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Black Bear and a big gnarly boar speared from above


Discworld (world) | Wikipedia audio article

This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article:

00:00:48 1 Great A'Tuin
00:05:45 2 Magic
00:11:22 2.1 The power of belief
00:14:33 2.2 Narrative causality
00:17:08 2.3 Octarine
00:17:48 2.4 Substances
00:20:04 3 The Disc
00:22:38 3.1 Circle Sea
00:23:55 3.2 Unnamed Continent
00:24:21 3.2.1 Sto Plains
00:25:53 3.2.2 Ankh-Morpork
00:26:24 3.2.3 Pseudopolis
00:28:31 3.2.4 Quirm
00:32:39 3.2.5 Sto Lat
00:34:50 3.2.6 The Ramtops
00:36:39 3.2.7 Lancre
00:41:53 3.2.8 Hublands
00:42:38 3.2.9 Überwald
00:47:42 3.2.10 Borogravia
00:49:40 3.2.11 Zlobenia
00:50:42 3.2.12 Chalk
00:51:31 3.2.13 Llamedos
00:52:52 3.2.14 Octarine Grass Country
00:53:32 3.2.15 Genua
00:56:45 3.3 Klatch
01:03:33 3.3.1 Ephebe
01:07:29 3.3.2 Djelibeybi
01:09:49 3.3.3 Tsort
01:11:08 3.3.4 Omnia
01:12:09 3.3.5 Deepest Klatch
01:17:59 3.4 Counterweight Continent
01:23:24 3.5 Fourecks
01:28:32 3.6 Krull
01:30:03 4 Lifeforms
01:30:22 4.1 Sentient species
01:38:43 4.2 Other life
01:39:23 5 Calendar
01:41:15 5.1 Hogswatchnight
01:42:53 5.2 The Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May
01:43:50 5.3 Usage
01:44:57 6 Languages
01:48:24 7 iThe Folklore of Discworld/i
01:49:10 8 See also
01:49:26 9 Notes
01:49:35 10 External links

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I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.
- Socrates

The Discworld is the fictional setting for all of Terry Pratchett's Discworld fantasy novels. It consists of a large disc (complete with edge-of-the-world drop-off and consequent waterfall) resting on the backs of four huge elephants which are in turn standing on the back of an enormous turtle, named Great A'Tuin (similar to Chukwa or Akupara from Hindu mythology) as it slowly swims through space.
The Disc has been shown to be heavily influenced by magic and, while Pratchett has given it certain similarities to planet Earth, he has also created his own system of physics for it.
Pratchett first explored the idea of a disc-shaped world in the novel Strata (1981).

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Fear the Bear 2016

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Tracer Cat

Man shoots at a bobcat with his assault rifle with military tracers. Cat sees it coming and ducks out of the way.

Brave fisherman fights off great white shark attack

A brave fisherman fought off a great white shark as the beast lunged at him multiple times during an intense nine-minute-long stand-off.

While diving off the coast of Perth, Australia, on September 7, Joe Petrovich and some friends were spearfishing but he almost ended up as the prey.

Joe had strayed about 300 metres away from the boat, trying to hunt down a school of pink snapper before a four-and-a-half-metre long shark weighing approximately 400kg appeared.

Moments after the video begins, the shark checks and tilts its head to assess Joe’s defences.

On the fourth circle, the shark leant in further and eventually launched at Joe, who was only able to parry the potentially fatal attack with his gun as the shark’s bite narrowly missed under his right arm.

The shark retreated before almost instantly lunging again but for Joe’s legs, this time taking a chunk out of his left swimming fin as the footage shows a great deal of commotion and struggle.

Joe began his escape back to the boat as the shark continued to circle threatening attacks with each pass.

Eventually, Joe is able to the shark a taste of the pointed spear tip which gives the message to the shark that Joe is also a threat which slowly defuses the encounter.

The shark slowly backs off and Joe successfully makes it back to the safety of the vessel.

Joe said: “When the shark first attacked, I thought I had a 75% chance of not making it out alive.

“At best I thought I’d lose one leg and probably part of the other.

“It was as sudden and violent as a high-speed motorbike crash.

“As there is no outer shell in a bike crash, your body takes the full impact and first contact, just like this.

“Once the shark had taken a chunk out of the carbon dive fin, I’d hoped it would think I was inedible.”

Joe – a 17-year spearfishing veteran – was in the water for nine minutes in total with the great white while he tried to swim back to the boat.

He said: “After about two minutes, I lifted my head out of the water to spot the boat and make sure I am swimming in the right direction.

“It is the first time I felt secure enough to do this.

“For the next three minutes she probed and assessed my defences, making a few passes similar to what preceded the first attack without following through.

“I just acted on instinct, my whole being was focussed on maintaining eye contact and preparing for a similar charge.

“At the five-minute mark she swam so close to me that I leaned forward and give her a light taste of the spear point.

“She flinched and swam away, which made me think ‘she now knows I can hurt her’.

“I drew a little hope from this and felt my chances of making it had improved.

“After this, she kept her distance and I made it back to the boat, alive and with two arms, two legs and one head.”

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Does a Texas Heart Shot Work? Watch This!!

You will NEVER see a crazier kill than this one!! I guarantee it. This turkey takes an arrow up the butt with a camera in tow. The rest is nuts or should I say butt, nuts and legs running for the woods. You have to watch it to believe it. The end is epic too.

Bird explodes in flight!

A tasty pigeon gets nailed by an arrow then gets hit again by same arrow on the way down.

Incredible running shot on a fox with a bow

This is a freaking amazing shot on a running fox. A cool way to trick foxes within bow range as well. A sky view of a foxes approach to the call and point blank shot. Epic clip. 2 kills



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