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Black Bear and a big gnarly boar speared from above


Ethical and humane spear hunts with Mitch yonkman.

This video is for educational purposes to show that spears are just as humane as any other hunting method. To ban spear hunting in Alberta or any other province or state is absurd. Spears have been around since the dawn of man and should be celebrated and not prosecuted. Please help us keep the spear hunting tradition alive!

Spearing Wild Boars from Above!

Graphic hog Spearing

Spring Time Bear Adventure With Mitch Yonkman.

Just out for a hunt are yea bud!

With spear the bear

On the video involved American George Bowman hunting with a spear at the bear without anything. On the video you can see how he lured the bear to his bait and filmed entirely hunting action. In general, watch and share experiences. Do not forget to Like and subscribe.

With the increasing population of bears, frequent conflicts with these animals. Bear - a large predator, extremely strong and, of course, dangerous to humans. These recommendations are designed to help avoid such situations, and when they occur - to minimize the negative consequences. video, shoot video, watch videos about bears, tin, tin hunting, cruel video, excellent video,

If you are in an area inhabited by bears

(General recommendations)

When traveling keep mostly open spaces and woodlands, where the beast approach can be seen in advance and take the necessary measures to repel or otherwise protect themselves from possible attack. Avoid prolonged move through dense thickets in areas of possible concentration of bears. During movement through the taiga, it is desirable not to use bear trails. Also avoid driving on the banks of salmon rivers and along the spawning grounds at dusk and dawn, and also at night. Remember that night - time the bear! bear hunting, bear hunting video, bear hunting in 2016, watch bear hunting, hunting the bear for free, free video hunting bear, the best hunting bear, bear video shoot video, watch videos about bears, tin, tin hunting, cruel video, excellent video,

If in the spring, when there is snow, you will encounter on the trail of the bear, turn back or try to get around the place intended for animal finding an open place. Bear does not make long marches through the deep snow, so the trail met, even old enough to be a good indicator of its presence in the next okrestnostyah.ohota bear for free, free video hunting bear, the best bear hunting, bear

"Jumping on a bear" Angle #2

This is my first attempt, The bear moved on me at the last second so as you can see I pulled the spear hard to the right so to completely miss him. I did not want to impale the bear in the guts to of wounded him. I made the ethical choice and missed him completely. Please leave any rude comments to yourself. :)

Hog Wild Adventures Spear Hunt With a GoPro

Caution-Raw footage-


Spear hunting wild boar

This channel is for entertainment purpose only I do not own any of this content

Central Ontario Shotgun Black Bear Hunt 2016

Hunting for a bear with a bear-spear.


Black bear spear hunting

Young black bear cute and shit! Jk on the spear hunting lol

Black bear with spear from 3 yards


Bear Hunting Alberta 2018

We were extremely lucky to have the chance to hunt a friend of a friends trap line for his yearly bear management in northern Alberta, not only that my friend a first time hunter got to harvest his first big game animal a beautiful jet black, northern Alberta black bear



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