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WATCH ME REACT TO MY COLLEGE ADMISSION DECISIONS!! (*I say um A LOT, whoops) This video IS a little late, but I still wanted to post it. College applications were stressful...but we made it :p


P.S. I spelt my name with three Ns in this (whoops) it only has two :)))


Hey y'all! I know that getting good college application and essay advice can be difficult for a lot of people, so check out if you'd like to get direct advice from Ivy League college advisors about your college apps! They're really here to help ➤
This is my first youtube video so sorry it's rough but please enjoy watching my extra af self react to 16 college decisions! Comment below any suggestions you have for other videos I should make (maybe a stats vid?)!!!


Crying girl had to go through the torture of opening 14 RD schools. See how her story unfolds.

The List of Colleges:
Boston University
UC Berkeley

ps. If ur going to her future college, dont judge her and be her friend

Here are some other fun, fresh, and cool decision reactions from our skwad:

Also thanks for all of your super kind comments and emails they rly make our day :D

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College Decision Reactions 2019 (Ivies, Stanford, UCLA, Vanderbilt, USC, Rice, NYU & more!)

Hey guys! Thanks so much for watching & I hope my tidbits of advice are able to help you :') Like I said in the video, college is not everything and you determine your own success, whether that means making the most of your resources or just being optimistic/proactive whenever you can. I know I'm definitely not an expert in this whole fiasco, but I will try my best to help you guys as much as I can.

To all my upcoming seniors, please don't feel overstressed or pressured to get into the perfect or most prestigious college. Try to do things that you love & please don't cheat in school (it's not worth overstepping your morals). Life has a weird way of straightening out if you live with good intentions.

To my fellow upcoming class of 2023, we did it! The past 17-18 years have been a whirlwind, but it's finally time to move on to the next exciting chapter of our lives. Congrats to everyone!

To people at my school who may see this, hi! Yup, I have a YouTube channel! It used to be about slime, but now it's a vlogging channel for college/travel/etc. I probably can't keep this channel a secret anymore, so welcome! Hahahha

Feel free to subscribe for more videos (college vlogs, day in the life, tips/tricks for high school and college applications, travel vlogs, etc.) Thank you again & I'll see y'all in my next video! :D


