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BlowFishing the Snakes of Chesapeake Bay


Bow Fishing in Washington D.C. - Snakeheads, Carp and Catfish Potomac River

Bow fishing on the Potomac River in the D.C. area with some cool boats. This is my first time experiencing bow fishing a night and I think I like it!


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Bow Fishing Over-Populated STINGRAYS

we went bowfishing for stingray in our bay and had a lot of success.

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Invasion of the Snakeheads! | National Geographic

This top level predator fish is known to survive on land and cause major strain on local ecosystems.
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National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.

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Fishzilla: Snakehead Invasion :

Invasion of the Snakeheads! | National Geographic

National Geographic

Let's Cook A Snakehead

This summer, after a number of years of trying, we went fishing for snakeheads, and actually caught a few! They fight hard and jump well, and sort of resemble small versions of the arapaima. These invasive fish have been taking over waterways in our region, but we've heard tell they are very good eating. So we figure we'd give them a try. In this video, we share the way we cleaned and cooked our snakehead. Turns out they are really good eating! You can bet we'll be going after them again!

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Crabs: Chesapeake Bay vs. Florida {Catch Clean Cook} All New Crab Spice

Oh my Goodness!!!! This was so much fun! Catching Crabs in the world Famous Chesapeake Bay!!! Thanks so much to Captain Trey for showing us around and huge shout out to Captain Jake Hiles of Matador Sportfishing for setting it up!

if you wanna see behind the scenes, check out my friend Paul Thigpen Instagram: @PaulThigpen

If you're in the Virginia Beach Area, do yourself a favor and visit Murphy's Irish Pub
Chef Lester is on POINT!!! the food is so good!!!!


Went down to my secret snakehead spot in Maryland for the first time this year and managed to get on a 10 pound BRUTE. Snakehead season is in full swing! *NOTE: Spot is along the upper Potomac*



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BlowFishing the Snakes of Chesapeake Bay

When we hit the water and flipped on the lights I was amazed at the targets darting every direction. Catfish, goldfish, carp, gar and giant snake heads. A blowfishing mecca. Check out the slo mo underwater shots on tankers with arrow after blow-dart slockshots. See new ways to take fish deep.

BOWFISHING On The Chesapeake Bay

We have been on a bowfishing mission this year. And that misson is to find new bowfishing waters. So far the chesapeake bay has been the best bowfishing spot that we have found so far.

Checkout my other bowfishing videos below
First Bowfishing Trip of 2020! (New PB!) :

Bowfishing Catch And Cook (Catfish) :

Bowfishing A Hidden Urban Spillway

Bowfishing A Huge River For Giant Carp (NEW PB)

Bowfishing The Bay with Working Class Outdoorsmen!

Max heads to Jarrettsville, Maryland for a chance to shoot some snakes! Big shoutout to Oneida Eagle Bows, Megamouth, and Phantom Bowfishing for the gear needed to shoot these preditors of the Chesapeake!
Interested in shooting Big Snakehead, fat commons, or oversized goldies? Then book with WORKING CLASS OUTDOORSMEN! Hop aboard the powerplant and have a fun night with the best captain in the Bay Nick Mather. Contact him on Instagram: @workingclassoutdoorsmen

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Howling at the Moon
Long Distance

Bowfishing a lake for the first time!

Clear water makes for some awesome footage! Although, a lot of missed shots. In this video we get some really nice fish, but we also miss a lot of good ones due to the fish being to deep and not having enough power. This was a learning experience, and I hope y’all enjoy it as much as we did!

Bullfrog Hunting With A Blowgun!!!

In today's video I go bullfrog hunting with a blowgun and kill some pretty big frogs!! Thanks for watching!! Please LIke, Share, and Subscribe.

Fish & Hunt Maryland: Kayak Fishing/Bowfishing Snakehead

One of the most unique aspects of fishing in Maryland is the variety of techniques (such as kayak fishing and bowfishing) that can be used in the Chesapeake Bay, its inlets, and the rivers surrounding this massive body of water.

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Snakehead Fishing Maryland Top Water Bite

All fish were caught on top water frogs, took out some buddies to catch Snakehead and it turned into a epic top water couple of days????????

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Northern Snakeheads are my passion but I’m not limited to just fishing for them. I enjoy time on the water chasing multiple species of fish SnakeHeads are just my favorite. I was basically born on a boat, my father and I chase “Rockfish” or stripped bass on Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, since then I’ve branched out to kayak fishing and I’ve found my passion.

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Stingray Bowfishing (hold on Jared)

Watch as my friends and I shoot cownose stingrays in Maryland

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Northern Snakehead - How to Target - Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Northern Snakehead - How to Target - Maryland Department of Natural Resources

A video produced by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources designed to provide anglers with tips and tricks to aid in their pursuit of one of Maryland's most troublesome invasive species - the northern snakehead.

This video is but one of many in a multi-part series and was hosted/narrated by Charles Caz Kenny, a commercial waterman from MD's eastern shore and a celebrated recreational angler.

Have questions, please contact the Fishing and Boating Services general information line at 410-260-8300 or send an email to

Filmed and edited by Stephen Badger with assistance from Nathan Simms.

Northern Snakehead fishing gunpowder river Maryland

This is my first video so cut me some slack . Consider this an introduction to my channel. My neighbor his son and myself went out on his 246 Robalo cayman in search of the northern snake head on the gunpowder river in Joppatowne Maryland. I’m new to YouTube so I wasn’t prepared with batteries for my camera but I was able to get one of the catches recorded. All in all it was a fun trip 1 snake head 3 bass and a carp. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more content to come!

Lobster Lady Luck

Lobsters the fun way with the beautiful Sydnie Wells. Plus pulled in a big stingray and my little dog went ballistic. Next thing I knew he attacked the lobsters. He's my new fish dog now. Kool video showing how you catch lobsters off the coast of Miami. Anyone can do this and it's easy. There's tons to be had.

Bowfishing Stingrays 2016

I had the privilege of joining Team Extreme Carnivore Outdoors down on the Chesapeake Bay for a little cownose sting ray action with Maryland Bowfishing. Its great fast action fun. Hope you guys enjoy

Blowgun fishing for carp. Blowfishing.

A rundown of my setup and some video of me hunting carp in my Old Town Topwater PDL kayak.



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