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As a business division of CIMC Group, CIMC Modular Building Systems(CIMC MBS) has grown into the largest provider of modular buildings and modular building systems in the world. Our success has been achieved by demonstrating that innovative design and patented building technology could truly alleviate traditional build constraints via shorter build time and improved quality and cost.

Modular Building System installed by TST Installations

Park Inn Hotel, Woolwich, London.
Manufactured in China by CIMC Modular Building Systems. Installed by TST Installations Ltd.

Best Documentary HD Modular Construction in Building | Engineering Documentary Films

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VR Video Tour at a China Modular Building Factory

We are very excited to bring you a VR video tour at a China modular building factory. We also had an opportunity to interview their International Business Development manager. Coco Xing talks about the global growth of prefab construction, difficulties international modular and prefab developers face, and the future of the modular manufacturing industry. You can find the transcript below.

Q & A with Coco Xing, International Business Development Manager for a China Prefab Manufacturer

Q: What markets around the world have the most potential for prefab construction?
A: Actually for the prefabricated houses we did a lot of overseas markets like Middle East and European countries like Germany, Norway, and Sweden. We also did some refugee camps in Iraq. I think for our market the Middle East is a very big market.

Q: What are the benefits of sourcing construction materials from China?
A: In China you find a lot of factories or companies who can produce this, and the cost is very low.

Q: What are the biggest challenges for developers when sourcing materials from China?
A: From the overseas markets I understand from my customers they just don’t know how to find good China prefab manufacturer. But they really want to find some good manufacturers because they have big needs.

Q: What has changed since five years ago?
A: It’s become more mature. From the materials to the construction to the ideas.

Q: Why do you think developers, architects and builders haven’t yet utilized prefab to a greater extent?
A: In this industry we have a long way to go. Like the production quality or ideas to make different house styles. Like in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, they want some houses to have prayer rooms. We also have a long way to go.

Q: What will be some challenges for prefab manufacturers in the coming years?
A: In the coming years the challenges I think, for the global customers, will be the installation. Because some manufacturing companies just do the houses, packaging and shipping container, and just deliver it to the destination port. But they can’t install the house overseas.

Q: Sometimes you work with a local installation team?
A: If the end user has a little bit of knowledge of this industry and of this product. Maybe they don’t know how to install clearly. Even though we send them videos or something, at this time, we send them our technical engineers to help them install the houses.

Q: Do you think a China-based prefab platform like can help Chinese manufacturers and overseas buyers solve problems in these deals?
A: I think this platform is very important. You can find our customers and build a bridge between the customers and us, so they can easily find us and we can easily communicate with them.

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Modular construction with BIM Live tutorial.

Designing modular requires knowledge about structure and materials. In this tutorial, we show how to add in custom material sizes and how to cut your building into modules. At the end, Andrew also briefly shows how to add modules to a truck.
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About Yahgee modular build

Archispace affiliated with yahgee
Yahgee Modular House (Group) Co., Ltd.was founded in 2001 and currently is the largest manufacturer of prefabricated houses and marine accommodation cabins in China with over 7000 employees operating in more than 200 large and medium-sized cities throughout China.

In December 2009,Archispace affiliated with yahgee
Yahgee Modular House (Group) Co., Ltd.was founded in 2001 and currently is the largest manufacturer of prefabricated houses and marine accommodation cabins in China with over 7000 employees operating in more than 200 large and medium-sized cities throughout China.

In December 2009,YAHGEE was successfully listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code:002314), becoming the first publicly listed company of prefabricated housing industry in China.
YAHGEE now renews the company name with Nanshan Holding in Nov 4th, 2015, general assets RMB3.5 billion. was successfully listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code:002314), becoming the first publicly listed company of prefabricated housing industry in China.
YAHGEE now renews the company name with Nanshan Holding in Nov 4th, 2015, general assets RMB3.5 billion.

Frameless Modular Building System

New design that has the potential to revolutionise steel panel construction methods in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Prefabricated Modular Construction Systems in Germany - Dipl.-Ing. Günter Jösch

iTWO World is the most premier global construction and real estate digitalization event, which has been successfully held for five consecutive years since 2013. With an aim to enhance construction and real estate industry into the most advanced one in the world, iTWO World 2018 will provide an international platform for global industry leaders to share digital transformation experience and insight, learn from real-world success cases and experience the most cutting-edge 5D BIM, cloud and AI technology.

Modular Construction at University of Michigan

Walbridge has extensive experience in modularized construction. In the past 24 months, Walbridge has constructed approximately 850 modular bathroom units on two separate projects at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.


Verbus Africa CIMC Animation

Animated short of the process for fabrication, construction and delivery of the 200 Bed Holiday INN Express in United Kingdom

Verbus Africa is a division of AEO International Investment LTD. The Verbus System is a proven globally deployed patented technology which allows high quality modular accommodation to be produced at low cost and delivered to any site in the world. Verbus modular accommodation is robust, easy to assemble and can be adapted to suit any planning or end user needs.

Modular technology is able to reduce construction times by up to half, as well as being a safer, cleaner, more environmentally friendly method of construction than traditional techniques

The Verbus System utilises established production techniques and capacity to manufacture top quality accommodation solutions at high volume. The basis of the system is a range of High strength, corrosion resistant steel manufactured modules fully certificated, tested and approved that can be combined to create a wide variety of building shapes and be adapted to suit any planning or end user needs.

The Verbus System utilises established production techniques and capacity to manufacture top quality accommodation solutions at high volume. It represents a viable alternative to traditional methods of construction as well as outperforming other methods of modular construction currently available.