HARVARD ACCEPTANCE (college decision reaction 2019) **eMOTIONAL**

???? I GOT INTO MY DREAM SCHOOL (full ride to harvard)

~~~ harvard ~~~


???? 10 lessons i learned my first semester at harvard

ivy league college decision reaction ?? hehe

someone pinch mE THIS IS A DREAM

i decided to apply to harvard university restrictive early action (REA) on a total wHIM OMG i have a really weird story about it lolol it’s lowkey an accident that i even applied like ivy league wHA STILL CAN'T BELIEVE I WAS ACCEPTED harvard offer ????
bUt anYWHO
decisions came out december 13, 2018 !!!
i still remember everything leading uP to that day
i was so sCARED (as you can tell by the video lolol) it took me a good 20 minutes until i finally clicked the buTTON VIEW UPDATE i tried to shorten and condense it as much as i could lolol
it was my first decision and the first one kicks things off u know sO I WAS FREAAAAAKING OUT

hehe wanted to post my harvard reaction video because oMg i was oBSESSED WITH WATCHING THESE FOR LIKE ,,, all of high school ngl
they were my favorite things ever and it felt so cool to be able to share that moment with people you love
i dreamed of filming my own college admissions reactions anD HERE WE ARE yee for college reactions
can’t believe i’m going to college ?? like what ?? i’m so grateful to my parents and friends and everyone who has supported me to help get me here *heart eyes* THIS IS FOR YALL

def subscribe like comment and all that jazz!! feel free to share the video with friends :))

i’ll dEFINITELY be posting more content in the future so look out for that!! look out for future college videos!
starting a channel was my middle school dream and i can’t wait to start

hope you liked this video hehe

also aNY ARMY OUT HERE ?? hope u ENJOYED BOY WITH LUV hehe luv my bbs

♡ to my fellow seniors: WE DID IT Y’ALL OMG
wherever you’re going you’re going to be so successful and dO BIG THINGS
so proud of all of you!

♡ to some other peeps watching this video (tHOSE in middle school/high school- freshmen sophomores juniors):

any fellow harvard college class of 2023 peeps? yEW HAW ????????

with that being said i just wanna emphasize the fact that at the end of this crazy college application journey you will go to the school that is the right fit for u and it’s all gonna work out I TRULY BELIEVE IN THAT

if u have any video suggestions/ideas comment them below !!

if u read all of this: comment “WHAT LIKE IT’S HARD?” lolol it’ll be our little secret ;))

so much love,
esther ❤️

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my instagram ➭
feel free to drop by and say hello or ask any questions! i want to do my best to help any hs peeps who are # stressed bC I FEEL U lolol i'll respond!

who is smileyessie?
mEeee hehe
harvard student/“new girl” who is finally pursuing her middle school dream!!

tune in and subscribe for some ~sPIcY~ & hopefully somewhat ~aesthEtIC~ content oOP college? vlogs? lifestyle? books? film? kpop? yEEEE

#harvard #collegedecision #collegereaction #harvard2023 #collegeacceptance

probably the craziest COLLEGE DECISION REACTIONS 2020 video you will ever watch

Today's video is finally my College decision reactions 2020! This one is a little different from the ones you have seen before because 1. lots of fails and breakdowns (yeah), 2. I am an international student, and 3. I applied for spring term!

#collegedecisions #collegedecisionreactions #internationalstudent

WANNA KNOW WHICH SCHOOL I ENDED UP CHOOSING? Leave a comment and I'll do a video about my college reveal!


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ALL OF MY COLLEGE DECISION REACTIONS! (10+ Acceptances!) | Waddle's College Decision 2019!

Are you a high school student looking to get a TON of College Acceptance Letters? Then you should Check Out Bullseye College Consulting for them to help you on your college apps so you can achieve the college of your dreams! Use my link for a Free Session with Top Tier College Advisors Today!

Here is all of my College Decision Reactions during this insane College Application Process as a part of my College Decision Reaction Series! In total I have applied to over 20 different colleges across the United States in hopes of being able to go to one!

My Stats (Classes taken in high school):

Order in which the colleges appear and their full videos!

1) Stanford (REA)

2) University of Michigan (EA)

3) Purdue University (EA)

4) University of Virginia (EA)

5) UC Irvine

6) University of Washington

7) UC Davis

8) Georgia Tech

9) Washington University in St. Louis

10) Case Western Reserve University

11) Northwestern University

12) University of Virginia (RD)

13) UC San Diego (Live at UCSD)

14) UCLA

15) University of Southern California (USC)

16) Rice University

17) UC Berkeley

18) Cornell University (Ivy Day)
19) Dartmouth College (Ivy Day)
20) University of Pennslyvania (Ivy Day)

21) Duke University

22) Carnegie Mellon University

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College Decision Reactions 2019 (Computer Science) - UIUC, UC Berkeley, Purdue, Harvard, etc.

