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COBRA commando


COBRA commando


CRPF - Cobra Commandos - संग्रामें पराक्रमी ज्यी | COBRA in Action - (Military Motivational)

This video is about the elite Commando unit of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in India. In this video you see some tactics and style of operating in Jungles by these Cobra Commandos.
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Major Gaurav Arya With Cobra Commandos | Patriot

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Join Major Gaurav Arya in and as the Patriot, as he goes to the fighting jungles in the Red Corridor

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cobra commando training

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Cobra commando rest time in jungle

Cobra commando

CRPF COBRA COMMANDO in 39th IITF 2019 | Part IV | Delhi Uptodate

CRPF के live कोबरा कमांडो।
राजधानी के प्रगति मैदान में चल रहे विश्व व्यापार मेले में CRPF पवेलियन में लाइव कमांडो के साथ सेल्फी लेने फोटो खिंचवाने के लिए युवाओं,बच्चों और महिलाओं में होड़ लगी हुई है। आखिर हो भी क्यों ना ?
ये कमांडो लगातार दो धण्टों तक अपनी सांसो को रोककर ये लाइव डेमो दे रहे हैं।
India International Trade fair Delhi | 2019 | Pragati Maidan
#cobra commandos

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Indian Cobra Commando training Video - Watch Full Video

COBRA (backronym for COmmando Battalion for Resolute Action) is a specialised unit of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) of India proficient in guerrilla tactics and jungle warfare. Originally established to counter the Naxalite problem, COBRA is deployed to address any insurgent group engaging in asymmetrical warfare.[5] Currently numbering ten battalions, CoBRA is ranked among one of India's most experienced and successful law enforcement units

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Major Gaurav Arya With Cobra Commandos | Patriot

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Indian Army Commando Training - Special Forces of India

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Special Forces of India
Indian Army

Para (Special Forces

The unit was created in 1966 by the Indian Army. During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, a small ad hoc force comprising volunteers from most infantry units from North India under Maj Megh Singh of the Brigade of the Guards, operated along and behind enemy lines. The performance of this force made the powers that be sit up and take notice of the contribution and necessitated the raising of unconventional forces. Forming the nucleus of the new force from the volunteers of the then-disbanded Meghdoot Force, a battalion was raised to be part of the Brigade of Guards, but paratrooping being an integral part of commando tactics, the unit was transferred to the Parachute Regiment. Raised in July 1966, 9th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (Commando) was the first special operations unit.
Exactly to the date, 1st July, 1967, 10 Para Commando was raised by splitting 9 Para Commando at Gwalior. The Para Commandos were first deployed in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, with 9 Para Cdo capturing the heavy gun battery at Mandhol in Poonch, J&K. They took part in the 1984 Operation Blue Star. They were deployed in Sri Lanka in 1980s during India's involvement in the civil war, codenamed Operation Pawan. They also saw action in the Operation Cactus in 1988 in Maldives and in the 1999 Kargil War.
The list of PARA (SF) Battalions are:
• 1 PARA (SF) (raised 1961, converted to para role in 1945, became part of para regt in 1952, converted to commando in 1978)
• 2 PARA (SF) (ex-3 Maratha LI, converted to special forces in 1999.)
• 3 PARA (SF) (ex-1st Kumaon, converted to special forces in 2000)
• 4 PARA (SF) (raised 1961, converted to special forces in 2001)
• 9 PARA (SF) (raised in 1966, the first dedicated special forces unit of the Indian Army)
• 10 PARA (SF) (raised 1967)
• 11 PARA (SF) (raised 2011)
• 21 PARA (SF) (raised 1996)

Indian Navy

This unit was created in 1987 by the Indian Navy. They saw action during Operation Pawan in 1988. They were a part of Operation Cactus in 1988. They have also been deployed in Wular Lake which was a major infiltration point for terrorists.
During the 2008 Mumbai Attacks, MARCOS had participated in the operations along with the National Security Guards. The MARCOS, which had a base in Alibag, could have been called in much earlier, but were delayed due to bureaucratic indecision. The MARCOS are capable of undertaking operations in all types of terrain, but are specialised in maritime operations. The force has undertaken numerous joint exercises with special forces from around the world.

Indian Air Force
Garud Commando Force

It is an Indian Air Force unit which was unveiled in February 2004. It primarily protects Indian Air Force installations from terrorist attacks.
Garud trainees undergo a 72-week probation training course, which is the longest among all the Indian special forces. The total duration of training before a trainee can qualify as a fully operational Garud is around three years.
Garuds have diverse responsibilities. Besides base protection force to protect airfields and key assets in hostile environments, some advanced Garud units are trained like Army Para Commandos and the Naval MARCOS to undertake missions deep behind enemy lines.[6]
During hostilities, Garuds undertake combat search and rescue, rescue of downed airmen and other forces from behind enemy lines, suppression of enemy air defence (SEAD), radar busting, combat control, missile and munitions guidance (lasing of targets) and other missions in support of air operations. It has been suggested that they undertake an offensive role including raids on enemy air bases etc. during times of war. Apart from protecting air bases from sabotage and attacks by commando raids, they are also tasked to seal off weapons systems, fighter hangars and other major systems during intrusions and conflicts.
Note: The security of IAF installations such as radars, airfields and other establishments near border areas are generally performed by Air Force Police and Defence Security Corps(DSC).

Cobra Commando Salary + other Pay & Allowances | CoBra Regiment |

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COBRA COMMANDOS || War Cry || Commando Parade

Cobra Commandos are best in the world jungle well as in this they are performing duties in Parade ground.

See the josh...


CoBRA Commando Jungle survival: making tea

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veer Shahid ajit singh parmar.abp Asmita..aaj tak news.. sandesh news.


World Heritage site

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Leh Ladakh

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ayodhya Ram mandir

CoBRA Commandos breakfast in jungle

After walking in jungle for full night in search of enemies, CoBRA Commandos took a halt to rejuvinate and gather on their energies to continue further. A glimpse.

Cobra commando big bro ( abhi jadhav bhosare)


Cobra Commando ????????????

Created by VideoShow:

CoBRA Commando।। Red Carpet Proud Walk

trade fair cisf 2019 cobra commando indian most power full men

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How do you join Cobra Commando ?

How do you join Cobra Commando



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