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Bug's Funny Weekend Routine | Waking Me Up ( Part 1 )


Bug's Funny Weekend Routine | Waking Me Up ( Part 1 )

Every weekend I always seem to have a hard time waking up, in this video, you'll see the only effective way of waking me up... if you guys want more vlog routine from me, please write it down in the comment section below. I hope you guys enjoy this video :)



Room Tour :

My Funny School Routine :

Funny After School Routine:

Princess Boxfort Hotel with Pool (Part 1 ) —

Princess Unicorn Restaurant in Hotel ( Part 2 ) —

Princess Hotel Room Swap ( Part 3 ) —

Car Wash Gas STATION —

SALON and Beauty SPA -

Cinderella Carriage —

Unicorn AIRPLANE —

Barbie School —


Barbie DreamHouse-

Barbie Malibu Supermarket-

Moana's Chores -

Pinkee Pie's House -

Rainbow Dash House -


Floating PET HOUSE —

McDonald Boxfort —

Pizza Delivery ! —

Bakery Challenge Boxfort —

Ice Cream Truck —


Bug's Funny School Routine | My A+ Life

Hi guys, here's one of my most requested Routine video ! Sometimes I guess I'm just too excited to go to school haha ! :)



Bug Incredible School Bus Converted into Barbie Style Tiny House!

Bug's school bus project took us more than 3 weeks to build, we designed it to look like a little barbie dream house! hope you guys will like this and stay tuned for part 2 :)

Making Unicorn SLIME BALLS in my Car ( Part 2 )

Since its boring in the car, I decided to teach you guys how I make Unicorn or mermaid glittery slime balls !!! Hope you guys love this video :) Thanks for visiting me :)



Dunk Tank Game with Bug's Family

Family fun game where you spin the wheel to see what you will get dunked in.

Bug's Funny After School Routine

Hi guys ! :)
I'm so excited to go home right after school especially when its Friday because more time to play and I can sleep a little late. Here's my most requested funny after school activities. Enjoy and Stay Happy!!!



Bug Lived in a Barbie Style Mobile House

Bug spent one whole day in her new little Dream house school bus. We went to 2 exciting places ! Thank you so much for visiting our channel :)

24 Hours Challenge my Dad's Car

Hi guys, this is my first time to do a 24 hour challenge and I really enjoyed it ! If you guys like this video you can suggest more 24 hour challenges to me, just write them down below. Take care guys !



Bug's Quarantine Stay Home Routine

Find out what Bug does to prevent being bored in the house all day.

Sofia and Funny Weekend Routine | Waking Me Up, New Family Tour

Sofia goes on a new journey with her parents. The family trip was very fun. This video is about adventures with parents. Every weekend I always struggle to Wake up and go to school.
Subscribe to Sofia Little Princess:

Weekend with Bug, Costume hunt and Food Train ( Part 3 )

I'm a bit upset that I didn't get to find any costume that will help me win the halloween costume contest but I have a great Idea ! DIY Halloween Costume! Stay tuned to see what my halloween costume is ! Have a great day guys :)



Bug’s Mermaid Friend Situation

Bug's mermaid friend can't sleep when its dark so Bug had to help. Watch and see what she made !


Bug New Princess Frozen Bedroom !

We have transformed Bug's new doll house into a frozen bedroom with slide !

My Funny After School Routine in Rhymes

Learn lots of rhyming words while watching Bug's after school routine.

Bug and Dad Made School Bus into Barbie Style house

Some of you want to learn how we converted my school bus into a barbie style dream house, hope you guys will enjoy this video.

Bug's Quarantine Tiktok Duets

My favorite people in tiktok :)

Hide and Seek and Ball Pit Fun

Happy Thanksgiving guys ! I had a lot of fun because I invited my best friends over to have lunch and play hide and seek ! :)

Bug is going to the princess ball

Today I'm preparing to go to a ball. After breakfast, I exercise and dress up in my favourite long pink gown. Enjoy watching guys !

Bug's Amazing Tiktok Make up

Creating different make up looks using different songs is fun

Bug's New Mermaid Twin !!!

Bug has a new twin and she happens to be a mermaid so she ask Papa to build an aquarium for her in her room.

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