This video is LONG overdue, as I am currently finishing my first semester of college, but I figured seniors in high school right now might want to watch these videos as they await their college decisions.

I applied to all these schools as a Computer Science major.

Texas A&M University
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Loyola University Chicago
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Chicago
Georgia Institute of Technology
Purdue University
Columbia University
University of California - Berkeley

SAT: 1460 (780 on math, 680 on reading)
SAT Essay: 20

Unweighted GPA: 4.0
Weighted GPA: 4.5

Extra Curriculars:
JV Field Hockey (9th and 10th)
JV Field Hockey Captain (10th)
Varsity Field Hockey (11th and 12th)
Theater (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th)
National Honor Society (11th and 12th)
National Honor Society Director of Fundraisers (12th)

I now attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a Computer Science major in the Grainger College of Engineering!

Let me know if you have any questions!

College Decisions Reaction 2019 | IVY LEAGUES, UC BERKELEY, UW

My first official YouTube debut!
Insta: @muskaan.agarwal
Let me know what you'd like to see next!

harvard and princeton college decision reactions 2019

hi everyone :)

please be sure to pay attention to the message at the beginning of the video, especially if you have already watched my yale acceptance reaction.

i didn't want to appear fake or ungrateful or anything like that, especially because i am ANYTHING but. i just wanted to share this video with you guys, for being so kind and supportive, and with my family in korea/around the country.

i'm so incredibly appreciative of everything in my life. and humbled. and in shock. i have a lot to think about. talk to u guys soon.

-christine xx

Summer Coffee by Barradeen |
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come say hi!

college decision reactions 2019 (usc, ucla, ivies, stanford, nyu, and more!)

santa clara: 0:05
loyola marymount: 0:25
pomona: 0:45
ucsd: 1:01
ucla: 1:13
usc: 1:25
nyu: 1:53
dartmouth: 2:04
cal: 2:15
brown: 2:19
stanford: 2:35

finally!! the past year of my life has been brutally consumed by college applications, but it's all over now. whew. thank you to my friends, parents, and teachers for being the best support system throughout this whole mess.

let me know if you'd like me to make a stats and extracurriculars video! :)

thank u for watching!

NOTE: i have no idea why i decided to use photobooth to record my reactions??? im very sorry for the potato quality. also i don't live in the US so all my decisions came out at like 7am. please excuse my crusty morning face & hair hehehe :)

— socials

— music
reckless - healy
work out - chance the rapper

FILM SCHOOLS College Decision Reactions 2019 (USC, NYU, CHAPMAN, +more)

Stay strong seniors!! Good news will come to those who've worked for it :)



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i applied to 12 out of state schools! college decision reaction 2019 (ucla, yale, stanford, etc)

it's time.

Thank you so much for clicking on this video & supporting my channel! I love each and every one of you

i mean if you wanna follow me. or not. it’s up to you.
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Name: Taylor Stablein
Age: 18

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i applied to 19 schools // my 2018 college decision reactions (stanford, mit, harvard, yale, ucla)

hulo i'm already a freshie in college but didn't have the chance to upload my reactions until one year later. Better late than never ---watch and enjoy, friends :)))))))

Schools I applied to (in order featured):
Stanford-- 0:59
Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)-- 2:53
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)-- 2:57
UW Madison-- 3:45
UMichigan-- 4:16

MIT-- 5:13
UC Santa Barbara-- 6:27
Wellesley-- 7:02
UNC Chapel-Hill-- 7:35
Northwestern-- 8:08
UC San Diego-- 8:37
UCLA-- 9:23
Wesleyan-- 9:43
Rice-- 10:26
Vanderbilt-- 10:54
UC Berkeley-- 11:43
Yale-- 12:57
Columbia-- 13:39
Harvard-- 14:00

Comment below if you have any questions-- preferably not stats questions :)
dm me on instagram for any questions:

I APPLIED TO 22 COLLEGES!! | 2019 College Decision Reactions (Harvard, Stanford, Vanderbilt +more)

Please enjoy my college admissions decisions for 2019! I applied for mainly Neuroscience/Pre-Health Sciences with an intended pre-med track. Here is the longggg list of schools I applied to:

CU Denver
Ohio State
University of Oregon
Boston University
Johns Hopkins
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
Cal State Fullerton
Cal State LA
Cal Poly SLO

If you want to know more about my application process (scores, essays, etc.) let me know in the comments below! Stay tuned for my college decision video to see where I'm going to in the fall of 2019! Thanks for watching I love you all :)

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Insta- @emmabishoff
