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CONTAINEX - Assembly of Modular Buildings


Touax FlatPack module video assembly guide

A detailed guide how to mount and assembly Touax FlatPack unit

Modular building assembling

Assembling phases of portable box.

REM Modular Buildings

Container producer; Modular buildings; Ablution container; Office container; Container Schools and Kindergardens; Warehouse container;

Modular and portable buildings / Montažni objekti

The emergence of Modular and portable building / Izrada Montažnih objekata;
made in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina...


Assemble video for 20ft flat pack container house(CS Modular House)

Whatsapp:+86 15021028339; Email:
2 workers can assemble one unit 20ft container house within 2 hours. We can ship 8 units in one 40ft shipping container.

Modular Office Installation Instructions Preview

#PortaFab #Modular #HowTo
The following video serves to provide a quick preview of our longer installation instructional video ( to convey the ease at which our modular buildings are installed.

For more than 25 years, PortaFab has been the industry leader in designing and manufacturing in-plant offices, buildings and environmental enclosures.

Working with the widest selection of interchangeable wall panels, stud options, and accessories gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors as we can design our buildings based on your specific application while still achieving the economies of scale necessary to be cost-effective.

Our staff of in-house engineers and design consultants are an asset to architects and general contractors who lean on us to deliver functional and cost effective solutions.

Interested in a custom price quote or have a question about our modular systems?

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18080 Chesterfield Airport Rd.
Chesterfield, MO 63005 USA

Assembly Linking KIT of ARK Flatpack Office Container/Cabin

Assembly Linking KIT of ARK Flatpack Office Container/Cabin

Modular Building Assembly

Some shots from an animation I made to show the producion of modular buildings

The Modular Building Dismantle Process

This video depicts the modular building dismantle and relocation process.

FLAT PACK PORTABLE office or storage container modular building manufacturer


Сборка модульного здания из контейнеров "Containex"

Монтаж модульного здания Containex.mpg

Монтаж модульного здания Containex. Строительство угрюмовской школы МБУК 100 в Калужской обл.
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и по телефону:
8(800)555 14 92 (звонок бесплатный)

Modular Buildings, Portable Cabins, Office Containers

We manufacture facilities for small, medium, and large business recognized as commercial, office, gastronomy, bazaar pavilions, watchmen’s lodges, guardhouses, gatehouses, portable cabins, transportable containers, prefab commercial containers, module containers, container offices as well as carwash facilities, the backs for petrol stations, garages, workshops and bus stops.

We have alot of experience in manufacturing and installation of sandwich panel facilities. We make pavilions adopting light construction technology that is light steel framework, walls and roof from sandwich panels with Styrofoam or polyurethane core. The facilities do not require the footing.

Allied Modular Modular Buildings and Office Construction

Allied Modular - Modular Buildings and Office Construction

Would you like to learn more about maximizing space and environmentally friendly construction?

Call us today at 888-836-7850 or visit our website:

CONTAINEX_Assembly transpack cabin.mpg


New Modular Building Construction?

SPONSORED: Intellectual Ventures and CollinsWoerman partner on a new modular building technique that has: 50% reduction in time to design and build, construction cost 20% lower in comparable buildings, reduce operating and maintenance costs by 20%, eliminates 75% of field construction labor, reduce energy and water by 50%.

Best Documentary HD Modular Construction in Building | Engineering Documentary Films

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KC Cabins Solutions Ltd modular buildings, portable cabins, retail shops, marketing containers

KC Cabins Solutions Ltd specialises in providing modular and portable buildings, cabins and units. We have a wide experience in constructing modular buildings for the catering industry, in accordance with European Union standards.

With great, modern designs and meticulous attention to detail, our steel based modular buildings are energy efficient, built with the highest quality materials and comply with local building regulations.

All of our designs can be built to a personalised specification, tailored and adapted to suit our client’s needs.

Like to see our product Live please find belowe link to map of our realizactions.

For More Details, A No Obligation Quote, Or Advice & Ideas, Either Fill Out The Form Here Or Call Us On 01782 561 110

Assembly Linking KIT of ARK Flatpack Office Container Cabin

The Modular Building Process

Sit back and watch our brief video on the Modular Building Process. This video gives you a general idea about the process we use and will hopefully enlighten you as to how the modular building process can be beneficial to you! Contact Wilmot Modular to learn how our accelerated buildings systems can be a solution for your space requirements!

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