New Construction Made Easy - PortaFab Modular Building Systems

#PortaFab #Modular #Construction
When changes in your business creates a demand for in-plant space utilization, PortaFab’s modular systems allow you to respond quickly and cost-effectively by removing the challenges that often keep a new construction project grounded.

For instance, you wont need to hire designers or engineers to specify your new in-plant office or building plans, you wont need to locate contractors to complete the work, and you wont need to send out multiple RFPs to get an estimate for the project.

Using our in-house engineering and design teams, we will determine your needs, and configure a system to meet your particular application. Then, we will coordinate the entire installation project using our nationwide network of modular installers. It’s that easy.

Call 1-800-325-3781 or visit us to remove the hassle from your next construction project.

Z Modular


7 storey apartment building in 11 days

57 Apartments
63 Modules
Installation in 11 days

Hickory, using their innovative prefabricated construction technology installed all 7 floors of finished apartments in the heart of Melbourne's popular Richmond area in 11 days.

For more information about Hickory and the 3:East project visit

ConXtech: innovators transform modular construction

ConXtech is reinventing the way that structural steel-frame buildings are designed and built with modular construction techniques. Combining the tools of high-tech manufacturing with BIM (building information modeling), co-founders Robert Simmons and Kelly Luttrell developed an ingenious system of standardized components that make it possible to design and erect 2-to-12-story buildings faster, more safely, and with less waste.

Learn more about the innovation behind ConXtech:

Modular Building System

Prefabbricazione Modulare in Cantiere

New Modular Building Construction?

SPONSORED: Intellectual Ventures and CollinsWoerman partner on a new modular building technique that has: 50% reduction in time to design and build, construction cost 20% lower in comparable buildings, reduce operating and maintenance costs by 20%, eliminates 75% of field construction labor, reduce energy and water by 50%.

Champion Commercial Modular Solutions

Champion Commercial Structures' modular systems based approach to building will change the way you look at traditional construction.

The Modular Building Process

Sit back and watch our brief video on the Modular Building Process. This video gives you a general idea about the process we use and will hopefully enlighten you as to how the modular building process can be beneficial to you! Contact Wilmot Modular to learn how our accelerated buildings systems can be a solution for your space requirements!

800-966-8883 or visit us at

Modular Building Manufacturing - Commercial, Government, Military, Disaster - Icon Construction

-- (214) 504-9098 This video shows aerial drone footage of the modular building manufacturing facility for Icon Construction. It shows the plant, some of the workers, finished modular units and more.

Icon Construction has manufactured, built, designed, delivered and performed turnkey construction on projects across the United States. Some of the industries which the company serves include:

Commercial buildings
Miltary (including SCIF buildings, barracks, VA offices, gun ranges and more)
QSR and fast food franchise restaurants
Healthcare (hospitals, dental, medical)
Law enforcement (police headquarters, etc)
Disaster relief and disaster aid buildings and trailers
Workforce housing
Apartment buildings
Multi-story hotels
Student housing
Education and classroom facilities including daycare centers

Icon Construction, Inc. is a small business general contractor specializing in Design/Build of permanent modular and temporary modular buildings. Since April 1, 1998 Icon Construction has been able to meet the space needs of major markets, including military,education, administration facilities, health care, government, commercial and residential manufacturing. Our prefabricated buildings provide both permanent and temporary space for a wide variety of uses including medical clinics, offices, dormitories, child day care centers and military housing. Our main mission is to deliver a superior product of a site and design building project to fit the specific needs of each client. We are SBA Certified SDB, Veteran and Native American owned.

Icon’s staff consists of experienced engineers, draftsmen, project managers, Corporate Development Team, and licensed architects. We take great pride in working with our customers and strive to provide outstanding customer service from beginning to end.

You are welcome to contact us for more information and a larger list of properties on which we have completed successful modular construction projects.

We also answer some basic questions about modular buildings:

What is Modular Construction?

Modular construction is a process that can be utilized for permanent or temporary use. Each prefab building is built in a controlled production environment in sections to your specifications. Consistency in production is the key benefit in prefab construction, which allows Icon’s engineers to continually monitor and improve where possible to deliver the best possible building.

Assembly and Installation

All modules are completed offsite and then transported to the site. Each module is set in place by cranes and then connected to the foundation and surrounding modules.

Prefabricated modular buildings are environmentally-friendly, with the all the same architectural aesthetics you would expect from conventional building processes. Since the completion time is greatly, your business can start generating revenue sooner, and accelerate your return on investment.

Temporary Modular Buildings

Need a fast and affordable modular structure? Our temporary modular buildings are ideal for offices, start up businesses, schools, disaster relief, and more. All our temporary prefab buildings are built to code and are inherently designed to outlast your temporary need. Should you need modular construction that is relocatable to another area, even on the same property, then you are welcome to contact us.

Permanent Modular Buildings

Looking for a long term, permanent modular structure? Our modular buildings are built to the same codes as traditional site built buildings. Prefab buildings can be used for many industries and uses including; office buildings, commercial buildings, multi family homes, healthcare labs and offices, and much more. These buildings can be designed in any size, shape, or configuration.

Icon Construction serves all 50 United States:
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

10 days, 6 levels, 77 homes – New building uses unique prefabricated construction system

A 6-storey modular apartment building was installed in just 10 days using an innovative Australian modular system.

Whilst site preparations and base building construction was taking in place in Perth, the apartments were being prefabricated in Melbourne using a unique new modular system.

Manufacturers Hickory Building Systems, developers Goldmaster Enterprises and head contractor Goodland Building Company have set new standards in affordability, sustainability and speed of construction with the Adara apartments project.

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