Twitter- @emmabishoff
Snap- emmabishoff

College Decision Reactions 2019(Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Yale, Duke, Princeton, Upenn, Harvard)

I applied to Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Fordham, George Mason, Georgetown, Hampton university, Harvard, High point, Hofstra, Princeton, Stanford, University of Kentucky, University of North Carolina, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virgina, Vanderbilt University, William and Mary, Yale.

Stats Video :

I was accepted to:
University of Pennsylvania
Brown University
Cornell University
Vanderbilt University
Georgetown University
University of North Carolina
William and Mary College
University of Virginia
Fordham University
University of Kentucky
Hofstra University
Hampton University
High Point University
George Mason University

COLLEGE DECISION REACTIONS 2019| (ivys, uc's, stanford- 19 TOTAL)

Posting my results from last spring admission process!

i applied to 15+ colleges (yikes) | college decision reactions 2019

Soo... Obviously my college process wasn't entirely sunshine and rainbows, and that's ok!
Making this was probably the worst decision in my entire life but i mean it's already done so...
I actually debated over posting this since all of the other videos i've seen are so positive and are filled with good news, but i think it's important to show all sides of the spectrum.
Watching other people's reaction videos really helped me get through this process- i hope it helps you get through yours...
Or actually if you've already gone through this process you can just watch me get rejected so much. I hope you enjoy!!!!
[UPDATE 6.12.19]
i just got an email from nyu saying that they've made most of their waitlist admissions so chances of me getting off the waitlist looks real slim rn but like what can you do. also super excited about living on the west coast so like dont @ me

opened my decisions ALL at once | COLLEGE DECISION REACTION 2019 (brown dartmouth duke georgetown..)

Today I opened all of my college admission decisions/letters all at once. Opening them up all at once required a lot of self control, but honestly it wasn't that hard because I took a four-month long solo excursion across the woods of Antarctica where there was no wifi or connection to the outside world and my only companion was a polar bear named pablo. So it was pretty easy resisting the urge of checking the application status after I applied to the schools. Overall, I applied to 14 colleges in total, 3 safety schools, 2 match schools, and the rest were all reach schools. The schools that I applied to were dartmouth, brown, duke, georgetown, emory, University of Virginia, williams, amherst, swarthmore, pomona, colby, University of Florida, University of Central Florida, and Florida Southern College. Sorry I got a little low energy at the end of the video, it was getting a little closer to sad boi hour and I was kinda sad. Also, make sure to express your sadness, and don't just suppress it with humor because that's not a good idea, nor is it effective.

#ClassOf2023 #CollegeDecisionReaction
What's up! My last name is Chen and welcome to my Den. I originally made this up because the words rhymed and made for a catchy name. But honestly looking at it now, it sounds like I'm a creep luring kids into dark dens...I promise that I'm not though!
Hope you have a great day and remember to keep your Chen up! (get it? like chin, but it's a play on words on my last name?)
Here are my social media handles, hope you can handle all of the following info! Ok I'll stoppp, have a good day!
Instagram: @alinajchen
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*WATCH MY VIDEO IN 1080p* (Go to Top Right if video and click the three dots, and change the quality)
Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Bethany Anderson and I am a senior in high school. Throughout my college admissions process, I have been watching many videos similar to this one. This video is in no way shape or form trying to brag about anything. I am very blessed to be able to have colleges consider me during this process and I love everybody who has been with me though all the ups and down. Thank you so much for clicking on my video, it means the world to me!! I love all of you and have an amazing day:)

List of Schools I applied to and the outcomes:
(My Major is Civil Engineering)
Cal Poly Pomona: Accepted
Colorado School Of amines: Rejected
Cal State Long Beach: Accepted
University of San Diego: Accepted
San Diego State University: Accepted
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo: Rejected
Cal State Bakersfield: Accepted

Here are some of my High School Stats just in case any of you were wondering how I got into some of these colleges!

SAT: 1260 (Math 670) (English 590)
Weighted GPA: 4.3
Unweighted GPA: 3.8
Extracurriculars: National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Link Crew, Golf (4 years), Swim (1 year)

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