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Preventing a Cosmic Collision

There is a chance that the asteroid Apophis may cross Earth's path if not in 2029 then in 2036 for a potentially catastrophic collision. Is there anything that can be done to prevent such a deadly cosmic collision...

Cosmic Collision: Milky Way vs. Andromeda

Es war sehr mühsam diese Simulation zu erstellen, trotzdem hoffe ich dass es euch gefällt.
Ich würde zu gerne in 3 Mrd. Jahren in den Nachthimmel schauen, der Anblick wäre sicherlich atemberaubend:)
Ich habe das Programm Universe Sandbox ca 1,5 Std. laufenlassen und den Bildschirm dabei gefilmt, um dann später im Zeitraffer abspielen lassen um als Ergebnis ein mehr oder wenig flüssiges Bild zu erziehlen.
Es tut mir leid, dass das Video nicht immer gleichmäßig abläuft, das kommt davon das der PC die einzelnen Frames in der Simulation nicht immer gleich schnell berechnet hat.
[Particle Settings 25x]
by O.G.17

Cosmic Collisions - Galaxies Gone Wild

... Fifty-nine images of colliding galaxies make up the largest collection of Hubble images ever released together. As this astonishing Hubble atlas of interacting galaxies illustrates, galaxy collisions produce a remarkable variety of intricate structures.

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Interacting galaxies are found throughout the Universe, sometimes as dramatic collisions that trigger bursts of star formation, on other occasions as stealthy mergers that result in new galaxies. A series of 59 new images of colliding galaxies has been released from the several terabytes of archived raw images from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope to mark the 18th anniversary of the telescope's launch. This is the largest collection of Hubble images ever released to the public simultaneously.

Galaxy mergers, which were more common in the early Universe than they are today, are thought to be one of the main driving forces for cosmic evolution, turning on quasars, sparking frenetic star births and explosive stellar deaths. Even apparently isolated galaxies will show signs in their internal structure that they have experienced one or more mergers in their past. Each of the various merging galaxies in this series of images is a snapshot of a different instant in the long interaction process.

Our own Milky Way contains the debris of the many smaller galaxies it has encountered and devoured in the past, and it is currently absorbing the Sagittarius dwarf elliptical galaxy. In turn, it looks as if our Milky Way will be subsumed into its giant neighbour, the Andromeda galaxy, resulting in an elliptical galaxy, dubbed Milkomeda, the new home for the Earth, the Sun and the rest of the Solar System in about two billion years time. The two galaxies are currently rushing towards each other at approximately 500,000 kilometres per hour.


Hubblecast features news and Images from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST).

The space-based observatory is a collaboration between NASA and ESA. The observations are carried out in visible, infrared and ultraviolet light. In many ways Hubble has revolutionised modern astronomy.

The Hubble Space Telescope has made some of the most dramatic discoveries in the history of astronomy. From its vantage point 600 km above the Earth, Hubble can detect light with eyes five times sharper than the best ground-based telescopes and looks deep into space where some of the most profound mysteries are still buried in the mists of time.

Dr. J is a German astronomer at the ESO. His scientific interests are in cosmology, particularly on galaxy evolution and quasars. Dr. J's real name is Joe Liske and he has a PhD in astronomy.



1:Is gravity is an illusion

2: Dark matter and Dark energy complete information

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Unraveling The Cosmos HINDI

IN search for another EARTH.

Cosmic collision: Documentary the Universe movie full HD Best Documentary 2017 - The Best Documentar

National Geographic The Universe 2017 | End of the Universe - Space Discovery Documentary 2017.

NASA: Space Discovery Documentary 2017 | Cosmic Collisions | National Geographic The Universe 2017.

Comet Crashing Into Earth - Full Documentary HD With the Delta Aquarid meteor shower going on right now, and the crowd-favorite Perseid meteor shower hot .

Cosmic Collisions

Fifty thousand years ago a large iron-nickel meteor struck Winslow, Arizona leaving a huge impact crater that can be seen to this day. Anything near to the point of impact would have been melted or even vaporized.

Big Impact: A Cosmic Collision

As other planets have demonstrated, says Heidi Hammel, the threat is real. For Earth, an early warning system is critical.

Ground Shaking Meteor Explosion over South Africa, Violent Cosmic Collision in the Asteroid Belt

You're watching Skywatch Media News

January 23, 2019: | Epic Surge in Asteroid/Meteor Activity




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Cosmic Collisions Trailer

Trailer for the full dome planetarium show Cosmic Collisions narrated by Robert Redford. This show was produced by the American Museum of Natural History and contains astounding scientific visualizations.

Cosmic collision


Ganymede Hypothesis Parts 1 & 2 (H264 improved audio)

The Ganymede Hypothesis Parts 1 & 2 is an introduction to a radically new cosmology for the origins of our solar system.

Based on the 2013 book 'Cosmos in Collision', this video lays out the case for the planet Jupiter having once been a brown dwarf star that enjoyed a much closer orbit to the sun. According to this idea, at least one of Jupiter's terrestrial moons may have once been a liquid water world capable of sustaining life as we know it.

The concept of the later arrival and capture of the rogue planet/brown dwarf Saturn, along with that planet’s own original collection of terrestrial satellites (including Earth) is also discussed.

A radical proposal is made that solar systems are not formed out of a star's circumstellar disc of dust and gases, but from the axially-aligned and electrically powerful plasma jets created by a proto-star during its birth at a time when such stars form what astronomers call Herbig Haro Objects.




exclusive...Preventing a Cosmic arkmedes!

preventing a cosmic collision...

Cosmos - Andromeda & Milky Way Collision

A computer generated rendition of Andromeda and the Milky Way colliding from the show Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

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Cosmic Collisions Trailer

Cosmic Collisions is currently playing at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium.

Enigmatic plumes from Saturn’s moon caused by cosmic collision

Saturn’s icy moon spews water and heat into space, but only from its south pole. A new model suggests that’s because it suffered a hit-and-run long ago. Read more:

A Cosmic Collision Between Galaxies | Space Science HD Video

Visit my website at - a galaxy collision can take a billion years to complete. Thus, a telescope image of a collision represents only a short snapshot of this long, drawn-out process. To visualize the entire process requires using a computer model, as seen here.

This animation shows the entire collision sequence, and compares the different stages of the collision to different interacting galaxy pairs observed by the Hubble Space Telescope. By using simulations and comparing them to actual observations, scientists hope to better understand these titanic interactions. Please rate and comment, thanks!

Wet n Wild Cosmic Collision Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and GRWM (Get Ready With Me)

Hi everyone. In today's GRWM I'm using the new Wet n Wild Beauty Cosmic Collision Eyeshadow Palette. Hope you like the look I created.
Have a wonderful night.

Thank you so much for watching. XOXO

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