liable for any financial losses that may be incurred during your time here. All information is provided for entertainment purposes and does not reflect Crypto Ranger's past or currently-employing firm's opinion or position on markets. Trade with awareness and may you always be in profit! Thank you for watching.

Bitcoin still looks bullish, a short TA update.

Historical volatility of bitcoin is about to have the new rise, while the range of bitcoin price gets narrower in-between moving averages.
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CryptoBreak EA - Bitcoin trading on MT5